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New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 6:29pm
That fully costoomized avatars that the user can interchange with someone
else... THAT SOUNDS COOL!!!!!

Imagine... I change my Avatar HEAD with Just In's Avatar HEAD [I'd be
gaining in the long run here... I'd be picking up TONS OF SMARTS...
and even some of us DUMMIES can see the advantage to gaining alot of SMARTS...]
But on Just In's side... He would be losing SMARTS and gaining the abilty
do deal with people smarts... I can deal with people like Just In very
excellent... hmmmmmmm
The longer i think about it..... I don't think Just In would be toooo
happy. He would become ME... And I'd run to the hills of
Dreamland Park Universe to escape any of the mess that I USED TO DO against
Just In...
And certainly Chucks Party isn't in DLPU... [ YET ]...

Yes.... I would be happy to enter that Avatar Exchange program...
I would pick Just In's HEAD & BODY [Might as well get it all while i'm at it]
and Just In can hve me... And gain tone of my smarts... [NO... I'll let
Just In fill in that comment on my SMARTS]
but i LOVE that idea. Whan does AW start doing that? And can I be one of
the first to enter the exchange program with Just In as by Body & Head exchange
partner... THAT SOUNDS REALLY COOL!!!!!!

wizard myrddin <avrquest at ntlworld.com> wrote in
<3b0795b1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Yes after reading this article, I hope it never comes on line through the
>Internet. Charactor customization is one facility that really brings the
>"personal" customization into to virtual environments.
>Some of the other virtual environments enjoy this facitily allready, but
>building is restricted to the users own "turf". Perhaps this can be a next
>step in the development of AW? Fully customized avatars, that the users can
>interchange heads and bodys.
>Well its a thought anyway

New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 11:33pm
Ohhhh noooo.... Nothing like that. It's just i have noticed that Just In is
a hole lot better builder than i am [I would gain some of that knowledge].
AND he can create objects. [While Chucks Party can build super...
He can't create special objects for anything. He has to ask around for
donations of anything. NOW if i had Just In's head... I too could
create objects and build much better than i do now. That is all i'm saying
here. To see some of Just In's works... [And he does know how to build...]
aw 500s 400w BUT since he can make objects... Pop into NewYork World
or Broadway World and look at the downtown areas... that should give anyone
some clue to his building. I couldn't do that with my head in 50 yrs.
BUT exchanging my head with his... FOR AWHILE... I might be able to gain
some of that knowledge too... And even if i gained 1/10 of what Just In has...
I would be a happy camper indeed.

sw chris <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in <3b086dd5$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>You have some obsessive compulsive disorder with Just In or something?
>SW Chris
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Backdrops for new version

May 20, 2001, 7:12pm
I wouldn't go that far yet as a object will replace the backdrop thing.
rather than it would be another way to add more realism to certain worlds.

What i mean by this is 2 classic examples of a world where you get into
certain areas and see the backdrop and you should only be seeing the backdrop
if an object and not the default one for the world.

What do i mean. Take NewYork or Broadway worlds... They each share the same
problems and all of them are located in the same areas of the worlds.
While most people are more apt to be exploring everyining from 0.0 meters up
to 330.0 meter high... Some people llike myself will also explore what is
below the ground [THE RPG WORLD i host tought me to look in all directions]
as most all the builders there build at all levels that would will
allow you to build in] But if you go into the basement [SUBWAY] areas
of both worlds and look out in the distance... You will notice the usual
backdrop is showing. No matter how far out you set the browser from 0 - 120
meters out... You still will see the backdrop. AND it does nothing to make
that world look real. In a real SUBWAY or basement you certainly will never
see the sky. And so it should be the same for places like NewYork & Broadway
So what might now be possible is to have some builder in both worlds like
NewYork & Broadway world use their ground object [In Broadway from looking
through my old files it is ju_grnd##.??? = a ground black road looking
thing & that is what you should be seeing way off in the distance while
standing in the SUBWAY or basement and not looking at the backdrop [SKY].

Other worlds have the same problems. Atlantis world [all water in many
at at at at at at at at at at
I just like to use NewYork & Broadway worlds as the example
because it is the most striking effects there for looking at someing in
the distance in a basement [SUBWAY] and seeing the sky = WIERD when you
should be looking at some dark basement [SUBWAY] off in the distance instead.
at at at at at at at at at at
AND... I'm not trying to do anything to make certain people that may or
may not read this to become upset that i should mention one of their objects.
It was just to point out what and object would look like [name of thing] and
what it might look like if used in the new aw browser for this question
to be answered.
at at at at at at at at at at

sw comit <swcomit at swcity.net> wrote in <3b0828df at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>My guess is that's it's just a huge object that forms a "dome" around the
>world, and is visible in the same sense as the plain (the ground).
>SW Comit
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Backdrops for new version

May 20, 2001, 11:54pm
Thank You just In for informing everyone in the newsgroups why they won't be
seeing JFK2 in AW for a little while...
BUT i guess Just In's eyes need glasses... POP into NewYork &/or Broadway World
and if your eyes are better than Just In's you will actually see far off in
distance the backdrop.
But since Just In never read that note from RICK of aw... I can & WILL continue
to post my ideas HOW i choose to do it MY way...
SO in this way... GO TAKE A FLYING... Hmmmmm..... better yet...
Instead of Just In taking a flying..... Make a mad dash for the bottom of
that cliff... And catch Chuck when he lands after all... That will straighten
Just In out a little.
at at at at at at at at at at
What Just In dosen't realize is that this dosen't impact me all that hard...
As i have CIT accounts in Vectorscape Universe, Outerworlds Universe,
City 4 All Universe & Dreamland Park Universe...
AND I'm a Tourist in Cybernet Universe & Galaxyworlds Universe...
SO it really dosen't impact me that much as i have plenty of other universes
in which to play in...
AND I'm sure glad there is no OneSummer in any of them though... lololol!!!!!

just in <Justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b0871ce at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>jfk2 - AWComm have placed a restraining order on you to leave me alone.
>Common sense would extend this to your making references about me or my
>world or activities in the newsgroups. Please don't!
>FYI - the ground objects I created for NY and Broadway have their subway
>section sealed off so that you do not see the backdrop in the
>distance... all you see is very dark grey.
>- Justin
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Backdrops for new version

May 21, 2001, 1:59am
Awwww..... Booooo..... Hoooooo..... My nervous condition is acting
up again... You are hurting me soooooo much. Can't you say anything that is
sweet and nice? Why do you have to hurt me sooooo much... and i didn't do
a thing to deserve this much hurt comming friom you..... Awwwwww.....
Booooo....... Hooooo....... Hoooooo.........
at at at at at at at at at at at at at
Well.... I just acted like OneSummer would act there...
I m going to let the darn newsgroups bother me? You are nuts. I've been
dealing with the newsgroups since the time the darn thing was only
5,000 - 7,000 groups HUGE... and that was way back in the darg agas of
them. [1988 or so]. I don't let the newsgroups affect me. What i don't
goes in one eyeball & right out the other eyeball...
Just In just has to learn that simple fact of life... If he can't let
the newsgroups go in one eyeball & out the other eyeball and take everything
in here with a little humore & critics... Then Just In should head
back over to the kiddie areas of the newsgroups so he won't be offended by
anything they say...And Just In's little thing about me not posting what i
want in here...
If Just In had enough of things... And hopped on a PLANE or BOAT [they don't
make any trains or cars & busses to cross that big of water yet]
at at at he might try SWIMMING... But that might be hazzerdous to his poor health.
And get his butt over here to where I live in the USA...
Then & only then will i start to rethink my posting ideas in ANY newgroups.
And since he is tooo far away... I don't think i have much to worry
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
Just In has this clue to work with...
This is a challenge for Just In... And he knows the clue...
The challenge for Just In...>>> FIND ME
I don't mean my ISP or email address...
Lord knows I have several email addresses...
My default one is gkieffer at twcny.rr.com & my Professional Domain One
jfk2 at jfkmusic.com & gkieffer at themail.com &
gerald.kieffer at docs.bbs.org = I'm into telenettable bbs's & have a ton on
these services as well. That is one of them. And when i have the software
running i can be found at gkieffer at jfk2.yi.org = Email Server Software going
DIRECT into my pc.

syntax <syntax at earthcorp.com> wrote in
<3b087d44 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>You = the biggest idiot I have ever seen. :-O
>You try to make Just In look like the bad guy but all you are doing is
>hurting yourself and the image of NewYork. Do you think people want to
>visit NewYork when they know people like you are running around there?
>Of course not, they are going to go to Broadway. Have fun in Dreamland
>Park with n a y R, buddy.
>syntax at earthcorp.com
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Backdrops for new version

May 21, 2001, 3:47am
I was simply courious about something and did a lookup for the name of
jfkmusic [Much the same wa someone might look up Just In in some
search engine]...
And I better be the one who send this out RATHER than put a smile on
Just In's face with this link...
www.wixt.com = ABC Local Tv Station's Message Forums...
And yes... this is only a reply to someone in the messages by ME.

OK... and this one too

AND of course look here
http://www.wixt.com because i just entered some new messages [AND A PLUG
and you can see what i am like locally... And you can read all the many
times i spoke about Just In in my local messages on that forum...

Backdrops for new version

May 21, 2001, 8:06am
Hmmmmm..... Hmmmmm..... Hmmmmmm..... I'm thinking here.....
I have no idea who that person is that Chucks Party has mentioned with a
BIG YAP... Hmmmm..... If anything i have a tiny yap & i have only spoken about
you-know-who once since 05/01/2001 so far... So i have to really think
of who might have a BIG YAP..... Hmmmmmmm...... Hmmmmm.......

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b08d708 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well I for one am very interested in this new development and hope AW will
>provide several objects we as world owners can use to have this in all of
>our worlds if we want one.
>Funny how this thread has changed into a Just In war again, UGH I really
>want it to be over but someone won't keep their big yap shut now, PA has a
>public statement by Just In for all the crap he held over her head and
>that's good enough for me, now I don't care what the hell he does as long as
>he leaves PA and me alone. That's all I want or need to say about it. Oh and
>if you don't hear it from me personally, whatever "it" is, don't come to me
>and tell me so and so said this, if you want to know you ask me. I have no
>problem telling people how I feel, anyone in this NG will tell you that, LOL

Backdrops for new version

May 22, 2001, 4:19pm
And i certainly won't flame you...

moria <moria at colony.co.uk> wrote in <3b0a3607 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>woohooo not by me!! :)))
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[NG Survivor] And the first to leave the game is...

May 20, 2001, 10:12pm
OK...I had to do something with the length of that a little. lolol
So... Chucks Party lost and you want him to JUMP OFF THIS CLIFF...
Before he jumps off this cliff... I would like to invite Just In to come here
and give Chucks Party that little NUDGE OFF THE CLIFF that Just In is wanting
to do so badly to Chucks Party... It cracks me up just thinking about it.
BUT i also know what might be going through Chucks mind as well...
[I seriously doubt that Chuck will stay my friend tooo long after
I post this... lololol]
But i seem to remember a long time ago in the USA a tv commercial
where this guy would drop 2 rolls of toilet paper off of a tall highrise
building & then make a mad dash for the street below to catch the roll that
had the most sheets left when it hit the ground. I forgot the name of the
toilet paper that was featured in this ad... BUT it serves the porpuse
of what will defently will go throught Chucks Party mind after Chucks;s
long time friend {Just In] gives him the little NUDGE OFF THE CLIFF should
do next... Run down to the bottom of that cliff & catch Chuck when he
makes his landing at the bottom of that cliff. [GOOD way to get poor Just In

WELL.... I have to say this... PLEASE Just In... After you NUDGE CHUCK OFF
THAT CLIFF..... Use all your smarts & don't run down to catch him when
he finally lands. That way the only thing that will go SQUASH will be Chuck.

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3b0846af$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well, it's finally time to do this. All of you on the Typo tribe, with the
>exception of S p a r k, have casted your vote. To remind everyone what has
>been going on this week, everyone here has been pulled under by the stresses
>and stupidities of this newsgroup. Wing and Chuck's Party have still
>unsettled their differences, and it's been costing the team a lot of morale
>and valuable building time (regarding the Typo shelter). SW Chris and kellee
>costed the Typo team from an immunity idol, leaving us here today. Casay has
>been feeling the pressure and vulnerability of this game, and Spark is
>presumed dead. Well, let's tally the votes. Whoever has the most votes must
>leave the newsgroup immediately. (production note: you don't HAVE to leave,
>really. It's just a saying) Scroll down
>1st vote: Chuck's Party
>2nd vote: Casay
>3rd vote: Chuck's Party
>4th vote: Chuck's Party. That's 3 votes Chuck, 1 vote Casay
>5th vote: Chuck's Party. One more vote, and Chuck's Party loses.
>6th vote: Chuck's Party...*tribal council climax plays* There's no need to
>finish reading the other votes. Chuck, please hand me your torch. *smothers
>flame* Proceed off that cliff over there and jump to your death. But before
>you do, please present us with your final words. It can be about ANYTHING
>regarding the newsgroup and the game. Alliances that were broken, fights
>that had occured, team disunity, your tribemate's characters and actions.
>It's your last chance to wreak havoc on or praise the team that voted you
>That's all. Typo, good luck on the rest of your game. You can head back to
>camp. Another challenge awaits everyone in the coming days.
><production note> Diaries would be good right about now on any alliances if
>they were already formed, life without Chuck, why you voted for Chuck, and
>anything else. For all who haven't visited the ngsurvivor site yet, the
>pages have been updated big time. Check out the vote results of the
>community vote and the COMPLETE voting history thus far, along with new
>diaries and Survivor bio updates. More coming soon.

Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 12:11am
Well... If you travel all over the universes like i do & have a cit account
in most of them like i do... YOU will quickly realize that all of the other
universes all came from big momma = AW. So is it any wonder why AW is making
it more attractive to host your own UNIVERSE... Just think about that...
Your own universe where you can have all your worlds bot copied from each other
but still have them unique in some way without offending anyine...
[Like NewYok & Broadway Worlds did]
But in YOUR OWN UNIVERSE... you can allow for anything to happen...
Heck... If i was rich enough i too would start my own universe...
AND one of the first things i would have in there....
Would be a bot copy of Broadway World [But without Just In or OneSummer
to make a stink] and have it set to several hundred people and make that the
HUGE universal landing & building world... Hmmmmm And that would have the
New Years Ball Drop world... And the entertainment world HQ's for everything.
Center of all the universe... That makes for a very nice universe attraction...
But all of these universes use the same browser... AW Browser still...
How interesting...

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B0875FE.2C26D8A3 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>I was skimming through the AW 3.2 page that's on the Help site,
>(http://www.activeworlds.com/help/aw32) and noticed that, once again,
>AWCom could give two shits about us, the customer. Just look at these
>"nifty" features they plan to offer:


May 21, 2001, 2:02am
NAME OF >>>>>>> Just In <<<<<<<<< in weeks.
So there.

syntax <syntax at earthcorp.com> wrote in <3b08899c at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>It's great that you apologized but there is NO need to do so. The Just In
>thing has been going on long before you posted your topic. :-)) Every
>thread gets turned into a Just In thing by jfk2 anyway, so your not the
>first. Just lightly browse through any of the previous posts and you will
>see what we put up with. ;-)
>syntax at earthcorp.com


May 21, 2001, 1:35pm
In many cases i can't remember what i had for breakfast yesterday...
So how do you expect me to even remember if i ever uttered the name
of Just In in here either.

But since everyone was intent on a DICTIONARY LESSION...

JUST IN = Well... you know... the one that Chucks Party blasted some time ago.

Just In = Just In the door
Just In = Just In from the rain [many of these university professors have no
idea how to get in from the wet... And with the brains that Just In has...
Any ways....
Just In = a short form of Just Dropped In to say hello
Just In = inside my head [BUT that can't be possible yet...
We haven't exchanged avatar heads yet]
Just In = It sounds better this way Just In tune to something... Like my
soon to be 24/7 stream radio for a world that has been mentioned here
once or twice... And this will make it the 3rd time = NEWYORK...
Just In = Here Just In!!! Come To JFK2 you mangy dog [Darn it.... I'm
not allowed to have PETS in my apartment building.... DARN, DARN,DARN].

So... There are a few different things for those 2 words & only a few that
have any linkage to anything remotely human

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b08f385 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Weeks? Uh? NO. Maybe a few days. And unless you read and post from
>bottom to top, you forgot about the previous ones in this particular
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hey yall..

May 21, 2001, 1:18pm
I hear!!!! I Hear!!!! And I agree!!! I'm also very Chill & COOL...
I never let the newsgroups cause me stress either. And in many cases
are not much more than a JOKE with some of the goofy people you can find in
these things... [NO!!! I don't mean me & Chucks Party & YOU] I mean some
of the others are goofy. Starting with Just In [JUST HAD TO DO IT... YOU

budweiser <charest at balista.com> wrote in <3b090952 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Okay, thanks. Ill look them over. I've seen agent fox mulder before in
>awgz, the others I haven't. I just look at it this way. Ill be cool with
>people that are cool to me. I am low stress, and very chill. See you
>around man..

hey yall..

May 21, 2001, 2:39pm
Try COKE.. You might like it... For those that don't know me all that
much... That JUST IN happens to be Diet-Coke and sometimes i wonder if
possibly there might be something else in there.
Now i know why i think there is something in there...
Manufactured at some bottling plant in Melbourne Australia [Just In
spiked it] And when i buy the el-cheapo version of it... ohhh well....

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b0941d5 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>What are you on? I could have used some last night.
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Graphical glitches

May 21, 2001, 1:56pm
Guess what... I have the exact thing happen to me.
On my P2 366 mhz 128 megs ram, VooDoo 3 card [with latest drivers],
INTEL motherboard, 5 HD's 4 of them 7.5 gigs & 1 of them 2.1 gig &
15 in monitor, & 2 cd-roms [one a burner for all my MP3's & leached software]
AND i only have WIN98se[second edition] running a few servers...
Happens every once and awhile...
BEST SOLUTION... Turn off your browser... and turn it back on again.
That usually clears things up until you start to run out of your WINDOWS
resources again. You might want to pay closer attention to what might be
happening just prior to everything going white on you. In my case the names
over the avatars heads turn all white & if i refuse to do anything about
it then [YOU SEE Just In... I don't even listen to my software waring me to
turn it off & back on again... How do you possibly think i might listen
to some of your rants & raves...] eventually
it will turn the AW Browser all white. I've found that to happen every once
and awhile... But i'm the sort that will put my PC through it's paces until
i lock her up [YES... That means i lock myself DEAD COLD and have to sit
through a 5 drive scandisk startup] That may explain why when i go dead
and the worlds i host go too... It's usually more than a few seconds
before any of them are back on-line again.
HERE IS A HINT::: To see if I'm on-line to AW in some way... Check to see
if any one of these are in your browser... RPG, PETZCITY, ELYSIUM [that last
one is Chucks Party & I both own it]...

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in
<3b08f76b$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>This has been driving me nuts for some time, but I figure it's
>restricted to my equipment because of it's attributes. Every once in
>awhile my entire 3d pane will blink from normal to white to normal
>again. There seems to be no pattern to it, happening anywhere and at any
>time. My system specs: Duron 700 at 1200 on KT133a chipset
>256mb high performance RAM
>SB Live Platinum 5.1
>Hercules 3d Prophet II MX (GeForce II MX) PHYSICALLY MODIFIED to unlock
>the features of the Quadro 2 MXR.
>WinME running Quadro 2 MXR Detonator 3 drivers. (Please note, I did NOT
>change chipsets on my video card, the Q2MXR uses the GF2MX chip but has
>additional features unlocked)
>Doesn't do this in other D3D programs, but they are fullscreen.

Graphical glitches

May 21, 2001, 2:58pm
Can you say PRESTON BOT... Even the newset version of it i suspect have
the same problems as the PRESTON v31 had...
The newest version is PRESTON v33

And yes... while the scandisk to you might not do any good...
I found out once that it did fix some 3000 crosslinked files...
But that was when i had 4 instances of a ftp program running under
4 different names1,2,3,4.exe and i was pulling down from 4 different
ftp sites someones directory loaded to the moon of MP3 files... And i should
go cold dead right in the middle of that...AND to top that one off...
I was in the middle of my SoundBlaster Live Wave Editor [it edits
something.wav files] doing a really excellent hack job to the tune
sometimes_-_Britney Spears = My special HACK version is so perfect you
can't tell the crossovers to another musical piece i edited in there...
And it happens twice. From the vocal version into a WAVE enhanced MIDI version
and back again to the vocal version. and right in the middle of all of that...
And that scandisk really helped me out there.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b094167 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

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Silly Preston....

May 21, 2001, 10:17pm
I know this belongs in the BOTS groups BUT i'm a nice sweetheart type
of person and will answer that anyways... Many bots will PHONE HOME
to see if they are the most recent bot in existance.
Xylgot bots phone home as do ChatBot's phonehome.
AND yes... Even my newest Preston v33 phone home to see if it is the
newest one around. That is one way to letting you know with a nice
little pop up box to alert you to the next newer version of the bot...
AND if for some reason it can't phone home and log on to the BOT server
before heading on into AW... It won't go on line...
I've had my Chatbot & Prestion bot do that every once and awhile...
Ticks me off on the Chatbot more often When i can't drop
SWEETS the chatbot into some world i have bot rights for and either do
CIT# ->names or names -> cit# look ups or change some world feature with it.

mike zimmer <zimmer at pitnet.net> wrote in <3b098b48 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>this post is alos in the bots NG but from past experiences i get more
>replies in this NG.
>I was logging in my Preston bot today and when i clicked on Start Bot a
>error box came up saying
>05/21/01 16:37:53: Unable to teleport into position (reason: no connection)
>I am connected to the internet and I checked everything and it is correct, I
>am trying to log into AWTeen. This is the first time it has happened too.

Silly Preston....

May 22, 2001, 2:23am
Has anyone ever remembered a tune called
"Something Stupid _-_ Nancy & Frank Sinatra" and in there the tune goes
something like this... And Then I Go And Spoil It All By Saying Something
Stupid Like I Love You... Will this will be on the same par of that....
at at at at at JUST IN at at at at at So there ... I had to do that Something Stupid thing.

syntax <syntax at earthcorp.com> wrote in
<3b09cfd8 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well everybody. I would like to take this time to CONGRATULATE jfk2 for
>NOT mentioning Just In in this post. I think he deserves an applause.
>syntax at earthcorp.com
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Silly Preston....

May 22, 2001, 2:28am
I have the perfect solution here. There are always solutions
and this takes the cake for a solution... Take me.... Mr nice & Sweet &
Kind [almost like i'm married to Mother Teresa] And cross me with n a y R...
And then cross me with Chucks Party.... And lastly cross me with Just In...
OHHHH BOY..... With that much going for me.... EVERYONE PLEASE DUCK

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B09D61A.17BE707C at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>As I said in the Newbie Guide, you can start applauding when he's gone
>for a week. There have been other times where he hasn't mentioned it.
>(granted, they are few and far between) He reminds me of a mix between
>AFM and Legion, with AFM's penchant for sentence fragments and rabid
>posts, and Legion's garbling of English and wierd obsessions.
>(Godfather, et al) Now all we need to do is combine jfk2 and n a y R,
>and we'll have the ultimate NG monster *cackles wildly*
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Silly Preston....

May 22, 2001, 2:41am
Well... I saw someone in Outerworlds Universe today...
After adding 1 or 2 lines of code to where to send it from my normal routine...
I saw a famous AW resident there in Outerworlds today...
But this time he was standing about 50 meters from the ground and being
very nice indeed...
[Just In BOT] was entertaining me with beautiful midi music playing off a bunch
of poles placed at prime advantage points so i could enjoy the fullest
of music while i was working on my build there. lololol

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b09e5e6 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Yeah AW had a few probs today, everything including the bots login fine
>now and connect. Glad it didn't last longer, lol
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Bots you ride in [from bots area this is funny]

May 22, 2001, 3:04am
at at at at at at at at at Got this little snippit from the bots group for a reason at at at at at at
Hi, I was wondering if Andras or anyone else has gotten around to creating a
bot.... such as a boat, car, airplane, whatever... which can be "entered"
and will transport a rider (or better still, riders) to another location.
Having acutal control while you ride in the thing could be really cool too.
at at at at at at at at at The Reason is below... lolololol!!!!!!! at at at at at at at at at

yes... I would like to see a bot shapped like reindeer pulling a big old
fart of a person [ME] in th sleigh and i would be giving out nice presents
to all of the good little boys [Including me] and girls here...

And YOU KNOW WHO would get this big huge rocket loaded with special fuel
and the instructions would tell YOU KNOW WHO to take the person who
loves him the most along for a ride of their lives... SO when
YOU KNOW WHO & that other person [OneSummer] pulls the engine cord & the
engine fires up & it takes off... By the time it runs out of fuel....
It's going to take YOU KNOW WHO and OneSummer something like a few
hundred billion years to find their way back into AW Universe....

Bots you ride in [from bots area this is funny]

May 22, 2001, 4:37pm
Well... It might be fine for a quick NGS test [I have software that
huntes down FREE PUBLIC NGS servers and i test them out]
Using the NewsHunter program it defaults to OUTLOOK
but doing it the slower other way i can use XNEWS...
But it's fine for testing only... Not for actualy doing
anything really useful with it.
at at at
testing them simply means i enter the news://name and OUTLOOK downloads
the NGS list. If i get any errors like you have no business
being on my server... Then i delete it or if there are a few select groups..
I delete it as well... Unless the few select stuff is what i want. at at at

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b0a3897 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>*sigh* I unfiltered you and now it won't go back on. I swear Outlook Express
has to be the buggiest thing in the world.
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My first time in AW [A-W.co.uk]

May 22, 2001, 5:01pm
Lets see.... It all began when i met YOU KNOW WHO...

OK.... i'll be alot more truthfull here... NO it didn't even start with
YOU KNOW WHO... That didn't come until i first poped into at that time
only One NEWYORK WORLD [There was no Broadway World in existance back then]
But i think if i was to tell you all of my AW experiance... HERE...

I know that everyone INCLUDING YOU KNOW WHO will have JUST-IFICATION
to shoot me. So i'll just send it like he requests to his EMAIL...
Maybe i should put it in some text file and zip it and have him download it...
If his email is anything like HOTMAIL is... He'll need to download it
as it is sure to be a big one...
at at at
NOTE... As a curtasy to when i send ZIPPED files... I send another smaller
file in them called a FILE_ID.DIZ = File Discription Text File. =
Short discription of the archive contents & or any copyright notes
text files too... [YES I USE THESE THINGS AS WELL...]

alphabit phalpha <alphabit2 at home.com> wrote in
<3b0a9d6e at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I don't think you want to hear my lifes tales in AW...LOL
>Your webpage host would boot you for too much bytes on your site:)

My first time in AW [A-W.co.uk]

May 23, 2001, 5:57pm
My first time in AW comes from the much longer shearch type of things.
Since i've been using a computer way back in 1988 i have been facinated
by 3D anything. 3d screen savers in DOS or 3d screen savers for windows
[*.SCR] stuff. I've even downloaded those 3d demos for DOS [These demos are
not some program where you use a few times & quit] These demos were of the
nature where you are a roving camera with the ability to see up, down, &
turn around and on other feature... SHOOT SOMETHING [Why shoot something
i'll never know... Maybe it had to do with how people think. They either
have to SHOOT SOMEONE or if something dosen't turn out right... SHOOT IT]
and you wandered through a house, car, boat, small town, factory..etc.
And all of you have ever wondered why Major Striker & the first DOOM games
were so popular. Comes from years of MS-DOS 3d demos of SHOOTING NOTHING.
Later for me it comes from picking up a little PROGRAMMING QBASIC SKILL
FOR MS-DOS [I was a pretty good Programmer for Atari-ST computer platforms]
But trying out in the MS-DOS took a little doing though. But finally i get
my NASTY programming with the Atari-ST's into MS-DOS... and i start to
pick up a middle nick... TROUBLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME... As my programming
would eventually get me into trouble.
But way back before POLYMORPHIC & STEALTH VIRUSES were ever known...
Imbeded programming was [FOR ME] the fun thing to do.
[To the those that don't know... You create a 3d game IE TETRIS and then
you IMBED another ADULT STRIP VERSION in there...But you could only
access it if you knew the screens to try it on & the passcode to access it]
And then you pass the game around to anyone FOR FREE of course... Upload it
everywhere. And through FIDONET it would hit every country in a few days.
But alas... I would follow enough links [And i still have archives of links
to everywhere] and follow enough messages forums and the links in them to
other messages forums & pick up on anything 3D... I have a few PROFESSIONAL
search engines that i have set for 3d. But back in 1994 - 1996 would only
yied about 50k - 200k of text info. and being into QBASIC PRIGRAMMING
you search out things like VISUAL BASIC as well for 3d. But eventually
i started to hear more & more about avatars and things...
But this was after i had used a little internet service... I still have the
link on my homepage for them but they are long gone now [I tried it
a few days ago http://members.tripod.com/~gkieffer it's on the link page
at the bottom where is says giving credit where credit is due part...
This was the closest thing i had done to 3d & aw up until then...
It was a web thing much like http://www.geocities.com but differently.
You would register with them and look at this huge world map. They had
huge cities & smaller towns & viliges & some people far removed from anything
big around. And like looking at the real city ZOOM maps you would ZOOM
down until you were looking straight down from about treetop level
and with your mouse... Point and click these rudmentary objects
and build your web site. House, car, trees, rivers, roads, grass, traffic
signs, railroads, factory, supermarket, theatre, and you would do it in
your space if you wanted to use all of it. And they were thankfully very
generous with their space. To find your location on this site was unique.
http://this.unique.web.thing/3dville/607,19487/index.htm = The numbers with
that comma in there would be much like 100n,200w but at that time didn't have
a N S W E thing. it was just numbers to find your location on this huge
100000 n s w e miles of map.
I have this listed as one of my unique splash sites to my web page on
my 1st homepage & my 2nd home page.
[1st homepage was http://www.usrobotics.com = Robotics modems]
It was some time after this unique web site gimick thing that i started
to really hear of anything called AVATARS where you actually build things.
And it wasn't until i got my CP updated to my current configuration that
i even really tried for Active Worlds.
[Pentium 75mhz with NO 3d card & 32 megs on ram... and i was bombing out that
one at least 2 - 4 times a day... I would never think to try and do 3d
graphic intense wieh the requirement was far about what i had then.
But in March of 2000 is when i got pretty much my current pc & went for it...
So early 06/2000 i got the software 2.2 & went on AW...
hung around the AWGATE but I'm not the talkative type right off.
[I listen & see what way the chat is flowing. And in a short time is
see it runs all over the place. I ask a few DUMMIES questions...So you can
actually build in here? cool? How? & how to learn if any?
and finally i ended up in AWSCHOOL... But at the time i came in here i was
only a TOURIST... Some people might remember seeing some dude walking
around with the name of GKIEFFER = ME...
But trying to learn anything in AWschool wasn't a pleasent thing with me...
Not when your 56k dial up services are upgrading their services & the
way they infornm their coustomers is really nice...
We regret that we are upgrading our services and you will experiances
outages to your services from 06/2000 to about 08/2000... And
it's in the middle of JULY they send out this message to all of their
coustomers... [HOW SWEET OF THEM TO SEND ANYTHING] but what can you expect
for $9.95 a munth unlimited.... So trying to get some teacher in AWSchool
DEAD in the middle of instructions enough times... You get the AWSchool
teachers very teed off at you & in a very short time. So it was that NO
Teacher Would Help Me Learn.
That is until i was wondering [EXPLORING IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO] around the
AWSchool grounds and saw this house in there... And i thought this
building look cool and went inside of it. Well in there was this big
ZSIGN in there that read like "If You Like This House & Think It's
Pretty Cool... Please Tgram Me [Captachino or some name like that]
Or Email Me [and their email] AND not being a cit i emaild that person
and complimented extream highly on their house... And not really knowing
I thought that this was some newbie with a house there that was off the
beaten practice parts of the area [for longer term display types]
and i asked if they were a newbie & i told them it shoud get lots of
recognition. SUPER JOB. Much better than i could do...
Well... I didn't tell them i couldn't do iny thing yet as no AWSchool
teacher would want me I would bomb out of my lessons too much.
So he was polite enough to say thanks and the reason why his house was
off the beaten practice areas. The teachers of AWSchool that have retierd
are given a plot to build a permant home on AWSchool grounds...
And he had been one of the first AWSchool teachers in there &
was long gone retired for many years. He had left that sign in there when he
was an active teacher and forgot all about it until i emailed him
complimenting on his house. He asked me if any of the AWSchool teachers had
given me teaching lessons & i told him yea... They tried to but with my ISP
going dead at all the wrong times.... They all hate me there now.
SO he said NOT TO WORRY... He would hep me out
So he came out of retirement to teach me my lessons on basic buildings
and things... And he understood ISP killing people off at all the wrong times.
He had it happen plenty of times to himself.
But yes... He was a little perturbed that the AWSchool teachers didn't try
harder to give me some lessons & wanted to lodge a complaint.
And he wanted me to name names of those that BLACKBALLED ME...
I simply thanked him for the lessons and told him... Not to
get anyone upset. It's no big deal & it's something i'll have to live with
until i get something faster. He understood and bid me farewell...
Well... That is my most memerable times in AW and how some long ago
retired teacher had to help me do my buildings...
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
I told all of you it was going to be a tiny byte long...
I think i was close... RIGHT?
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at

kellee <kellee at my.activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3b0b919c at server1.Activeworlds.com>:
>mmmm my first time in aw?


May 23, 2001, 1:16am
Well... From my records i'll give you some of my nice ones here for you &
others to enjoy...
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
aw 1341.3N 1925.3W 0.0a 2:!! KELEE's HOME near her OY AlphaWorld 1341N 1925W

floatbay 0.6N 15.4W 0.0a 158:tint_kalids_world----FloatBay 0N 15W

aw 2406.2N 7641.7E 0.0a 78:&&&& RYANS OCEAN CITY &&&& AlphaWorld 2406N 7642E

newyork 46.6N 11.7W 0.0a 188:!!! STUDIO 54 New York Times Square 46N 11W

newyork 4.0S 2.2E 0.6a 41:!!! MY OFFICE [My special av Is Here Too & My Radio
Updates] New York Times Square 4S 3E

aw 7847.0N 7723.1W 0.1a 237:AlphaWorld 7846N 7723W ONE SUMMER CITY SHE BUILT

newyork 17.1S 14.4W -0.0a 278:New York Times Square 18S 14W ()()() BORGS BUILD
()()() FLY UP TO 155 METERS UP TO SEE Level 22 Dance & Club Place.

aw 8971.3N 9034.4W 0.0a 190:AlphaWorld 8971N 9034W &&& CAPT AKULA BASE &&&

aw 500.9S 400.4W 0.0a 324:AlphaWorld 500S 400W !!!!! JUST IN BUILD HUGE !!!!
WHEN YOU VISIT THIS PLACE... Not All Of It Is Located At Ground Level...
Alot Of It Is Up At 100+ Meters High. After Playing Around Near Ground Level
Take The Stairs... It's More Fun. I'm Just Glad It Isn't The Real Me Doing All
That Stair Climbing... I'd Be Long Gone Dead By The Time I Got That Far...

aw 1444.5S 1560.3W 2.1a 77:AlphaWorld 1445S 1560W [[[BLIMP CRASH]]] Hindenburg
Blimb Crash. Very Nice Place To Visit & Learn About The Past

nova 67.2N 75.0W 0.2a 349:NOVA 67N 74W CAVES##CAVES## Chucks Party Build
Here. Awsome Site To See. You Can See The Tree House & The Caves He Built.
What Is The Amazing Thing Here Is The Complete Lost World Below In The Caves.

at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
WARNING = this build is located on PRIDE GAY & LESBIAN WORLD...
If you have a very good open mind... Then visit this BUILD BY CHUCKS PARTY
But if your mind is somewhat closed... Then avoid it.
pride 11.5N 22.4E 0.2a 331:PRIDE 11N 23E GRAND FINALLY BUILD
Stunning music to go with this build... Awsome build [HINT: Some of the idea
on this build is in use in Elysium World which is 3.1 command intense
Kalidascope & huge 2 tiered dance floor / club & the Atrium

elysium 1.2S 0.1W 0.2a 334:CHUCKS PARTY NEW WORLD 2S 0W [the reason for this
location is... I'm on CABLE modem and i don't need to stand in the
HOLE awaiting for the world to fully load... So i cheat a little folks.

Elysium World - Part of the above build is included in the Atrium part
of the world here. But the primary features here is the 3.1 browser
intense Kalidascopes & 2 tiered Dance & club here. Something from some
futuristic show almost.
The people that have helped in creating or running this world is...
Chucks Party, PeteHetherington, Borgs4Ever, JFK2 [hosting this awsome world]

aw 1449.1N 2572.6W 0.0a 110:[[[ BIG T's Town ]]]AlphaWorld 1449N 2572W

aw 284.5S 5015.2W 0.4a 328:!! ARTILLO CITY AlphaWorld 285S 5015W

BETA 4927.7N 4996.1E 0.0a 168:Beta 4927N 4997E JFK2's OBJECT YARD
Before you start any building on Beta World I would suggest you first
visit the ONLY Object Yard that is currently being built there.
Beta World is a free public building world for TOURISTS & CIT"S
5000 km NSWE of land & you can use all of the 3.1 browser commands there.
YES... YOU can use your bot there too... We all use our bots there.
BUT the drawback is... They don't have all of Alpha Worlds Objects...
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
The reason for the OBJECT YARD is a simple one... I got toooo teeed from
seeing too many use registered pieces messages WHEN i was using registered
pieces for Alpha World... And i looked all over that place for an Object
Yard only to find nothing...
SO i decided to FIX IT.
When i [& friend] get more of it built I'll have my friend Initiate
The Object Yard Signs I stuck in there at Ground Zero of that world.
The Signs have been there at Ground Zero for over 2 months now... Just not
WARPING NOR TELEPORTING to anything right now.
But you did say POST IT HERE or email you... Well... My MOST Favorite
places to visit and i'm sure that some people would like to see these &
some people will not like seeing this at all... BUT read that DISCLAIMER
on the top...

beardo <beardo at home.se> wrote in <3b0ac88d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>This might be a futile (sp?) attempt but I'm trying to collect location
>in AW and other worlds. If you know some interesting places, your home,
>interesting buildings or any other fun place to visit, please let me
>know the location.
>Also Active Worlds related web pages are interesting for me to know.
>Either reply to the ng or send me an email at beardo at home.se

UPDATE on Sites or Worlds To See Request

May 24, 2001, 12:24am
Since i mentioned all of of my favorite AW sites & or worlds to see...
On that BETA WORLD... I have decided to let my friend ONLYME help me
with opening up all the sign3 & sign1 signs at gz of the place.
So now if anyone goes into Beta World and are at the gz area... You will
find at least one or more WHITE & BLACK SIGNS at all 4 corners N S W E
stating JFK2's Beta World Object Yard and so far that i know of...
It is the ONLY one in existance so far on that world.

DSL is great! Posters in AW suck!

May 25, 2001, 11:12pm
Maybe they ought to explore the Ground Zero of Beta World instead....
I'm sure that they or anyone else that explores that ground zero area will
find it a most lovely experiance indeed... I know i have found it very
rewarding to explore Beta World's Ground Zero area...

at at at at at
If anyone decides to explore Ground Zero of Beta World...
You might want to check out Beta World's ONLY Object Yard before
you decide to build there as not all the objects you can use in
Alpha World are available in Beta World.
JUST Look For ANY / ALL White And Black Signs That Point To Beta World's
Object Area From The Ground Zero Area.
at at at at at

andras <andras at andras.net> wrote in <3B0EA8DB.A04D9941 at andras.net>:

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DSL is great! Posters in AW suck!

May 26, 2001, 10:11am
Hmmmmm..... I guess no one has ever visited Beta World Ground Zero yet...
Maybe all of you will get a slightly difference of opinion about VANDALIZED
But it would be nice to see what all of you think about that area...
BETA WORLD's ONLY OBJECT YARD... Those are the really pretty ones there.

faber <Walter at Knupe.de> wrote in <3b0f9568 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>"goober king" <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
>news:3B0EC906.C29590E8 at acsu.buffalo.edu...
>Someone found out that many people left a very small gap between their
>property and the accompanying street, about 200 coords away from
>alphaworld GZ.

[NGS] My Diary...

May 25, 2001, 11:21pm
Awwwwww...... That is SO SWEET.....
Someone loves my picture...

Awwww..... that makes me feel honored..... I feel SO VERY HAPPY...

And i have TONS OF THEM BY NOW!!!!!!!

And they come from ALL
AW Worlds & ALL Other Universes.....




gamer <Gamer at active-worlds.co.uk> wrote in
<3b0ee6fb at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Dammit Diary!
>My plans are NOT going to plan...my spanish elephants did NOT come as
>ordered and I cant fine my flippers...at this rate I wont be on schedule
>for Nornny's final assasination...
>I will have to improvise.
>AlphaBit today asked me if I wanted to help her steal some things from
>the Typo Camp...I turned her down...I have much greater fish to
>fry...instead she went alone and stole all Chucks old things he left
>when he was voted off...
>Amongst the crap we found:
>1 Map of south west arabia
>2 Spoons
>1 Wok
>3 Cans of Dr Pepper
>8 FHM Magazines
>1 Spice girls Album
>and most importantly a picture of JFK2 with they eyes burnt out...Also
>in a notepad serveral pages incuded the words "Die JFK DIE"...me and Bit
>were most surprised...
>we will keep them for now..u never know when they will come in handy...
>Now it is only 1 week until my plans comes togather against Nornny...

[NGS] My Diary...

May 25, 2001, 11:37pm
FORGOT TO SEND THE OTHER ONE TOO..... You know.... The Most
Handsome Picture Of Me You Can Ever Imagine....

SURE Beats some i've seen in other worlds...

jfk2 at jfkmusic.com> wrote in <90ACD83CDjfk2jfkmusiccom at news.activeworlds.com>:

>Awwwwww...... That is SO SWEET.....
>Someone loves my picture...
>Awwww..... that makes me feel honored..... I feel SO VERY HAPPY...
>And i have TONS OF THEM BY NOW!!!!!!!
>And they come from ALL
>AW Worlds & ALL Other Universes.....

begin 644 g-kieffer.jpg
M_]C_X``02D9)1 at `!` at ``2`!(``#_VP"$``0#`P4$`P,&!`<)! at 0$`P,#!08)
M#`P,"` at '!`0#! at at *" at H,#`P,#`H(! at <&"0P,#`P,#`P,"0P,#`P,#`P,#`P!
M!`4*# at \%"!0.#`P,# at X'"`X.#`P,#`P,$10.#PH4$1$1#`P,#`P,#`P,%`P,
M#`P,#`P,#`P,#`P,#`P,#`P,#/_``!$(`/`!0`,!( at `"$0$#$0'_Q`&B```!
M!0$!`0$!`0```````````0(#!`4&!P at )" at L0``(!`P,"!`,%!00$```!?0$"
M`P`$$042(3%!!A-180<B<10R at 9&A""-"L<$54M'P)#-B<H()"A87&!D:)28G
M*"DJ-#4V-S at Y.D-$149'2$E*4U155E=865IC9&5F9VAI:G-T=79W>'EZ at X2%
MUM?8V=KAXN/DY>;GZ.GJ\?+S]/7V]_CY^ at $``P$!`0$!`0$!`0````````$"
M`P0%! at <("0H+$0`"`0($!`,$!P4$!``!`G<``0(#$00%(3$&$D%1!V%Q$R(R
M at 0 at 40I&AL<$)(S-2\!5B<M$*%B0TX27Q%Q at 9&B8G*"DJ-38W.#DZ0T1%1D=(
M24I35%565UA96F-D969G:&EJ<W1U=G=X>7J" at X2%AH>(B8J2DY25EI>8F9JB
M\_3U]O?X^?K_V at `,`P$``A$#$0`_`.=N;%L*^SG#HPR0! at `C'.<D9['UZ5G7
M$7E[U!&^,'..H&X at YYZ`#)P#C/2NUDC.`5`1C&^0>05!(^4\#J3G/4_E61J.
MF at [MQQCS"`2,!E.67(SDDX7H``1S at UU3LY75EJW9;:]M7I\WZGR5.?NZ]%8Y
M.OE*"QVX1T<D at at %1SSP"2,X[]<9KC/$^NEF$:/L"M'&>G)4<8Z8^0$8XY.>M
M<]ESROU:.NFKOY$]_?J9'" at JK>6NW=R6?>!CGC at 9!/4#J>E85S<,N`^[;Y[,
M,-_"H?(SDYVD$GJ<8P`:PEULS3, at <LRR;,<%<QR9SC'4N#P#T.",5: at CBE:[
M6VLRD$;FVOC&,DGY2`3QSVY%>E>`O" at N+U99AB-"?W?!<`EV&>>Z#.>`?09S
MP at )*JSXYQT<C(SC(P?0=#5=YW)8J>64R/C&>-PP,8Z^^><5%)=2.A4/P0^%'
MRG`4YY[X'U/85M"*5M292;WOYENWU`)<#S"4W[U`SS at 9`)P<<DA3R,$=*ZW1
ME`9`N6+E&`R?N[9"202"<C:>`,>]<9:!MBE]NTEG7=C<=K'G/<YR.W(P> at KT
M.._KS6B8-SID[5`8#!^4E"^# at 'L!GGG&:UM:+2TO:Z7S!._WE:.Q$UR!G.S>
M3 at ] at LI)ZYPH4GZ`]:ZBPT\)&H4X0 at OD'G&9`.0QST!)Z8Z52M61<*6^8;U+>
MX&.1D\?SIK at ,CJ<'<K`CU'SK^O-<M;X79V:1T46U(_+CQ]X8N-&U9U.2#<*R
M#)P%,DF1]['0KT/'Z'G;34IH9+AE#`+(1A6);Y at S`]> at P5).#TXK[*_:(^&T
M)(S at C/`[UQ))N]UMM_7F=,UH]+GJVF>(Y"J at R21Q."NTDE6"J22>2"%7))!`
MP,]#4K7<?FQ/& at C*RL&>,_*P)``(ZC.#U)R3QS7`66I/, at ".-ORH[H00-P4X
M(X'"[5)^E:T.M21QO%<D,RJSB1<$ at )NVGU;*_-QTR">E=5)IQDDUKOV9Y[C:
M]E:YW37>]-T>4",RE\X0C#D'.1D%1^(Z\U5+([`J"=Z^:,'G&\ at C"GDX*\].
MO.*H:9J*W1=0Q9A;!T/]X/L4Y&,Y7/!/('2KAG<M)V4M\PXS at *2?3 at YD/KV`
MJI12U35SEU1"X59'`+;#G^+!/7Y at 0<8X/7U_&HE/[Q`_#;'9CDX')'KDKC!R
M,\'\*DN"A;$1.\HP]CM9O7G at Y&1Z<=*A+CS,AU4LH< at \CY%0 at ;L8Y&,`DYR,
M\\5*MR;ZI6)&$8WXZEFR0>A&X^H&,$#N>/>JTJ$^:5!#M-A<')(</ at 9R"2`I
M'/))Z8J<MO,98D.D,WWNAP>F1 at YV`GK at 8.,57><J3EP!N``R,8&`>O&.A!].
M5NG.3_#C at ^Y`IJ2,#*ENW))'3.058'ZXYYQ_+-0&5D+-OW*SM`V.N&7L""!D
M'C)&,\5<5[KM97EKT'T%8!F#9&7)?Y3E at JL0?7DG at ?4$G%,F"EWR6P5#!L]0
MV``>2, at Y'7GC%(LF3'M97VH#E0<Y(XR<<\G([X*C=QPX7*X9GP2AQD at `$9CX
MY&!\K`<Y/S9)XQ0]&O>[_P!?<8WWT*I._:&SD`)$S'`&XL,=1 at Y[=.,GKBHK
MEWE#,#\J?("O'$8(/<#D at GMR#UR*E!"NI1QG8-R_Q8QCG([ at <'W7"U',Y9&&
M`KDG&".>M5IA(Q8HN`3GW`8_+GJ,X#9SUX.!W?'-NDE+D*JE1N.``<*1 at at #^
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M*QUM7N;J18 at K)'<*X8##APB8&<' at (6`!(!!4LH`KU/X:^&9;ADPJ*T,TDC#`
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MH)13[]3X at F<.P5R`IC<%?F/9L]?16)[X'(YJN/E)*D<*6P>PY)],G!)![#CF
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M\NTXST&YI>, at \D`CJ<<]\5I33;EVZ_(ULE;YG/VNC2WEXQ`&Q&<LP/\`"2A/
MUR>>N,`C&:[2*P"H%C4+D;0<Y#;593QQR.#CCZ9JW8VL5K" at C!WC#L1ZMYN0
MO3H>:]K\462S6<XEP[O$P0=2&57QD\DG./7&>]>/W)FA<_:4#[,J"S at 95/,&
M,"K%MP+$]CPQ; at XZ`<CD4/$ at AC?3"S;X3Y,0^88`3S"RM\QRVXKCV!W<'%<4
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M<DMG+#!'H<5?&7 at 6/4K2)X!$\D#ETD1 at KN%$C=, at ;SNP>Q/)%;\[Y5=*S5TV
M<].[7E?^OPU/-]5\*0:E!=1DJL:12RPD']X at D$ASM.3_`!'.>!N!'2O%=1\/
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MS$Y]# at <D'\*Y+6)(9?FE at 221H6$ at 8`D%O-Y/S8PK$$ at D^P)`KFJ-J.NF[O8[
M<*[U-^;R6IY,MIL59(AQYIB;K at %Q$-H&"< at N<Y8\=A6SI6F[I4N+E0%V>9Y9
MX&]64IG(+?,0Q/&`.,\UIG2)99I1LQ& at at *$,`I+`*Q" at *W`Y&1GGJ<`5O66D
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M9BUV.P at W(X13'-"3E3 at R$CC!P2,EL'M at `^E&XU^.-DEMB\WFYG+N5"*5,X4G
MJ. at )')-97B3Q`VH6T%C81[M/G<.6'SLXC>XX//&<IG.<`J>O%<9>:O?:H\SW
M3 at Q$G9!E0,*N%XR5)VC`.#G?DD')K4M/%+Z-;2JNW>^7R=K$ at A^,`Y`)XY(`
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MR*:YDM]H4":+?%M.0"SNJ<D_Q?,HY(PQ]*RKW7)M2F:1%(8,K at KM3"%Y<`$L
MDFU;S=SI](T62.?:R at !;;_EG at C"C:6(`Z;E/KGI7T%\,=,$%M$1M!D$)D!^7
M64ML,)E$()P`%+<<GGC''H1GI7K4HNRZ*QX]::?-J>^>'_+ at C"-$ID,:$G`'
M]_\`4Y)P/<]!7::<(I8CL0*"#Q at ?WG'^/YUYA8WEQ:VUC,C%H9K>-'YY4XD!
MSD at <`].>".<BNVM-?\IHRZ_(X'(QTPQ'&2>X]?7-=+3<>YY$6E/7:^ILR6DR
M'5"$6_=E?R.-\5Z!+=()K'B9!LECZ!D)?)]VP2/QR.F*X35]4D at LR#PL*-;D
M]!G$ at SR>PQQDG/>O:I(=Q!7AA^N*X+XA>'U;3)YHA at X9I`"`.%ERW4<DMSU[
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M:6PC4*OW1S^=7P?+'X5$D1VC'4<BHY9C]T]<X_S^E<#U9Z$/= at 3H=[<TZ3D`

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