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cow av

May 9, 2001, 7:38pm
Don't you mean AW needs a BULL Av...
Send them Just In... When he was doing his thing with FriendPA...

ozilcho <donjnic at myactiveworlds.com> wrote in
<3af8812d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>AW needs a cow av! mmmoooo!

cow av

May 9, 2001, 7:42pm
I guess you are right... We don't need any more MAD BULL [just In] when he is
FULL OF BULL... We have all seen what that can lead to...

wizard myrddin <avrquest at ntlworld.com> wrote in
<3af92a6c at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Ok, I very much hope this is not a mad cow,, seen plenty of them in the UK
>El Wizard Myrddin
>(still not eating meat)
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cow av

May 9, 2001, 10:55pm
The part of DROP IT i don't seem to understand is when YOU
and everyone here tells me to HUSH UP...
But then i see many of these silly posts go on & on over not much more
Hi Bye Hello and that is one word per post...
STUPID POSTS... All I'm doing is to give meaning to my simple posts...
Meaning like I love to cause people to want to
KICK BUTT.... and then I tell them where to point their foot...
AT ONESUMMER... And your swift BUTT KICK is what OneSummer needs & FAST!!!

casay <casay2 at home.com> wrote in <3af9d04d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>What part of DROP IT don't you understand?
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Re: AWTeen Core

May 9, 2001, 10:50pm
Actually the SURVIVOR SITE is right here in the NGS...
Whoever survives Chucks Party Major WAR On their Butts... [Just In Lost
To Chucks Party SURVIVOR War] should be doing quite well indeed...
Now we have to go after OneSummer and get her to FAIL The
Chucks Party SURVIVOR War... [I hope she fails WOSRE than Just In did...]

mike zimmer <zimmer at pitnet.net> wrote in
<3af9c6a6 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I was going to the Survivor 3 site (because i know the AWTeen Core is

To jfk & Chuck's Party

May 11, 2001, 1:25am
I'll be very happy with a Black & Blue & RED all over Tie...
that is to match Just In's butt after i do some SWIFT KICKS with my foot
enough times.... we are going as a team... Just In's Black & Blue
and RED all over BUTT & my Black & Blue & RED all over tie....



chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afa2a3f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>LOL, of course, a nice shiny black bow tie, hehehe
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To jfk & Chuck's Party

May 11, 2001, 1:35am
Chuck... You are asking the wrong person that make a TUX from...
you should be asking that question to Just In...
He will be happy to make a TUX for a laying down Cedric in a coffin about
have the lid shut tight...
and i suppose that Just In will be the one that will nail the coffin
shut too lolol

I better back out of here real fast before i give Just In any ideas
for a TUX for a laying down Philippe avatar about to be placed in his own
coffin and resting side by side with his friend Chuck...

But if just In does that... I know the perfect resting spot....
There is this nice beautiful big hill on this island...
And there is this wooden platform standing right on the peak of the hill
on this island... This island is called Justice Island created by Just In
on Broadway World... And that can't be considered to be VANDALISM
if Just In places us 2 by 2 overlooking the water below...
that would make me happy & everytime Just In was to visit his island
on Broadway World... He will think very nice thoghts about us...

So Touching.... Don't you think...

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afa0b26$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Can someone make a tuxedo for the Cedric av? lol

To jfk & Chuck's Party

May 11, 2001, 1:46am
since this time i'm moving from the bottom up to the top posting here... That
top big long one from Just In deserves a little special attention... SO Yes..
you all will see PROOF of what I'm saying is true...
Just In says in that message [i tried to reply earlier... But before i could
send it I had a little crash] BUT i do know what was in there...
He had NO INTENT TO DO HARM TO FRIENDPA... No InTent & I was the reason why
he did it...
I'll show you reasons that HE & Only Just In started his
hate campaign on FriendPA LONG before i ever had anything to do with it...

And I'm prepared to show that something is in fact real...
AND IN Just IN's OWN WORDS you will see it to...

but I'm glad that Just In has FILTERED OUT ME [JFK2] & Chuck...
He HATES hearing & reading the TRUTH about himself...

that is why he lives in his own little Broadway World full of LIES & HATE....

just in <Justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in <3af9f772 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I've now filtered out both JFK2 and Chucks Party. I doubt anyone really
>cares , but please be aware that I won't be able to defend myself or reply
>to any false information posted by either of them.
>I hope that helps.
>Regards, Justin
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To jfk & Chuck's Party

May 11, 2001, 2:17am
Ok.... Before I die at Just In's hands... I'll even suggest that he put
this NEW COFFEE BLEND into his coffee... I'll grab your Pretty URN
and that will be Just In's special coffee blend....

THEN we shall see Just In emegre with a whole new set of WORKING BRAINS...


After carefull consideration.....
Just In allready has brains.....
He sits on them.


chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afb63e3 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I want to be cremated so no tux for me at the funeral please, lol just cook
>me up and throw me in a pretty urn, lmao
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May 9, 2001, 11:07pm
This is my prime example of a STUPID POST... The thing is only about
700+ lines long & it takes another 700+ lines long to change the
header and say OOPS but leave all 700+ lines in there...

PRIME EXAMPLE of this boy [Pierce Bronson] failing SURVIVOR...

Ok... Since Just In has allready failed SURVIVOR...


pierce brosnan <PrinceAleksei at worldnet.att.net> wrote in
<3af9dac6 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>begin 666 iSpy1.txt
>SPY Network News.
>May 9, 2001 2:27 P.M.
>The AW Teen core has it their all good. This will change you ideas about
>* Juno 3D Chat (Powered by Active Worlds) chat session: Mon May 7, 2001
6:35 PM *
>Cybersaiyan: or whatever her name is
>David15: magine... would she know?
>Cybersaiyan: shes the bot person lol
>David15: she aint online...
>Pierce Brosnan: is everythign ok here
>David15: I need that account # asap so I can get SRT in here!

>Attachment decoded: iSpy1.txt

Lolol my nextdoor neighbor has some names for me

May 9, 2001, 11:22pm
My nextdoor neighbbor has some names for me...

BustHappy, KillHappy, Gee... He must know me from some of these other
3d platforms i'm on... Where i LOVE TO KILL People or Blow their Butts out
of the water so far that they never see water again...

But I'm really lame... It's Chucks Party that does all the Just In Killings
here in the NGS...
I just sit idily by and watch the show...

And maybe all the OneSummer Killings too... But i'll be happy to support

to eep

May 15, 2001, 5:03am
Well... To many people Theater is the proper way to spell it...
To others it is Theatre...
Now dows your DICTIONARY take into account for people living in a different
country than you do? And does it take into account that some people living in
that different place spell things differently?

Look up this word... In your dictionary and tell me the correct meaning of it.

The word is "ROOT" [HINT... Australia People might use it in a situation]

m a k a v e l i <tupacisdabest at aol.com> wrote in
<3b007c73 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Just to show you how dumb you make yourself look to me, here is an attached
>picture of a dictionary.
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begin 666 proof.jpg
Attachment saved: g:\undl\bn\proof.jpg


Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 12:31am
You might see the resemblance here... I'm GAY... 51 yr old
GAY person. And it took 2 GAY people to defend a FRIEND from the deranged
nut case called Just In... you will see what I mean in a little while...
Just In says he did not WANT to do anything to FriendPA or her world...
I am going to show all of you different... But it takes a little assembling
all of my CHAT30.TXT logs to do it right... then you will see that WE
MEANING Chucks Party & Myself [JFK2] and Just In is a SICKO and needs 911
help now...

So my little story of life... Simple... I'm not a fighter either.
I chose to run away & stay out of school because i was harrassed by
my classmates... But in some casses when i would get teed off enough...
It took many to pull me off someone OR in a fight... I would use anything
& everything that was not
nailed or screwed or bolted down to something... AND if I could get it
losened enough to use it... I did use it.. Like a full 1 gal of paint can
against someones head & missed killing them
by a hair... OR at the house ramming them through with a broom handle...
Out the back poarch door & screen door and over the railing... They needed
a little medical help... BUT I'm not a KILLER or a FIGHTER...
I'm a very gentle person... If Just In or anyone ever saw me up close
and personal... They would se that. I'm actually a very mild
manered person. In 3d games though... Is where my GORILLA
ATTITUDE shines through. I use any and all means to gain
control & become GOD & KING of the game.
Including backstabbing my game friends, killing people and the higher
my kill raito the better i love it...
And I will be a double agent to gain valuble info to use against my GAME
enemies... And so i can infiltrate them & take them all the way to HELL
while i sit as GOD & KING... But that is a game. In REAL LIFE...
I'm nothing liek my GAME ATTITUDE counterpart... I'm more like
MR. Teresa [Mother Teresa's Hubby] than anyone could even imagine...

BUT you get a MAD NUT CASE IN HERE... = Just In = and...
well.... As much as I would like to go after him with both barrells of
I go to the lighter end of it... Like a MONKEY ON HIS BACK... He gets to
know exactly what one feels liek since he is doing that to FriendPA and he
HATES to receive his own medicine... These NGS are a testament
to that... HE HATES to receive his own medicine.....

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3afa7476$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Okay, so we have TWO deranged potential killers here. Get thee to a therapy
>session. We have jfk the killhappy, and Chucks Party the
>bully-beater-outta-crapper. Gosh, someone make sure these guys don't get
>their hands on some firearms before we get another Columbine.
>Seriously, YOU ARE THE BULLY YOU DIMWIT!!! Have you ever thought that you're
>harrassing US and throwing us into walls with your constant bicker battle?
>You've even been filtered and you still won't let up. You're NOT getting
>picked on anymore, needless to say, we are.
>Hello to the blindsighted. We're in AW, not RL. In this dimension, you CAN
>and you WILL talk it out, or else no one will be helping you in your quest
>for destruction (as you can obviously see). And you forget about it AFTER
>you've turned the off switch on your computer like everyone else. Why you
>seem to make this so personal is beyond me. In both cases, Just In and
>Kevin, you could've avoided it by just staying away. Finding alternative
>routes, telling your parents, and all that. Confrontations are unavoidable,
>but so are you.
>Why you and jfk have to post your life's story like this in the newsgroup is
>BEYOND senseless, it's stupid. As you seem to be looking for sympathy in an
>empty newsgroup here.
>Btw, life only gets worse, and bullies more rampant if you are still acting
>like a social outcast with NO self-esteem visibly. Get some confidence and
>move on with life, it'll go by MUCH easier. But of course, you'd prolly beat
>up the whole school before you get that hint

Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 12:42am
Well... In later life... In Phoenix Arizona i had to help stop a gerocery
store robbery... Helped a friend Raul Martinez in a convience store
robbery... There were 2 of them... The GIRL I punched her lights out after
taking her afro hair brush and tossing it on the roof of the store...
She woke up when the cops arrived....
The young kid we had him pretzled right up there so all he could possibly
say was UNCLE...

Then much later in my life when my friend ERIC was MOLESTED IN THE
ELEVATOR of our apartment comples on the 5th floor.... And I heard his
cries.... Tookk off in the NUDE... That is right... The only thing i had on
me was my UNDER PANTS and i went flying out the door and confronted the
nasty kid that did his naughty deed to my friend.... AND Got him down
close enought to the ground to do a 375lb belly drop on his BUTT...
and I do know 375 lbs [I was that size at one time... Now I'm alot lower
than that] But at the time... It sure had to hurt his pride a little...
Took his little switchblade away from him... And also used my
PEN in his eyes... But alas he did get away... About 1 min before the cops
cought him about 1 block away [At least i slowed down his butt a little]
and just long enough for the cops to grab his butt... COURT CASE
ended with him serving 3 yrs in JAIL & 3 yrs probation...
BUT NOPE..... I AM NOT A FIGHTER. I could never be that mean to Just In...
That is because Just In needs a 911 medical call to a nut house FAST...
His mind is not fully operating right..... And if it was operating
right... He would then really be dangerous.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afa81ab at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well, I never had to beat anyone up again after that, LOL Sheesh you folks
>love reading more into this stuff than what it is, lol I'll be glad when my
>account is turned back on so I don't need to keep coming here. Then you guys
>can find someone else to pick on, lol

Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 12:46am
and because all of you nice people are telling me to SHUT UP TOO...
Just In found out the hard way... I don't listen to him lolol.....
And I don't listen to someone telling me to SHUT UP EITHER!!!!!! lolol
Sometimes i'll listen to Just In... Maybe more now that he stopped his
CRAZY NUT WAYS with FriendPA..... Now i'll be more willing to listen to
Just In more...

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afb294d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>No Myrth, I won't just shut up. I'm sick of being told to shut up. You shut
>up and see how you like it. I'm not taking anymore crap from you or anyone
>else in this NG. You all shut the hell up. You all are nothing more than a
>bunch of SNERTS with nothing better to do than try to tell me how wrong I am
>or to shut up. You didn't get harassed for months on end by this pathetic
>creep, you didn't have your world bot copied and then told by the guy who
>made the objects not to use them. You didn't have that same jerk come into
>your world and threaten people to not use the objects he made for your
>world. You did not expierience any of that. So you shut the hell up and stop
>telling me what I can or cannot say in this NG. I pay my dues in this
>community just like everyone else here. So don't tell me to shut up, I will
>post what I want when I want and as often as I want.

Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 2:00am
hey.... What a wonderful idea here... You be the script writer for the AW's
version of BADDIE Just In vs 2 sweetest nice guys that are just trying to
defend a womans honor...

Just In can play himself...
JFK2 [me] i'll be happy to play myself
And Chucks Party will be happy to play himself [I think]
and this will be the HIT GOOD vs EVIL Just In to hit AW in years...


sw chris <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in <3afb533e at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>It seems to me that this "community" cannot get over this latest bump in the
>road because certain parties continually bring the subject up like they were
>on some damn fool crusade. I would just like to remind those certain
>parties that their crusade against the folks who wronged them is getting
>really ridiculous.
>No seriously, it's getting ridiculous. Here's a brief synopsis:
>Bad Guy: I'll copy your world and tell you not to use the objects I made,
>so there!
>Good Guy: Oh no. What an inhumanity. This is exasperating. :(
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey, let's go post on the boards about
>Good Guy: No, don't. This is a private matter, please don't.
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: I think we'll post anyways. It's the
>principle of the matter!! Bad Guy must PAY for what he has done!
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey everyone, the Bad Guy just stole
>Good Guy's world!
>Community: Oh, the horror. Something should be done about this, but we
>can't do anything.
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey everyone, the Bad Guy stole Good
>Guy's world!
>Community: Didn't you tell us this already?
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey everyone, the Bad Guy stole Good
>Guy's world!
>Community: Shut up!
>*Sometime in the near future*
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey everyone, the Bad Guy stole Good
>Guy's world!
>Community: *yawn*
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: Hey everyone, the Bad Guy stole Good
>Guy's world!
>Community: *filters out self-appointed lackeys*
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: *filtered*
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: *filtered*
>Good Guy's self-appointed lackeys: *filtered*
>The moral: Overextend your welcome, and you'll be unwelcome. Use some
>common sense and lose the sorry woe-is-Good Guy/Death to Bad Buy crusade.
>It's well past usefulness to keep carrying this on. Just In and FriendPA
>have put this behind them, so why don't you? Ever heard of the term "leave
>well enough alone"?
>SW Chris
>Have a Nice Day

Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 7:15pm
Hear... Hear... that goes for me too... I won't hush my mouth either.
and what Chuck did was OK by me...
Here is some truth about Just In...
PeteHetherington: Just In: he is a pain in the butt... as I said - AWComm
have been told, and jfk will hear from PKs
Chucks Party: PK's lol
Chucks Party: they can't do squat either, lol
PeteHetherington: you could be banned for a month
Chucks Party: They can't ban him for idle chat
PeteHetherington: ooo i dont know :)
Chucks Party: He would have to literally be there in person saying it to Justin
for it to have any effect
Chucks Party: it can't be from another source, like a bot
PeteHetherington: Just In: and if memory serves well, I have never denigrated
anyone in newsgroups
Chucks Party: LOLOL
Chucks Party: he did it to PA me and JFK, he is such a LIAR
Gee... Then he was speaking nicely of me a few days ago in the newsgroups...
That must be NICE comming from Just In...
And now... The clincher one of all...
When Chuck let the entire AW community see that web page
about Just In's litle run in with the Australian Authorities...
I have the chat of Just In & me on MY chat30.txt logs... As I showed
Just In that 6k html file...
Just In: what is that html?
JFK2: (to Just In) i can send it to you
Just In: is it on the web?
JFK2: (to Just In) I don't know
Just In: okay - send it
JFK2: (to Just In) She sent it to CP & he sent it to me
JFK2: (to Just In) I don't know if it is still on the web
JFK2: (to Just In) But since it's a news story
JFK2: (to Just In) It might
JFK2: (to Just In) I've seen things from my distant past in news archives
Just In: send it
Immigration Officer: Requesting file transfer with Just In
Just In: y
JFK2: (to Just In) That is it
Just In: hold on
JFK2: (to Just In) That is why she will not accept your
condition #1 = Your name at GZ of NYW
JFK2: (to Just In) That is 85% of why she will never do your #1 name
at gz or anywhere else on NYW
Just In: my name is Justin
Just In: and it would be "Just In" used in AW as always
JFK2: (to Just In) But if she got to the point of releasing that
when she said she never would
JFK2: (to Just In) You might have to back off on her
Just In: Are you kidding?
JFK2: (to Just In) no
Just In: Back Off?
JFK2: (to Just In) your condition #1
Just In: Sorry - that results in the exact opposite... I will go
in with greater attack
Just In: before I considered giving her a lease
Just In: I won't offer that anymore - I will offer her nothing
Just In: I will simply sue her for $100,000 and I'll see her in court
Just In: And she will lose
Just In: and she will know what it is to inspire wrath
Just In: do you not see what she did?
JFK2: (to Just In) to you?
Just In: I'm not an idiot
Just In: no matter what I do - you or Chuck will post this into the newsgroups
Just In: or FriendPA
JFK2: (to Just In) I won't post it
Just In: oh don't bullshit me
JFK2: (to Just In) I never hhave in the past
Just In: you are the most disrespectful person I've ever met
JFK2: (to Just In) If anyone does
JFK2: (to Just In) it would be CP
JFK2: (to Just In) I know what something like that is
Just In: give me a break
Just In: why should I trust anyone?
JFK2: (to Just In) And that is as far as you will know of my sorted past
Just In: you don't have to whisper unless you say things you don't want heard
JFK2: (to Just In) I don't want certain things heard & that is one of them
Just In: so far what we have here is that FriendPA sent to Chucks Party
what she proports to be a criminal indictment against my real life name
JFK2: (to Just In) No one else knows about it,
Just In: stop whispering!
JFK2: (to Just In) PA, cp, OS, Danny 2k, etc
Just In: jfk - I'm trying to establish some facts here... I'm not
concerned about what you are or may be
Just In: that is none of my business
Just In: so you say FriendPA has told only Chucks? And Chucks has
told only you? is that right?
That famous 6k file now
Sofcom Australian Technology News - Child sex images checked abuse: claim
A computer systems analyst claimed he used thousands of images of child
pornography to avoid molesting children.
Today's IT News Coverage
Child sex images checked abuse: claim
- ABIX 7 July 1999
A computer systems analyst claimed he used thousands of images of
child pornography to
avoid molesting children. This was the claim made by
Gregory Mark Starow, 37, in the Melbourne Magistrates Court
on 6 July 1999. Starow, part of a worldwide Internet paedophile group,
had claimed that the photos were his sexual release and that the Internet
was keeping him off the streets. Police stated that Starow admitted he
was part of a paedophile group known as Wonderland, whose members had to
own a minimum of 10,000 pornographic pictures before they could join.
Craig Atkinson, prosecuting for the police, said investigators
found 24,342 files on his home computer, most of which contained images
of young children in sexually explicit poses, during a raid on Starow's home
on 20 October 1998.

Search through the archives for earlier IT news items.
Now all of you will know that what Chuck posted on that web site IS TRUE

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3afbb55a at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>"chucks party" <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
>message news:3afb294d at server1.Activeworlds.com...

Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 7:20pm
One little note... I know now WHO might get murdered...
It sure isn't LEAF or WING or even KAH...
3 guesses & the first 2 don't count when Just In sees that...
I know WHO it'll be...

So I'm going to say this one more thing...
after I'm gone... Donate my brians to someone who needs a good
bunch of BRAINS... And give the rest of me to science...
They can figure out what makes for a person with LOTS of BRAINS [ME]
and some people with little or no BRAINS [Just In] LMAO!!!!!!!!!

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3afbb55a at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

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Here's a little story from my past for ya.

May 11, 2001, 9:39pm
There is no law broken... AND it helps to have ALL THE FACTS...
I have provided ALL THE FACTS as has Chucks Party
and that means NO LAWS BROKEN.
and since this is the newsgroups...
Here is another tidbit form someplace a little higher up the ladder...
I got this email from someone by the name of Rick at aw.com
and this is what it says
- Hi guys,

Tom has brought this matter to my attention this afternoon.

After reviewing the issues you all have with each other, your work and
who can enter your worlds, I can see that this is very complex. It is
also well outside our responsibility or entitlement to step in and solve.
The disagreements you have with each other are impossible for us to
mitigate. I hope that you will be able to find a way to either work
things out individually or to ignore each other. If this comes to a point
where a legal decision is granted then we will certainly support such
decision. In the meantime there is really nothing we can do.

Please keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether
we think they are right or wrong. Opinions made in newsgroups, public
discussion or private discussion are not a form of harassment even if the
opinion is about you personally. All users are entitled to their
opinions and they have the right to voice them.

As you are aware you already have the ability to mute speech and whispers
from individuals by right clicking their avatar. If you would like we can
make a bot available to run in your worlds which can eject certain cit
numbers. Please let me know if this option is of interest.

I am sorry we cannot offer any solution aside from this. It is our hope
that you can resolve your differences amicably.


Rick Noll

Activeworlds.com, Inc.
(978) 499 0222
So trying to FORCE us off with so called legal means....
Duhhhhh...... You are trying very hard to become another Just In or what.
Your brain powers are getting worse by the seconds... SO quit while you
are still ahead... And that was from someone higher up too...

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afc6eeb at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>There is no law against what I have said, you do that and I'll report
>abuse to your isp and everyone else here that has verbally attacked me
>concerning this issue. I was not the one who told anyone to shut up. I
>told them exactly what they said to me, echoing their very words back to
>them. So they are clearly in violation as well. I have not been abusive
>to anyone, I am only trying to reveal the facts as I know them and
>anyone else that has anything else concerning this matter and I have
>been swore at, yelled at, and verbally abused beyond anything that I
>have done to anyone here besides Just In who this thing is all about to
>begin with. You people don't seem to want to understand the severity of
>the matter, that's not my problem. "tony m" <tony at vrunited.itgo.com>
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May 10, 2001, 11:23pm
What is OUTLOOK EXPRESS? Ohhhh..... That is MicroSH-T stuff...
That is the stuff that VIRUS WRITERS try to attack....
You see... I'm one smart person... I use XNEWS.... And that is
Just look for the little rubics CYAN BLUE CUBE = All parts are complete...
Look for the broken rubics dark blue cube = not all parts are there...
Comes in real handy for multipart files...
MP3's, RA [Includes ram, rm], WAV... And of course ZIP & GZ files...
and such... It still works great with MIDI & GIF & JPG files...
But here you don't find the midi & jpg files... So if i seem like i'm not
here... I'm looking at some much bigger NGS FREE SERVERS that my little
NewsHunter SPIDER BOT has found for me. And since that CRAZY NUT Just In by
now has mentioned I'm GAY... [Takes 2 GAYS to defend a WOMANS INTEGRETY
from some NUT case of Just In..] You know what my prefered GIF & JPG's are
and they sure are not in this NG server.

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3afab75b$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I totally agree! for everybody's information, here's how to use NG filters
>(in Outlook Express 4 or newer):
>Use the Tools > Newsgroup Filters menu, click the Add button and specify
>criterias. This tool can be VERY usefull when ppl like JFK2 is running
>around messing up the NGs...


May 12, 2001, 4:16pm
I don't go running around MESSING up the NGS. The community part of the
newsgroups is to discuss community business no matter what it is.
From BLASTING away about some JERK that does their thing in AW to
offering help to those in need in the NGS... I fail to see how i could
ever be messing up the NGS. And by NOT reading what I'm saying...
Telles me that YOU ARE A RUDE PERSON and need to be knocked off
your high-horse too... Maybe i & Chuck should gather up all we can about
you and inform the AW community about you too.... I'm sure you have some
DIRTY laundry that you want displayed to all of the AW community too...
Then don't go off half cocked and be saying I MESS UP the ngs.

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3afd1862$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I'll repeat myself on the use of NG filters:
>Use the Tools > Newsgroup Filters menu, click the Add button and specify
>criterias. This tool can be VERY usefull when ppl like JFK2 is running
>around messing up the NGs...

Cool web site !!!

May 11, 2001, 7:28pm
Why do i need a special keeboard like that... I just remember to leave the
CAPS key off... and you can put a tiny MS-DOS file in your autoexec.bat
file that will do that too... If you are too lazy or don't want to play
with what the ms-dos MODE command does...

I know what it does & have done my homework & created my little BUT FAMOUS
KD.BAT file command...
It slows down or speeds up the keyboads typeing rate & speed...
All done with a BATCH FILE...
I even made mine so simple it's funny... KD or kd ## = speed of the keyboard
typing using about 16 different steps from 01 - 32.
ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3AFC4CF1.78347CC0 at oct31.de>:

>They have a keyboard there with a special key on it,
>that can disable uppercase letters.
>I tried it and it worked even in the subject line :)
>Check it out, it's a very helpful thingie

Cool web site !!!

May 11, 2001, 9:24pm
If I ever ended up with that type of keyboard I'd take the FRIGGIN thing
back & demand another keyboard or my noney back & go shop somewhere else
where they sell keyboards with all the keys there.
That sounds to me like some cheapo manufacture company trying
to cut a few corners off the FRIGGIN keyboard to make some extra $$$

That is pretty much what happened to me when i upgraded my old pc to
one that needed a PCI keyboard over the older AT/XT keyboard type...
My friend got one of the cheapos & I went back to the store and
got my MONEY back in cash & went someplace else to get the much better
one i have now... Took a little IN STORE COUSTEMER PERSUADING...
[[[ see how BOLD i can be... I announce in the store that this CHEAPO
place refuses to replace defective merchandise... and help the
coustomers out the door without them buying anything there... ]]]
Management quickly makes me one very happy coustomer by handing my $$$
gladely back to have me shop elsewheres... Heck.... I've had to do the
very nasty trick on so many of these cheapos it sure ain't funny...
BUT it allways works...
So that is how i got my better keyboard with ALL OF IT's KEYS...

ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3AFC5EDF.A4A2F10D at oct31.de>:

>I have such a capslock key too, but look through the subjects
>above, some keyboards seem to miss this key.
[View Quote]

Website asking for AW password (eeps website)

May 11, 2001, 9:11pm
I can see the form. There are many such forms like that in use on the
internet. The reason for NOT doing a email yourself are many
And one of them has to do with the email subject headers...
what i suspect is he has some form of web scripting software in use that
directs all properly created emails to a specific location & counts the
names & other such info in a control manor. But using your OWN creation
and not his scripted forms method cn be a real pain in the rear. Imaging
getting say 200 emails and all of them have some form of subject header.
Now sort out someones tricks...
My name is blah blah
Or name: blah blah
or Gues what..... My name is this blah & my last name is BLAH...
do that about 200 times or more and you really want to shoot someone
really fast... I know what that is like with older non scripted software
OR badly scripting email software...
And I know that it is a royal pain to fix it sometimes...
So NO.... that is not funny at all & i fill alot of that out at some
website all the times. The only thing that gets me STEAMED is...
these idiots don't seem to get it right...
They should have their script call for the DEFAULT email instead of
pointing their email script at my outlook express email...
Then i have no choice but to hand do it to what they want using my
DEFAULT email program = FOX EMAIL.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afc5c83 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>And who's secure server is this that's collecting this data and emailing
>it? You couldn't get me to do that form. Why not just put an email link
>and allow people to fill in their own info on the matter and send it.
>Sounds alot more secure to me that way.
[View Quote]

Final solution to everything.

May 11, 2001, 9:52pm
Well.... I'm ready... That also applies to that CRAZY IDIOT Just In as
well... he gets in here & you are to ignore everything that nut case has
to say as he can't tell the truth. Heck... On that TV show...
To Tell The Truth...
he would fail at that so much.... It ain't funny.

moff piett <piett at home.com> wrote in <3afc7733 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I've got an idea that's so crazy it just might work. Kids like Chuck
>and Jfk2 just use this ng for attention, they don't actualy care what
>people reply back to them wtih. So, if all you people who keep going
>out of your way telling them to shut up and go away just ignored them,
>they would leave. If everyone here just shut them out, didn't read
>their posts, and certainly didn't reply to them, they would get bored
>in a few weeks. Spending the time to reply and get mad at these types of
>people just perpetuates the problem. So all those who complain about
>the NG getting off topic and down right stupid, set an example and don't
>participate in what you complain about. Let's just take a deap breath
>and ignore them. Ok everyone? Can we try a week or so of totaly and
>compleatly ignoring these people?

Final solution to everything.

May 11, 2001, 10:42pm
i know Outlook stinks like that. And yes i know of a
newsgroups reader that KILLS a poster with a filter....
I'm smart enough to be using it right now...
But this time i''ll make you SUFFER a little and NOT tell you my
newsgroup reader software because it is that excellent at doing what
it needs to do... lololololl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And NO.... I have NOT used it to filter anyone out in this newsgroup
as yet... I'm the very polite person who wants to hear from everyone
no matter how gross the thing is. They have that right to post it and I
should at least give thenm the respect they deserve to read it.
Replying might be a different thing though... As I don't allways reply...
But that is my in preferences... lolololol!!!!!!!!

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3afc81b3 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Does anyone know of a newsreader that ignores posts in reply to filtered
>posters as well? It's to inefficient with Outlook. "moff piett"
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Final solution to everything.

May 12, 2001, 3:18am
I know i might be 2 news readers behind... I hate to give up my old
trusty friend... It''s like a friend.. I trust the old and sometimes
better software before moving on to a new one and sometimes poorer
quality. that is the case with a few of my most trusted programs. One of
them is the earlier WEB Ferret before they started the ads campaign to
use it... My old version has no ads of any kind YET still delivers
extreme high quality web searches....
Andother one is my favorite alternate computer platform...
ATARI-ST... The older sofware works super but the newer one has a little
PLEASE DONATE before you load it & after you quit it and the importance
of DONATING to the author... The version [1 back] works super without
the ads. so I ask Why bother to upgrade to the ads version when i only
have to hunt down some crack to kill off the ads & yet the older one
works excellent. Nuts. I stay with the older one until such time comes
that a newer one is far superior to the older one.

john viper <jviper at jtsoft.net> wrote in
<3afcb6cf$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>User-Agent: Xnews/2.05.24
>I love headers :-) jfk, you are 2 newsreaders behind. Ya know, 4.05.11
>is out...
>Wow, this looks like a useful newsreader! Maybe I won't have to write
>my own anyhow? To check it out, go to http://xnews.3dnews.net/.
>If it has that good of a filter, perhaps I need to make a new taunt for
>Unreal Tournament. "Suck filter, twit!" hehe ;-)
>Have a nice day :-)
>-John Viper
[View Quote]

Final solution to everything.

May 12, 2001, 3:26am
I like decent stuff... Newsreaders is one of them. Excellent with
binaries and that is why i have it. This follows the tradition of the
older newsgroup reader NEXPRESS with the binaries help with rubics
cubes... Makes downloading MP3's a breeze though. Try it sometime...

john viper <jviper at jtsoft.net> wrote in
<3afcb734 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>...and just when I thought it couldn't be better, it turns out to be
>written in Delphi. YIPPEE! Bout time I replaced this POS...
[View Quote]

to moff

May 12, 2001, 11:00pm
I know it would be nice NOT to hear any CUSS words in the NGS...
But i have yet to seen a GENERAL AUDIANCE NGS [that is NOT the KIDDIE
GENERAL AUDIANCE ONE] not use CUSS words at some time or another.
Yes it would be very nice... But that is why there are something called
Moms & Dads or Older Brothers & Sisters or Older Friends or Child
Guardians who can OR SHOULD keep any CUSS words away from the really
younger kids that may wonder in here. But since this NGS is certainly
not Romper Room... It is pretty much certain that sooner or later
some tiny tot will have to cope with some of us SO CALLED nasty at the
mouth types in here.
Maybe we all should get into the BROADCASTERS habit here...
When you are about to say a really nasty word like BLEEP you use another word
or the word BLEEP in it's place... Us older ppl's will understand what that
BLEEPED word might be... But some kid might not understand and that way you
would protecd some kid from reading my BLEEPING comments or anyones elses
BLEEPING comments either.

Lord Fett <bobafett358 at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afd8b89$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Why don't we all just stop swearing in the newsgroups? No one wants to hear
>anyone saying cuss words when they read posts.

to moff

May 12, 2001, 11:07pm
Why don't you just crawl back under that BLEEPING rock you came from you
BLEEPING jerk. Us BLEEPING people don't need to be talked to like we
are some BLEEPING bunch of kids...

Something like that... Gee... I don't need some BLEEPING dictionary to
say that... Just some BLEEPING sence not to say the BLEEPING words.

moff piett <piett at home.com> wrote in <3afdd572 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Why do you keep refering to me as "you kids" ? or is my brain overloading
>with community NG logic again?

to moff

May 13, 2001, 11:17pm
Hey Chuck... You have to read this... Now all the BLEEPING morons are
attacking m a k a v e l i... Hmmmmm this could get to be really
funny... at least we are not the focus of their stupid minds anymore &
now they have to pick on someone else... See what i mean by most of the
BLEEPING morons in here.... Except for a few of us with BRAINS...

m a k a v e l i <tupacisdabest at aol.com> wrote in
<3afe9685$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I am an idiot now? What have I done to make myself an idiot? I said
>some things that were towards the real idiots (Chucks Party, JFK2) I am
>starting to think you are the weakest link? Agreeing with a few people
>doesn't make you a big help. I used "descriptive" words as well as
>"big" words, the term "big words" doesn't mean anything different than
>"descriptive words", it doesn't mean they are actually longer or
>anything like that, just means they aren't commonly used words, because
>there are other words that mean the same that are more common.
>Off topic but I don't want to repost.
>In past post you agreed that wing was a "foul-mouthed kid". Prove it.
>One or two swear words does not make you foul-mouthed. I am sure you
>have used one here and there.
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