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Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 1, 2001, 11:45pm
I'll answer on here that i don't cuss & swear at the newbies. I was one
myself. I'm more apt to cuss & swear to someone that is a CIT faster
because they should have brains BUT DON"T ACT LIKE IT or they want to wage
war... AND that is where i get info before i strike... or i simply ignore
some not so new old timers that allow the ngs to go to their heads...
Since i've had the pleasure of NGS for many yrs... I can control the
stupidness of some of the people that post in here almost daily to those
that post in here when their temper gets a little heated. It simply
goes in one eyeball & right out the other as they rant & rave & threaten
PK's and everything else... THEY [NOT NAMEING NAMES] are the real
dummies & not some newbei who dosen't really know what is happening yet...

brandon <bandit_9111 at bigfoot.com> wrote in
<3b17e142$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>"Fuck off. If you want to "have fun" go to another newsgroup and shit in it.
>Leave AW's alone or face my wrath, newbie. And don't bother replying since
>you're now filtered."
>Im very Pissed becuase its sad that his life has turned into swearing and
>insulting everyone he thinks to be "newbies" even though thats just what he
>may call them. AW isnt a place for his mouth ether. Posting a funny joke or
>something like that doesnt hurt anyone but cussing at them is not right at
>all. Its not like hes the "master" of AW's newgroup ether so im not afraid
>of his "wrath". I just think someone like that should get off their drugs or
>whatver they are taking becuase they are meesaed up in the head, seems like
>the only logical explaination.

Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 1, 2001, 11:50pm
YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!! If i think that means what i think it does... YIPPIE!!!
I have been cleared of any wrong doing even when i might have said a word
or two about one of the posters here... YIPPIE!!!!!!!

builderz <sawran at yahoo.com> wrote in <3B17F310.DFAB5E49 at yahoo.com>:

>If you think his language is bad now, you should have seen him years
>ago. If you don't like what he has to say, I suggest you filter him in
>your newsreader. Everyone here is entitled to their freedom of speech,
>which includes the right to curse or not to curse. Some don't mind it,
>other do. Some don't agree with what Eep has to say, others do. What Eep
>says may or may not go against the community charter, but since AWCI
>hasn't appointed an "official" moderator to enforce the charter (Facter
>reads this newsgroup, but his official job description does not include
>moderator), in my opinion, swearing in these newsgroups is fair game.
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Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 2, 2001, 4:02pm
You want to know a little secret...
BUT you just described someone I know and everyone knows in this NGS
from time to time...
NOW i'm NOT going to name any names here...
BUT if anyone who has seen me and several umpteen posts back...
And for a NGS it seems like the dark ages...
You will know who i'm thinking about.
AND i have excellent reason to think that.

moria <moria at colony.co.uk> wrote in <3b181608 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>sorry Alpha, theres no explanation thats good enough..
>Just because the guy can earn an award does NOT give him justification
>to be abusive, racist, be intollerant and verbally terrorise people.
>The charter should not even need to be enforced as it is basically
>common courtesy and decency. The fact its not enforced does not give
>someone the right to abuse it, only those who don't care about anyone
>but themselves would even think that. I know many groups where a
>charter is not enforced, but because people respect others, theres no
>need to enforce it, in fact a charter shouldn't even be necessary.
>Hitler did a stunning job of lifting Germany out of a depression and won
>awards, like the granting of the Olympics, in many respects he was a
>brilliant man, then his true colours showed those that showed him as
>racist, abusive and started terrorising, being totally intollerant of
>anyone who didn't agree with him, and attacking anyone who did not fit
>into his own ethos... sound familiar?
>I seem to remember that he wasn't allowed to get away with it
>Although he had many supporters (which someone like that relies on, as
>ultimately they are a bully and need others to support them), common
>decency won out in the end. All the support does is prolong it, and
>tends to come from the younger people who can be influenced by what
>seems to be something new and radical, when in fact its just plain
>stupid and unfortunately those that tag along and try to emulate rarely
>see what others think of them until its too late, and then when suddenly
>they need help, people remember.

Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 2, 2001, 4:26pm
though he may not be the politest
person in the world, in my opinion, he has done numerous things for the
community. = That describes this other person to a letter "T" as well...
YES... I have heard by many this person is also BRILLIANT in object creation
as well. But polite... HA... He wouldn't know what that word means.
Especially when it comes to HUMANS... Polite as far as one object fitting
correct where it's supposed to be he knows all to well.
BUT i am NOT going to give names... And when that person reads this...
They will know who i mean & ALL without giving out any names.
But yes... In some ways... I will back that person. I will support that
person as a world owner by far. At least he dosen't use TOURIST TRAP BOTS
to boot out all the tourists in his world. True... He [and some of the
other world owners] may at times decide to BOOT certain people out...
I would still vote for him as a better world owner than someone else i know...
[NO... I don't care for Tourist Trap Bots Either]
And yes... I have actually seen him comment that he wished a certain
place did not exist so he could win a CY which to me is the wrong way to
take it. I would prefer to do the best & if by chance you get it...
Then it's a super huge happy reward. But if you do so just to get a CY
and get turned down... Then you might be just plain bitter about the whole
thing. Great people are those that strive for excellence in a community &
if they are lucky enough will get an award. They don't go
and do something in hopes of getting that award & if turned down... Go
off on a binge... If you have the correct attitude you will most certainly
win & if noit you will lose.
BUT yes... This person in many ways i will defend BUT he only posts here
once & awhile... BUT when he posts again... I'm sure most of you will
recognize who i've been YAPPING about.
It is someone else...

builderz <sawran at yahoo.com> wrote in <3B183290.232352ED at yahoo.com>:

>I was "defending" Eep because even though he may not be the politest
>person in the world, in my opinion, he has done numerous things for the
>community. Take one look at his website (located at
>http://tnlc.com/eep/aw/). His history page, RWX scripting page, and
>improvements page alone are excellent and contain vast amounts of
>valuable information. What other citizen (besides possibly Mauz and/or
>Dataman) has created an Active Worlds related website as extensive as
>this? You have to give Eep credit for this. Although I suggest he takes
>an anger management course, you can't deny what he has brought to the AW
>community (both good and bad).
>Eep is also never afraid to confront the staff of AWCI and tell them
>their faults and/or offer suggestions. He also tries not to let Active
>Worlds become too "stagnant" (as he likes to call it) and pushes for
>change/reform. Additionally, he has enough guts to inform other posters
>here that lack common sense their faults. And for some strange reason,
>whenever Eep gets himself involved, the "trouble poster" usually
>goes away or learns from the experience. If you don't believe me, read
>some posts made by Eep over the past years in these newsgroups. He and
>Mauz have also created the great worlds of Cubed and Hole and they are
>two very intriguing worlds. I would gladly host both of them free of
>charge at any time. Eep has been around the community since 1997 (if I
>recall correctly) and knows what is going on here.
>I could continue with even more reasons why I respect Eep in the
>community, but I think you have read enough. By the way, who told you
>that I "don't like him?"
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Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 2, 2001, 4:37pm
I'll volunteer to be the MODERATOR in here. I know just how to keep
everyone up to par in here.

Hmmmm..... geee..... It looks like i just shot out everyone including
myself... hmmmmm Geee.... I never had that before....
Well..... At least i cleaned up the AW's Newsgroups

builderz <sawran at yahoo.com> wrote in <3B183632.C9B686E0 at yahoo.com>:

>Those Usenet netiquette links would be of more use if users of the
>newsgroup would abide with the charter. But again, since no one actively
>moderates this newsgroup (and as we have seen in other people's posts),
>people that do not possess proper Usenet newgroup netiquette DO and HAVE
>posted here. In essence, since no one enforces the charter, not everyone
>thinks they should abide to it (hence the cursing and other "rude"
>postings contained in the NG).
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Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 4, 2001, 3:58am
That is ok... You can keep all the tall red shoes.
I prefer to own the BIg Cowboy LONG Toed Boots [thet really hurt when you
get it type boots]
And since they are all COPY-LEFTED and i own all the
COPY-LEFTED boots out there... These i'm giving away for free. Anow i do
that I & Chucks Party want to be in the safe zone... READY.... AIM
those HUGE COWBOY LONG TOED BOOTS at all the real idiots of this NGS.....
LET THEM ALL HIT THEOR MARK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daphne <Daphne_is at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1a8169 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Excuse me, but tall, red shoes are copyrighted and I own the copyright!!

Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 4, 2001, 4:57am
I really love your long post there... I'm going to keep all of that.
And as everyone jsut read... It is not I who mentioned names...
It is GOOBER KING who mentioned all the names... SO IF anyone
person is reading this... You will know right to where your finger
should be pointing to... lol
OOPS.... Sorry... I did mention a name there....
the name i mentioned was GOOBER KING.... OOPS....
There i said it again.... I mentioned that darn name all over again...
Will someone please unplug me a little because i'm stuck on GOOBER KING...
OOps.... I did it once more...

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B198AB4.B6D5F6B7 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>Here's a question for you, jfk2... Do you ever get the impression that
>no one's listening to you? Do you feel like you're just talking to a
>wall and everyone's ignoring you? Do you wonder why that may be?
>I'll tell you why. It's because we don't care! We don't care about your
>misadventures. We don't care about Chucks Party. We don't care about
>Just In. We don't care about OneSummer. We don't care about FriendPA. We
>don't care about NewYork. We don't care about Broadway. We don't care
>about "MY ENEMIES". We don't care about Tourist Trap Bots. We don't care
>about "I won't mention any names..."
>The only thing we *do* care about is sticking to the subject at hand. If
>you have something to contribute to the subject, fine. Just say it and
>leave it at that. Don't try to keep drawing parallels between every
>single subject and your trials with Just In or whoever. I don't want to
>see you even *hint* at anything *related* to this whole NewYork/Broadway
>mess, capisce? Chucks was able to drop it, why can't you?!
>And the fact that your gay means nothing. It's irrelevant. The fact that
>you seem to have some sort of mental disability means nothing. (Though
>it definitely explains a lot) It's also irrelevant. Stick to the subject
>at hand, and don't stray into any other territories, and will all be
>*much* happier.
>God, I'm getting sick of this shit.
>Disclaimer: The above "We don't care" rant was directed solely at jfk2.
>We all care about the individual persons mentioned. We just don't care
>about jfk2 talking about them *constantly*. Thank you.

Cy Nominees Page Updated and Final:)

Jun 2, 2001, 5:37pm
I'm really happy with Chucks Party getting nominated for so many things
He deserves the recognition there. AND PeteHetherington deserves some
credit there as well. It was Pete's World LOGO design [Elysium] that
gave everyone there a good sense of a fine community being born on that
I'm also happy that they took ME off the write in parts. I don't
need an award... Just doing my RADIO shows when i can is plenty of rewards
alone. To see people with a smile is far more rewarding than all the CY's
in every world or UNIVERSE could ever bring. Even seeing people with
smiles last night on Dreamland Park Universe impromptu party & me
playing the midi's is plenty of an award. Those are my awards. And mean
far better than having my name on anything else.

alphabit phalpha <alphabit2 at home.com> wrote in
<3b182751 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>All revisions have been made and can now be viewed at
>www.awcommunity.org/cyawards .
>Thank you everyone for your corrections!:)
>Voting will commence next weekend. Please see the schedule for more
>information at the above url also:)
>Please hit the home page first as I am collecting information as to times
>that most people are on and which browser etc for future rounds. And no...I
>don't get ANY personal info from this service:)
>Thank you and good luck to all!:)
>AlphaBit Phalpha and The Cy Committee:)

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 6:17pm
I suppose you have been to all the worlds in all of AW and have seen all
the really "SICK STUFF" your self? Am i correct?
Maybe that PK 13 has seen a build or two in WildAW... Haven't you noticed
that entry signs when you popped into WildAW?
What does that mean?
Could there possibly be somewhere way off the beaten path a build or two
that the PK 13 knew about as being BARLY LEGAL STUFF "SICK STUFF"...

He could have sent the person to AW & Pink Villiage as well..
Or PRIDE WORLD... They have some BARELY LEGAL "SICK STUFF" things as well...
But maybe that PK 13 isn't into that type of BARELY LEGAL stuff and wouldn't
have a clue to Pink Villiage in AW or PRIDE World...
I do... and i would have said go there.

And i even have on my REMEMBER TELEPORTS LIST a site on AW that teleports
you to several WOWOW!!!!! BARE LEGAL ANYTHING sites all over AW and
one of them is Pink Villiage in AW. But that tourist didn't use any
SWEAR or CUSS words [or did you leave some of that browser chat out of you
post here] and with what you posted here that PK 13 didn't do anything wrong
wheather it was BOLD SPEAK or not bold speaking.

And the last time i poped into WildAW... It was a PUBLIC BUILD PLACE
for TOURISTS & CIT's and is 1000 km nswe big. Just like AW [alpha World]
is a public build place. And you don't seem to mind what goes on there...
Why should you mind what goes on in another public build world either.

If you do mind... There is another few recourses you have...

1 - BUY your own world & you can decide what is permissible builds
and none of them would have to be "SICK STUFF"

2 - There are several universes out there now that you could go to and build.
[My best one would be Dreamland Park Universe as their worlds cost the same
as AW's & the cit's cost the same too] AND you don't have to worry about
some PK ANYTHING in BOLD SPEAK say anything to a tourist... There are
NO PK's IN Dreamland Park Universe... YET!!!!!

SICK STUFF = Generally refers to SEX STUFF and that is most likely what
LadyBunny is so upset about... SICK STUFF

But when you build in a world where the signs clearly state at the entrance
that ANYTHING GOES... Well... Just don't be toooo surprised to see some
SICK STUFF happening on that world.
TO see what i mean... POP into WildAW and you will see all the signs
and messages about that world within a 5 - 10 meter nswe of GZ.

ladybunny <LadyBunny at triad.rr.com> wrote in
<3B182A5B.8163F65D at triad.rr.com>:

>ok according to the charter I can post about this here *
>involving PeaceKeepers and GateKeepers. Suggestions and tips for
>this was chat at gz , and a PK telling an obnoxious tourist (Bond)asking
>for "sick stuff" in aw. I took offense at the world the PK told him to
>go too as the world in question was not only started by an AWLD employee
>but has many good build INCLUDING one of mine :) and so why is a PK
>telling a *tourist* to go there for sick stuff. ??? *rolls eyes* sorry
>Flagg but this is not the first time i have seen Wildaw mentioned in
>this respect. I not only think PK should not advise where *sick* stuff
>is located but should refrain from egging someone like that one in open

>"Bond": How about some sex everyone
>. .: the new thing that tells you exactly where you are lost
>Fizz: k
>HECKUBUS: but IM not above nailing a barely legal one...heh
>"Bond": doea anyone know where to find some sick stuff here?
>LadyBunny: oh i got that on my car
>Peacekeeper 13: You could try Wild AW Bond (this was in bold)
>HECKUBUS: A man like me NEEDS a barely legal squeeze
>Bluescruiser: Anywho... time for RL.... see ya later
>LadyBunny: Wild aw dosn't not have sick stuff
>HECKUBUS: wild aw?

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 6:30pm
Frankly... I think AW could do woth alot less PK's...
I would prefer NO PK's as in Dreamland Park Universe myself...

But then you might not have certain WORLD owners that AW sees all the
time build in Dreamland Park Universe either.

Because if they did & things got a little out of hand....
WHO DO YOU CALL with NO PK's? hmmmmm..... So the Vandalism will continue?
Maybe... Maybe NOT...

But it makes it nice for the really responsible person who like myself
can refrain from such VANDALISM on another universe or worlds there...

[OK... Fire Dragon... Don't open your YAP of what happened last
night on NightSky world & i'll keep my YAP shut too] lolol

xavarella <arena at early.com> wrote in <3b18e65b at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>So far, all of the responses I've read of yours to LadyBunny have been
>of the classically brain-washed-PK-loving-AW-ass-kissing nature.
>Tell me, do you ever have a thought of your own?
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Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 6:44pm
Let me explain it... I think i can do a decent job of it...
"ASS-KISSING-PK-LOVING" means when someone clouds the PK's minds by
presenting them with gifts for their supurb job at helping them out.
I could personally show you one area I know about where someone in AW
kisses the ASS of at least one or more PK's and because of that CLOUDS
their minds with affection for doing a superb job.
I even have that location in my TELEPORTS PLACES TO SEE list.
And i can show right where that spot is in AW [Alpha World].
But then... Because they are being showered with LOVE AND AFFECTION and their
minds are being clouded to favor that person who has been giving them
all of that LOVE & AFFECTION with gifts... Their dealings with certain
people could be cause for a counter thing with AW as they are not supposed
to be doing that stuff if they are required to be impartial to all events
and only act if some law is being broken only & not in favor of someone
who showers them with the most gifts.

Now how should i know all of this... EXPERIANCE my dear Dr. Watson...
Experiance... It always helps to have EXPERIANCE. Experiance is the best
teacher of all things...

icey <icey at altavista.net> wrote in <3B18EA97.DC3DB8DB at altavista.net>:

>Interesting...can you explain us more about the concept of 'classically
>brain-washed-PK-loving-AW-ass-kissing nature', please? I am especially
>interested in the meaning of 'ass-'kissing', thank you vm
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Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 6:54pm
I love Chucks Party post here... I 999999999999999999999999999999% agree
that all PK's should be shot out and i'll be one of them with the EJECT
BUTTON and pushing it so hard & long I'll break it. LMAO!!!!
But... Yes... The GK's can stay. They are a little more useful in that
they tell any newbies how to find what they need to become members of a
universe & help them with with their first concerns of building & where &
how and how to learn & why and a bunch of questions that all newbies love
to pester the GK with.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b18b1fd at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>All I'm saying is FIGURES, lol These are the same people that are
>suppose to eject all people for discussing SEX, seems they sure are on
>the eject trigger when anyone mentions GAY SEX, poof they go bye bye
>like nobodies business. There will always be a double standard for
>people at the gate, I don't hangout at any AW.com owned GZs and never
>will because of the biggotry and intolerance associated with them. GKs
>and PKs abuse their power constantly and have no one to report to. Sure
>email them so they can all read your email and laugh at you then find
>ways to single you out and get you banned from AW. I know how their sick
>little game works. I think they should do away with PKs and GKs
>altogether personally because it's not a fair or just cause.

Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 7:15pm
Most all of you may have noticed my name WAS jfk2 for the longest
of time in AW. then i decided to change it a little...
JFK2.... WHY did i change it to all caps?
SIMPLE QUESTION... SIMPLE ANSWER... I was visiting many or most of the
GOREAN worlds and reading what they have to say...
And you might not agree with them about women in slavery and all...
BUT when did the women in the USA get the RIGHT TO VOTE?
When did the women in the USA get the right to work outside the home
and get the same DECENT $$ as a male does?
It wasn't until the 1900's PLUS... Meaning that for
over 100 yrs that the USA was in existance... It was a MAN'S world
essentually and the woman stayed at home & cared for the men & have babies...
Not too different than GOREAN... but they didn't call it slavery though...
The woman did... But the men didn't.
So now... In essence when you have these massive amounts of GOREAN
lifestyle throwback to early america & early KING & QUEEN times that many
of us find so fascinating reading about and wondering what it was like...
WE see a glimpse of that in AW as GOREAN WORLDS...
There are certain people that think it's SICK...
What many people did to certain RACES OF PEOPLE in the dark ages
was even sicker...
But all you are concerned with is the GOREAN LIFESTYLE of being SICK...
Come on now... Pull your hand out of your ears & eyes & mouth and see things
for what they really are...
Like Dungeons And Dragons?

GOREAN RPG is more like it... But this version they try to make it between
adults as much as possible...
BUT please tell little Marry Who Is Quite Contrary To Edit Her Browser Too
And Set The Permissions To "G" So Little Marry Who Is Quite Contrary
Will Only See "G" Rated Sites And Be VERY Contrary Indeed.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b18f65d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Xav, please lets not start another gorean war in here. These pointlessly long
threads are bad enough. We don't need our Gorean
>lurkers to come out of the shadows and start kicking and screaming at us
<sarcasm> and stealing our women and daughters </sarcasm>
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Advice for tourist

Jun 2, 2001, 7:19pm
I'll be happy with all the good NUT JOBS too... Lets Have A Good NUT
JOB Party... The more NUTS the better LMAO!!!!!!!!

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b18fa4f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well, I'll take a good nut job over being a deranged sicko anyday of the
>week LOL 8-P
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Jun 2, 2001, 7:41pm
As one PK told me... "WING" is correct... The PK's can't ban someone...
And yes only AWCOM can...
BUT... Here is the thing...

2 different examples will be taken & see which one you would EJECT osmeone
on and maybe forever...
These will be EXAMOPLES and not some real thing...

REPORT #1 by PKE 1 [PKE 1 = PK Example #1]
Cussed at JOHN and DEFACED his build. Harrassment JOHN for the 5 time
in 3 days and has had their account locked down 2x.
My recomdation is to delete this person right now.


REPORT #2 by PKE 2 [PKE 2 = PK Example #2]
Cussed at JOHN but latter appologised that he did wrong and says he
will not do it again.
Defaced his build but corrected it when given the coice of losing his account
and he chose to be smart and make it right.
Hassassed John 5 times in 2 days because he mistakenly thought John had
defaced his own build but after being informed he made a serious mistake
appologised & never to do that again.

NOW... Take your pick.... SAME thing... TWO different reports...
#1 gets booted forever or #2 gets booted forever

The PK didn't do the BOOT...
But when AWCOM reads both of those & they make a decison... Who gets the
forever boot & who does not?


wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b191074 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Harsh words and namecalling. VERY mature. Age is not a valid way to
>judge people, I know 30 year olds who don't understand that the law
>exists and I know 12 year olds who can outscore 90% of the adult
>population on intelligence tests, I know 30 year olds with zero common
>sense, and I know 12 year olds who have more of it than the entire city
>of Baltimore.
>First, PKs DO NOT and CAN NOT ban accounts. AWCI does this. You were
>making a whole big tizzy about everything in the newsgroups and in
>general pissing EVERYBODY off. And then there are porn objects way out
>in the middle of nowhere. ONE person complains. If you were AWCI, would
>you take care of the idiot who is making everybody go nuts or porno that
>one or two people have complained about? Get a clue, n00b. Now that I
>found a 3rd party patch that fixed OE's filters to work 100% of the
>time, I intend to use them. "chucks party" <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com>
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[NG Survivor] Tribal Council, Typo.

Jun 5, 2001, 8:45am
Actually... I'm not playing that SURVIVOR GAME at all...
But you have to admit... That in a way i am surviving by making most all
of you create some NASTY remark about my postings...
people's software... And Chucks Party is doing quite well for himself
in getting all of his messages through inspite of people's feble
attempts to filter him...

YIPPIE!!!!!! HIGH!!!!!!! HIGH!!!!!!!

[Pete.... I can see now why you created that tune of yours... LOL]

Syntax <syntax at swcity.net> wrote in <3b1bf463 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>lol, no kidding.. NG Survivor is the only sensible thing in these
>newsgrous now.
> syntax at swcity.net
> www.swcity.net
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Preston question which should be in bots but gets more replies in here.......

Jun 4, 2001, 8:52am
Hello Mike... You are going to generate alot of STUPID IDIOTS ANSWERING


And i've seen this happen so many times over it isn't funny.

Like many people... He dosen't want to wait for many days to get some
decent answer... HE WANTS IT NOW.

OK... That could only be don in a script for a Preston bot to use. It could
be done... Just you have to either do the Preston Bot script yourself or
find someone who will do that script for you. The general commands
that you enter yourself in the commands section you could do...
But it might not be what you want. So it would be running a script command.

AND yes... I do agree that the AW Community BOTS one is alot slow. If you
want a NewsGroups one that is a little more faster...
Try this...

andras.net = Another AW & MORE Community Newsgroups.
AND this is the real proper one for all the people that want to start
It has a FLAMES area just for that... And i've run my HUGE mouth there as
well... At least it makes me feel like my old time tv show i used to love
here in the USA called The Morton Downey Show = Mr.BIG MOUTH Morton Downey,JR

mike zimmer <zimmer at pitnet.net> wrote in <3b19ce8e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Is there a way that I can tell Preston to take something from what I tell it
>and put it into a command? so it would be like if I have an ad I want to be
>changed every 1/2 hour and I want to say to Preston /set ad
>http://the_ad's_url_here.com and have Preston change a command(s) to that
>url? if you don't get it just e-mail me and I will show you what I mean at
>the place where I want it to happen.

Preston question which should be in bots but gets more replies in here.......

Jun 4, 2001, 1:01pm
Everyone who posts in the newsgroups sooner or later [Some of us
it's sooner than later] will act like a JACK$$$!!!
But it also has to do with CAN YOU SIT BACK AND LAUGH AT YOUSELF?
I can. That is what makes for many happy moments in my life.
I can laugh at being a complete JACK$$$!!!!!

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
<3b1ba11e$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>*Boogles the very concept of jfk2*
>Yah know you don't have to act like a jacka$$, if you are going to tell
>some one about andras' ngs. All you have to say is, "If you want a
>faster response why not try the ngs at andras.net."
>You don't use the opportunity to piss off all the old timers who will
>now most likely decide not to help you because of your jacka$$ attitude.
>*shakes his head in booglement* Leave the ngs for a month or two and a
>wave of newbie idiots march in. No wonder Eep's back to his old self.
>And if I am loosing patience with you newbies then you must be really
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 9:28am
I love Chucks Party reply... And i'm going to let everyone see what a REAL
NEWSGROUPS THING LOOKS LIKE. I know that everyone in every country will
be able to access this one & it is an example of a real community


Everyone I know in here can access that & i have tested that entire thing
While not as great as i would like it to be... IT IS A FREEBIE THAT EVERYONE
CAN ACCESS... Go through that and LEARN what a real newsgroups
community this is like. I know from being on the net some 11 - 13 yrs now...

Ohhh.... Some of you are just going to want to ask me this
How did i do that thing above...

I have this ROBOT [BOT] that searches for all the FREE PUBLIC WIDE OPEN
NEWSGROUPS SERVERS OUT THERE and it does some basic tests and that
is how i find these things out..... LMAO!!!!!!!


It is called NEWSHUNTER and it hunts down FREE Public Domain NEWSGROUPS
that everyone can access...

And after all you little WHIMPY KIDDIES SEE THE REAL NEWSGROUPS for a change...
You will love this CLOSED & REGULATED one alot better.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1a1225 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>LMAO! Do you really need to ask this question to understand why? It's
>called SNERTS. Young people that have no clue what they are talking
>about because they don't have any of life's expieriences under their
>belt and think they know it all. I know I remember when I use to be that
>way and I drove my parents and most every adult around me absolutely
>nuts cause I didn't have a freaking clue about what I was talking about.
>So there isn't so much hate here as there is just a bunch of SNERTS that
>haven't got anything better to do than make everything everyone says
>into a flame war or constantly telling people how to do whatever it is
>they are doing or correcting gramatical errors, LOL The list goes on and
>on and on and usually takes the original threads problem totally off
>track and into something that wasn't intended, they are very very good
>at doing that constantly, lol Then you have to defend yourself against
>their idiodic moronic attacks along with trying to get some kind of
>intelligent conversation out of all of it, LOL Which they can't handle
>because they are SNERTS and treat everyone like their SNERT classmates
>at school, lol Now you see why teachers are failing miserably in schools
>because they have no power to disciplin anymore and the kids can't keep
>anything focused, they enjoy running off at the mouth like they know
>everything and end up learning nothing. Hope this explains it for you.

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 10:23am
I'm going to reply in here...
I'm NOT DEFENDING Just In or any one else... But many times from my
experiance on the internet & newsgroups and other message forums...
People post a url just like Just In did... BUT they never follow through
the entire thing to see just what it does NOR where it goes to.



Or here is something i can be guilty of...
Just In has been on AW for many years. And he has seen that thing in AW GZ for
so long and that URL many times and YES he ASSUMES it to still do what it
used to do 2 - 4 yrs ago...

Just like i gave out that url for NEWSHUNTER... I didn't check it first...
I copied & paste it from the readme file...
I'm hoping it still works... And the last time the guy who makes it is at
a v4 of it out... [I DON'T LIKE v4 AND SO I PREFER v3 OF IT]

Yes... Just In should wake up as should all of us... And before giving out
info should check through the entire URL and check it. See that it cleans
up PORN... And if it dosen't HE SHOULD NOT HAVE POSTED IT or checked out
something that would CLEAN UP PORN..

But like most of us... I WILL ADMIT... I don't allways follow all the way
down that url i posted for NEWSHUNTER...

So in here i will check it...


That is the url for NEWSHUNTER... Now lets see what results we have by
checking that entire thing....
OK... Just In didn't recheck his facts and is proven wrong...
I didn't either and i cought my mistake a few posts later...

Sorry, You're not allowed to access this Page!

The Possible causes are:

The page may not be for the public. Please check with the owner of the page if
you really need access.

If you're trying to access your own page and get this error, please check the
file permission and make sure that its world readable (Permissions = 755).

Thank you for using our Server.

OK... I MAKE A BIG BOO BOO and i will afdmit it....

Ohhh.... I have to tell all of you nice people...
YES... There are BOTS other than those used in AW & other UNIVERSES...

NewBots, Intelligent Agents and Artificial Intelligence Resources
I've been into this stuff for years...
Hmmmmm but this isn't the right location for BOTS is it...
Ohhh well... So i'm making another BOO BOO...
So be it.




THIS One Has NewsHunter v4a there...

So after i did some more checking AS Just In should have done... BUT HE DIDN't
he would have found out what GARBAGE TEAM really does...

I checked and found i too made a big BOO BOO and i will admit it.
Too often people don't like to admit their OOPS...
I will admit my OOPS...
Will Just In admit his?

Time will tell....

m a r c u s <justdontemail at here.com> wrote in
<3b1b36fd$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>just in, nice to hear from you. I don't know if you are going to read this
>and don't expect a response after this cause chances are, I won't read your
>response if you choose to make one here. Nothing against you personally,
>but I normally post once or twice and then move on to more current threads.
>I just can't sleep now so I decided to sift through the sea of the NG abyss.
>I don't know what your role in removing garbage is. You have on the url
>posted, "Garbage Elimination Team". I suspect from that, you are part of a
>team that eliminates garbage.
>Ok, but let's read further. "We are not peacekeepers and only handle
>requests for deletion concerning vandalism". That is interesting, since I
>spent a whole month requesting smut to be removed, and I received no help.
>Ok, I am still open let's look more and see if there are any more clues.
>Ahh, "We do our best, although not affiliated with the Peacekeepers, to work
>with them to make AW a happy place for everyone."
>Then why may I ask are PK's the a prominent entity at the AW world, the most
>populated world in Active Worlds?
>The reason for this is, if certain people have to make decisions regarding
>Active World's members, I can understand that. But why the red tape? Why
>can't someone who is representing Active Worlds in ANY capacity take it upon
>themself to go to the right source and notify them about this? I did my
>part by notifying over a dozen Peacekeepers, and then after no success, I
>went to the Gatekeepers. I tried to get the word out to as many people as
>possible, hoping that what is solicited in the site you mentioned would
>happen. It didn't, I didn't see anyone working with each other to get rid
>of the porn I was reporting.
>After this I decided to contact people on my contact list. I told them the
>coordinates, which I first did not do hoping Active Worlds would do their
>job. Then I got a response from one of my contacts on the list to notify
>the server holding the porn. A group of us did that, and fairly quickly
>something has been done.
>Now looking back, when I read "Garbage Elimination Team", I don't see any
>team of Active Worlds doing any eliminating of garbage. People who
>represented Active Worlds just passed the buck around to someone else to
>deal with it or they simply ignored it.
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 11:20am
Well... Wing... You do what the INTELLIGENT people have done...
You go to the Universes that don't have all this SH*T happening yet...
Here are some very nice UNIVERSES that don't have all the CR*P you are
talking about yet...

[[[MAYBE the reason we haven't seen n a y R recently is because
[[[he has a world on Dreamland Park Universe called ORYAN lol
[[[But seriously... Worlds there cost the same as AW's
[[[AND they have the 3.1 browser commands there too.
[[[AND I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT... I'm Starting To Make My Mark
[[[There As Well.....
[[[This is Dreamland Park Universe Message Board...

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b1ab6c7 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>As soon as ICQ's contact list becomes a buddy list I'm going to go to
>STRICTLY long distance phonecalls. I detest any software that makes me
>appear friendly by calling me a "buddy".
>This Juno shit has turned AW into a horny preteen infested school for
>the retarded. Yes, all you 11 year olds that have been asking me so much
>lately 30000 coords away from GZ, I have engaged in the pathetic and
>boring practice of cybersex. Then I grew a dick AND a brain (No, not in
>the same location) and five years later I've learned to use both.
>Certain people here have the intelligence to complain about porn
>objects. Well what the hell about the attempted cyber-rape you're sure
>to face wearing a female avatar at GZ? Even as a guy I'm bombarded with
>ENDLESS whispers of "a/s/l" and "You look hot" and "Wanna fuck?" from
>both male and female tourists and cits with high citnums (Yes, I have
>the lack of a life that is neccessary to look up every one of these
>cits). You'd think if they were so goddamn desperate they'd at least
>learn some real pickup lines. I know mute exists, but it's becoming
>increasingly common for exploring cits and tourists to find me over
>THIRTY THOUSAND coords from AWGZ quietly building and all of a sudden
>pop off one of these damned questions. Now I'm starting to get telegrams
>from these fucking pain in the necks trying to get friendly with me. AW
>is slowly becoming uninhabitable by the sane. "eep" <eep at tnlc.com> wrote
>in message news:3B1AAF73.572A15E4 at tnlc.com...
>any more than it already is I just don't get...
>fruity--and they continue thinking up ways to lie to get new citizens
>into AW>

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 11:34am
Your Place Or My Place...

Actually i would prefer Just In's Place...

But no... I don't spend much time at any GZ for that matter.
NOT even Beta World and i consider that to be the WORST GZ'a around
but for a different reason.
Chucks Party has even visited GZ of Beta World... And he too can
describe that one... One step too far in the wrong direction & it's
place there.
AND YES.... There are a few that land you in Broadway World...
And yes.... I would KILL the person that stuck that cr*p in there...
It would have been better to have one or two pop you into NewYork
world... That would have been a little more tolerable at least as far as
i'm concerned.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b1b5426 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Obviously you don't spend too much time at GZ or in Alphaworld PERIOD.
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 1:30pm
Chuck... I love chatting to MORONS
It shows me just how smart i really am after all

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1ba8c6 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>ok so if this GET thing is for real then why don't they have any links on
>AW.com's pages to get there like the PKs do? How are you suppose to know
>where the hell to go if the freaking links aren't there, I hate talking to
>morons, ugh

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 1:53pm
I'm happy you are giving me much credit with SMARTS... It takes much SMARTS
turn on a computer and click an icon...
But it takes a very tiny amount of smarts to PULL THE PLUG TO YOUR COMPUTER...
And you can't seem to do that right. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
<3b1baa8d$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>yeah how smart do you have to be to turn on a computer and click and
>icon? Not very since your able to do it.
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 2:06pm
#1 It takes lots of smarts to find the POWER ON BUTTON...
#2 It then lots of more SMARTS to find the correct icon as there are many
to choose from
I don't have to locate the power cord... That is in the BACK of my coomputer.
But what does taking apart a computer & putting it back together
have to do with turning one on or off... As in your case... You might try
taking a trip to ALASKA and then DUNKING your computer in the ARTIC CLEAN
SEA WATER and let it sit for 3 days... After that you turn it on WHILE UNDER
WATER... And that should fix your computer problems & make it work far
better than before. Then you IQ will indeed be HUGE!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
<3b1bb058$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Lets see it takes one second to push a button and one second to click an
>icon. So that means your not smart at all. And if you think your smart
>just cause you found the power cord, how many computers have to taken
>apart and put back together and have them working even better than
>before? Probably ZERO, the same number as your IQ.
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 2:21pm
WOW!!!! So you just said you have a little smarts!!! Hmmmm....
Try hosting 3 AW Worlds on my computer... AND my own version of NEWSGROUPS...
And no it is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC... I don't want any MORONS posting cr*p
on my server. And yes... It it takes LOTS of smarts to run all of that on

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
<3b1bb31d$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Actually not only is my computer working perfectly but it hosts a
>webserver as well. And it takes more know how to get a server to run on
>winslop then it does to click an icon.
>And only an idiot twit would suggest dunking a computer in any kind of
[View Quote]

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 2:45pm
OK.... For all the NORMAL people out there & all the MORONS as well...
My NEWSGROUPS SERVER uses the name of news.jfkmusic.com... BUT you won't
get anything as yet for 2 reasons.

1 - Still testing it and that happens when i get get off of AW or the
other universes long enough to test it...
2 - It is open for ONE person right now... Gerald Kieffer/sysadmin
and my PASSWORD is NOT sysadmin and i carry all of the MIDI sound groups
AND my software is NEWSPRO and i pull from apx 20 free public domain
newsgroups and one that i'm a member of Road Runner News from
twcny.rr.com. So i can get a very nice selection of MIDI's
AND to keep all MORONS from even trying it... I log on the web page of my
DOMAIN NAME conntrol and check the box for NEWS.jfkmusic.com ON OR OFF...
OFF = you get nothing. NADA. On = You get something when you try me...
Sorry... You don't belong here yet. If you think you belong...
Then go down to the post office... And have them send you to Belong.Com
and you will find a place you can belong to real fast.

When i decide to open this up... I'll most likely invite my local friends

jfk2 <jfk2 at jfkmusic.com> wrote in
<90B67CDA1jfk2jfkmusiccom at news.activeworlds.com>:

>WOW!!!! So you just said you have a little smarts!!! Hmmmm....
>Try hosting 3 AW Worlds on my computer... AND my own version of
>NEWSGROUPS... And no it is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC... I don't want any
>MORONS posting cr*p on my server. And yes... It it takes LOTS of smarts
>to run all of that on WINSLOP
>jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
><3b1bb31d$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 11:01pm
OK... Here is a link... But it has nothing to do with AW.. or any other
3d or any universe...
IN a way it is a universe... BUT it's filled by people with a problem.
And when i created it way back in 06/23/1998 and it has lasted this long...
In internet terms... That Is Some Achievement.

I recently added it through my domain name to make it easier to access it...
BUT if any of you decide to use it... THIS IS ME... THE REAL LIFE ME
in every way you could possibly see me.


Please Use It And Enjoy It For What It's Worth
If you have any friends or family members that would like to use it...
Please let them use it too...
AND YES... I will get in there to answer what you post.

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in <3b1bbdf4$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>and why would we be interested in a wannabe ng? there are only two AW
>newservers worth reading and thats news.activeworlds.com and andras.net
>Stop filling these threads with useless info especially if your not going to
>let anyone use what your talking about.

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 5, 2001, 8:38am
I never bothered to tell too many people this... But in QBASIC...
I am a programmer...
AND haven't you ever seen a program that had BUGS UP THE WAZOO!!!
Well... That must be PROGRAMMERS Typos, Spelling, Punctuation errors...
That is why you see so many BUGS in programs...
BUT What the heck... If you know you are a bad speller,and all...
You insert safeguards into your programming at first so any of your
MIS-PElS don't end up deleting your hard drive. lol
But you should know.... I eventually get it all worked out SOONER...
OR LATER.... I get it all worked out.... I just happen to also enjoy
testing what i make... That way you can't complain about that...
I ALWAYS TEST WHAT I CREATE. My golden rule... That way i have some
idea what & where any bugs are before I even use it on a regular
BUT most of my programming is for ME & FRIENDS ONLY...
That way i don't get into trouble for IMBED PROGRAMMING things...
Make a tetrist game [G Rated] into a STRIP NAKED VERSION [XXX RATED]
if you manage to find the correct screens to enter your 32 digit passcode...
But arn't us programmers entitled to make all of those errors...
I won't be a programmer if i didn't make all of those OOPS...

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b1be41f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Ahem... I rather like the primary universe. Mostly because I paid for it, I
have friends there, I have builds there, I have MEMORIES
>Lets list some obvious errors...
>1) All caps. Veerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy intelligent.
>2) Beginning sentence with conjunction
>3) Extremely not extreamly
>4) Is that ellipsis neccessary?
>Lets see, in 2nd grade it was taught to me that the following acronym was
important in all writing:
>That makes you one for four jfk, I'm impressed.
>I am aware that I am guilty of some of these same mistakes on a fairly
frequent basis, but it's the irony that made me go after
[View Quote]


Jun 4, 2001, 12:16pm
For those of you who can't find any land in Alpha World...
Start building at Summer Estates or SummerVille. I'm sure OneSummer
be happy to demolish that build and allow you to build your place...
OR start building in Justin Place...
He [Just In] won't mind either.
In his case i just happen to have BOT COPIED THE ENTIRE THING TOO...
As recent as 2 days ago. [[[I think i just opened my mouth a little wide
here as well when it comes to BOT COPY THINGS]]]
And then i'm sure you will find all the land you will ever need or want.

s p a r k <crazyglue3 at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1a7889 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>And if can't fine any free land there, your are blind, hell, there's so
>much land there and I have a huge chunk of it *smirk*
>~S p a r K

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