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making yourself show up as off-line??????

May 26, 2001, 10:05am
Hello Data21. Love your Teacher's build there on DLP & all the commands for
3.1 browser. AND I see you too have been playing with that BP01 object.
Just don't lose any of them or they are a royal pain in the you know where
trying to find it again. Maybe that is why you want to be in STEALTH
mode so you don't need any interruptions. lolol Any ways... One of the
downsides can be when you jump a world or two... You might end up in
NOWHERE WORLD with absolutely nothing there. Then you'll have to
reconnect properly again.

azazael <unkleazazael at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b0f7940 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Gamer is right. If you disconnect but leave the AW Browser open and and
>then reconnect you will be in what we call 'stealth mode'.
>The downside is you cannot query property or send/receive telegrams. It
>is however great for uninterupted building :0)
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making yourself show up as off-line??????

May 26, 2001, 11:33pm
Actually.... I kind of like it having my name lit up in lights so to speak.
All of my friends can see me on line AND even MY ENEMIES can see me there

at at at at at
BTW.... MY OLD JFK2 IS BACK ON LINE.... Seems like when AW forgets to send
out their email to me... They face my possible lawsuit for suspending
it without telling me... It's so nice to have people Send you email by
accident only to reveil the correct names by doing a few tooo many CC's
with their email software.... I could litterly KISS them for being so nice...
at at at at at at
My friends & Enemies will now see sometimes lit JFK2 in there AND the sometimes
lit JFK2 Helper.... Now all i need is a JFK2 Builder & then one world would
be great after that... lolol

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B0FE805.472A330 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>Actually, it's even easier than what Gamer and Co have suggested. Got to
>Start Menu -> Run and type in "winipcfg". Then click the Release All
>button, and click the Renew All button right after that. You'll
>disconnect for about half a second and your little green checkmark will
>disappear in AW, but you'll still be able to wander around and build. :)
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making yourself show up as off-line??????

May 27, 2001, 1:14pm
I did not mention Just In in that last thing in any way... YOU in your
reply mentioned his name... SO YOU are the one that is bringing things
up again...
BUT i admit... That you must have read my mind in what i was saying... I
didn't think you knew i might have any enemies... But i knew i might have one
or two of them somewheres out there & that is why i said ENEMIES....
I don't mind FRIENDS & ENEMIES... popping in for a FRIENDLY VISIT...
But my enemies are not allways JUST IN.... Can you say PeaceKeeper ##...
When they are that way... THEY TOO are my enemies... but otherwise
they can be my friends... lololol

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b110e1d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

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making yourself show up as off-line??????

May 27, 2001, 1:36pm
Who said anything about paying for a lawyer? I certainly would not have
to pay for a lawyer... NOT unless i won my case...
WHAT some people don't realize..[If they are from another country]
US poor folk get the services of a FREE lawyer. ONLY should we win...
THEN we pay the lawyer a %% of what we win... But that would happen
after the trial & after i would win IF any. AND it goes the other way as
POOR FOLK = People on certain LOW incomes...
In the USA that would be SSI, SSD, low Income SS, Workman's Comp,
Welfare or any combo of the above. [I'm on Social Security Dissability]

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3b111345 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>**In reply to JFK2**
>Dear JFK2, please don't confuse laws about being sacked without reason and
>getting your AW account closed down without reason (ok this isn't a law, and
>they had a good reason to close it down anyway). they would've won a trial
>if you would've been stupid enough to go on with it. Then you would be a
>poor man, after paying a lot of money to lawyers, etc... that would be very
>fine anyway, cuzz you wouldn't afford to use the internet, thus not annoy
>us... so, as Wing sayd, please go on with the trial.

crashing problems

May 28, 2001, 5:54pm
I've had my drop dead as well... But i do have this thing of trying to do
too many things while i'm in AW. Like use my IE5.0 browser. It loads up some
applet & eventually i drop out of that and AW gives me the OOPS ERROR POP
UP BOX & it goes bye bye.
But with me it's one of a few things that drop my browser into a crash...
1 - Playing some QBASIC game in a dos box [dos box when it is in full size
screen mode

2 - BETA TESTING games in their full size screen modes

3 - Sound Blaster Live WAV EDITOR [Change a MP3 to wav & edit it...
And that is the single biggest one that crashes not only AW but most
anything else as well after i exit that... Trying to edit a few 50mg files
takes enough to drop most pc into the ground.

4 - AW is running when i'm DJing [MP3's] and my 2 search & find MP3 programs
are running and a few GUINTELLA [like napster] are doing music finds &
downloads... THAT is sure to bomb not only AW but the entire PC sooner
or later...

Hmmmm.... Now i know why my poor WIN98SE wants to poop out every so
often with 3 worlds running & 2+ NEW Preston Bots v33 & AW & Newsgroups
& Email & i'm in the middle of CD-ROM Burning sessions... Hmmmm I wondered
Now i know not to run so much.... But ever since i had a PC... I've always
tried to see if i could bomb the thing. From Telix [dos telephone modem
software] to running a bbs[Jet50BBS] to running many bbs door
games[Yankee-Trader,LORD,Trade Wars,Star Dock Loco] to dos editor[a-ed.exe]
to running various utilities & even trying my QBASIC programming editor...
SOONER or later that poor pc would hit the dust.
And if that didn't kill it... Lets see what any windows programs could do
to the thing.
But one huge advantage to TRYING TO BOMB YOUR PC is finding out the limits
of it. So it dosen't catch you by surprise and you are helpless to do
anything. Being the BETA TESTER has tought me to test everything to the
limits & if it is still running... Run it through the wall & through the door
& down the back back stairs & out to the back yard if it'll take it.
So with me...I'm always bombing out my AW sooner or later... But that is
why I tend to bomb it more by me trying to than you not trying to.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b11f690 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Yeah it's a noticeable problem, sometimes I will go from world to world and
>no problem. Then all of a sudden I pop into another world and I get the
>AW.exe error I hit ok and bye bye browser, lol Happens more often than other
>times and does not seem to have anything to do with what you did or didn't
>do. I just try to dump my cache or reboot thinking there might be too much
>in my cache or I'm running low on resources. Then it won't happen again for
>quite a while but there seems to really be no rhyme or reason to it. Just
>that darn AW.exe thing crashing again, lol

crashing problems

May 28, 2001, 6:35pm
HEY... AW... I'm looking for a job. I'll try and help you get the
coustomer's error on your computer so you can fix it.
So lets begin by me uploading all of my computer to yours... ALL of it
except for what is contained in the [ALT + 255 directory]... For those
who have never tried this... DON'T unless you can do it in a MS-DOS BOX...
BUT doing a md alt+255 = a blank named directory that windows will go nuts
on you when you try to do anything with it. You can't copy,move,open,or delete
it in windows. AND it will give you a few errors to boot. BUT it's great
to HIDE sensitive info. You can't even create one of these in windows...
BUT you can in MS-DOS using any program that allows you to create directories.
but then you can only access it in MS-DOS mode or a MS-DOS box...
So we upload all of my PC there & run all of my programs... YES...
I may want to run some of my CRACKz and SERIALz stuff too.. And all of my
gaming & other dos & windows gaming software as i sit in AW... And all of my
servers & world servers...and everything... And when you bomb out...
Then you can see what did it & fix the software... I'll be happy to move
to where your company is located... I sure would love to leave this fine
state of NY... I love it as much as i love... hmmm.... Aahhhhh... Hmmmmm...
OK.... I decided not to say that one... OK this name will be ok....
As much as i love CANCER[Around AW... I hope that isn't someones name]...
But that other one i was thinking about is someones name in AW.
But by putting my PC onto yours and letting me test it to
the point it drops... Then saying HELP HELP..
you will have the best way to fix it.
When do i start my new job? I wish the sooner the better will be your answer.

gamer <Gamer at active-worlds.co.uk> wrote in
<3b12121b at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I too had this problem back when 3.0 first came out, it seems like one
>of those problems that come and go, and im sure its been reported to the
>programmers many times...but as usual the great AW customer shines
>through when they e-mail you the words "If we can't get the error on our
>computer we wont fix it."
>Thanx AW, I'm sure your customers love you now...

crashing problems

May 28, 2001, 9:39pm
I know someone that will be most happy to read that...
Maybe they can help me BOMB the thing out too...
MY ENEMY... You all know who that is.... I bet he is thankful that i
put that much effort into bombing my pc than trying to do much else...
But that is one way he can help me to be rid of him... Helping me to bomb
out my own pc...
I know it seems like i's CREULTY to my pc.... But it is MY PC...
In a way I'm glad it's not a HUMAN i'm working so hard at bombing out...
But it does test the limits of the pc. It is many times a very wise thing
to do if you get a new store bought PC. WHY? You put the thing througgh
the paces & when it craps out... HEY STORE... YOU SOLD ME A DEFECTIVE
So many stores will bend over backwards to make you happy... You
are trying to run so many programs that something fails... AND with
all of these waranties guaranteeing that it won't fail... AND somehow you
do make it fail.... Hmmmmm....

DOES anyone remember an old tv show called FIGHT BACK?
With David Harowitz hosting the show... The thing he did was to test
products to see if they live up to the manufactures claims...
And most of the times they did... BUT then there were some times they
did not... WELL... When i get a PC that bombs too many times because i
BETA TEST IT to see if something drops dead... I get it replaced.
AND YES... I do know the proper channels to get the max exposure to guarantee
they will be most happy to fix my problems with their products...
I've only had about 35 yrs of doing things like this... SO you gain
valuable knowledge real fast... I've had to put WT GRANTS,
SIBLEYS, GLOBE SHOPPING[Globe was like a Walmart found in Phoenix AZ and other
South West areas], WOOL-WORTH Stores, & COOKS [Cooks was another Wallmart
type of store] and many food shopping stores for price changing & bait
& switch practicing.

That is one reason I'm really MEAN to my PC... When i spend my $$ for
something... I expect it to work & work as PROMISED or there is HELL
TO PAY if it dosen't.

What many people fail to realize... If they have been taken by the store...
And they go back to do something & nothing can be done...
Your next stop is NOT the attorney general office... IT SHOULD BE THE PRESS.
WHY THE PRESS? They have a huge YAP when it comes to informing readers
about some nasty things happening in their communities...
TV STATIONS are just as good... The more PUBLICITY you bring upon the cheating
store or business... And their INCOME DROPS = THEY GO BROKE...
OR THEY FIX YOUR COMPLAINT FAST to regain their coustomers... and make things
correct again.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b12d55f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>God man, I might hate you but thats CREULTY TO PCS. Hand over the
>hardware and let me give you a mac. Ýou're going to smoke you CPU if you
>keep that crap up, I'm sure your AMD K5 can't take full load for more
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Question about worlds hoster

May 28, 2001, 7:57pm
WEB HOSTER? You mean your ISP PROVIDER don't you? You could do that yourself
running the admin tool on your own pc. THE WEB HOSTER has nothing to do with
the world server. It is the path to put your AW files. And most likely it
will not allow you to do a direct file download without first sending you
to some download page first. You could try www.nbci.com for your world
hosting site as my friend's RPG world's path is hosted through my
MIDI WEB site. Also PETZCITY is using my midi web site as well...
But they do allow for direct file downloads. Just make sure you do
have your files listed on some html page BUT it dosen't need to be accessable
to the general web surfing public... Like parts of my MIDI site are not
direct accessable yet. jfkmusic.com/da1.html[One of the tunes found here
is ON BRWAY GZ OF BW = BW World GZ tune] = a midi tune directory that
can't be accessed doing the general jfkmusic.com web page that loads.
But if you can... You should be allowed by your ISP to run a program
in the background. If they say NO... Then if i were you... I would
seriously consider switching to another ISP. Not being able to run
FTP Server, WEB Hosting Server, World Servers, Telnet Server, Email Server,
NGS Server is no fun at all...
The long way in there without my DOMAIN NAME is...
members.nbci.com/gkieffer/da1.html OR members.nbci.com/gkieffer/
NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH 3dworlds.jfkmusic.com = My Message Forum That Is
The Web Version Of This AW's Newsgroups PLUS Other Universes & Worlds.
if i do not like them... ANYONE has that right to speak wheather or not
I personally love them or not makes no difference... THEY all get to have
their say there. Only the type of words used may make the messages be
cleaned up OR deleted. And nothing else matters. And I do allow for alot to
happen before i clean OR delete it.
AND YES... It has been running since 11/15/2000 HOSTED on
www.delphi.com servers & it is a FREE thing to join there.
I even had a 3 month notice at all the AW TELEPORT STOPS in Alpha World.
12/15/2000 - 3/15/2001 apx. And i'm seriously considering another one...

lh <djusha at infotel.kg> wrote in <3b12b192 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hi all
>Unfortunately my Web Hoster does not allow to start any programs
>in background so I need
>in hosting for my world...
>I looked some sites, but they do not accept credit cards,
>I would like to pay only with my
>credit card
>It would be good if it worked on linux and also that this
>package included hosting for 2-3
>bots like
>One more thing, it would be good if I might control my
>world with "Server Administration"
>from my pc
>Please let me know about any
>Thank you

Question about worlds hoster

May 28, 2001, 10:03pm
I hear you there... And i do the same on my 3 world servers I host.
If someone wants something changed... They GRAM me or EMAIL me or
we get together on ICQ or Paltalk.
Or even NET 2 Phone or PC 2 PC type of things. [I do have a microphone
and do not mind using it to chat with]
or by real PHONE if they don't mind the expense or live close
enough to phone locally...
BUT giving out my WORLD HOST SYS ADMIN PASS.... Yeah.... Right...

jerme <JerMe at nc.rr.com> wrote in <3b12e1e6$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I am going to be offering free hosting soon, so, no need to worry about
>There are no bots that run on Linux, but it can be done with a Win emulator.
>About the server admin. I would never give you access to this (and I doubt
>anyone, in their right mind, will) for these reasons:
>1) There is only 1 user name and password for the admin, and I'm not giving
>that to you.
>2) IF I gave you the password you would have access to all the worlds
>running on my server, not only yours. Unless I ran 2 different aw servers on
>the same machine; which is unnecessary.

Question about worlds hoster

May 30, 2001, 12:34am
Of course there is always the old fashioned BARTER FOR SERVICES things...
That is something that people used to do long ago in those dark ages...
It is when someone agrees to do services for you IN EXCHANGE you do
something for them. THUS you don't have to shell out that extra %% for
any exchange rates... EXAMPLE.... Someone hosts your world for
$15 per year. IN your country that might be $30.00 and it could be your
fees you charge to be a web page designer... WELL... Exchange services
& both side come out the winners without exchanging CASH or CREDIT CARDS.

lh <djusha at infotel.kg> wrote in <3b135770 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Bad news, I have received some offers but nobody works with credit cards
>:) checks or money by mail will not work in my country. The wire
>transfer about $30, so I want to pay with credit card only.
>I offer to try to work with www.multicards.com, They process almost all
>credit cards for you
>I work with them about 3 years I had no problems with them
>Yes, they take 10-12 % for each transaction

Re: Late-breaking news

May 28, 2001, 6:54pm
Heck... That is old news to the people of AW... and especially of this
newsgroup. We have been discovering many wierd things by many wierd
people in here lately. Some of them even might have a brain. While
others are OR seem to be brain dead.... OR maybe just brainless..
some people just look at the newsgroups while some actually say something.
AND it's a miracle that some of us can understand what is being said
without a translator. Some of those that do speak... Speak with ANGER while
some speak of LOVE...
And some of us speak with much INTELLIGENCE and some of us speak like they
have had umpteen drinks too many.
I do know that I and all of my friends speak with brains that are in the
highest order you can find... BUT my enemies... Well... I think
they are the ones that found their brains inside of a CRACKER JACK BOX...
or are some of the BRAINLESS ones... But yes... DR. Watson...
There does seem to be some sort of intelligent things on AW...
But where to find them DR. WATSON... Lets begin our investigation
on where to find them as they seem to be a dieing breed of INTELLIGENCE.

tyrell <tyrell1 at sk.sympatico.ca> wrote in <3B1252B9.1B118A7C at sk.sympatico.ca>:

>!doctype html public -//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en


May 29, 2001, 1:53am
Then you must have one of those crappy systems then... Standing at
Beta 4932n 5000e and looking through the more heavy dense part of my
Object Yard here i pull 15 - 17 fps at 120 vis.
Now standing here and looking through the most dense part Beta 4964n 5000e
of my office here on Beta world.... I get 40 fps at 120 vis.... Hmmmmm
OK... One more out in the boonies then....That means out where you don't
have anything... AND on this world that is easy to obtain in a few short km...
And standing in the middle of.... Well.... My private chat area here...
Beta 4962n 4975e... 75 - 79 fps at 120 vis....
And i really shouldn't try the my house yet... It's still incomplete...
BUT yes... I'm for having 200 vis... BUT even 40 vis or even 20 vis in
middle of Broadway or NewYork worlds can be a byte tooooo much. you are
lucky to have 5 fps there. And is why many browsers crash...

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B1308D2.6A1E3E8E at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>Perhaps it's just my sucky system, but I don't think I've ever had 30
>fps *anywhere* in AW, unless it was out in the middle of nowhere. With
>my GeForce2 MX, I average around 15 fps or so at 120 vis.
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I Fail To See

May 28, 2001, 8:54pm
I Fail To See why some people would think i am being mean when i say
BW World... If all of you will kindly look on your AW browsers...
JUST how long it stays there will be another matter in 30 days or so.
And BETA refers to the one that I am building the Beta world's only
Object Yard here & i have my Beta world office here & house & my midi
projects here as well...
And ONE OF MY BOTs playing midi music here too...
The other one is playing midi at the BOT COPY BUILD on AW as i have to
do warp & teleport re-setups... Can't be sending people to the
REAL NOT BOT COPIED place now can I...

BUT there is an actual world now called BW... So mentioning BW does
not necessarily mean Broadway...

I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 30, 2001, 12:50am
Heheheheeee It gets even funnier when you are editing links.
That is WARPS & TELEPORTS.... One moment everything works great
AND the next everything is messed up. No warnings NO NOTHING...
And you beam [warp &or teleport] your self to all the wrong places...
Simply because AW is acting like it got WAY TO DRUNK and didn't bother
to inform you.
Makes it really funny when the links & warp & Teleports are to change
your BOT COPY thing so it dosen't point to the ORIGIONAL LOCATION....
and there are umpteen of these & you go nuts trying to figure out what
is happening.... Makes for a wonderful night AND aw is so kind NOT to
give you bad messages.... HOW wonderful they are...
I've had that every so often in AW, Beta, RPG worlds.
[Haven't been building in any others long enough for that to happen yet]

budweiser <charest at balista.com> wrote in <3b13db7f at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Last night, I was building, but aw was acting like I was trying to build
>while not connected to the internet. I would build the object, but the
>object would disappear right after I did.. No BI messages or anything. I
>exited and reopen aworld and I found the many copies of the object that I
>was trying to make. I guess what it was is I was making the objects, but
>aw could not tell they were there. I thought that was kind of strange so I
>figured I would mention here.

I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 30, 2001, 1:00am
That could be another consideration too... And sometimes when the
cable modem needs to be reset [unplugged & plugged back in] it can
shut you down. I MEAN ALL OF YOUR SYSTEM DOWN... And with me....
that includes 3 worlds. Not to mention, ICQ, PalTalk, NET2Phone, and a few
other servers i run...

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B13F261.D326AA12 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>I've had this happen to me before as well. But I think it has more to do
>with your internet connection and system resources than it does AW
>itself. Sometimes you will build something, but it won't appear after
>you close the OP box. But if you left the world and came back, it would
>be there. Check to make sure your internet connection isn't acting hokey
>or your system resources aren't too low.
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I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 30, 2001, 1:21am
Ohhhhh.... How i love my CABLE modem speed... It beats 56k dialup...
But in some ways a good 56k dial up is better.... AT least when you have
to deal in some areas in AW... True it is SLOW... But if you are the type of
nice person that gets some world owners teed at you & they boot you...
Their world will only see the ISP NUMBER... And they RE-DIAL-UP and get a new
ISP NUMBER and waltz back into that world that they have been booted from...
THE rest of us... ON CABLE have to wait 3 weeks for that change to happen...
AND if you are on DSL or T-1.... It never will happen. That means you could be
locked out FOREVER.... So when i had the golden opportunity to switch
to DSL... I told them to kiss my.... Well.... I prefer the ISP NUMBER
change every 3 weeks to NONE FOREVER ones... Then you can re-enter
worlds you might have been a naughty person in....

PS!!!! One advantage to OWNING or CO-OWNING a world...
You say the naughty words that get someone else booted from...
AND you can't be booted from it. lolol. NOT EVEN BY A BOT!!!!!

builderz <sawran at yahoo.com> wrote in <3B1421AE.AB9A1102 at yahoo.com>:

>According to http://www.eggxpress.com/standards/standconn.html, an OC256
>connection (Transatlantic Link, as they call it) is approximately $1.5
>million per month. One word can describe that price: ouch. I think I'll
>stick to my DSL connection for the time being. =) Interestingly, the
>site also states that: "A T-1 line requires 24 phone lines." Is that
>accurate? If it is, no wonder businesses are leaning towards cable and
>DSL access.
>Stuff-X - Bot & World Hosting Services
>PGP Key ID: 0xAC0E7073 (for non-commercial use)

I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 31, 2001, 2:26am
So what you are saying... When you unplug the cable modem...
UNPLUG THE POWER CORD... The other end of that goes into the wall that it
dosen't reset the cable modem at all?

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b14c85b at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Errrrrrrrm. jfk, give me your damn computer now. Unplugging a cable modem
should *not* cause a reset, cuz the only cables running
>into it are it's own INDEPENDENT power, a network cable, and a coax TV cable.
Unplugging any of these would simply terminate the
>connection to the internet, not your computer's power. This is true for ANY
external PC component. In fact, removing cards from a
>computer while it's powered on won't damage it, just reset it. Of course, I
don't recommend any of you be as dumb as me and try it.
>But this is the ONLY unplug that I can think of that would reboot a computer.
Also, stop complaining about having so much running.
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I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 31, 2001, 2:30am
Forgot to mention something... If i hand you my computer... How do you
suppose that i get on the internet and say wonderful things to all of my

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b14c85b at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Errrrrrrrm. jfk, give me your damn computer now. Unplugging a cable modem
should *not* cause a reset, cuz the only cables running
>into it are it's own INDEPENDENT power, a network cable, and a coax TV cable.
Unplugging any of these would simply terminate the
>connection to the internet, not your computer's power. This is true for ANY
external PC component. In fact, removing cards from a
>computer while it's powered on won't damage it, just reset it. Of course, I
don't recommend any of you be as dumb as me and try it.
>But this is the ONLY unplug that I can think of that would reboot a computer.
Also, stop complaining about having so much running.
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I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 31, 2001, 3:58am
Have you ever heard of something called AOHELL?
Well.... 01/01/2001 they bought out Time Warner Of Central NY
And Time Warner Of Central Ny is not only my ISP for cable...
BUT it feeds the tv set as well... And all of you should know how AOHELL
operates... I had to deal with their NASTY ASSES a long time ago...
When i was only able to do 9600 bd modem speed...
But that was back in the days of...

Delphi, Genie, Compuserve, NVN, BIX, AOL [AOHELL even back then], Prodigy
And finally USA Today [USA Today was a SPORTS & NEWS SERVICES primarily]
and this was way back in 1994 - 1996... That area of time...
and actually i found that going through my local one a little better...
DREAMSCAPE BBS -> later i had to go through it's GATEWAY to the internet...
And my first email was gkieffer at future.dreamscape.com

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b14c8db at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Uhh cable has 3 week dynamic IPs? What the hell service do you use? I've
>been connecting to the same guy's cable IP for about a year now.
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I encountered a bug lastnight..

May 31, 2001, 8:43pm
Anytime i get on the internet INCLUDING AW and the AW's NGS...
I always say wonderful NICE things....
ask Chucks Party.... or FriendPA...
Thing is... If you decide to ask all the WRONG PEOPLE... I'm sure they have
a slightly different opinion of me. But that would be the same of you.
You ask the wrong people about you... And you will be taken apart in pieces.
SO... I only ask all the right people and they praise me at least somewhat for
my very nice things i say in here.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b1694c9 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hrmm, I could have sworn that you implied that the ENTIRE system reset
>when you unplugged it. As far as how you'd get on the internet and say
>"wonderful" things- You don't. Concider it your gift to society. "jfk2"
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May 31, 2001, 8:55pm
Who was that that did all of that? I know someone that did that alot on
NewYork world... Would pop in there and tell people sorry...
You have no.... You know....
But i'm not going to finish that... But that person wasn't a newbie. AND since
Chuck does have the EJECT BUTTON [I do too] i let him live up to his fame
of Blaster Boy Chuck... I'm the more of the type of person where so long as
the naughty words are not spoken... They can have their opinion heard.
As i figure that they might be offering some sound advice that i'm not aware
of. And that includes all of MY ENEMIES AS WELL...

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b162ccf at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Chris you are absolutely right, I saw him pop into bcatts world one
>night while bcatts and I were both there. He had absolutely nothing nice
>to say and insulted everything he could find and even told her the
>objects she was using needed to be fixed along with 100 other things,
>LOL Being honest and truthful is one thing, being an itellectual freak
>is another, LOL Good thing I didn't have access to the eject button that
>night, LOL
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No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 5:34am
WELL.... You can not be refering to me as a NO-GOODER
I'm one of the BEST GOODER in here...

But if you ask a certain person in here....
Just don't believe what they say about me as their comments could be
a little clouded by recent events that are happening & will happen
again as soon as the PK's get another update from me & proof that someone
should have their account deleted as well...


sw comit <swcomit at swcity.net> wrote in
<3b1577f8 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>It's a price to pay to keep spammers, commercial advertisements, or
>"no-gooders" out of here I guess, at least some of it.
>SW Comit
> swcomit at swcity.net
>Mayor of SW City
> http://www.swcity.net
>President of Community Linkage Commission
> http://comlinkage.tripod.com

No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 5:47am
Maybe... Sometimes that is when you follow Chucks Party lead and do a web
regarding that person & world for ALL of aw & the world to see & read...
And when they are confronted witth that... They do what someone else did
and vanish for a little while. MAYBE forever if you get lucky.
But that can be somewhat a relief for even a brief moment... AT least some
one is reading and is helping to cope with it & push that certain person
& or world off the the server.
But the only way for AW to listen... Is to make it so they will be affected
in their wallet with less $$$ and i know withoubt any doubt...
AW will listen & listen real good.

m a r c u s <justdontemail at here.com> wrote in
<3b15916c$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>There is no point in this, I tried to talk to Activeworlds about the
>very same thing and they are too stuck up the ass to do anything for the
>citizens. When someone degrades you and you complain to them, they do
>nothing. When you see porn in Active Worlds areas where kids can go,
>they do nothing (and AW don't respond with "did you ask a peace keeper"
>because I did a lot of times giving them coordinates and world name).
>When you even try to submit a group event, organization, cause, whatever
>to them they don't respond. This is basically useless, and when they
>treat me as much as I have seen after just 4 months of using their
>services, I suggest you relieve your worries and find another program
>which will care about you and your concerns.
>After all, it doesn't take a genius to come up with the idea to put a
>tourist newsgroup up and limit the rest to citizens. If people don't
>want to read the posts, then they just don't click on them, that simple.
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No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 8:30pm
When any people start that stuff with me... Rather than clam up or answer
in a way they expect me to... I usualy have fun here.
Sure I;m GAY... Then when they ask for me to scram... I ask why
WE DON"T LIKE GAYS... Ohhh.... You don't like people that are happy.
And since you will be HAPPY [GAY] after i leave then you must leave with me.
My place or yours... And usualy they will become a little to
flustered and drop the whole crap and go bye bye & you stay there to do
what you darn well please.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3b161315 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Unfortunately Chris, we've got moron citizens showing up now that this Juno
crap has gone down. a/s/l never was a popular phrase in
>AW, now I can hardly frickin build 30504 coords north of AWGZ without some
lamer running up to me, asking me a/s/l and calling me
>gay when I say "Go the hell away"
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No tourist allowed?

Jun 1, 2001, 12:25am
And on a few occasions... I have had to contend with Chucks TOURUST TRAP BOT...
If anything can make a WORLD PARTNERED OWNER a little bent... It's popping
into that world as a TOURIST and having the BOT BOOT YOU.
And that gets me more TEED than ALL the Just In's & OneSummer's
bouncing my poor butt from all the Broadway Worlds... when you need
to contact him because you have no GRAMS & JOINS... and have to find some
friend who might be on-line to GRAM Chuck to open the front gate to TOURISTS...

My friend Eric that lives down the hall from me in the apartment building
where i live wanted me to add this comment...

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b163035 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Sheesh LadyBummy you asked a question and it was answered all the way
>down the thread and you still come back saying, I just want someone to
>answer my question, LOL It's been answered, accept it and get over it,
>LOL BTW Elysium is your Tourist FREE spot in the universe, my bot
>indiscriminately ejects all tourists 24/7 LOL I don't call it Elysium
>for nothing!

No tourist allowed?

Jun 1, 2001, 11:35pm
I would love a WIDE OPEN NGS...
Then all the tourists could complain that their builds got STOLEN
by some BIG DUDE or FAT LADY with a CIT NAME....
OR maybe just because they have a nice sounding name "IT's ME DUDE"
they get bounced out of some world by some BOT set to boot all tourists...
And i would be one of the first in here to state my complaint.
[I can't say names here as I.... Well.... I'll let all my enemies
have a ball on this one if they want... This one i opened the door
with my BIG YAP & now all my enemies can roll that big ball...]

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3b1771b1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well, in the corporate world, the big heads always have a trial to have
>users say "WOW, this is cool!", only to be stepped on like tiny shrimps
>by regular users (ie cits). It's just the way of life. It even promotes
>tourists to become citizens and gain the superiority complex many have
>As a tourist, they try to make it seem you can "do whatever you want" as
>a cit, and the newsgroup is just another ploy. After a fairly small
>payment of $20 a year (considering the magnitude of the program), they
>see it's not all THAT great, but still worth using.
>Anyways, I say we try to get those cits who have been hiding here for
>years and never care to contribute because of all the stupidity in here
>first before we add any "more" posters.

Quite Place (Off-Topic Post)

Jun 1, 2001, 12:41am
Well.... If you are in AW... I go to Beta world to think. It's so nice
and for the most part tottaly un-laggy as in many other worlds...
Nice place for me to think...
PROVIDED you say the HELL OUT OF GZ there...
Geesh.... The GZ there will be the death of most people...
But to all of my friends... Please STAY out of the gz of Beta World.

m a k a v e l i <tupacisdabest at aol.com> wrote in
<3b166954$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>This is off-topic by a mile, but I figured there may be at least one mature
>person in here.
>Question: What place (in r/l) can you go for "quite time" so you can think?
>Restrictions: Every person who uses the bathroom as a place to go will be
>Again, sorry for the off-topic, I just need to think.

Quite Place (Off-Topic Post)

Jun 1, 2001, 12:45am
What is wrong with BED... That is a super good place to think...
And with me..... Ahhhhhh...... Thinking about if i could
ever get one of my enemies in my bed.... Ahhhhhh......

gamer <Gamer at active-worlds.co.uk> wrote in <3b166bae at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>hmm...why not go and sit in the middle of a field full of corn? (at harvest
>time) rofl...sorry couldnt resist :o)
>btw. whats wrong with having a quiet time in the bathroom? Its a good place
>to think about stuff, LMAO ;)

Quite Place (Off-Topic Post)

Jun 1, 2001, 1:07am
Well... You can sit smack dab in the middle of I-690 EAST BOUND LANE
and near where i live... And then i'll hear the sirens come & go...
It'll quiet down alot though.... Just after that first big SMACK...
You won't hear a thing after that. Believe me... It'll be very quiet
after that. That i'm sure of.
Ohhh.... Try and do it about 5pm anytime Monday - Friday late afternoon...
That is the best time to relax.

If you can do that for me.... I should see that you are having a nice
quiet time smack dab in the east bound lanes from my apartment building at the
5th floor level...
So remember... EAST BOUND LANES about 5 pm on I-690 near GZ of
Syracuse, NY... about 1 mile from GZ of Syracuse [Near Crouse Ave &
Erie Blvd. East]
Heck.... I just thought about it a little... If someone was ever to stand
smack dab in the middle of I-690 at about 3am in the morning at the east
bound lanes... AND used a baseball & bat and aimed it correct...
WELL... It might bounce off the parking lot roof & then go flying into
my apartment 5th floor window. THEN it would miss my PC completely...
BARELY miss the tv... Miss the kitchen as well...
And then it gets a little scarry..... If it hits right... I get it in bed...
OTHERWISE i get it in the bathroom if i didn't close the door.
And since i live alone... I don't always close the door.
Hmmm.... so maybe the kitchen or sitting at my pc is safer than anything
else in here.

rough diamond <joshua_trask at capecod.com> wrote in
<3b169284 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Do you live in a city? I've found that smack dab in the middle of the road
>suits me fine. It's a little loud at first, but quiets down quickly.
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[NG Survivor] Challenge 3 Results

Jun 1, 2001, 11:24pm
Well.... I wouldn't go that far...
Chuck & I are CHAMPIONS at something.... [Will someone please TAPE
our big YAPS SHUT] Ok... Chuck & I are CHAMPIONS at mumbling our complaints.

leaf <Leaf at awcw.co.uk> wrote in <3b180239 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>We are the champions
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