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May 28, 2001, 6:54pm
Heck... That is old news to the people of AW... and especially of this
newsgroup. We have been discovering many wierd things by many wierd
people in here lately. Some of them even might have a brain. While
others are OR seem to be brain dead.... OR maybe just brainless..
some people just look at the newsgroups while some actually say something.
AND it's a miracle that some of us can understand what is being said
without a translator. Some of those that do speak... Speak with ANGER while
some speak of LOVE...
And some of us speak with much INTELLIGENCE and some of us speak like they
have had umpteen drinks too many.
I do know that I and all of my friends speak with brains that are in the
highest order you can find... BUT my enemies... Well... I think
they are the ones that found their brains inside of a CRACKER JACK BOX...
or are some of the BRAINLESS ones... But yes... DR. Watson...
There does seem to be some sort of intelligent things on AW...
But where to find them DR. WATSON... Lets begin our investigation
on where to find them as they seem to be a dieing breed of INTELLIGENCE.

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