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May 28, 2001, 8:54pm
I Fail To See why some people would think i am being mean when i say
BW World... If all of you will kindly look on your AW browsers...
JUST how long it stays there will be another matter in 30 days or so.
And BETA refers to the one that I am building the Beta world's only
Object Yard here & i have my Beta world office here & house & my midi
projects here as well...
And ONE OF MY BOTs playing midi music here too...
The other one is playing midi at the BOT COPY BUILD on AW as i have to
do warp & teleport re-setups... Can't be sending people to the
REAL NOT BOT COPIED place now can I...

BUT there is an actual world now called BW... So mentioning BW does
not necessarily mean Broadway...

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