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Jun 4, 2001, 1:24pm
Yes... I do know that Just In could sue my ass...
But lets see just what he would get from my ass...
The State Attorney General for New York has been filing papers on me for
years for not paying my hospital bill... And every summer since 1995 they
have been sending me the Summons To Appear In State Court to answer
the charge of not payment to my hospital bill... I simply toss that CR*P
into the trash can and never bother to attend. And then i have a few
dozen bill collectors that have summoned me to court... I do likewise...
Toss their summones into the trash heap. By now 06/04/2001 i could
really wallpaper every inch of where i live and then some...
BUT Just In would want to get some money from me...
OK... This is what Just In would get from me...
The courts can't even get it from me... So i suppose Just In would have
a little better luck...
In NEW YORK STATE at least this happens....
My income is less than 15,000 per year... And my income is SSD
To someone NOT in the USA that means Social Security Dissability Income.
So now this is what Just In would get in a court of law...
And most likely i wouldn't bother to attend it... $0.00
WHY... Any income that you get from Welfare, Workmans Comp, SSD, SSI,
Social Security up to $15,000 per year can not be touched [pay creditors or
being SUED]
SO Just In would pay big money... And in Australia that is about DOUBLE
what us USA people pay for a lawyer... ONLY to end up with $0.00
Is not exactly what i would call very smart. What would be smarter thing
would be for me to send Just In ohhhhh..... $2.00 USA = about $1.00 Australian
money and he could bet the horses or the kangaroos or something... And if
it comes out the winner... Keep the cash.

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in
<3b1ba25f$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>You do know that unless you were the one who build the stuff, that Just
>In can sue your ass.
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Jun 4, 2001, 1:49pm
Ohhh.... I forgot to mention here... Everytime i get these notices...
I've called up the lawyers that want to put me on BANKRUPCY...
And i ask them... And in the USA you can get a FREE 1st consoltation...
Well... That is what all of them have told me right along...
My income is too low for the state or the creditors or anyone [included
people sueing my butt] to collect anything.
SO yes... I'll be nice and very kind and give Just In some $$ and he can
wager it or invest it in Stocks or something... If he makes a killing...
HE gets to keep the cash. The most i could possibly help him out with is
about $10.00 = about $5.00 Australian money.

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in <3b1ba9fa$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>He your lucky that they are really putting an effort into it or your ass
>would be in jail instead of sitting around all day being a broke imbecile.
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Buildin error...

Jun 5, 2001, 9:00am
Some of you might not believe this..
But there are a few programs that do just what you are asking for in here.
A few of them are SHAREWARE and most of them are FREEWARE.
And my best source for these types of offbeat programs that may be anything
from today =new to about 7 years ago has been http://www.zdnet.com
as they have the largest of all programs in existance next to
NOTE = Both of these 2 have been in existance since at least 1990 or longer.
BUT ZDNET used to be known in the oldie days as
Ziff Davis Publishing and on the internet they are known as ZDNET...

captain mad mike <cmadmike at crosswinds.net> wrote in
<3b1bfcce$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Man I wish someone made a program where when your comp says "_____ error
>########" you can just copy and paste and it will give you, in
>easy-to-understand English, what that error means.
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Buildin error...

Jun 6, 2001, 2:38pm
Well... That You-Know-Who part... Ok... I'm going to make it
And you know how some brothers are... FIGHT Like Cats And Dogs...
Will... I'll Fight Just In & He will Fight me... and together we can all
have one hell of a good laugh seeing all the other DUMBASSES have a tiff
over us INTERNET BROTHERS having a good go at each other.
That should make for some interesting reading in here... Right...
So if you are ready BROTHER Just In... Say your first naughty word
to me and please make it something sort of nice... Don't want to
shock the hell out of everyone here just yet.
Ohhhh..... and so i don't have some IDIOT say that this is completely
off topic of pertaining to AW... Lets fight over what object it should
be... I'll choose the SIGN5.RWX one & you choose something else...
At least it'll be something about AW and EEP can't scream OFF TOPIC lol

tony m <tony56444 at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1e2bb9$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>hey at least its not a post about You-Know-Who
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Buildin error...

Jun 8, 2001, 12:28am
Youmean i can't post as crappy as all of you people can post? The CAPS
do draw attention to certain parts of that thing.
And as for a spell checker... Hmmmm.... Tried that and after
several days of teaching it not to give me the entire dictionary for a name
like GKIEFFER [best spell checked answer go, goto, goop, gasp, great...etc]
for the first letter of GKIEFFER i turned the blasted thing off.
It's stayed off ever since.

jeiden <tgrenier1 at mediaone.net> wrote in <3b1ea9ae at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Can you at least stop using so many caps and start clicking the spell
>checker when you post?
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Time for you newbies to do some homework

Jun 4, 2001, 11:16pm
1 - I get that part of a nude magazine in a park...
2 - OK... I'm person {B} and i see that NUDE magazine...
3a - If the magazine ifs filled with NUDE LADIES... I would seek out the
nearest trash can and bury that FILTHY MAGAAZINE at the bottom of it fast.
3b - If that magazine was a bunch of NUDE MEN & YOUNG LEGAL GUYS... I would
put that nice clean works of wonderful art under my shirt and briskly get it
home to enjoy for ever & ever...
4 - There isn't any more as i have saftly have taken care of that

m a r c u s <justdontemail at here.com> wrote in
<3b1bbd48$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>"Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in
>real life"
>1. In "real life", if person A puts a porn magazine in a park opened with a
>nude picture near a tree not in obvious view from the entrance of a park,
>and person B comes to the park, sees the magazine and reports it to person C
>who is representing the park, but person C does nothing about, is this ok?
>Or is it wrong? What should person C do? (get your scan tron sheet out and
>number 2 font color)
>a)report it to someone higher up who can remove it
>b)remove it if they are allowed to by the park
>c)pass the buck, have person B do the work alone to find someone higher up
>referred to in number 1 choice
>d)post statements in a NG about how someone is trying to clean up smut from
>the park, but do nothing else to help remove the porn. Then, when smut is
>removed, tell everyone what could have been done after person B did all the
>e)ask which tree it is, and go check it out

Pornography and public worlds

Jun 6, 2001, 3:21am
Hey Goober... For once you are very smart... That is the same feelings
i have when people try to filter & block me... BUT at least now it's
your turn to see how it is.... Really funny isn't it...
Heheheheeee!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!! lol!!!!!!!

I don't really care either.
And so i keep right on going & going & going & going [like that little

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B1DA1CF.7881305 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>Don't you just love it when people seem to think you actually care when
>they filter you? I guess it helps their ego or something...
>And coming from someone who spent practically an entire month using a
>website as a front to attack one single person, that's not saying much.
>When it comes to "moronic idiotic assinine" posts, you take the cake, my
>I must confess, however, that it makes me wonder. Why is it that Chuck
>is so quick to defend Marcus? Chuck was in no way, shape, or form
>involved in this whole incident, yet he's constantly cheering on Marcus'
>"cause" and is always the first person to step in and defend Marcus'
>integrity. Perhaps it's because he managed to lose *his* integrity, and
>needs some other cause to try and redeem himself? Or maybe he thinks
>he's "pulling a Jeiden" and fighting for the underdog? Who knows. Only
>one man can answer that question, and he most likely wouldn't even
>answer it anyway. Yea, I realize he probably won't read this, but I
>could care less. 'Tis merely just musing on my part for the rest of the
>community to ponder... Anyone else care to take a guess?


Jun 6, 2001, 3:39am
While Chucks Party prefers to BLOCK & FILTER people here...
I don't block & filter anyone here...
WHY you might ask? Because even an IDIOT can say someething good
sometimes... And i do love to see what that might be if & when it ever
occurs... For most people here... Well...
For a few people here... They have had the most consistancy of saying
something halfway decent and meaningful most of the times...
STRANGE as this might be... But the people that have the best to say...
JFK2 [i must be one in there], Chucks Party, Kellee, AND believe it or
not... THE FINAL ONE that has the most meaningful posts is...


chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1d9c74 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Now you know why I have him blocked, LOL I happen to like a bit of humor
>posted once in a while :)
> I am enjoying this NG more and more everytime I block someone I choose
> to
>ignore, hehehe


Jun 6, 2001, 2:19pm
Who died and made me god [This little thing my nextdoor neighbor keeps
telling me in my running bbs door game of Yankee-Traders... Who died
WEll... Everyone after i killed them oa off... That's who]
BUT in this Newsgroups... Who got fed up with the way things are running
and made me MODERATOR? Well... No one i think.
But this is COMMUNITY listing. And if my memmory serves me well from
doing all the past bbsing & i was System Admin of my own [TINY BBS} and
co-system admin of many... In their messages forums COMMUNITY was just
another word for GENERAL DISCUSSIONS... And since this is about AW...
have some revelance to AW in some way. So posting something about
BOTS like my Xylgot bot i use sometimes & my Build Bot i use too And
my Preston MUSIC PLAYING BOT that some people in this newsgroup
have seen recently in AW...is the correct post for this COMMUNITY DISCUSSION
if it pertains to AW in some way. That is what a COMMUNITY or GENERAL
DISCUSSION area is all about. To discuss everything and even the off topic
stuff if part of that in some way pertains to AW. True there is a BOT thing
and the question should be asked in there... BUT the COMMUNITY or GENERAL

So if the COMMUNITY or GENERAL DISCUSSION in here turns into
How to tell Australian Times as compared to USA times... But has no value
to AW... [PS... Please email me that answer Kellee or Just In as i have
many friends who live in Australia]
Then it should not be discussed in the community areas of AW newsgroups.
Now if that was How to tell Australian time & USA time as compared to
VRT time [VRT Time IS AW stuff] Then that would be allowed.

SEE... I'm not even an AW STAFF person & i understand what should be &
what should not be in here better than 95% of the idiots that are in here.

icey <icey at altavista.net> wrote in <3B1E00B6.EA1D7549 at altavista.net>:

>I think you guys have some problems, who said you are the moderator?
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Interested in Cyberculture?

Jun 5, 2001, 11:55pm
I didn't post the below... BUT for me to reply properly... I have to...
WELL... Make it look like i'm the poster so it all comes out nice the way
it should... SO all of you look down there and you will see MY ADDED

wizard myrddin <avrquest at ntlworld.com> wrote in
><3b1cd36e at server1.Activeworlds.com>:
Please excuse this cross posting.

I have recieved a URL that might be of interest to some members whose
interests lay with Cyberculture. This url deals with the following:

There is collection of links which are relevant to the following topics
related to Cyberculture:
* Crime and Espionage
* E-Commerce
* Hacking and Cracking HACKING = NOPE... Cracking is more my stuff...
And maybe i can send some info to Terry Blount of Crack Talk On-Line
ezine I subscribe to.
* InfoSec
* Information Operations
* Infrastructure Protection
* Intelligence = I have to study this one... Why Some People In A NGS Act
Really Dumb... [Well that leaves me[JFK2] & Chucks Party out]
* Military Affairs
* Online Legal Issues
* Psychological Operations
* RMA and C4I
* Terrorism = Ohhhh.... This is Just In's favorite... He TERRORIZES me
everytime he sends a PK over to say "Hi :))) Lets Have A Little Chat"
>The URL is located at, http://www.iwar.org.uk/directory/index.htm

Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 6, 2001, 3:12am
Well... I can also vouch for Chucks Party there...
I've seen SAW & it is 100% still there
and right now [last time i looked that is] it contained a few names...
2 of those names and their respective CIT #'s sometimes post here &
the other one i don't think has ever posted in the ngs yet.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1da2a9 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>SAW is still alive and well but won't be given out in this NG again to a
>bunch of immature idiots who are going to make a long thread to flame
>and attack me with, it's there for those that need it now, concerned
>Citizens as it were. :)
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Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 6, 2001, 1:27pm
Look.... If i was some 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17, yr old kid looking for
SMUT... I certainly would NOT go looking for it in AW.
It's too hard to find in here. Yes there are a few places you can
find SMUT... But my interpretation of SMUT is nude sexually pleasing
PICTURES of ladies or men... And AW or for that matter ANY OF THE

I would use mommy's or daddy's newsgroups server provider ad do a serch
for MALE NUDES or FEMALE NUDES and see what pops up.
and look for alt.binaries.pictires.erotica.[i would go for the males &
someone else the ladies after this part] and download all the SMUT
i ever want. Well.... To my way of thinking... It's NOT SMUT unless it
is about nude women... THEN IT IS THE WORST SMUT ON THIS WORLD
but anything about NUDE GUYS... Ahhhhh... Such wonderful works of
grand mastered art it is.

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3b1e0820$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>No, but 3 emails and constant notification of the newsgroup on how you
>seem to be failing at it is...
>Look, I enjoy passion as much as the next guy, but we KNOW you have a
>passion, and we've tried to help you. We heard you. We can't do anything
>else but to filter or flame you at this point, because you're trying to
>make this into a community thing. The only thing I see out of this is
>our 12 year old newsgroup readers going into AW and deliberately look
>for porn, now that they know it's "somewhere". Unintentional
>consequences, you gotta watch out for those. :)
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Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 8, 2001, 12:59am
If i saw some FAT naked lady or some FAT naked guy in my case too sitting
in a chair... I would say that is so GROSS... YUCK. that wouldn't begin
to turn me on. But if i saw some slim young barely legal
girl in that same chair [NAKED]... STILL way to GROSS
for me.. YUCK! PUKE!. Now take that nice young slim guy who was barely
legal sitting in that chair tottaly NAKED...
WOW!!! YAHOO!! YIPPIE!!! What a wonder work of PUREST of art forms...
Your place or mine or lets do it right here. LMAO!!!!!

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B1F71FC.86C86F66 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>You'd better read that again, chief. You seem to be real big on putting
>words in other people's mouths. The key words in that definition are
>"intended to cause sexual excitement". If it doesn't cause sexual
>excitement in a good portion of the population, then it can't be
>pornography. If you saw a picture of a naked, fat chick (or guy, in your
>case) sitting on a chair, would that incite any sexual arousal on your
>part? If so, then you'd be in the minority. It's stops being art when it
>becomes *erotic*. It's not pornography just because the person in the
>picture is naked.
>Remember that scene in Schindler's List where all the old men were
>standing in the mud naked while being inspected by the Nazis? If you
>consider that pornography, then you are just twisted, my friend.

AWUniversity to Offer New Courses!

Jun 6, 2001, 3:56am
Like i said a few posts back... EVEN THE IDIOTS SOMETIMES HAVE SOMETHING
GOOD TO SAY... And that is why i don't filter or block anyone here. lol!!!

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B1D9DBC.FAE4169C at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>Hey all, just wanted to take a break from all the flaming and bickering
>to do a little advertising :)
>The ActiveWorlds University is going to be offering a new series of
>courses soon entitled "Community Building". These courses are meant to
>teach people what goes in to creating a successful community and how
>they can "get in on the action", so to speak. But before we can offer
>these courses, we need people to teach them! So if you think you know
>all there is to know about the following topics, please email me at
>gooberking at utn.cjb.net and we can talk more about it in person!
>Remember, we need *experienced* people who know a *lot* about these
>topics, so only serious responses will be regarded.
>Starting a Town - This course will teach students everything there is to
>know in creating and managing a town. Subjects will include GZ/Entrance
>Design, Lot Layout, Theme Design, and Residential Planning
>Owning & Managing a World - This course will cover all aspects of
>setting up a world, including Configuring the World Server, Setting up
>an Object Path, Creating a registry, and finding Hosting for your world
>Building a GZ - This course demonstrates many of the tips and tricks for
>creating an efficient and informative "Ground Zero" for your town or
>world, while also demonstrating some of the more aesthetic aspects of GZ
>Starting an Organization - This course will go through what is necessary
>for the creation of an organization in AW, as well as demonstrating
>methods for keeping the org an active player in the AW community.
>Advertising - This course will go through all the advertising resources
>currently available in the AW community, as well as teaching methods for
>effective advertising.
>Event Coordination - This course goes through all the steps involved in
>setting up a successful event, including Setting and Theme issues, and
>the resources that are available to help make your event succeed.
>If you think you'd like to teach a course that's not listed here, but
>would still be related to the topic of "Building an Successful
>Community", email me at the address above and we'll see if we can't add
>it to the list! With your help, we can make the community a better place
>by helping others help themselves! :)

AWUniversity to Offer New Courses!

Jun 6, 2001, 4:13am
n a y R... Where are you?... You are wanted to show people how to do a
town. You have lots of experiance. AND if you need to... Please send
us all your pictures you have of your OCEAN CITY in Alpha World...
Ohhh... He can also help you with worlds... He has his own world
called ORYAN on Dreamland Park Universe... I'll pop in there
soon And GRAM n a y R to pop back in here and help teach everyone at
the university. He has lots of experiance & LOTS OF PICTURES TOO...


OK... To be really serious here... I'll forget n a y R... BUT as far
as setting up a world & running a world... As much as i would like to
say my friend Chucks Party... I would have to let that honors go to a
teacher here who would have a better understanding on how to set up a
world & running it & world paths...
That TEACHER here in my opinion is
JUST IN = Broadway World
And i trust you won't need a ZILLION pictures to proove it either...
Remember n a y R any one? And all of his pic's?

Syntax <syntax at swcity.net> wrote in <3b1da08d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Sounds cool, GK. I will talk to the SW group about maybe offering some
>tips on town building.
> syntax at swcity.net
> www.swcity.net
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Re: Makes for interesting reading...

Jun 6, 2001, 3:50am
I'm no expert in Black Ice... BUT mine was set up by a good friend of mine
who sells comoputers & fixes them all from his home. He's been working
and selling computers for the past 10 yrs now and i would consider him to be
one of the best in the business.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1da3a9 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Well I'm no expert but ZA was very easy to setup and since I have tested
>all my ports I know it works and is working very well :)
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[Fwd: Re: Off Topic stuff]

Jun 6, 2001, 3:26pm
HEY EVERYONE... EEP dosen't know he is full of it... Yet he flies
off the handle all the time and never seems to go SPLAT? Why is that?

eep <eep at tnlc.com> wrote in <3B1E3A22.5B0F211F at tnlc.com>:

>Nor does it revolve around off-topic posters like yourself. Go to
>another forum if you want to act like an immature idiot. Persist in
>posting off-topic here and acting lame and I'll simply persist in
>bashing you more and more. It's that simple; do the math. There are
>PLENTY of other non-AW newsgroups to post about anything you want. Don't
>do it in AW's newsgroups.
>Most ISPs and email providers have TOSes (that's terms of service in
>case you're too clueless to ever read them) that explicitly state that
>you are NOT to post off-topic in newsgroups and that you are to abide by
>the newsgroup's charter (if any). Failure to do so could be grounds for
>your account being removed.
>news://news.activeworlds.com/3a8570b7%241%40server1.Activeworlds.com for
>the charter.
>Newsgroups: community
>Subject: Off Topic stuff
>Lines: 11
>X-Priority: 3
>X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
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>X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2314.1300
>Message-ID: <3b1e21fb at server1.Activeworlds.com>
>From: "avenger" <snipa2k at hotmail.com>
>Date: 6 Jun 2001 08:28:43 -0400
>X-Trace: server1.Activeworlds.com 991830523 (6 Jun 2001
>08:28:43 -0400) X-Authenticated-User: avenger
>Path: server1.Activeworlds.com
>Xref: news community:10190
>Good God you are some strange people, i put a little post for a little
>bit of humor, and it seems that the first 8 people who read it, actually
>got it...then you got eep, who completly flips...eep, if you dont like
>the thread...GO READ ANOTHER ONE!!!! for people who actually have a
>sence of humor, let them read the thread...I hate people who alwase try
>to go by the rules for everything...just try to have alittle bit of
>fun..now i all of a sudden realise for the 2 years ive had aw, ive only
>posted on this board like 3 times...oh oops, this thread is "off
>topic"...here comes eep......................
>Newsgroups: community
>References: <3b1e21fb at server1.Activeworlds.com>
>Subject: Re: Off Topic stuff
>Lines: 6
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>From: "avenger" <snipa2k at hotmail.com>
>Date: 6 Jun 2001 08:55:06 -0400
>X-Trace: server1.Activeworlds.com 991832106 (6 Jun 2001
>08:55:06 -0400) X-Authenticated-User: avenger
>Path: server1.Activeworlds.com
>Xref: news community:10191
>Oh, also eep, as i read through all of your old posts, it seems that YOU
>are the one who is more off topic that all of us, since all you do is
>post crude messages of how dumb people are...OPEN YOUR EYES DUMBASS this
>board does nor revolve around you

[Fwd: Re: Off Topic stuff]

Jun 8, 2001, 12:18am
Goober... I see your good intentions... But they might be a waste
as you did give everyone a chance to TWEAK THEM...
And when people start to see what they once had was pretty much freedom
to say & do anything they wanted & now they are starting to see something
in real black & withe saying these are the new rules BUT please
TWEAK them a little... They [the people] here just might TWEAK it
right out the door to where we have the rules we have now.

goober king <rar1 at acsu.buffalo.edu> wrote in
<3B1E9F6F.7DA81483 at acsu.buffalo.edu>:

>I will agree that the charter is pretty vague as to what determines what
>is "related to AW". Unfortunately, it's the only one we have at the
>Or is it? Here's an idea... why don't we make this a truly self-governing
>newsgroup? Since there is no one specifically moderating this forum,
>(Facter hasn't the will to do it, and Eep has no power) perhaps we, as a
>group of users should pen up our own charter and all agree to abide by it.
>And, any changes that people feel should be made to the charter can be put
>to a vote. (Just like how the original charter was supposed to work, but
>never did) I'm sure Tony M would be glad to repost the new charter every
>so often to remind everyone of the rules that we, as a community, all
>agreed to follow.
>Of course, the only problem with this scenario is how to enforce the rules
>we decide on? Since the only one here who has any power to remove posts
>(Facter) doesn't want to be moderator of this group, we would either have
>to find some other form of "punishment" or get someone else from within
>AWCom to moderate. Perhaps putting in a "if you break any of these rules,
>all other community members are free to flame you until you learn."
>clause? :)
>Thoughts? If enough people are hip to this idea, I might write up a rough
>draft for you guys to tweak. :)

A simple solution??

Jun 7, 2001, 2:37pm
Most messages forums tend to be somewhat moderated and that is why you
don't see SPAM OR JUNK in them. But i've been with NGS since 1987 and all
the general ones are far more off the wall than this will ever become.
YES there is off topic posts there... BUT since it is the wide open
GENERAL [COMMUNITY] discuss thing...
It is wide open & NO MODERATOR OF ANY KIND... you will see everything
ZILLION This Is A Test and a few zillion more with some type of attachment
& you will find the 50k lines of post that is nothing more than
I 80 characters wide & 50k lines long & at the very end of that mess...
or the all to common
Message #1
message #2
message #3
mess...that people love in the wide open NGS...
HERE... you don't see that as it is losely moderated to the slightest
degree and that is why you haven't seen all that stuff here. Besides the
fact that this one is more AW community related rather than GENERAL FREE
FOR ALL stuff in a regular NGS postings.
And if you ever decide to remove any filters in the regular NGS and you
get all 40,000 or more topics in the regular NGS...
You will certainly see a bunch of stupid topics follow a pattern there...

Must be all the DUMB ASSes post in those types. lol
I still haven't seen any DUMB ASSes post here YET!!! lol

sw chris <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in <3b1e7be8 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I've been around the Internet for awhile, and on almost every forum I see
>a "general" category that allows people to post whatever the heck they
>want (except for spam and other junk), be it off-topic or not. In fact,
>one of the greatest "General" forums is at xwlegacy.net. Go there if you
>would like an example, and be sure to look at the "Questions" thread. :)
>I can't say the same for newsgroups, becuase I'm relatively new to that
>scene. But the simplest solution for this eep vs. almost everyone else
>war is to create a "general" newsgroup that folks like Avenger can post
>their milk threads in. That way the "Community" newsgroup can stay on
>I think the reason forums have a general category is to keep flame wars
>like this to a minimum. In the case of this Active Worlds newsgroup, I'm
>100% positive this is a solution acceptable for both parties. Your
>thoughts? :)
>SW Chris

Newsgroup Charter...

Jun 8, 2001, 1:11am
NEWSGROUP MOTTO: "Be excellent to each other. and PARTY ON DUDES!" J
Abraham Lincoln
I for one will admit that not all of use have been following that NGS
MOTTO at all... just look back on some of my & Chucks Party's posts of
a moth or so ago... And thatis why I'll state that i & Chuck are some of
GUILTY ones when it comes to...
NEWSGROUP MOTTO: "Be excellent to each other. and PARTY ON DUDES!" J
Abraham Lincoln

flagg <tom at activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3b1eaeb5$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Charter of the news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity
>The need for a moderated group is best explained by
>taking a casual look at the many off-topic postings in other, non
>-moderated group. Often times, disputes arise of personal nature or
>insults are thrown about with no care or regard for the rights or feelings
>of others. This flaming is not the purpose or intent of this particular
>newsgroup. We would like to avoid such problems from the start.
>News.activeworlds.com/awcommunity has been set up as a media for
>dissemination of Information relative to the AW community and the AW
>software in general. Events of interest to this community and the sharing
>of knowledge and community discussion will be posted here. Often times COF
>Inc. employees will respond directly to questions or issues they have
>special knowledge of or interest in. We invite you all to take an active
>share in this newsgroup and hope it will be a positive addition to your AW
>experience. Please join in and have fun.
>CHARTER: news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup is a moderated
>newsgroup for the free exchange of information and opinions on AW culture,
>language, history, economics, science, and other topics related to
>Posts appropriate for news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity include, but are
>not restricted to, all aspects of ActiveWorlds, informational posts about
>AW culture, history, etc. Language issues related to AW. Discussion of
>education, health, environmental issues , politics, elections, etc.
>Discussion of books , articles, webarticles, movies, etc., about AW or
>the 3D internet in general. Discussion of minority issues, including
>language, within AW. Job opportunities within AW. Discussions involving
>PeaceKeepers and GateKeepers. Suggestions and tips for newcomers.
>Suggestions and tips for World Owners. Additions and alternative
>implementations of the AW client or server. COF Inc. posts relevant to
>the AW community and public meetings.
>News.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup is for anyone who is
>interested in AW and who can follow Usenet newsgroup netiquette, basic
>rules of polite human interaction, and any further restrictions imposed by
>this charter. There is no test or requirement as to how much of an AW
>citizen a person is who wants to make a submission and participate. Any
>restrictions concerning the contents of a post are intended to keep to the
>topic of AW, and are not intended to restrict anyone's expression of
>opinions. Free speech exists within the context of AW as a topic as
>defined in this charter. If the topic is not about AW, forums other than
>news.activeworlds.com/ awcommunity newsgroup are probably more
>appropriate. Submissions unrelated to AW shall be rejected. Commercial
>advertisements unrelated to AW shall be rejected; all personal ads shall
>be rejected. Submissions containing ethnic slurs, or submissions intended
>to hurt any given race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, shall be
>rejected. Personal attacks on individual posters will also be rejected.
>Attacks on COF Inc., its employees, contractors or partners will be
>rejected. When major changes to the charter are to be considered, an
>announcement will be made on news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup
>inviting interested people to respond and thus participate via email. The
>role of the moderators is to ensure the conditions of the charter are met
>by any submission to news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup. The
>moderators recognize that they should be as unbiased and objective as is
>humanly possible. Submissions are evaluated as to whether or not (1) they
>are on topic, (2) they meet netiquette, (3) they are appropriate for the
>group membership as a group (rather than something that belongs in e-mail
>to an individual(s)), and (4) meet any other submission standards as
>defined in the charter. The deletions of the rejected submissions to
>news.activeworlds.com/moderated newsgroup by the moderators should be in a
>timely manner. The total number of moderators shall be a minimum of 2 and
>a maximum of 5. Should a moderator reject a submission, s/he will delete
>the complete with no notice to the group or the submitter in a timely
>manner (usually within 48 hours). All of the other moderators shall be
>included in any notification of the deletion. Should the moderators as a
>group disagree with a moderator's decision about a submission, a minimum a
>coin toss majority is required to override it. Other details will be
>refined during the initial existence of news.activeworlds.com/moderated
>newsgroup, recognizing that it is impossible to anticipate all of the
>details of moderation in advance. Submitters to
>news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup should recognize the volunteer
>nature of the moderators, possible equipment problems with the server,
>etc., and keep such issues in mind when considering whether or not a post
>or deletion was made in a timely way. The moderators will also work among
>themselves to define the details of moderation, for example, addressing
>such issues as how many moderators are actively moderating at a time and
>how to deal with threads that appear to have strayed from the subject of
>AW. Additional moderators to the initial 2 may be recruited from the
>readership as demand warrants. If a moderator wants to retire from the
>moderation panel, he or she must make a public statement at least one
>month prior to retirement so that a replacement moderator may be found.
>Anyone may volunteer to join the moderation panel with the consent of at
>least a coin toss majority of the current moderators. Moderators also may
>be removed by a coin toss majority of the moderation panel. Of course,
>moderators may resign of their own volition at any time.
>E-Mail Addresses: One e-mail addresses will be established for contacting
>the group of moderators. A home page will also be established as a
>repository for the charter and other relevant materials that may be
>required in the future (FAQ, moderator policy updates, etc.).END CHARTER.
>MODERATOR INFO: news.activeworlds.com/awcommunity newsgroup
>Moderator: Rick Noll < enzo at activeworlds.com >
>Moderator: JP McCormick < jpmc at activeworlds.com >
>NEWSGROUP MOTTO: "Be excellent to each other. and PARTY ON DUDES!" J
>Abraham Lincoln

Newsgroup Charter...

Jun 8, 2001, 1:16am
In the next few days we will be opening a new newsgroup called "General
Discussion". This will be for Activeworlds community members to use to
discuss things not supported by the other available newsgroups.
If i take this correct... Chuck & I & everyone else that want to
BASH each other over the heads with words of LOVE, HATE, SAW, etc...
Will have to move our BUTTS out of here and into the new one or have
our posts deleted OR US DELETED AS WELL...

flagg <tom at activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3b1eb1bf$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hi Everyone,
>Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
>I have posted this charter as a reminder in case there is anyone who has
>not seen it or has seen it, but forgotten what it says.
>Some of you may notice a few posts missing from the newsgroups today.
>These posts were removed for violating the charter.
>In the event you find a post that you feel violates the newsgroup charter
>please e-mail abuse at activeworlds.com and include a copy of the post and a
>starting thread. If it is found to violate the rules set forth in this
>newsgroup then it will be removed.
>If we find a particular user who is violating the charter on a regular
>basis they may loose the privilege to post here entirely.
>In the next few days we will be opening a new newsgroup called "General
>Discussion". This will be for Activeworlds community members to use to
>discuss things not supported by the other available newsgroups.
>Thank you again everyone for your support of Activeworlds. If you have
>any questions please feel free to contact me by e-mail. Have a great day
>and let's keep these newsgroups a friendly place for all.
>Tom Fournier
>Tom at activeworlds.com
>Customer Service / Sales Manager
>Activeworlds.com Inc.
>95 Parker St.
>Newburyport, MA 01950

A brighter and better Active Worlds!!! Tom, please read

Jun 8, 2001, 1:47am
I still have to say that the GOReans are not as sick as some people might
think they are. I remember a time that i told someone that i wished
they could create some laying down avatars and some sequences to go
along with the laying down avatars...
So you would hop into bet... BOY & GIRL or Girl & Girl...
Or in the case of us two nice people... Guy & Guy hit the bed...
And as soon as we are in bed... We switch to the avas that are laying down
in bed or on top of the bed... BUT we would be laing on the bed...
And we could click on the movements for the avs that were laying down...
Love, Sex, Bedplay1, Bedplay2, Roll, Beddance1, Beddance2, Bedhappy...etc.
And create a red light district in both NewYork world & Broadway world...
Not to mention all the GOReans would simply DIE for something like that...
BUT it was one of my hopes that someday some smart person could create
something like that for most everyone to use if you jump, pop, move,
teleport to one of those worlds that had those avatars...
Now if i can say that here in the open NGS... I should be able to say
that the GOReans are NOT all that sick. To me they make perfect sense...
The only thing that is missing though... Is that there should be
more guys that are slaves as well & Masters over the slaves guys....
Then i would have no problem in finding a HOMESTONE in one of the GORean
worlds in a flash.
SO... {To show some people that i have gained certain info...]
I Bid All of you A nice day or night and Farewall...
[The GORean way of saying bye].

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3b1f1386 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>My God those Goreans are a bunch of brainwashed sickos, LOL Unbelieveable
>really that people can be so prehistoric like, lol But you see how Sassy
>tries to justify having porn on a public build world by trying to say she
>has seen death pictures, but death pictures as long as they aren't nude or
>real pictures with real blood and are not sexually explicit are not illegal,
>porn is. And if I remember correctly there are also signs posted at WildAW's
>GZ saying porn will be removed from that world if anyone reports it to
>Tom at activeworlds.com
>and I post the deffinition of pornography again for those of you who are
>still unclear what it is...........
>Main Entry: por·nog·ra·phy
>Pronunciation: -fE
>Function: noun
>Etymology: Greek pornographos, adjective, writing about prostitutes, from
>pornE prostitute + graphein to write; akin to Greek pernanai to sell, poros
>journey -- more at FARE, CARVE
>Date: circa 1864
>1 : the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to
>cause sexual excitement
>2 : material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is
>intended to cause sexual excitement
>3 : the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick
>intense emotional reaction <the pornography of violence>
>This is your brain, this is your brain reading the deffinition of
>pornography, is there any question about what it is now? Textures or
>pictures with nude women or men wether they are drawn or sitting in a chair
>getting their picture taken is pornography, I don't care how AW.com wants to
>justify it, it is what it is. I know people are going to call it art, and
>yes I will agree with you that pornography is an art form no doubt, but it
>is still pornography.

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