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Y2000 Events

Apr 22, 2001, 8:34pm
I actually like the idea of an events forum. A different heading though.
It would take it out of the main stream of traffic here & then people
would be more apt to post their events easier.

Even me... I have trouble when posting anything here. I had to
get the swift kick in the rear by someone called "JUST IN"
before i could even bring up the nerve to post anything here.

m a r c u s <none at sfsdfsd.come> wrote in
<3ae26b1d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I think that is a wonderful thing that you are posting
>events here. What do
>people think about having an Events forum?
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Out of the Loop

Apr 20, 2001, 6:41pm
After it's running i use the Help >>> About >>> on top you see
Active Worlds 3.1 and under that is Build [mine says 370] yours will
say Build 375. From what i understand of reading AW NG's is that it's
a minor world list updat version. The worlds listed stops listing at
750 worlds. There are more worlds than that now but it stops listing
them at 750 worlds. So this is the fix for that problem. [I have been
circumventing that problem for awhile by NOT listing the Private
Worlds. Which for the most part I can't get in].

john viper <jviper at jtsoft.net> wrote in
<3ae016fd at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Hey everyone...
>I have been out of the loop a little while, but I guess I am going to step
>back into it (WITH MY NEW DSL CONNECTION1!!!!!!!!!). :-)
>Anyways when I logged into AW this morning, I downloaded build 375... Is
>there any way for me to check out what is in this version?
>Thanks :-)
>-John Viper
>jviper at jtsoft.net


Apr 21, 2001, 8:41pm
I was just thinking about something else though...

JFK2's Top 10 Reasons For That Last Message are...

1 - Ahhh..... Booze?
2 - You got something up your nose? You inhaled something strong.
3 - Nerves
4 - Stroke
5 - You let your pet cat have a go on the keyboard for a change.
6 - Baby's first typing lesson. That kid is a fast learner.
7 - after months of over use your keyboard shorted out.
8 - Some kids next door were playing with a rubber ball that crashed
through the glass near the pc & the ball bounced all over the
keyboard for several minutes until you could catch it.
9 - There was this electrical storm nearby and the lights flickered
and made the keyboard type crazy things.

AND JFK2's Top #10 Reason Is... [Drum Roll Please....]

10 - You got one good look at Just In [World Owner of Broadway World]
and that made you go so NUTS... You had no idea what you were
saying. [Just In does that to me as well on many occasions]

at at at I'm BAD!!! at at at

leaf <Leaf at awcw.co.uk> wrote in <3ae2049b$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>This is just a little puzzle for all you folks out there to work out - the
>text and meaning of this post are actually a load of junk.
>I was bored and I
>know many of you are too so here is something to keep you going for a few


Apr 22, 2001, 8:19pm
David Letterman I am not [YET]

Anyways... You should know that i might be a little [So tiny little...
Thta i bet you... Just In has never even noticed.]
Thta i might be WEIRD.

j b e l l <jbell1983 at home.com> wrote in
<3ae24442$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>you did it the wrong way.. lol.. top ten list's are
>usually in best to worst order.. best being one
>(that's what makes it a top ten
>- JBell
> ____________________
>| |
>| AWJBell Services |
>| http://www.awjbell.com |
>| news://awjbell.com |
>| platinum.awjbell.com |
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Apr 22, 2001, 8:27pm
There is nothing wrong with me either. I'm a really nice sweetheart
type of person. So kind of a person...
THAT is unless i get a tiny bit MAD....
But so far i have never been able to show that. I'm so kind and
a sweatheart type of person... NOT even Just In could find me MAD.
There is nothing that Just In could ever possibly do to ever get me mad.
That is tottaly IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!
So this is to show everyone just how much I'm NOT mad at Just In...


rough diamond <joshua_trask at capecod.com> wrote in
<3ae2bd84 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>There's nothing wrong with Just In :P For the most part, he's a good
>person... unless he's mad, or winds up in the wrong place at the wrong
>time... and let's just not bring that up again...
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Re: Warning about Hare, version 1.1

Apr 21, 2001, 8:06pm
Well... I don't believe in the HARE.. Nor the Easter Bunny
I do believe in Santa Clause [If someday i wain the NewYork State
Lottery]... The New York State Santa will deliver it to me.
In politicians... Yea... I believe they mess things up alot.
[Just In must be a Politician... He messes things up alot]
I believe in Adviters Promises... if i can only find the dump
where they put all the promises.
As for the stork bringing little kiddies...
I think OneSummer was having major amounts of problems the day she
dropped Just In on his HEAD. and that is why to this very day...
just In is a Problem Maker & not a Problem Solver.

ananas <vha at oct31.de> wrote in <3AE1F753.EF922C59 at oct31.de>:

>I wonder how many here believed in hare, easter bunny and
>santa clause, in politicians and advertizers promises,
>in the stork bringing children ...

Re: Warning about Hare, version 1.1

Apr 21, 2001, 8:14pm
Looks to me like you got one of those BOMBWARE programs.
BombWare programs are just that. You install it. and it works
somewhat ok. You decide not to pay for it & un-install it. OR
you upgrade your computer in any way and you have to re-install it
BUT you have to purchase another registratiion code key for it.
That is one of the STRONG reasons why I support the Cracker Software
groups. After they get their hands on such a BOMBWARE thing...
They fix it so the author NEVER gets paid for making such sleeze software
and you come out in the winning end of it all.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3ae1fbda at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Amen the system damage on uninstall. This is apparently
>because it replaces parts of the Windows Kernel with it's own code and
>doesn't put it back on uninstall. *thwack* Now I have a
>busted comp and a huge gap in my network to fix.
>I have decided to cease all testing of this product on
>my equipment due to risk to inevitable damage to my work and/or machinery.
>Apparently this is their way of forcing you to purchase it.
>Not a healthy buisiness practice.

Wisconsin AW Users?

Apr 22, 2001, 8:39pm
Just for count... How many AW & OW & VS & all other universe people
are NOT in the same house that that NUT case lives in.
That nut case is Just In. If you do not live in his house...
Stand up & be counted.

m a k a v e l i <tupacisdabest at aol.com> wrote in
<3ae34799$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

Wisconsin AW Users?

Apr 22, 2001, 8:41pm
m a k a v e l i <tupacisdabest at aol.com> wrote in
<3ae34859 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:
>Ok, where is EVERYONE from?

Normally i'll answer it on the top.. This time...
JFK2 = Syracuse, New York [NewYork World]

What happened to my post

Apr 24, 2001, 8:59pm
I don't like some of the MicroCRUD stuff.
Outlook is one of them. So i use a REAL Email program & a REAL
Newsgroups Reader.
Xnews = Newsgroups reader
OR NewsPro = Newsgroups Server software
AND good old FOX Email [at least i never have to worry about outlook
email problems with this one...]
The only MACROS that any of my software will ever know about is whatever
I create. Not what some jerk creates.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3ae54a9c at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Outlook deletes posts after a week. Suggestion:
>If you don't like it, get a real newsreader
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another count

Apr 28, 2001, 3:04am
as everyone knows by now... I'm from syracuse NY = USA Boy and i install
the English stuff. [I can read a little German from my golden oldie
Mega Atari-STe days though... and reading that software enough to run it
properly took some doing...]

gamer <Gamer at active-worlds.co.uk> wrote in
<3ae9d000 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Put a tick in the UK box for me :)
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ANyone knwo what files Hare 1.1.1 deleted?

Apr 29, 2001, 9:53am
Maybe all these nice people have only been looking at their aw browsers
a little too long... They don't ever got out into the REAL WORLD
like some people i know should... [OK Not naming name here]

But this maybe what you are after too... YES there is a program called
"HARE" But if you look for it here... You certainly don't want that
program running on your pc.

To see this program do this

1 = http://www.trend.com/vinfo/ [Virus Info and one of the best
in my opinion for virus info]
2 = When you get on that page there is a search box on the top.
Enter virus name = HARE and hit enter
3 = the next page that comes up read all of the various forms of HARE
and i sure hope that is NOT one of your problems...

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3aeb1444$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:


Who's up for Newsgroup Survivor?

Apr 29, 2001, 10:04am
I know an arch ENEMY = JUST IN.... He is my enemy... he could keep me
interested for days on how to put him through SURVIVOR hell...
And i could hope to have him in more HELL than all of AOHELL put

That sounds real cool there... I VOTE to have Just In = My Arch Enemy
put through SURVIVOR HELL

at at at at at PS = Ok... so all of you now know how much i LOVE Just In...But
I have this funny feeling that Just In loves me just as much or WORSE.

brant <awteen at shoemakervillage.org> wrote in
<3aeb23af at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Sounds great - but we'd need Eep to be one of the contestants like you
>suggested - otherwise there would be no arch enemy to keep everyone

WinMe problems

May 1, 2001, 12:54am
NOW would be a great time for our little word knowledge test...
WinME = ROOT!!!! IT!!! Software from MicroSoft

My...My... Just In is going to be in hot demand here for awhile...
He's going to have to tell everyone here what the AMERICAN term is for that
AUSTRALIAN WORD i used there means....

And if I looked it up right... It means exactly what the American word
is with it's full meaning too...

So whenever you see WinME = ROOT!!!!! IT!!!!! Software Form MicroSoft.

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3aee0503 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Just upgraded to WinMe across the board (Someone gave me the
>upgrade CD cuz they bought full version) and I've found that on one of
>my PC's, an AMD K6-2 300/TNT2 Vanta LT that I can no longer
>enter res's higher than 800x600 without the screen getting all garbled.
>This is with the latest Detonator drivers for Win9x taken from
>the same CD that I reinstalled all my other drivers from so driver
>corruption isn't possible (I reinstalled the driver after Me just to be sure.)
>I've only seen this once before on an OLD Jaton Trident 2d
>accellerator that I just took out of a comp (scrapping the thing because
>it has countless problems, including the secondary IDE chain
>being fuxed) but that only occured ON 800x600 and going above fixed it

My Final Post On This Just In Matter

May 6, 2001, 1:07pm
I'm going to pop this one in here on Chuck's last message...
Somehow I don't think this will be his last message.... All he has to do
is read this... AND I'm sure he might want to add something more
about this last Just In matter.

Several weeks ago I too went off half cocked on Just In... And all of
that was AGAINST FriendPA's wishes to Just In. My idea was to BITE
I did BITE Just In... but not hard enough. I asked him & begged him
and even pleaded him to stop his insane revenge with FriendPA and he would
not comply to my wishes either.

Just In had made up his own mind to not only BOT COPY A WORLD [STEAL SOMEONES
PROPERTY] and call it his very own... But to go back and attack the person
that made it all possible in the first place so Just In could build & make

He attacked her [FRIENDPA] so rentless that a few weeks before i had to
enter the hospital for a diabetic foot problem... HE actually drove
FriendPA to the ER of her hospital for
And I'm thankful that she came out of it but that she was suffering from
extreme stress brought about by Just In's demands & threats after threats...

And I tried to have him not to persue this insane course of actions to
FriendPA... He refused to listen... I tgramed him to death... He still
refused to listen... AND I too emailed him and he refused to listen...

I too have the exact same 6k html file that Chucks Party has...
EXACT SAME THING... I showed it to Just In so he knows what it is...
And he commented to me... And I have my records to prove it...

BUT I told him that I would NEVER use that on him here &/or anywheres
IS it truth or fiction i asked him...
And that is how I still feel about that. I still have his comments on my
browser chat logs... But that stays with me & his chat logs only.

But what Just In failed to realize is... He and OneSummer have a PK no
contact order on me... So I had to protect myself and send them ALL OF MY
CHAT LOGS... Including all of Just In's comments about that 6k html file...
So now all of AW & PK's know as well as I & Just In know what was said
And i sent them all of my 2.2,3.0,3.1 browser chat logs that ever pertained
to Just In &/or OneSummer as i have all 3 AW browser installs seperatly
and eventually when I download 3.1a... That too will be in it's own
directory... That way I can maintain ALL chat logs... ALL FILES...
for things like this.

And a strange thing happened within the last few nights...
I emailed Just In... and he still insists that we follow the PK's no contact
order... BUT if Just In has left AW forever... Why would he be concerned
about a PK no contact order... STRANGE... Maybe that indicates that he IS

Yes I have been BITING Just In in the newsgroups but it has been politely
so as not to restart the big wars of the past. and that did no good.

Just In persued his insane course of actions. SO i guess that when all
else failed... Chucks Party decided that maybe one HUGE BITE OUT
OF Just In was a must and he did what he did...

While I may agree with Chuck on may things... This was not how I would
have liked it to go myself. That is probably why he waited until i was
in the hospital to launch this attack on Just In as well...

It probably shows... I don't have any little kids at home. I'm single
and so will tend to act more mild manered to what Just In [AN ADULT BUT
THINKING LIKE A 2 YR OLD BRAT KID] was doing... Maybe Chuck still
remembers as most of us do... When a older person tells you to stop doing
something bad... And you continue to DISOBEY and then they shout and you
keep DISOBEYING... And then eventually they take action that you think
is tooo much and you cry & carry on and think that this is the meanest
person in the whole wide world... BUT the bottom line is... You
are not now disobeying any more...

Well... Sad but true... The same had to be dealt to Just In to make
him understand that what he was doing was all wrong... It's one thing
to BOT COPY a world and say it's yours... BUT it becomes a whole
different ballgame when after you BOT COPY SOMEONES WORLD you go back to
destroy that person that you just BOT COPIED THEIR WORLD FROM...

Now wheather all this will be the final thing in here... NGS... Nope...
Many people will comment on this and the thread from this could be quite
large and persist for many weeks as did the thread from when Just In

This is to be expected in Newsgroups... But eventually it will die down
to dust... And that is where i eventually hope it stays this time forever.

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3af54a45 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>First of all I am going to apologize to the News Group for this turning into
>a flame throwing contest, it was never my intent but that's what it turned
>Secondly I think insanity's post was one of the best replies here in their
>advice to children in this community and I could not agree more. You never
>know who you are dealing with in this place and just because someone can do
>great things with 3D objects does not necessarily mean they are someone to
>be trusted, don't be fooled by this or be blinded by their abilities in AW
>if they are divuldging in illegal activities and have given you that
>information even in confidence or you are the subject of their illegal acts,
>please do something about it and notify the local authorities.
>Thirdly I would like to say that I honestly believe everything FriendPA has
>told me and all the information she gave me about Just In. I would have
>never come to the NG with this if I did not believe this was 100% true. I am
>willing to put this behind me now, I will never forget, and I can never
>forgive Just In for all that he has done, but I will get past this and leave
>it in the past now. If this has adversely effected Just In's reputation,
>maybe he has a clue now how he has tried to destroy FriendPA's reputation
>here in AW. FriendPA is a mother, wife and most importantly to me, a very
>good friend. I did this against her wishes, she never wanted to release this
>information, but I have seen this man slander her name all over the NGs and
>she is and has done nothing wrong to Just In. Only in his own mind does he
>feel he has somehow been mistreated by her. But remember 1 thing, New York
>World belongs to FriendPA and if Just In did not want to give PA the objects
>he made to upload to her OP he did not have to do that, no one forced him to
>send them to her, ok.
>Thankyou for reading this and thankyou all for the information, I think we
>as a community are alot smarter now and wiser because of it. God Bless you
> Sincerely,
>Chucks Party :)

My Final Post On This Just In Matter

May 7, 2001, 1:59am
Just In... I'm glad that i have set myself up with many other
3d platforms too. If not in AW fine... I'm now in Vectorscape, Outerworlds,
Dreamland Park Universe, City 4 All and i'm still expanding outward
to explore all of them. Sooner or later you will see me Just In...
But you will have some comfort to know that there will not be a FriendPA
in any of the universes that i'm in [Other than AW] and i have checked...
And no Chucks Party in any other universe other than
Vectorscape AND AW... Yes i have checked that name too...
But I'm there and you might have to put up with me...
BUT as long as you don't start any UNIVERSE wars... I sure won't...

I'll be very nice and sweet. You might not even notice me there.
And if you do happen to see me... It might only be in passing...
But the thing you most HATE about me... Guess what...

As far as i know... There are no PK's there... YET... and so i don't have
defend my rear YET... and anything that you say to me out in the
distant universes will remain PRIVATE... Including that same 6km file
that Chuck has...

But remember this... I'm NOT the one that started all this mess in the
first place... YOU started all the hate here in AW...
And in a way... I'm glad it's over. I was not hoping it was going to be
resolved like it did... But it is resolved. You BOT COPIED A WORLD
[Stole Someones Identity and call it YOURS... and then instead of saying
OK... I got away with that one and dropping things right there
and enjoying what you BOT COPIED... You had to persue the matter farther.
You had to attack FriendPA... With your INSANE reasoning you had to attack
FriendPA... Had you not done so... You still would have a happy time here
in AW... The only person to blame here IS YOU. YOU ARE THE ONLY DUMB
STUPID PERSON HERE... and not ME or Chuck & Certainly not FriendPA...
We are the innocent victims cought up in your INSANE HATRED TO

I still rather not have seen it end this way... But it is a way...
I had asked you to quit attacking FriendPA, and begged & pleaded...
SO ONLY DUMB PERSON = Just In = 6km html file that Chuck displayed
to everyone AND I have the same file but DID not display to everyone...

If you should visit any worlds in any other universe that I have
a gun in/on... You don't have anything to worry... I'm NOT BLASTER BOY CHUCK
OUT TO BLAST YOUR SORRY REAR... I only use it if it become drastic...
Not until. And so far you have seen how i use my GUN powers in some
AW worlds i have gun rights to... You be good & i don't shoot.

just in <Justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in <3af596de at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>JFK2 - you idiot. You will most likely lose your account for this stupid
>post. FriendPA is tougher than you think and her stress was more related to
>a loss in her family than anything from me. She was basically ignoring me.
>In the end it was you that was provoking things and you that was the source
>of all the stress. Count your blessings that I keep my tongue about you.
>Chuck I know can wear a few blows to his chin, but you are just a nutter.
>Chuck - I'm glad it will stop. I believe ignoring each other will be a
>mutual pleasure.
>FriendPA - I'm sure you will read this... Here is the olive branch.... No
>more threats from me, legal or otherwise. Keep the objects and buildings
>etc. that I created - you can regard this posting as a permanent licence to
>use them. I will arrange a link to NewYork and credit and thankyou to you
>close to Broadway GZ.. I trust you will reciprocate. Maybe in time, a
>loooong time, I will show my face in AW again. Whatever the case, you won't
>receive any further communication from me, but you know where you can reach
>me should you feel the need.
>AWComm and PeaceKeepers - you could have and should have prevented all this
>with more definative action. Little slaps on the wrist and finger waving
>don't fix anything. You have the tools to lock out accounts and provide
>censorship when its needed. I call upon you to learn by this experience and
>revise your policies.
>Regards, Justin.

[NG Survivor] Meet The Survivors -Involuntarily Chosen by me. :)

May 9, 2001, 7:46pm
Well... Just In has been posting alot lately... If you put Just In in there...
I'll be happy to join the team... The side of the team to see Just In being
put through his paces OF HELL...
and I'll be right by his side with another MAD BULL and maybe we can get
him pumped so FULL OF BULL he'll burst.

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3af89122 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Actually, I need only 3, IF Holistic reply ASAP. :) Come on you
>guys, we've almost reached 16, I only need 3 of you to sign up.
>To sign up, just to remind me, reply in private to me with your newsgroup
>name and the Alphaworld avatar you use. That's all. :) I'll explain the rest
>as the game goes on, but it doesn't require much more effort than what
>you're giving me now to sign up. Trust me. ;)
>Anyways, hope I can reach that total, then we can start. :)) I'll have the
>webpage up asap. You can see what I have so far at
>http://yourdock.co.uk/nornnyweb/ngsurvivor.html if you like. :) The page
>isn't completed yet however.
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hate campaign??

May 8, 2001, 3:51am
I agree... There is no HATE... I don't HATE Just In... At least
I don't hate him as much as some people might think I do. All i was
doing was to BITE him a little. That's not HATE someone.
Just In is the type of person that likes to dish out his form of medication
to certain individuals... BUT he sure as heck could not take his medication
in return... He hated when i did that... BUT I don't HATE Just In...

But some people do HATE Just In... And you saw who that is... And that is
why in a way I;m happy that that person did it... It had come to the
point that someone had to take some STRONG measures to get the message
accross to Just In that what he was doing was not right...

I just was not all that happy that it turned out the way it did...
I would have liked it if Just In had gotten the message earlier
and then all of this would have been avoided and he could still
be in AW... But sometimes... Thisng have to be worked out the
way it did... As much as I don't care for the way it did
happen... I am in a way glad it did happen at long last.

linn <ironhead at digitalpassage.com> wrote in
<3af74d2d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>there is no hate cam going on here
>just the truth would help tho dont
>cha think??

hate campaign??

May 8, 2001, 4:10am
I love having OneSummer STALK me and my friends in Alpha World
and on Nova World with her BOTS.
I Love having OneSummer accusing me of STALKING HER when in reality she
preaches LOVE & PEACE & HAPPINESS & HARMONY and then goes on to BACKSTAB
you with her bots following me & my friends all over the place...
I really love that. I'm surprised that OneSummer hasen't cought my poor
avatar taking a poop in someoone's build on Alpha World or Nova
World yet... But sooner or later that is bound to happen...

I LOVE to have my friends tell me that they have SEEN OneSummer using
her bots to STALK ME & MY FRIENDS in Alpha World & In Nova World...
I love having my friends tell me that certain people who supposedly
have had their cits killed off my AW are getting other cits & then
resum their stalking ways and telling all to OneSummer... I really
enjoy that... It makes me HAPPY...

And that is just ONESUMMER... And I haven't even touched all the many
happy times that Just In has done to me YET...
As a world owner... OneSummer SUX

But I'll be the first to say this here and RIGHT now...
That although Just In has done many bad things to some people in AW
and has done some bad things to me too... He does
2 - Objects Creations is excellent
3 - World Owner when a GUN is used... He beats out Blaster Boy Chuck
in doing it the better way... NOT by EJECT... But by reason and
STRONG Tact...
4 - In some small ways [VERY SMALL] He can be caring
BOTTOM LINE... He makes a better World Owner than OneSummer does...
She is many times worse than Blaster Boy Chuck ever will be... She loves
to PICK a fight for no good reasons... The building to too laggy...
But the downtown is laggier still... She will eject you for stupid
reasons. You look crosseyes & out you go almost while preaching
love & peace & Harmony all the wile doing her stupid things...

I know where i would LOVE to shove most of her Love & Peace & Harmony...
RIGHT UP HER... [XXX] You fill in that word...

Yes... I Really Love OneSummer... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sw chris <chrisw10 at nckcn.com> wrote in <3af750f9 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>If you're referring to the kanly Chucks Party and JFK2 were waging against
>Just In and One Summer in the name of FriendPA, then I'd say it was just a
>bunch of bickering over a relatively minor problem that
>could have possibly
>been talked out without this sort of recourse.
>If you ask me, the whole damn fool parade reminded me of the Crusades...
> SW Chris

hate campaign??

May 8, 2001, 9:48pm
Yes... I can turn MUTE OneSummer...
But try muting the PKers that she has called on me because she likes
to harrass me in some wide open field in AW [Alpha World] is not the
proper thing to do...
BUT then I should LOVE & KISS OneSummer for being so nice to me there...

[[[While I'm posting this in AW's NGS... My OTHER Poor Avatar is in
Dreamland Park Universe... And I thank my lucky stars thare is no
OneSummer here YET]]]
Wouldn't mind seeing a Just In here in Dreamland Park Universe though...
As what i'm discussing with my friends here border on the verge of a
NY & BW world here... lolol... But made better... lolol

I guess what I might have to do is another Chucks trick...
Create a website and enter all the nasty things that OneSummer has done
And called the PK's on me for NO REASON... [Other than she hates me
reason] And let everyone read my chat logs & my tgrams...

Then watch her get her nervous condition going again... She;ll wind
up un the doctors office everyday getting nervous condition medicine
to help calm her pooor achy nerves down.... Ohhhhh Booooo hoooo Hoooo
Hoooo.... Even this post is making me cry... Ohhhh Boooo Hoooo Hoooo

nornny <Nornny1 at home.com> wrote in <3af7ce54$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I LOVE hearing these exxagerations and the fact that you can't
>mute a bot or
>I LOVE the fact that you haven't let OneSummer get to you as it would make
>you look crazy and spoiled... ;)
>Shall I continue with reasons why you keep your problems out of the
>newsgroup and in YOUR life? we're TRYING here to mind our
>own business, but
>apparently, you just don't respect our decision.

hate campaign??

May 8, 2001, 10:12pm
I LOVE You Wing... I won't put you out of your misery...
I'm at least as smart as Chuck... [Ok... Close to his smarts]
and I'm not looking to have OneSummer or Just In put me out of my Misery.
And I'm sure that neither of them would want to put a Wonderful Kind,
Sweet, Gentle, Careing person like me out of my misery...
As I have stated so many times before...
I LOVE OneSummer & I LOVE Just In....

wing <bathgate at prodigy.net> wrote in <3af842de at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Oh great, I inspired a moron. Anyone out there want to put me
>out of my misery?
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hate campaign??

May 8, 2001, 10:24pm
But I DO NOT Hate Just In... I Love Just In... [My foot up his
BLANK lit sidewise]
AND I Love OneSummer [My foot up her BLANK lit sidewise too]
So you see... I Love Both Just In & OneSummer

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3af7e99d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

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hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 6:27pm
let me see if i can understand this... LEARN TO UNDERSTAND WHAT PPL
I'm ppl and I understand that what I'm saying is I Would Love To Put My FOOT
Up Just In's BUTT & OneSummer's BUTT Lit Sidewise All The Way Out The
The Other End...

Some kind of NAZI?... hmmmmm I was born in good old USA...
and I belong to the Democratic Party.... hmmmmmm
I fail to see what I'm a NAZI....
And feeding off of wars...
WHAT war is that? I'm not starting a war... I'm just calmly stating
how much I love Just In & OneSummer... And since Just In is no more
around AW... Now I I love OneSummer more than I ever did before...
And then i can see her getting one of her nervous conditions all over again...
And she will be proclaiming to LOVE [[[HUGS!!!]]] and [[[KISSESS]]] me
every which way while calling the PK's to have me booted... SO i have to be
really nice to her... Give her many nice ,tender, love BOOTS in HER BUTT
LIT SIDEWISE... And she will tank me with showers of [[[LOVE!!!]]]
and [[[PEACE]]] [[[HUGS!!!]]] I hope...

kah <kah at kahbot.com> wrote in <3af97e6d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

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hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 6:46pm
You have a right to your 2 cents worth...
But We both saw FriendPA have to go into the ER of the hospital recently
for what appeared to be a major heart attack brought about by EXTREME
STRESS. And most of that STRESS was caused by Just In's crazy thing
of SUEING FriendPA for all the objects he FREELY made for her & Uploaded
to her Object Path...
And since Just In had been HARRASSING FriendPA for over 6 - 7 months now
and that EXTREME STRESS was taking it's toll on her health and her world...
Well.. We could not sit idily by and do nothing...
We had asked Just In to cool it. Even temporary cool it...
He would not. So the time had come to take STRONG MEASURES...
In my opinion... Maybe a little TOO strong. But it had possitive effects..
Just In has QUIT HARRASSING & trying to SUE FriendPA now... And has even
left AW...
And now FriendPA's health is getting better now that a HUGE MAJOR STRESS
from Just In is now GONE and hopefully forever.
And if everyone in NGS land had known the REAL REASON why Just In was
doing this [I knew that reason from chatting with Just In & in Emails]
then all of you might have kicked his sorry butt a long time ago...

xelag <xelag at 3dee.nl> wrote in <3af8a17a$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>First of all, let me state I am a friend of FriendPA. I was entrusted with
>WAR for many months, a world caretaken by her, and her conduct was
>exemplary. My participation there was based on trust. So was Just In's in
>New York. I provided the bots for WAR, and I spent a lot of time creating
>new possibilities for my xelagot there: that is how my Paintball bot script
>was made. I could claim full rights on the bot, after Gineric's clan (who
>owns and pays for WAR) chucked me out. I did not.
>My attitude was: PA, you provided the opportunity, neither you or I misused
>each other's trust, keep using them.
>Just In's attitude was different: when PA needed help, he offered it. He
>climbed his way up in NY. He claimed more and more privileges there, and
>finally tried to take over the world, even up to the point of trashing
>FriendPA's object path. PA rightly removed all his privileges and kicked him
>I have told Just In exactly what I think of his attitude: greed and misuse
>of trust. Just In has tried to sue FriendPA for the use of the objects he
>freely made for her. That's his business.
>Many of us know this and judge the situation. But some are trying to rage a
>crusade. As far as I am concerned (my opinion) I think that the crusade jfk2
>and Chucks Party are waging, so called "in behalf of FriendPA", is crap.
>They are just conducting a personal war, which has nothing at all to do with
>what happened in New York or anywhere else. As far as I see this, they are
>causing a lot of damage to FriendPA, and they could better shut their traps
>and go shoot somewhere else.
>My 2 cents, this is my personal opinion.

hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 6:59pm
I know Just In is an excellent builder & object creator...
I've seen his builds and they deserve all the CY awards there are
BUT i happen to know the real reason why Just In was doing his nasty
deeds to FriendPA... And it had nothing to do with the SUEING FriendPA
for the objects. But I have chosen NOT to disclose that info
for everyione to read as I am indeed trying to HELP Just In in a small
way. For me to disclose that REAL REASON... You nice kind people might
never allow Just In back into AW ever again. You will only have to guess
what that reason is... AS I do not intend to disclose it.
The fact that he was SUING FriendPA for stupid reasons is enough
to stand on it's own merits without me telling everyone
the REAL reason behind his crazy thinking. And what Chuck did...
YES maybe a little excessive... Worked.

xelag <xelag at 3dee.nl> wrote in <3af8ae83$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Jerk or no jerk. Just In has in the past done some very good things and
>still does, and I'm sure that as a teacher and builder he is excellent.
>What happened in NewYork is part of the story about Just In. He has, like
>all of us, good and bad parts in him: he showed the worst part of himself in
>NewYork. There is no reason for you or anyone to take over, unasked, a
>protective role towards FriendPA. I am sure your intentions are excellent,
>PA deserves a lot :) But frankly, your attitude and jfk2's have gone beyond
>any expected limits. FriendPA is old enough to care for her own business.
>The support she may need, like all of us do, is towards her, and not
>attacking so called jerks in newsgroups or by email or telegram harassement.
>The end does not justify the means.
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hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 7:30pm
[[[[[[[ From chucks Party in response to Just In's post below ]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[ This was part of Chucks Party Response ]]]]]]]]
Just In but you were wrong and I am getting really sick of having to repeat
myself. Nobody is listening to you anymore Just In, you have lied so much to
everyone now no one in their right mind is going to believe a damned word
you say. Good bye Just In, Good bye.
[[[[[[[ From Chucks Party in response to Just In's post below ]]]]]]]]
[[[[[[[ This was part of Chucks Party Response ]]]]]]]]

That part of NOBODY IS LISTENING... I'm listening to Just In...
I'll always listen to Just In... I just might not Always Agree
with Just In when he acts a little stupid like he did before...
And I'm really happy that he has STOPPED acting stupid...
Now i won't have any of my CRAZY REASON TO BITE Just In...
And if he had only stopped acting so stupid long ago... I would never have
had any CRAZY REASON TO BITE Just In in the first place...

and I'm going to give everyone the HINT on how to get a FREE CIT in
Dreamland Park Universe... You and a FRIEND go in on Sunday [That is
Sunday Eastern USA Time] and see a Mrs. JAZZ [She is on my contact list there
and I'm known as JFK2 in Dreamland Park Universe...

So anyone that wants to get a cit in Sunday... Just be my friend for the day
and I'll get one for you [INCLUDES Just In]

just in <Justefyde at hotmail.com> wrote in <3af9855d at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>You were never denied credit for having created your bot.
>You were never denied being able to use the bot in another world.
>I never made any suggestions or claims that I owned NewYork world.
>I never "trashed" an object path, although I did delete the objects that I
>had created from PAs object path, which were subsequently returned from
>copies PA had. At that time that I did that, it was already several weeks
>after PA had removed my Caretaker, ED, PS, eject, and building rights, and
>refused to reconcile.
>Regards, Justin

hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 7:35pm
Famous last words of OneSummer before she BACKSTABS YOU with maybe
a few of her PKers friends for good measure...
Yea... I'll give peace a chance... SAY BYE BYE TO ONESUMMER & KICK HER
Then we will have everlasting peace in the AW kingdom tonight.

alphabit phalpha <alphabit2 at home.com> wrote in
<3af8d36c$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>All we are saying.......is give peace a chance:)

hate campaign??

May 9, 2001, 10:46pm
Most of the time i'll shorten that down by killing off most of
someone's post... But since my Friend Chuck put that right above mine...
I'll leave his post & mine and add... These other famous words...

"What Ever You Do... RE: OneSummer... I'll Stand By Your Side With You
There... As Soon As OneSummer Has Had Her Sorry Butt Kicked Out Of AW Too..
Then AW Kindgom Will Be The Best Place Ever"

chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3af9c433$1 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>Figures JFK, nothing would surprise me at this point. I don't think they
>like me bringing their darkness into the light. The truth and what is right,
>will prevail. So help me God. :)
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hate campaign??

May 11, 2001, 1:01am
I'm going to take you up on your offer... BUT with one difference...
I'm going to be BOLD & BRAVE and pop it out of the NGS and into email...
That way the REAL JUST IN TRUTH MIGHT BE KNOWN.... And I do want to see
if JUST IN does have a soul or is he a PAIN IN MY FOOT's SOLE instead.

kellee <kellee at my.activeworlds.com> wrote in
<3afa5704 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>geeeeeezusssss christmas, you guys are loonies!!!!!!!!!!!! Dead issue, over
>and done with you goonie birds!!!!!!
>For any one that cant let this rest and wants to know the Fair and Unbiased
>story contact me in AW ( i wont *bore* ppl with it otherwise)
>I think Friend Pa is a lovely person and ive been her friend for ages and
>any one that says she did the wrong thing will answer to me, including Just
>I also know Just In in real life and contary to popular belief he *has* got
>so will you leave *both* of them alone ? It has nothing to do with anyone OR
>Awld and it dosent need to be muck racked for the benifit of children that
>like poking sticks in ants nests
>And before any one takes me up on the offer of "what happened" i am
>warning you .... its boring and i wont answer personal questions.
>I would also like to state that i dont want to *have* to discuss this with
>any one, i just think the "taking sides" has gone on long enough and im only
>offering because i want you to leave two ppl that dont deserve this alone
>and perhaps if you find out *how* boring it is when its not being blown out
>of porportion by goonies, then that will happen.
>NOW, can we end this and get on with some useful posts? hehehe like

hate campaign??

May 12, 2001, 12:31am
chucks party <Chucks_Party at hotmail.com> wrote in
<3afa0df2 at server1.Activeworlds.com>:

>I'm hearing that violin again.
>There is no justification for Chucks Party and JFK2 using illegal acts -
>extortion, slander and harrassment to effect a result
>Sounds alot like what you did to PA too, especially the extortion part
>and I have never slandered you it was not a false statement that ruined
>your reputation, it was the truth and according to AW's email they sent
>me I have never harassed you :) Sometimes ya gotta fight fire with
>fire. So how's it feel getting your ass burned now Just In?
[View Quote] >against
My fault? My fault? Hmmmm geeee.... let me see.... My fault.....
Just In: no Summer - they do not...
OneSummer: I went back three times and talke to them
Just In: Chuck and JFK are nice people
OneSummer: they did not want to talk this over with me
OneSummer: and I don't see them saying sorry to me when I was trying to
do my job on a promotion I was working on Just In: LOL... well...
from this discussion I can see that JFK has problems chatting... so I
don't doubt you had probblems... Just In: and Chuck...
jfk2: (to Just In) When women sometimes act like little kids.... It's
often very hard to talk OneSummer: I gave them alot of chances that
morning to change their mines OneSummer: at least four
Just In: well he doesn't stand up for himself... he goes off to sulk...
so talking to him was just as bad OneSummer: an followed up with
telegrams Just In: Summer - just ignore their faults...
Just In: tell them what you want... and try to listen to what they want
Awwwwww..... Just In is such a sweetheart there..... I fail to see
where he is getting so mad at me....
Just In: so you understand my point?
Just In: Summer did the wrong thing
jfk2: But many times it seems you are taking HER side
Just In: can we please leave this world? I don't want to be here
jfk2: we have to say sorry
jfk2: She was rude to me
jfk2: & chuck
Just In: I never said that... and I have not said that I was taking any
sides... Just In: at the same time - I do try to remain diplomatic
jfk2: I know
jfk2: you are superb at that
Just In: I hear what you are saying matey... and I will speak to Summer
about it... but that doesn't explain this bvackstabbing of you to me?
jfk2: do you know someone over here by the name of New Yorker? Just In:
In other words... I appreciate and understand your upset with Summer...
Just In: but does that justify taking this sort of action? and
especially so when it hurts me directly so much? Just In: NewYorker was
the account that I built everything here in Netwire: I just want to say
that I am sorry for ejecting you, I was just doing as asked. and I should
have stayed out of this mess. Just In: its the user account that came
with the world jfk2: Ok... how about FriendPa
Netwire: Oh snap, this world is not downloading
Just In: I so disagree with ejections... there is never a good reason
for ejections... unless someone is doing something illegal Just In:
what about FriendPA? jfk2: i know.... I have the same thing happening to
me now Netwire: *Picks proxy*
Netwire: kicks*
jfk2: Hello Netwire
Just In: what about FriendPA... what is the question?
Immigration Officer: You are being joined by Chucks Party.
Chucks Party: jfk you there?
Just In: he is
Netwire: hi
jfk2: you said he didn't want to chat with you...
Just In: I am waiting on him to reply
jfk2: Maybe he does
jfk2: want to chat
jfk2: Hello Chuck
Netwire: Pa is a guy? I thought pa was female
Just In: well I would be happy to talk to Chuck
jfk2: (to Chucks Party) 12n 0w
Just In: PA is female
jfk2: (to Netwire) 12n 0w
Just In: PA is the state she lives in in USA
jfk2: (to Chucks Party) we are at 12n 0w
Chucks Party: Justin get lost will ya, i have nothing to say to you.
jfk2: (to Netwire) we are at 12n 0w
Netwire: I see ya
jfk2: (to Just In) Ok... He does not want to say anything
jfk2: (to Just In) oops
Just In: Chuck.... I just got through telling JFK that as far as I am
concerned... Chucks Party: jfk join me please and take this jerk off your
contact list Netwire: Well, I guess I am going to go.. nothing is
downloading, it did the other day when pa asked me to come.. mabye it is
just internet sludge. Just In: a) no-one should ever be ejected from
Broadway jfk2: chuck & I both were 2x
Just In: b) anyone building in the public building area is free to build
what they like how they like, and no-one can be told to do otherwise
jfk2: And Borgs4ever is now building here Just In: dammit he is gone
Just In: and I'd like to speak to borg aswell
Just In: I just can't handle this...
Just In: FriendPA is milking off of shit that Summer is creating or
promoting... Just In: have you ever heard the saying "the customer is
always right"? jfk2: yes
jfk2: but i have heard something else
Just In: well... that makes you right buddy... and it makes Summer
wrong Just In: thats the way it is
jfk2: 2 sides to every story
Just In: I don't care about stories
"LinCoo": whats the story
"LinCoo": hi, by the way
Netwire: Greetings LinCoo
Netwire: Welcome to Newyork
Just In: you didn't do anything to sabatage Broadway... so there's no
reason to find fault in you Chuck or Borg "LinCoo": not very crowdy for a
big city ... Just In: and I can't stay here... just my being here is
not okay Netwire: Everyone's at work...lol
jfk2: (to Just In) Just.... no i would never
jfk2: (to Just In) NOT EVER
"LinCoo": I see
jfk2: (to Just In) i do not care how this ever goes
jfk2: (to Just In) NOT EVER
Just In: well being in this world hurts Broadway
"LinCoo": and you, are you not working?
Netwire: Nope, I'm 16
"LinCoo": or are you a student like me
Netwire: I am just a little ol' college student
Just In: this world is a ripoff of my hard work... I built all of it
and all the objects in it... jfk2: (to Just In) that dark speak is to
help Borgs build here "LinCoo": are you from the states?
jfk2: (to Just In) Borgs has the dark speak too
jfk2: (to Just In) as well as chuck
Just In: FriendPA is ripping me off... and owes me tens of thousands of
dollars for the year plus work I did... jfk2: (to Just In) when i invited
you over here Just In: right now she is stealing from me
jfk2: (to Just In) I was using another friend's id
Netwire: Yes
jfk2: (to Just In) One i knew didn't have ps
Just In: anyways... its now 1:30AM in australia
jfk2: (to Just In) I didn't want to shock you right off
"LinCoo": I am from Sweden and studying in Gothenbourg
Just In: Chuck has PS in this world... why?
Netwire: Neat
Just In: what did I do to deserve this attack?
jfk2: (to Just In) NewYorker gave Borgs
jfk2: (to Just In) me
jfk2: (to Just In) & chuck
"LinCoo": what part of the states?
Just In: NewYorker is FriendPA
jfk2: (to Just In) so we can help Borgs build
Netwire: I can't help but to love the voice of a forgin person,
exspecially ausie's :0) jfk2: (to Just In) Much like
Netwire: North Carolina
jfk2: (to Just In) BW Helper
Just In: well - its all breach of copyright...
"LinCoo": I have been there once
Just In: and if it continues I will have no choice left other than to
take FriendPA to court and have this world shut down... jfk2: (to Just
In) But over here it isn't BW Helper Netwire: wow
Just In: and I do not want to do that...
Just In: but while this world is a threat to Broadway I will not stand
for it "LinCoo": my sister was an au pair in Rock Hill (SC) and we went
to Charlotte to see Charlotte Hornets :) Netwire: That's sounds fun, did
you have a good time? jfk2: (to Just In) Just
jfk2: (to Just In) are you downloading now?
"LinCoo": oh yes I did
Just In: while no one comes to this world I have no reason to cause harm
to FriendPA... it will just sit quiet in the background "LinCoo": What
do you do when not studying? Just In: there are downloading problems yes
Just In: can you please talk to Chuck and Borg and tell them what I told
you? jfk2: (to Just In) What you might like to do
jfk2: (to Just In) Is use your browser settings under
jfk2: (to Just In) advanced
jfk2: (to Just In) and set up a path
Netwire: Meditate
jfk2: (to Just In) c:\active worlds\cache\art\
jfk2: (to Just In) then you don't have too many problems redownloading a
world Just In: what for?
jfk2: (to Just In) once you've done it once
"LinCoo": sounds serious.... never tried it, is that something you
recommend? jfk2: (to Just In) If anytime you have server problems
Just In: the server on this world is misbehaving... but I am going now
anyhows jfk2: (to Just In) at least you can see what is there
Netwire: Oh yes, it has helped with stress alot. I am getting ready to
start a calss in aw on meditation, mabye you would like to jouin?
Netwire: join* Just In: can you please talk to chuck and borg about the
things I have said? Just In: and can you please hold off on any
participation in NewYork world? jfk2: (to Just In) ok
Just In: thanks
"LinCoo": of course
Just In: bye folks
Lets see if i got the above correct... I did something and that is what
started all of this? Hmmmmm.... seems to me that Just In was doing this
all along without any of my helping the matter along....
Just In: I'm not going to eject you matey
OneSummer: no
Just In: I don't hold grudges...
OneSummer: we feel so sorry for you
Maybe Just In should read that little thing there... He holds no GRUDGES
TO ME..... Yippie..... he forgives me for anything i might have done....
Just In: Listen to me... anderstand what I know...
jfk2: It was Chuck's idea to use NewYork because that world uses the same
objects as bw Just In: I know FriendPA doesn't trust people... and she
would have been extra cautious as a result of things that I have done...
Just In: you and Chuck work in Broadway with me... then you go to
FriendPA and she suddenly trusts tyou? get off the dope -- we don't
believe that
Lets see.... THINGS JUST IN HAS DONE TO FriendPA...
that means he did naughty to her LONG before I or Chuck ever came into
this scene... And that means Just In is LIEING SO MUCH.....
WOWOWOWOWO!!!!! ---------------------------------------------------------
------ jfk2: how come ny is the same as BW?
jfk2: AND here
Just In: because I built NewYork
Just In: then I decided to move my building to this world
jfk2: nothing is here is older than 12/01/2000
jfk2: And things there date back further
Just In: I wanted to delete my build in NewYork, but was not allowed to
.... FriendPA locked me out and refuses to comply with my request Just
In: of course things date back earlier in NewYork jfk2: Like the
unfinished building 12n jfk2: it's one of the older stuff
Just In: JFK - do you read what I type??????? I just said of course it
is older... Just In: I built it last year
Just In: then I moved my build to this world
jfk2: then why the two exact worlds?
jfk2: including the ads
Just In: because FriendPA refuses to delete it in NewYork
Just In: which part doesn't make sense??
jfk2: I've been told a bunch of thinhs
jfk2: so someday
jfk2: you & i and whoever
Just In: I built Times Square in NewYork world... then I was kicked out
of NewYork... jfk2: answer my q's
jfk2: not here
Just In: so I said delete everything I built there...
Just In: FriendPA refused
jfk2: anything else
jfk2: like you told me last night
jfk2: convince me
Just In: what do you mean?
Just In: convince you of what?
jfk2: from friendpa side
jfk2: you are the real mean one & one
jfk2: & one = OneSummer
Just In: you ask FriendPA who built Times Square in NewYork...
Just In: she can only answer that I did
Just In: I built it, therefore I own it, therefore I can do with it what
I chose jfk2: Then what happened that this place was thought about
Just In: if I want to delete it in NewYork and rebuild it in Broadway...
then that is my choice and no-one can tell me otherwise Just In: what do
you mean that this place was thought about? Just In: do you think
FriendPA is the only person allowed to have a NewYork theme? Just In: if
that were so, then you tell me about the world Manhattan... Just In: or
the world Godzilla... Just In: both have new york themes
jfk2: GODzilla?
Just In: yes
jfk2: that doe not sound ny to me
Just In: GodZilla world is ALL NewYork
jfk2: I've never seen it?
jfk2: When i came on-line in 06/2000
jfk2: the only place then was ny
Just In: well thats not my fault... but you do understand my point
right? FriendPA does not have a monopoly on New York theme just because
her world is called New York jfk2: And since i live in that state
jfk2: i went there
Just In: just like there are 20 "GOR" worlds...
Just In: or 10 different Pokeman worlds
jfk2: But how come this bitter difference thing
Just In: I'm not the bitter one... FriendPA locked me out of my own
build over a petty arguement... Just In: she had no right to do that...
Just In: so because she refused to reconcile... I built this
Just In: now FriendPA refuses to acknowledge that I own the building and
the objects and textures... Just In: she refuses to obide by my wish that
she delete my buildings
sounds like a very unhappy Just In and so far i have NOTHING AT ALL to do
with his hatred & all the nasty things Just In did to NewYork World & /or
to FriendPA.... So......
jfk2: Why do all the hostilities on NY
jfk2: why not say good education
Just In: what do you mean?
jfk2: and a bitter compititopn
jfk2: the fights that you and friend have caused
jfk2: and you want to sue
Just In: I'm not the one causing the trouble... FriendPA is the one
trying to duplicate my work without my permission... Just In: so okay...
I went and moved on... but she wouldn't let go... Just In: she
arranged for Posh and Zero to start a hate campaign in the newsgroups...
Just In: when that was over... she then pushes a New Years party in
direct opposition to mine... jfk2: I've read some of them
Just In: she then sends Chuck and others to spy on me and cause
trouble... Just In: and she complains to everyone who listens to tell
them how bad I am Just In: if she would just shut up, and not send people
to cause trouble - then I'd be happy to leave thibngs be... Just In: but
this shit... INCLUDIUNG YOU, is just shit I do not want or need...
jfk2: Wasn't the new years party on awteen in opposition to you too? Just
In: and it really is putting me on the edge of taking her to court to
close down her world... Just In: and make no mistake... the law is
clearly in my favour... Just In: I have copyright over my objects,....
and she is commiting a crime by using them without my permission jfk2: I
take it that the last several tgrams had to do with what chuck & you
chatted about Just In: the party on AWTween was fine... it wasn't
running as a competition against me jfk2: he tgrams me too
Just In: Chuck is a dirty rotten scoundral... I have no respect for him
at all jfk2: Why do you say the one on ny was in against you
jfk2: I thought compitition was good
jfk2: makes you advertise more
Just In: Because PA and others were going around promoting their new
years event as the "TRUE and ORIGINAL" Times Square ball drop event Just
In: a party is fine... but using my build, my objects, and my work to
have a party with the same features as mine... that is not okay jfk2:
Have you tried to move her path Just In: even when we put up the advert
in AWEC... jfk2: yoyr path
jfk2: do you both have a shared ob path
Just In: PA copied our promo script... and deliberately created trouble
to such a degree that Lucrezia Borgia changed what we wrote and changed
the Web page AWnews to totally screw it up Just In: no of course we don't
share our object paths jfk2: so you want to go to court
Just In: no I dont WANT to...
Just In: but PA keeps doing things to cause me and OneSummer grief...
Just In: you think I enjoy having to justify my actions to you??? I've
already gone through this shit 10 times over... Just In: you think I
enjoy it? Well I don't jfk2: Can you believe me
jfk2: when i say that i came so close
Just In: I'm starting to seriously doubt your motives JFK...
jfk2: to using the telepotrt out of that room
jfk2: last night
Just In: I'm starting to believe that you are backing FriendPA and she
sent you to accuse me of wrong doing... jfk2: but why i stayed there
Just In: which only makes me angry and wastes my time having to explain
the truth all over again jfk2: When i like having a chat
Just In: JFK... if you want me to trust you ... you go to FriendPA
and tell her she is the one doing wrong... jfk2: it''s not with a bunch
of friends Just In: that she is the one causing trouble
Just In: she is the one not abiding by my wishes
Can you all see this... Just In's HATE of The REAL NewYork World...
I had nothing to do here... And so Just In is making me out to be the
Just In: listen to me...
jfk2: yes
Just In: what emotions you feel and how you feel hurt does not justify
supporting FriendPA... Just In: FriendPA , by her actions, is causing
large amounts of grief for Broadway Just In: by you going to her is
behaving like a 5 year old little kid hell bent on *revenge* Just In: its
one thing being upset and going off to somewhere else... the problem is
that you chose to go to NEWYORK world Just In: go anywhere else - what
would I care?? I wouldn't... but no... you go to FriendPA who is
the opposition... Just In: and then come back to us saying NewYork
this,... NewYork that... Just In: I don't want to hear it... I'm sick
of FriendPA and her stupid games Just In: and I tell you... If she runs
one more of her little games again, I will take her to court and get her
world shut down jfk2: When i went over there... I had no idea that you
and her were in a heated battle
Can this show you i still had nothing to do with Just In doing his thing
to FriendPA... I diid not start all this stuff... Just In did and he had
been doing it for a long long long time.
So.... Just In has been waging his war on FriendPA for longer then I have
ever met Just In... That tells me that Just iN IS LIEING THROUGH HIS
GRUBBY MOUTH... And if he LIES here... And in a court of law... If
someone is found to be lieing just once... Then everything else they say
are not to be listened to... MEANING that Just In Is Lieing about
everything he is saying from the getgo.
SO THERE... I have prooven my case about Me having involvment
Just In has been doing this all along to FriendPA...
and anythuing else NO MATTER WHAT IT IS is all lies and not to be
taken as any fact at all.


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