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May 22, 2001, 2:39pm
Remeber you first time in AW?

Gotta funny story about it?

Why not share it with everyone else!

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alphabit phalpha

May 22, 2001, 3:10pm
I don't think you want to hear my lifes tales in AW...LOL
Your webpage host would boot you for too much bytes on your site:)


May 22, 2001, 5:01pm
Lets see.... It all began when i met YOU KNOW WHO...

OK.... i'll be alot more truthfull here... NO it didn't even start with
YOU KNOW WHO... That didn't come until i first poped into at that time
only One NEWYORK WORLD [There was no Broadway World in existance back then]
But i think if i was to tell you all of my AW experiance... HERE...

I know that everyone INCLUDING YOU KNOW WHO will have JUST-IFICATION
to shoot me. So i'll just send it like he requests to his EMAIL...
Maybe i should put it in some text file and zip it and have him download it...
If his email is anything like HOTMAIL is... He'll need to download it
as it is sure to be a big one...
at at at
NOTE... As a curtasy to when i send ZIPPED files... I send another smaller
file in them called a FILE_ID.DIZ = File Discription Text File. =
Short discription of the archive contents & or any copyright notes
text files too... [YES I USE THESE THINGS AS WELL...]

alphabit phalpha <alphabit2 at> wrote in
<3b0a9d6e at>:

>I don't think you want to hear my lifes tales in AW...LOL
>Your webpage host would boot you for too much bytes on your site:)


May 23, 2001, 8:31am
mmmm my first time in aw?

Some friends that i had hooked up on pIRCh ( they are married now) dropped
around and told me about this great new programme they had was
called Activeworlds.
I was making the coffees while they installed it on my computer and i heard
a yell " do you wanna be a tourist or a citizen?" i said...... mmmm will
it cost me? "NO" they cry

LOL well any way next thing i knew i was a citizen and i was getting a block
of land covered for me...."just cover it....dosent matter if it overlaps "
they said " just make sure its safe from vandals"

Over the next week i walked around the area jotting down objects and running
" home" and building them,completely mystified when a strange message popped
up and said " this area is full" mmmmm could that have been because i didnt
know about DELETE and i was sinking objects that went wrong??

I remember thinking .... gee wouldnt it be nice if you could move sideways

One day about 6 months later, i was bored and wondered into GZ ( i didnt
know The Gate existed) where i spotted an advert for Lara's Building Yard. I
met the GREAT Lara herself!!!!.....well she spotted a sucker and from there
....... well to here :o))

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chucks party

May 23, 2001, 9:03am
My 1st time in AW was when I was a tourist of course, lol At the time I was
a member of a free 3D site called Cybertown and a friend of mine had a
Citizenship in AW and she said you got to see my house in AW, I said, ok
sure. She gave me the cords. and I d/led the browser and had to use ICQ to
finally figure out how the heck to get there and talked to her that way til
I was able to teleport there, lol This was on Alpha World and I saw her
house then saw the entire town a friend of hers made and then after that I
went exploring on my own and found a place that looked like area 51, lol I
found an open 2 story complex and there was a guy there and a webcam picture
going on the wall. I asked him who he was and he said something like. That's
me at the AW computer that runs all this and the worlds. I was like, oh wow
that's kool, lol I watched that for a few minutes then flew around and asked
him why there were gates around everything, I said, what do you need gates
for I can fly right over them, LOL I flew around some more and found a bunch
of road pieces laying around and hill pieces and other objects just laying
around. I said to myself wow this guy has some neat objects, lol I didn't
know at the time everyone had access to all the objects they wanted, so I
thought this guy was great cause he had objects I bet everyone would want,
LOL After that I left and have been coming back ever since :)

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May 23, 2001, 5:57pm
My first time in AW comes from the much longer shearch type of things.
Since i've been using a computer way back in 1988 i have been facinated
by 3D anything. 3d screen savers in DOS or 3d screen savers for windows
[*.SCR] stuff. I've even downloaded those 3d demos for DOS [These demos are
not some program where you use a few times & quit] These demos were of the
nature where you are a roving camera with the ability to see up, down, &
turn around and on other feature... SHOOT SOMETHING [Why shoot something
i'll never know... Maybe it had to do with how people think. They either
have to SHOOT SOMEONE or if something dosen't turn out right... SHOOT IT]
and you wandered through a house, car, boat, small town, factory..etc.
And all of you have ever wondered why Major Striker & the first DOOM games
were so popular. Comes from years of MS-DOS 3d demos of SHOOTING NOTHING.
Later for me it comes from picking up a little PROGRAMMING QBASIC SKILL
FOR MS-DOS [I was a pretty good Programmer for Atari-ST computer platforms]
But trying out in the MS-DOS took a little doing though. But finally i get
my NASTY programming with the Atari-ST's into MS-DOS... and i start to
pick up a middle nick... TROUBLE IS MY MIDDLE NAME... As my programming
would eventually get me into trouble.
But way back before POLYMORPHIC & STEALTH VIRUSES were ever known...
Imbeded programming was [FOR ME] the fun thing to do.
[To the those that don't know... You create a 3d game IE TETRIS and then
you IMBED another ADULT STRIP VERSION in there...But you could only
access it if you knew the screens to try it on & the passcode to access it]
And then you pass the game around to anyone FOR FREE of course... Upload it
everywhere. And through FIDONET it would hit every country in a few days.
But alas... I would follow enough links [And i still have archives of links
to everywhere] and follow enough messages forums and the links in them to
other messages forums & pick up on anything 3D... I have a few PROFESSIONAL
search engines that i have set for 3d. But back in 1994 - 1996 would only
yied about 50k - 200k of text info. and being into QBASIC PRIGRAMMING
you search out things like VISUAL BASIC as well for 3d. But eventually
i started to hear more & more about avatars and things...
But this was after i had used a little internet service... I still have the
link on my homepage for them but they are long gone now [I tried it
a few days ago it's on the link page
at the bottom where is says giving credit where credit is due part...
This was the closest thing i had done to 3d & aw up until then...
It was a web thing much like but differently.
You would register with them and look at this huge world map. They had
huge cities & smaller towns & viliges & some people far removed from anything
big around. And like looking at the real city ZOOM maps you would ZOOM
down until you were looking straight down from about treetop level
and with your mouse... Point and click these rudmentary objects
and build your web site. House, car, trees, rivers, roads, grass, traffic
signs, railroads, factory, supermarket, theatre, and you would do it in
your space if you wanted to use all of it. And they were thankfully very
generous with their space. To find your location on this site was unique.
http://this.unique.web.thing/3dville/607,19487/index.htm = The numbers with
that comma in there would be much like 100n,200w but at that time didn't have
a N S W E thing. it was just numbers to find your location on this huge
100000 n s w e miles of map.
I have this listed as one of my unique splash sites to my web page on
my 1st homepage & my 2nd home page.
[1st homepage was = Robotics modems]
It was some time after this unique web site gimick thing that i started
to really hear of anything called AVATARS where you actually build things.
And it wasn't until i got my CP updated to my current configuration that
i even really tried for Active Worlds.
[Pentium 75mhz with NO 3d card & 32 megs on ram... and i was bombing out that
one at least 2 - 4 times a day... I would never think to try and do 3d
graphic intense wieh the requirement was far about what i had then.
But in March of 2000 is when i got pretty much my current pc & went for it...
So early 06/2000 i got the software 2.2 & went on AW...
hung around the AWGATE but I'm not the talkative type right off.
[I listen & see what way the chat is flowing. And in a short time is
see it runs all over the place. I ask a few DUMMIES questions...So you can
actually build in here? cool? How? & how to learn if any?
and finally i ended up in AWSCHOOL... But at the time i came in here i was
only a TOURIST... Some people might remember seeing some dude walking
around with the name of GKIEFFER = ME...
But trying to learn anything in AWschool wasn't a pleasent thing with me...
Not when your 56k dial up services are upgrading their services & the
way they infornm their coustomers is really nice...
We regret that we are upgrading our services and you will experiances
outages to your services from 06/2000 to about 08/2000... And
it's in the middle of JULY they send out this message to all of their
coustomers... [HOW SWEET OF THEM TO SEND ANYTHING] but what can you expect
for $9.95 a munth unlimited.... So trying to get some teacher in AWSchool
DEAD in the middle of instructions enough times... You get the AWSchool
teachers very teed off at you & in a very short time. So it was that NO
Teacher Would Help Me Learn.
That is until i was wondering [EXPLORING IS WHAT I LOVE TO DO] around the
AWSchool grounds and saw this house in there... And i thought this
building look cool and went inside of it. Well in there was this big
ZSIGN in there that read like "If You Like This House & Think It's
Pretty Cool... Please Tgram Me [Captachino or some name like that]
Or Email Me [and their email] AND not being a cit i emaild that person
and complimented extream highly on their house... And not really knowing
I thought that this was some newbie with a house there that was off the
beaten practice parts of the area [for longer term display types]
and i asked if they were a newbie & i told them it shoud get lots of
recognition. SUPER JOB. Much better than i could do...
Well... I didn't tell them i couldn't do iny thing yet as no AWSchool
teacher would want me I would bomb out of my lessons too much.
So he was polite enough to say thanks and the reason why his house was
off the beaten practice areas. The teachers of AWSchool that have retierd
are given a plot to build a permant home on AWSchool grounds...
And he had been one of the first AWSchool teachers in there &
was long gone retired for many years. He had left that sign in there when he
was an active teacher and forgot all about it until i emailed him
complimenting on his house. He asked me if any of the AWSchool teachers had
given me teaching lessons & i told him yea... They tried to but with my ISP
going dead at all the wrong times.... They all hate me there now.
SO he said NOT TO WORRY... He would hep me out
So he came out of retirement to teach me my lessons on basic buildings
and things... And he understood ISP killing people off at all the wrong times.
He had it happen plenty of times to himself.
But yes... He was a little perturbed that the AWSchool teachers didn't try
harder to give me some lessons & wanted to lodge a complaint.
And he wanted me to name names of those that BLACKBALLED ME...
I simply thanked him for the lessons and told him... Not to
get anyone upset. It's no big deal & it's something i'll have to live with
until i get something faster. He understood and bid me farewell...
Well... That is my most memerable times in AW and how some long ago
retired teacher had to help me do my buildings...
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at
I told all of you it was going to be a tiny byte long...
I think i was close... RIGHT?
at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at

kellee <kellee at> wrote in
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>mmmm my first time in aw?


May 24, 2001, 12:01pm
My first time in AW?... It was in 1998 when I both my dad and brother
passed over. My closest friend of 35 years, (sovdon), who owned
Holistic world invited me into Holistic. Actually he insisted and gave
me one of the world citizenships (Holistic1). What he knew, but I
didn't, was that it would allow me to express my grief in a way that I
would have never considered (as I have no artistic talent whatsoever).
At that time, Holistic world had very little in the way of builds and
Don (sovdon) along with DfameD and Lady Lovesha showed me the basics of
building and litterally gave me the world in which to create, build, and
express myself any way I needed to and I will be forever grateful to him
for that. I can honestly say that he saved my life or at the very least
my sanity (what little I ever have anyway. :)), by these signs of
friendship and to all of them (Sovdon, DfameD and Lady Lovesha, I say
"Thank you".


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> Gotta funny story about it?
> Why not share it with everyone else!
> E-mail me: gamer at
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