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Mar 14, 2001, 8:09pm
"11 days and I will be gone.. living a life that has a purpose.."

Quit procrastinating and start living your "life with purpose" today, and
leave the rest of us in peace.

cow av

May 9, 2001, 7:01pm
No cows, no hoof and mouth disease. Let's at least keep one place safe from

"ozilcho" <donjnic at> wrote...
AW needs a cow av! mmmoooo!

Why is there so much hate here?

Jun 4, 2001, 4:28am
"Opinion are like armpits; most everyone has them... most of them stink."

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Smoke Signals to Jetta, Gina, Eric and anyone else interested in America

Jun 4, 2001, 4:36am
syli, you have a fine way with words. {:-) Are you a writer? I mean other
than in AW, newsgroups, etc.
[View Quote] I'm sure you have all seen the movie Dances With Wolves. For awhile now I,
and a few others, have been been able to closely relate to that soldier left
at his American post believing in the beginning that his loyalty and effort
to America was for a good reason only to realize that apparently we have
been abandoned by the powers that be.

I should also say that my loyalty and effort, although great qualities,
truly spring out of my own selfish desire to have fun with my friends and
enjoy myself. Because of that I have always been a diehard protector of
America refusing to spend much time anywhere else.

In the last several months it has been increasingly more difficult, not
only to perform our roles as CA's and AB's, but also to be just an ordinary
citizen or tourist visiting America. At least 3 times in the last 3 months
the object path has been down for a length of time not customarily viewed as
reasonable, but for days and weeks at a time. The first time this happened
was just after the birth of Juno dome and America profited from the overflo
of those folks. The house was packed nearly all the time with people having
serious fun. We lost a lot of new people during the first down time episode
which lasted nearly 2 and a half weeks. But there were still the
regulars...Then it happened approx a month ago..Each time losing more and
more. And not only do we lose any potential new person on contact, but all
the regular supporters of America have dwindled to nothing out of
frustration. America has been declared dead in the newsgroups. That really
pissed me off and I decided to make it a project to build up the population
as best I could. I spent nearly all of my time doing damage control for
America trying to put a positive spin on all the "why can't I load?" "Where
has everyone gone?" type questions, remaining eternally hopeful that this is
just an obstacle we can get past and get on with the business of having fun.

Now I see the OP is down AGAIN and I realize I am simply a Welcome Wagon
Lady for Triangle World...AGAIN. There is no point in fighting this any

Jetta, Gina and Eric - wherever you are - I am here to tell you America is
a dust bowl. I believe I am the last hold out who has not taken on
interests in other worlds. There is no one manning the post, save for an
occasional pit stop here and there by some concerned CA or AB willing to
eat, breathe and fart triangles.

I don't know what your intention is for America..if its nothing.. than I
would like to sincerely thank you for several years of some of the best fun
I've ever had and I appreciate the time you have given America to us. If you
do plan on doing something about Wild America that includes more consistent
communication between the ownership and the people being asked to help
provide support know how to reach me. For now, Im going up the road
to find a new reservation to dance on and I'm taking my coffee rations with

More flaming idiots

Jul 9, 2001, 4:36pm
"chucks party" wrote ...
There's a moron born every other second, lol

"There's a sucker born every minute." -- P. T. Barnum.
That was said quite a few years ago. I think we're up to one per second, or


New backdrops

Jul 11, 2001, 4:09pm
IS there an URL to something that tells you about the new features and keeps
you updated on the progress of 3.2, like I remember there being for 3.0? Or
do you have to attend the Tech Talks you get the poop?

"moff piett" <piett at> wrote
unfortunatly those sorts of backdrops will be out-dated when 3.2 comes
out... oh well.

Townbuilders newsgroup idea

Jul 11, 2001, 4:08pm
Such a newsgroup wouldn't be much use to me (I don't run a public town), but
I still think it sounds like a reasonable and helpful idea for those who do.

A note on reason number two: there are more worldbuilders, probably, and
they are worth more money to Active Worlds than townbuilders.

"legion" wrote...
I am requesting that Inc. (or Activeworlds Corp or
whatever) please set up a new newsgroup called Townbuilders. I provides
these reasons as following:

1. This shall be a place for towns-related matters.
2. Why does worldbuilders get its own newsgroup while townbuilders don't?
3. This shall be a place for towns advertising and etc.
4. This shall be good place to talk about towns-related matters away from
burning newsgroup building (meaning a center for flaming posts)

I'm sure SW Comit, SW Chris, Syntax, CMM, KAH, Moff Piett will support this.
SW Comit and his staff were builders of city called SW City, while I know
KAH had built town, while Moff Piett had told me it was good idea. And also
Goober King would like this place since his organization is for towns and
cities. And surely will AWCommunity Register support it. Yes I know this
community newsgroup may be good place for it but I'm tired and sick of
flaming, and all of this crap, so it's time to move all town-related matter
over to new place.

So please show your support for this petition, and I surely will thank you
for these support. Thank you. Have a nice day.

SimCity Mayor and Activeworlds Users.
"I came, I saw, I build!"

New Objects ! Alpha World must enlarge it object path !

Jul 23, 2001, 7:01pm
"gamer" wrote...
Really? A new design? Can we get any more details? Plz?

Patience, grasshopper. August 1st is only about a week away.

New Activeworlds Webring

Jul 25, 2001, 8:55pm
You could set up your own webring on your own server. It's just a CGI
script, and there are several of them available for free or cheap.

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Aug 23, 2001, 2:54am
Whoa, Nelly! You'ze gunna get it now! I think I see Eep coming. (Grins.)

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What is YOUR default start world?

Aug 25, 2001, 3:22pm
For now, a spot in my piece of AlphaWorld; but it will be my world when I
buy one in a few more months.

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Poll Time!

Sep 25, 2001, 4:13pm
What a world we live in. You could be fined for asking someone under 13 if
they like video games. Humph.

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*deletes 3.2*

Sep 26, 2001, 4:23pm
3.1 used DirectSound, which in turn used the Microsoft Synthesizer for
midis. This is slower and quite processor intensive if you have a slow one
like me, but sounds really good because it uses actual soundbytes of
instruments (wavetable synthesis). 3.2 has now sent midi playing back to the
soundcard itself. If you have an older soundcard (like I do) that uses
cheapo FM synthesis instead of wavetable, or does a poor job of wavetable
synthesis, the midis are going to sound lamer. They do for me. However, I've
no 3D card, so am in software render mode, am loving that I can now see
lights, fog and moving objects. Skyboxes look pretty flippin' cool too. I'm
sticking with 3.2.

Maybe your midis sound like crap for some other reason, maybe not. Just my


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*deletes 3.2*

Sep 30, 2001, 7:50pm
A graphics card with audio abilities? Never knew there was such a thing.
"Sounds" like a waste of space on the board, to me.

"sw comit" <sam64 at> wrote...
My sound system is insane on my computer (never wanted it to be, lol). It
has 4 devices that can play sound =P - The main sound card, motherboard
onboard sound card, the graphic card, and the modem can all be used for
sound output.


Mar 23, 2002, 3:40am
I was bored, so I whipped this up in a few minutes. Is it sorta what you
were thinking of?


"pc hamster" <pchamster at> wrote...
> Or connected V-Shaped "sub-logos" which allo criss-cross and connect (I
> I could demonstrate it here) kinda like the Olympic rings would if *they*
> were V-Shaped.
> Ohh...And make 'em all gold too.

begin 666 Volympics.jpg
M_]C_X `02D9)1 at `!`0`!+ $L``#_VP!#``8$!08%! 8&!08'!P8("A *" at D)
M"A0.#PP0%Q08&!<4%A8:'24?&ALC'!86("P at (R8G*2HI&1\M,"TH,"4H*2C_
MVP!#`0<'!PH("A,*"A,H&A8:*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H
M*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*" at H*"C_P `1" ">`*(#`2(``A$!`Q$!_\0`
M' `!``,!`0$!`0````````````4&!P0#`0((_\0`01 ``0,#`04%!00(!04!
M`````0(#! `%$08'$B$Q01,B46%Q%#*!D:$50E*Q(S-#8G*"P=$()#2BX18E
M4Y*R\/_$`!H!``(#`0$````````````````$` at ,%`0;_Q `W$0`!`P($` at at %
M`P,%```````!``(#!!$%$B$Q05$3%")A<8&AL2,RD<'1%6+P!B12,T)R at N'_
MV at `,`P$``A$#$0`_`/ZII2J'M%UPSIYAF-$9<G7:6KLH<%GBX^L\N'0>)I&M
M$RZ.I)!$",IT9'F :Y[!LNE7^0F[[3Y(N,E0RW:6ED18X\%8_6*^GD>=:I;H
M$.V1$1;=%8BQD#"6F&PA(] .%)BAJZD9JF8M_:S2WGN59GC9HT7\5F3VU)]A
M"7'M.:B:;(WM]RWK"0/$]VK!8M?VZYI&ZZC?/-M7<6/ at :NU0]\TS:+V,W&"T
MMX#NO)&ZXGT4.-1?A,T8O35# at ?W',/52;-&='L'DNZ#<(\T'L' 5#FD\"*ZJ
M.!Q0X*3[JT_"KG4'?]+VV]#M'6 at S,'%,ED!+ at /F>H\C5<F$20=NBE<TC at 3<'
MM'O-N1*C'''=6 at \T*'-)IK#L0-03#,W+(W<?<+E13B.SV&[2I"E*5J)51&J;
MLS9K-*F25A+++:G%GR JA;&K"]<%/:[OZ=^ZW9.8;:Q_I8A]T ="H84?+ KF
MVZ*<NK=FTRRLH^VK at U$<(YAK.5GY9K68[+<:.TPP at (::2$(2.24 at 8 %8N'CK
M-1+6.X'*WN W^I5[^PP,''4KTI2E;2H2E*4(7Q:$K0I"TA25#!!Y$5FNL;:Y
M8'&[C:TD.15=LWYI^\ at ^6.%:74=?XB)=N<2L9P#]:QL; at ST_3L^:/M#RW]$S
M*-K4Z7?;Q:=%6E]3,F\.'VAY!XLQ4#*U>I P/,BM.L=JA6.T1+9:V$L0HK8:
M:;3T`_KYUF6S-D7C:IK*^O=XP0U;(V?N at ]]?SPBM;K/P>$LIA*_YY.T?/\!6
MSGM91L$I2E:JI2E*4(7-<834^*IEY((YI/X3T-9W;9JM,ZX9C/\`<A70] at KP
M2\/=/QY?$5IM9IMKAK&GG9T5/^9C%,A!'123D'Z5 at XLWH)HJUNX.4^!_]]TW
M_>[)>/K6L5ENU*,(=[LE]*21;9B'E8''<)PKZ$UJ*%)6A*D$%*AD$=16) at 3 at
M(7Q'=KG _4IBH'RNX$!?:4I6VETI2E"$KREX]F<SX5ZUR71Y+,)Q2S at 8R?0<
M: at 6"$W2Z+#6>K;0W`?\`VW_E6JUW#HC%2QL.X ]E.8YI'%*Y[A_I5_#\ZZ*\
MY*.T8<1XBNXA&9:66-NY:1Z*##9P*S/8>MM3FLD at 'M1>5E1/4%M&/R-:A6=:
M2E*4(2J5M<DHB:)NSRQD(C+-76LC_P`0<Y;NG6;'$.9MXDM0&4CGWE $_#-8
MV.=N%D/%[FCUN?0*^GT?FY*S:#8N"M#:=4IP!1MT8D%OD>R32K? BMPH,>(P
M,-,-I:0/`)&!^5*V50H/7%L3<+4X%#*"DH7Z'K7+L[N2W+4FU3#_`)R D- at G
M]HV."5?+ at ?\`FK8M"7$*0L!25#!!ZBL\U##>T_.;FI64Q]_]&^G[F?NJ\OSK
MS]8R3#ZDUD0NQWS at >X3T.6>/H7&Q&WX6B4J&L=]9N+20LI0[CH>ZKTKTO]W9
MM4!^0\O=0T at J4?Z#SIU^+TK:?K =<=V]^5N:7,#P_(1JNFX7&/!96Y(<0A*!
MI:R0QM_Q:;6'>[?[*5V,T:+E4FRWS5]P<"I6E9,% at at '>>E-[V/0*S4/KW7L.
MV-*MTUPHD/)*=W.2!CC5BV at ;0K5I:*$ON%V8\=QB(R-YY]1Y)2D<>-0VS#0\
ML7B3K+6#2/M^: at I8B'O""R?N^!61S/3EXUD1X5!7SVIR[HAN2203W7WMSV3
MFZ-N9S1? at I+9M?K<QIN#"CAE,5I&ZA3/+B<DJ'B222?.K^VM+B MM04D\00<
M at U5+UHJ&^Z9=G"+?-YD-IPVY_$D?F/K7E G/V.(_[>E382"5)/$`^(I]^(3X
M4X,K.U&=G :^!"X8HZAN:+1W)6F=-9AM*<>6E(2,DDX`'F:RZY[6$3; at Y;M(
M6V=J": at [JO8VSV39_></`?$BH^/9[KM9G*DW)Z1;=%M.%*&6E;KUQ(."2K[K
MMLJ"6Q: 7*S=<Z_05=M?;>B-)4 at K0E"PL>F1PS7YMMSUC/:1<($2%,MYSE+#
M^ZZ at CFDI5CC6EW>W,W2$J.]D9XI6.:3XUGL64[I*]+C/CL2YQ!_9OCQ'G]16
M-5813T$Q?(PF(\1NU/1S&= at `L'#GQ7?;=<GVGV6:P_&E)YL2D%"O at 35TMURC
M--,J9,/:)HI.E at XZW+?YW^BKZ..6['#*_P!"KY2HO3MV%VMJ7UH[)Y)W'4'[
MJAX>5>ESNT2W1EOR7VVVT#*EK5A(]37H),0IHHA,]X#3MW^ W*1Z)^;);5=4
MN0F.RI:B! at =:QS12#K_:K*U*H%=BT]O18*C[KTI0PM8_A22/57E7C.U#=-JL
M]ZRZ.4['L25=G<+V4X2$]6V<^\H_(<SX'7=-V2!IRR1+3:6 Q"C("$)',^))
MZDGB3U)I*E9+63]<F;E:-& [Z[N/>>'<IN(C;D&YW4E2E*V50E?B0RU(96R^
MZQ6.;<X\!Y*)#D9O?"%GB ?E6V:LF^P625(_\3:G/D*J&P"W"+L[CW!SC+N[
M[MP?4>9*U$)^2$IKRWZ735.)2=FP8!M_D=?9/"I>R($ZG[*%;V at ZF::#*-&:
MCE/)&%*]G*!GU(%?E1VHZH241[=!TS&7P,B8\'GDCR0 at GCZD5L=*TA at E,3>6
MV5M_:NO=<W>0-[LG6[<SG[J DJ4/CE/RKS^*0=?JXZ,FS6 at O/L/NF8'=$#(N
M*ZZ5I$ BQ2X-EF\S05VMI+FEKSW1DB-/!4D>06./S!J-:5M+0EQF79(+R,X"
MV)B>(]# at UK5*RIL#HIB266)Y:) at 54 at W-_%8=?+Y?[0(L1AMB'.ER$QMZ03V:
MD,I#R%#F%)/ U?+'-^T;);YO#_,QVWN!S[R0?ZTA at M%3Q2RLR#.QUK\;<%=5
M1I"YXY^S.?E7W9.MM>S/3"F!A'V>R,>82 ?KFI3541,RSOM+&4J24GT(JN;'
MR4I4-J'4=OL4%R5<)33#"!E3CBL#_FE:JLAI&9YC;ES/ at .*DUA>;-4C/XQ5_
M#\ZHFR&&Y!.J$/H"%.W1;R3^))0 at #\C4=:=H4S5DI3>F;'<I<(9S.=;[% at _P
ME6 KX9J4LTEUQ2U#<:4I)6KM.'+B:\K4XG/#7"I;`;.;E =H3K?OMNGXJ?/$
MH*UM)! WL#CS(K0].:YCW!M.]O*(X+2H;KB#Y at U?A6(BDC/66%H>XNOPU/\`
M."):9S[!A!(&RO%*\HLAJ4R'6%A:#U%>M>K:X/ <TW!6>00;%*4I4EQ4?;#,
ME*>81GOJ] ,GX5KD=E$>.TRT`EMM(0D#H ,"L;"OB2U%0-G.L/\`J+*^71C6
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MU)-4W3.SN7J><UJ/:2.W>)#D2R$Y8BCF.T'):_+D//G7K:;,YJ[:D]=;F at KM
M% at `1#:5[KDE7$N'QW1R\R/"M74I*1E1 'G56'1"8?J%3\SMK[-;P`[^97)3D
M^&WS1"$MH2A"0E"1 at ) P`/"J5KB"AF#+=84$+4DG`Z$U(ZNUC:=,VYR7=)C4
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MJ]VC446>T at E:4K/5)RDTS%B,!'5*YN0C378^!4GP.;\:$W'J%3O;+CIFXJ+C
M3UKEW.U25#V5#G;1E$\ at KWD_/C\35-%.S#JDTCG_``W"[3?;F+KLW]PSI .T
M-_RKO7)=)K4&(XZ\XE"4)*BI1P$ at <R:BM3:LM6GH#DNY3&8S*!DJ<5CY#K67
M1S?-L$D)#,JT:'"LNON90_<1^%L=$'JKY>(9GKW5EZ> at UON__:WP/$\K)=L>
M7M2;>ZZ]E\=W6VO)^NI;:A:H85 LZ5CW^.''A_\`(/\`%6S5SVZ#&ML"/" at ,
M(CQ(Z VTT at 82A(& !716K34[*:)L,>P53W%YS%*4I5ZBE*4H0E*4H0E*4H0H
M74FF;;J!D)G-*2\C]7(:.ZXCT/\`0\*JE\ at 3M+6"0ZB>N6TTVI0*TX4`!UQS
MK1:J>TX$Z0N0`))CK QZ5Y_^H:6%]*97-!<"W7Q(";I)7->&WT*S+2,_7R[2
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MXU3.D:DO"#O(<F !EE7BAKEGS.36F# at ,#E2E:C&-C:&L% at %027&Y7XD,M2&5
M5H([U)DCF&[399= TSM!A*6E=\L\QK/=*VUH5CY&JQK)K4K%UM<`3TP7)TQ,
M14M"=\(*CC> )&?I6\5DFU]Y:M1Z-B,G=<?O<?B#Q 2L$_0&O.U^%TL$T!BC
M':=8^%B4W#4O(<">"D+'L=L<>>U<-12INI+ at V=Y"[BL%I!\0T.[\\UI24A*0
ME( 2! at `=*^TKTS&-C&5 at L$D27&Y2E*5)<2E*4(2E*4(2E*4(2E*4(2HS4D9,
M,LCA`<MDA24#Q:62I)^94/A5\K-I#3VG=4B>PDD8[.0 at ?M&^A'F.=:+&?:E1
M]5KZ) ZG-0VQ+34NSZ>DW>^(*;]?7O;985[S23^K:_E3S'B36*UPK:X.;JR*
M^O-Q_ ]2KQV(S?<^RT6E*5M*A*4I0A*4I0A*4I0A*4I0A*4I0A*4I0A1=_L[
MP/\`>NX+2>2 at ?C6;7/9Q<8P4K2FHWX)/)F6WVZ!Z'((^M1ZK'M/CL-L-W73;
M](:4O&K[U&U1KV,8L>.KM+;95'/9'HZ\.JO!/3F>/ :[2E:E/3QTT8BB% at %4

Need Your Brainstorming Help

Jun 10, 2002, 9:52pm
I am working on an extensive website related to Active Worlds and it's
neighboring universes (the omniverse), being done in stages. I need your
help with this stage of it for some ideas, to see what I have missed.

Stage one is a directory of universe and galaxies using the AW software, but
not a simple list and a link; I want exhaustive info for each.

Here's the info I have come up with so far (examples in parenthasis).
[Addition comments in brackets.]:

*Universe name (Active Worlds).
*Four character universe code (AWLD). [This may not be of any use, but it is
part of the info.]
Web Site (
*Small logo, if available.
*Price for citizenship and period length ($6.95 per month or free).
*Primary language(s) spoken in the universe (English, Spanish, French).
*Allows tourists or not. [Am I right that that is also a universe setting,
as a whole, not just per world?]
*Latest browser version and build. (3.3/416) [For those universes that
cannot afford the $4000 update.]
*Universe Owner (Active Worlds, Inc.).
*Owning company or person's website. [Only relivent if universe is owned by
a parent company.]
*Date universe came into existence (May, 2001). [As close as possible.]
*Description and notes. Whatever goes in here, to describe the universe.
Snippet from the website maybe.
*Date info was last updated or confirmed. [To tell how accurate and current
the entry is.]

Now this is where I need your help. What potential information about the
universe have I missed? Don't worry about how silly an idea may sound; just
toss it to us, and maybe it can be worked into something useful.

Thank you all in advance for your help and participation.

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.370 / Virus Database: 205 - Release Date: 6/5/02

Need Your Brainstorming Help

Jun 10, 2002, 10:51pm
That's a good one. :)

Will have to figure out exactly how to show that in the way I am working
with, and without duplicating the universe's website's information. Perhaps
a summary of some sort, such as...

Worlds configurations:
Sizes: P-10 through P-50 [Or perhaps in square meters instead, or both.]
Users: 5-15
Prices: $20 - $500

World Hosting: $5-$30/month - $50-$200/year [N/A, if they do not do offer
these services]
OP Hosting: $100/year

Whacha think?

[View Quote] ---
Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.370 / Virus Database: 205 - Release Date: 6/5/02

Need Your Brainstorming Help

Jun 10, 2002, 11:55pm
Yes, the date was just an example. I have been in AW since April of '99, and
I know the software is older than that. [Read an article in a Popular
Mechanics (or Science) about it, soon after it came out, but did not visit
for several years.]

The comapny name was just grabbed off the top of my head. I would have
confirmed any and all information before I actually added it to the

I know what you were trying to do. :) Thanks for the input.

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Jun 17, 2002, 2:20pm
Actually, all they'd need to do is replace their encrypted password in their
aw.ini file with the encrytped one they stole, and let the AW browser
decrypt it for them.


"dion" <GovDion at> wrote...
first of all, it'd take one heck of a programmer to figure that out. And
even if they did, they'd only have your password that is encoded with sa
bunch of crap. You'd have to know how to decrypt it as well, which includes
lots of other computer information.

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.370 / Virus Database: 205 - Release Date: 6/5/02

Oh dear - another release that will be very bad for AW...

Dec 14, 2002, 5:08am

Under the "Company" link near the top.

"technozeus" wrote...
>What's the address to find them at... in case someone wants to send one of
them to the press? :)

Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
Version: 6.0.427 / Virus Database: 240 - Release Date: 12/06/2002

O's, E's, B's, AMA's

Jan 30, 2003, 8:24am
Multiple capital letters at the end of someone's name, if their name is
uncapitalized (and most likely female) are quite likely to be a "collar"
on a -- excuse me for bringing them up -- Gorean slave. They are
supposed to indicate who they are "attached" to.

AMA is the American Medical Association. Probably has nothing to do with
letters at the end of a name, however.

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Mar 20, 2003, 4:58pm
Yes, good questions. I would have chosen different answers for the
contact list length question. The contact list can hold up to 500 I
think, and I know at least a few people who have over 100. Even I have
over 15, which was you largest answer, and I am fanatical about keeping
my contact list short enough to have no scrollbar.

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What should be "R" and what should be "X"?

Apr 30, 2003, 2:47am
American ratings, right? Here in Canada movie ratings are quite different. R
can run into what would be NC-17 in the states. "The Story of Us" which was
R in the states, by the rules there I understand, was only PG in Canada.

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the end of xealgot bots

May 30, 2003, 4:35pm
WOOHOO! The greatest general use bot lives on! Keep up the excellent work,

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3.5 Annoying stuff

Feb 14, 2004, 3:35am
Make it dockable. I don't like the widescreen effect I get without something
I can adjust on that side. Heh. And I can't see my contacts at a glance.

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Help Tech's of ActiveWorld Please ;)

Nov 15, 2004, 9:09pm
[View Quote] > On another note, I've been having similar issues and they are relatively
> recent. My computer is not quite 2 yrs old, the company I bought it from
> online is defunct, gone, caput. My graphics card is GEforce4 TI 4200
> with AGP8X with it's own 128 Mb of RAM and computer is hyperthreading
> enabled. It's not even listed on that gif so not sure where I stand.
> My computer was fine up until our last move. I suppose I need to get
> inside the box and blow out some dust / dog hair for one. And it may be
> one or both of my RAM are going south. I run aw in DirectX with T&L
> checked (video settings). I've also been having recent spontanous
> reboots and just plain freeze ups (no, not virus or worms, I'm on top of
> that).

Open the side of your computer's case and look over all the capacitors
on the motherboard. The capacitors are the little tower-like cylinders,
usually black or green. Look at them carefully, in good light. You are
looking for bulging at the top of them -- which is supposed to be flat
-- or any orangish-brown gunk on them, or worse yet, discoloration on
the board at the base of them.

If you see any of these signs, it is your motherboard giving you the
problems because its cheapo capacitors are leaking. Replacing the
motherboard will probably clear up all your troubles. If you know
someone who's a good solderer and understands capacitor sizes and
numbers, you can also replace just the capacitors with ones made in
Japan, not China. Replace the whole board if you have discoloration on
it though.

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