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goober king

Jun 10, 2002, 11:55pm
That's right! It's time for another installment of the Newbie Guide to
the Newsgroups! *cheers wildly*

With AWC praying to every god, goddess, star, statue, Elvis poster, and
Jesus-shaped cinnamon bun in the hopes of having a massive influx of
rich citizens come save their dying company, you just KNOW there's going
to be a massive influx of newbies running around in the NGs soon. So I
figured I'd beat the rush and get this guide out to help them find their
way in this strange, not-so-brave new world.

As always, we start off the Guide with an introduction to some of the
characters you'll meet here in the NGs. Learn them well, so you won't
run afoul of them by accident.


A1CTTourist5 - As the name indicates, he's a new addition to the NG
roster. A small guy who likes to think big, if only he could get his
news reader to work...

Agent1 - Self-proclaimed "Official AWC Annoyance", he sticks to his guns
and can get under anyone's skin, AWC or not, if need be. Too bad he's
running out of targets...

AlphaBit Phalpha - In her hands, compulsive perkiness is like stupidity
and nuclear power: It can be used for both good and evil, and you don't
want to get any on you.

Ananas/Andras - This techie tag team is totally tensed to tackle the
toughest of technical troubles. Just don't ask them to design your
website for you...

Anduin - The resident Gorean, he at least has the common decency to not
try and recruit anyone. Just don't talk about his signature...

Barbarae - Another recent addition to the NG crowd, this one made an
impact by somehow managing to run into every single problem known to
man. And yet, she's still here...

Baro - He's what you could call a disgruntled world owner. Quick with
the sarcasm and irony, he still wonders why no one visits his world...

Bowen/Silenced - This one has some trouble deciding on who he should be,
but he's always willing to throw in his two cents. Maybe that's why he's
always asking if you have $3...

Brant - "That AWTeen Guy". If anyone even so much as whispers the word
"teen", Brant is all over it like mud on a pig, even though a good
portion of his charges hate him. No wonder he needed a vacation!

CarlBanks - Has trouble discerning the difference between the "Subject"
and the "Body" of a message. At least you know he'll always have a
future in the world of "spam"...

Dion - Another recent addition, this one seems like he's on the AWC
payroll. Next he'll be saying that AW's stock is just in a "temporary

Glitter Bug - *sings* "Looking for heeeeelllllpp in aaaalllllll the
wrong places..." This one just can't seem to get any good help or
respect. Good thing she doesn't waste her time giving any either...

Goober King - Not sure whether he wants to portray himself as the
serious, brooding philosopher or the light-hearted, nutty joker. Lucky
for him, he wound up with both: He thinks he's serious and everyone else
thinks he's a joke.

Grimble - The closest thing you can find to the Voice of Reason in this
place. Just don't mention the AW 3.3 SDK, or he'll short-circuit his
keyboard with drool.

Jerme - Another resident nerd of the NGs, he's also a die-hard AW fan.
Just don't tell him he can design your website, or there could be some

Johnny B - Yet another recent addition, this one seems to have trouble
getting his Quote button to work, but certainly seems to know the lay of
the land well enough. Hmmmmm....

KAH - Graduating from Eep's School of Hard Knocks, this one's at least
more civil when handing out advice. Just don't rile him up, or he'll
start flinging meaningless insults at you. "Go chew on a tree, you
weirdo troll gnome!" ...?! I guess "twit" was already taken...

Maki - This one seems to have been around for a while, and has also
managed to pick up some SW City lingo. The infection is spreading...

Nornny11 - The original wishy-washy man, this one can actually insult
you and compliment you in the same breath, and in the end say absolutely
nothing! What a talent!

PC Hamster - After a traumatic experience of vandalism in his town, this
one's been forced to put subliminal messages about his town into his
posts every chance he gets in order to advertise without attracting
trouble. Poor guy...

Ptolemy - Maker of maps. Now if he could just make for good conversation...

Robbie - One of the more "infamous" members of the AW community, he is
now paying penance by making tutorials and object servers. Welcome to
Virtual Rehab.

Strike Rapier - The paranoid one of the group. He just KNOWS that AW is
really a front for Rick and JP to try and take over the world. And they
would have gotten away with it too, if not for those pesky stocks...

Zeo Toxion - Another one that's quick with the comments, this one seems
content to simply add to a discussion... *any* discussion. Now it only
he'd start one...

And those are just some of the colorful people you'll meet here! And now
for something completely different...

Smiley Psychology
Ever wonder what the person behind the text is really like? Well,
there's an easy way to tell: Just look at their smileys! Yes, those
little ASCII faces are really windows into our personalities, and while
some people may use a wide variety of smileys, if you know someone who
uses a specific one of these excessively, then you can now easily
pigeon-hole them! (yay!)

Hi :) - 'Normal'. This smiley is for people who either aren't really all
that "in" to the Internet, or who just aren't cool enough to think up
their own smiley.

Hi ;) - Excessive use of this smiley means you either have a tough time
finding the Shift key, or you like to swing in all kinds of directions...

Hi :D - Excessive use of this means you're either a 12 yr old who just
discovered the internet, or a nerdy guy who just discovered women...

Hi :P - You're a self-centered, sarcastic, bitter human being. (like me! :P)

Hi :-) - Old-School. These people are all about structure and
stability... you know, the kind of people who's idea of a "wild night"
is mixing the regular with the decaf.

Hi :o) - Generally considered to be the "female smiley", the owners of
this smiley like cuteness and anything associated with it. And while
they generally give off an air of friendliness and kindness, some can be
quite deceptive.

Hi :O) - These belong more to the joker types with a good sense of
humor. Might be why you don't see too many of them anymore...

Hi (: - You're from Australia, and you want to make sure EVERYONE knows it.

Hi:) - What's known as the "compulsive smiley". You're so innately
cheerful that you don't even take the time to separate your smileys from
the rest of the sentence. You've also had to replace your keyboard
several times due to worn out semi-colon and zero keys.

Hi ;-"D - You're a jungle cat. Rawr!

Saying hi, me ^_^ - You're SW Comit. (Can you really classify him? :P)

Hi O_O - You're one of SW Comit's many shadows.

This concludes this edition of the Newbie Guide to the Newsgroups! I
hope this has been educational and informative to all of you. And don't
forget to say "hi" (in your own special way) to the MASSIVE throngs of
newbies that will SURELY be pouring in here any day now! Yup... aaaanny
day now.......

Goober King
Just KNOWS he's going to get a "Used lingo, you!!! O_O" from someone! :P
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Jun 11, 2002, 12:09am
[View Quote] <snip>

Now you know who on the NG's has a lot of time on their hands. 8^)
Actually, I found it entertaining. Can't wait to see the feedback.



Jun 11, 2002, 12:38am
Lmao, nice one. Btw, it looks like I'm staying with bowen as the name I'm
posting with now ;) <~~ can't find the shift key.


Have $3... want a website?


Jun 11, 2002, 1:08am
Great post, GK. ;)
<cheap satire>
However, you forgot to add some other citizens to the list (such as
Guppy Lips, Just In, Ima Genius, Mauz, Tony M, MrBruce, ambivalent,
Tacoguy, Filmkr/Insanity, and myself). And what about the =), :], and 8)
smiley faces, Goober?
</cheap satire>


shred no@1.munged

Jun 11, 2002, 1:23am
[View Quote] <snip>

Lurking time: one year, four months, sixty-two days, three hours, four



You forgot to add the section for the lurkers.

Many people fit into this category. Relatively little is known about them,
but they are generally believed to be harmless. No fear should be held in
regard to your local newsgroup resident lurkers.

/end message




Jun 11, 2002, 1:37am
O_O at u all

LOL awesome goober :))
maki []

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Jun 11, 2002, 1:47am
.... He's gotta save some content for the second edition...

Jeremy Booker - Owner
JTech Web Systems
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johnny b

Jun 11, 2002, 1:51am
Well, ya got us :O) pretty funny, actually.....
I've been here 'bout a year and a half now tho... and 4 worlds later.....
so, not THAT new...



Jun 11, 2002, 2:33am
Too bad that you're preaching to the ever shrinking choir.

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Jun 11, 2002, 2:47am
Both web sites work in any browser without plugins and
insecure settings. No JS, Java, ActiveX, Flash ...
Just designed to transport the informations :)

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Jun 11, 2002, 3:43am
> Barbarae - Another recent addition to the NG crowd, this one made an
> impact by somehow managing to run into every single problem known to
> man. And yet, she's still here...

I am indeed honored to be included in such an elite group!!

Oh, by the way, while I'm at it: Thanks to all who sent me info about grand
pianos! What an embarassment of riches! I've finally made my selection
which you now can see in my gazebo in the NW corner of Amberlin!
(Hopefully Peter, the one whom this is supposed to be a surprise for, will
not read this.) Beware there's now a large download of an mp3 there --about
800-900KB for a very special piece of music. (Thanks to Micail who made
the entire Adagio5 into a mp3 for me!)

Oh, yes, I've just made up a new smiley for myself--hope you like it and
will have fun analying it:


Barbara of Amberlin
aka Barbarae


Jun 11, 2002, 7:17am
Oh I know why I don't get a lot of visitors. Too good for the tasteless
masses am I eh? *grumble grumble disgruntle* (insert sarcasm here)


Jun 11, 2002, 8:49am
Hehe. I've been making objects and programming for years, its just now with
less time spent begging for citizenships to be re-enabled and dodging
universe bans I can concentrate more on my more productive nature. ;)
*swings in all kinds of ways*


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alphabit phalpha

Jun 11, 2002, 9:18am


Jun 11, 2002, 2:56pm
O_O Used lingo you!

-Brock 308723
-Site of the day:


Jun 11, 2002, 2:56pm
LOL :)

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zeo toxion

Jun 11, 2002, 5:42pm
Doesn't know what to say about this post me >.<

Sorry but if anyone talks lingo ONE MORE TIME IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF! >:|

Oh and don't forget my favorite smiley that I use all the time - >:)

A message from Zeo Toxion

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Jun 11, 2002, 6:19pm
It's not enough that everyone are mixing us up but now you are taking my only one-liner response too???

Good stuff Goober! Thanks for the laugh,

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Jun 11, 2002, 6:22pm
Most of them were mentioned in the first edition, the rest, he just forgot
(he's old, you'll have to excuse him. ;) ). You can take one of mine. :)
I've been unwillingly published twice (what can I say, Goobers love me.
:)) ).


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Jun 11, 2002, 6:27pm
And so, with one sentence, my hidden secret of actually knowing NOTHING
about ActiveWorlds is revealed. :))

ROTFL, Goob, where do you come up with your material. :) Great job. :))
Please please, post the original Guide too if you still have it, we can't
get enough.


PS, I'm going to have to use your description in my signature. :)

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Jun 11, 2002, 6:36pm
He sits at home all day and thinks this stuff up ;).


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Jun 11, 2002, 6:36pm
"goober king" <rar1 at> wrote in
news:3D0554FB.3070004 at


Still got me on it? lol, and you forgot my cool cow smiley I made myself,
):() I've used it now and then, and you're forgetting my :-)) and ;-))
smileys too :-((



Jun 11, 2002, 6:37pm
I still think they're double chinned smileys.


Have $3... want a website?

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Jun 11, 2002, 7:00pm
I was faster with our response line ;)

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goober king

Jun 11, 2002, 8:25pm
heh I usually only go after people who've been around a while *and* have
been posting consistently in here in recent months. Sproadic people
don't count as "regulars" :)

As for the other smileys, I haven't seen those used too much in here.
Something to think about for 4th edition, I guess :)

[View Quote] > Great post, GK. ;)
> <cheap satire>
> However, you forgot to add some other citizens to the list (such as
> Guppy Lips, Just In, Ima Genius, Mauz, Tony M, MrBruce, ambivalent,
> Tacoguy, Filmkr/Insanity, and myself). And what about the =), :], and 8)
> smiley faces, Goober?
> </cheap satire>
> -Builderz

Goober King
Proof that Goobers ARE as dumb as they look.
rar1 at

sw chris

Jun 11, 2002, 10:29pm
My sentiments exactly. O_O_O_O_O_OO__O_O_O__O_O_O_O__O_O

SW Chris

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sw chris

Jun 11, 2002, 10:31pm
What is this? The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Uniserver? You forgot Zaphod
Beeblebrox! :D

SW Chris

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Jun 12, 2002, 12:36am
I think that is your way of keeping people out of the ngs :P "and now for
something completly differant" Monty Python is great :P If that is where you
got that from.

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Jun 12, 2002, 2:09am
Above in an updraft

After a bizarre comment

After eating something bitter

After eating something sour

And bozo the clown!

Angel (at heart, at least)
O :-)

I Asleep


Basic smiley



Big girl


Bland face


Boo hoo

Bow tie



Broken nose

Broken nose, but it's the other way

Bucktoothed vampire

Bummed out smiley





Condescending stare

Cross smiley


Crying too

One eyed




Ditto...but he's winking



I Dunce

I Egghead

Face with bushy mustache




Glasses on forehead


Ha ha

Ham radio operator


Have an ordinary day smiley

Hee hee

Hey hey

I Hmm

Ho ho

Holds religious office




Hugs and kisses
[] and :*

Indifferent smilie


Just ate something sour

Just died

Just made a really devilish remark

Just made a wry statement

Keeping lips sealed



Laughing (at you!)


Left-pointing nose smiley

Left-pointing tongue smiley

Left handed

Left smiling smiley

Lefty undecided smiley

Licking his/her lips

Little girl



Mean pet smilie

Midget smiley

Midget smilie

Midget unsmiley



No yelling! (quiet lab)

Nyah nyah

Older smiley with mustache

at =


Real downer

Real sad smiley

Really bummed



Same thing...other side

:- at


Singing national anthem




So happy, s/he is crying

Sticking its tongue out (at you!)


Sunglasses on head




Talking head smiley

Tongue tied

Uh oh

Uh oh!

User drools

Wearing a santa claus hat

Wearing a walkman

Wears braces

Wears horn-rimmed glasses

Wears lipstick

Wears normal glasses



With its hair parted in the middle

With pointy nose (righty)

8 :-)





This Smilies library was written by Christophe Nussbaumer. If you like it
and would like to thank him for his contribution, you can reach him by
E-mail at...

<Christophe.Nussbaumer at>

pc hamster

Jun 12, 2002, 5:03am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] What's Just In done to warrant being put on your list Builderz??? Just

Patrick (taking Goober's cue :-))
pchamster at
Denver, Colorado

P.S.: BTW...My town has LONG since recovered from its vandalism problem,
though there's STILL one little troll who insists on hanging around the
police station and city jail for some odd reason. Maybe he's "been there"
in RL at one time for all we know... I just let him do his thing 'cause
both myself and the GET have better things to do than to be removing stuff
this little troll puts up. :-)

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