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To all the HTML people...

Jul 14, 2001, 6:13pm
Hmm... emphasizing text... There are plenty of other ways to emphasize text other
than using bold or different colors, such as *this*, or _this_, or even >this<. Yes,
all CAPS is annoying, but there are other methods.

Try again! :)

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Goober King
A valiant effort, on his part...
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To all the HTML people...

Jul 14, 2001, 6:34pm
Ok, I'll take them in order:

[View Quote] As I said to KMissile, there are other ways to emphasize text than using bold or
colors. Using asterisks (*), underscores(_), or some other character to separate
words are just as effective.

> b) have a quoting separated by a different style to be easily distinguishable

This can be easily done by placing a > character at the beginning of a line you want
to appear differently. The newsreader will treat that as quoted text and will make it
italicized, like so:

> This is something I want to emphasize.

If that doesn't work, you can indent with the TAB and separate it that way.

> c) use html - list tags for stuff like this

You can accomplish the same thing list tags do by using the • character (Alt+0149),
like so:

Here's a list:

• Thing #1
• Thing #2
• Thing #3

> I am prevented from doing so because HTML is categorically denied. You may argue that some or even many HTML posts are bloated, look
> like crap, etc etc, but thats not because they in HTML, thats because the guy writing it did not care about its looks.
> However, this is also usually the case with plain text postings. They all usually "look like crap".
> So my need is to have only a few formatting options available. No pictures, and only a few if any colors.
> But all the time you run into people that full quote your HTML and add a "do not post in HTML". Those people are not considering the
> content of your message. They didn't not compare message sizes. They saw something webbish and stopped reading and thinking.

I will agree that most problems with HTML posts where looks are concerned are with
the poster, not HTML itself. (see Wing's post with the nukes in the background...
can't even read the damn text sometimes) I, personally, have no problem with HTML
*if* there's a reason for it. All these fools in here posting in HTML simply because
they can or because it pisses people off (Chuck, Brandon, KMissile, et al) are just
childish and demonstrate a complete lack of respect for those less fortunate than

> Faber
> ps: I have saved this email in a HTML format and in a plain text format. plain text has 3k, HTML has 6k. Your assumption of 20K
> therefore does not hold.

I was only using arbitrary numbers to demonstrate how needless it was to use HTML
instead of plain text. Using you're numbers, an HTML post is still twice the size of
a plain text post. Had a plain text post been rather long and about 10K or so, just
imagine how big the HTML version of it would be! It's a waste!

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Goober King
Somehow knew Chuck couldn't possibly be intelligent about this...
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Jul 15, 2001, 12:58am
Read, and ye shall find...

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Goober King
That's the beauty of archived posts...
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To Whom It May Concern... [long!]

Jul 18, 2001, 1:27am
There was a time in AW when COF actually had a presence in the AW Community. There
was a time in AW when the concerns of the AW populace were actually considered before
a decision was made. There was a time in AW when people would meet in a little world
called The Transcend, and eagerly listen to COF's biggest announcements and plans for
the future. There was a time when, rather than see a product that was full of
potential get tossed aside like so much garbage, COF took it upon themselves to keep
it alive, doing it "for the community".
That was then; this is now. All the broken promises, unheard pleas, and unanswered
concerns lie plain for all to see like an open book. Citizenships that were
guaranteed to be free, abruptly changed to a paid system and unwittingly creating a
caste system of haves and have-nots that would forever divide the community. Worlds
like COFMeta, Atlantis, and WildAW, the "babies" of AWCI employees, now stand nearly
deserted and devoid of life due to neglect. World prices skyrocket out of control
without any prior warning or notification as the AW citizen base, mostly teenagers,
scramble to find enough money for their dream world. Features appear in the software
that only a marketing executive could love, as citizens' ideas go completely and
blatantly ignored. Organizations that once thrived on AWCI support (AWHS, AWEC, et
al) now stand in a state of dormancy, waiting for someone to help bring them to their
former glory. Textures get changed without any notification whatsoever, forever
changing, and in some cases, ruining the AW landscape.
And all this because of money; a simple, desperate, constant search for money. While
you were busy building virtual malls that no one would visit, you succeeding in
disenfranchising the AW populace by raising world prices and changing textures
without any input from your supposed "cherished" user base. While you were busy
shaking hands with Juno and making their world, a man by the name of Cybernome left
his post as caretaker of COFMeta (a world that *you*, AWCI, are supposed to be taking
care of) because of the stress of dealing with the AWCI management, causing it to
regress back to an empty, lonely world. While you were busy making Universes that
soon flopped, your stock did a reverse split and you actually had to buy some of your
own stock back! And while you were busy changing names and appointing Board members,
your own employees go as unnoticed and ignored as the citizens they spend their daily
lives helping and serving.
There's a reason this letter starts with the greeting "To Whom It May Concern". It's
a greeting that asks a simple question: Does this concern you? Do these things that
have occurred over the years bother you? Do you think something should be done about
them? If so, then why haven't you? The events that are described here, as well as
many others, are all well documented, so it's not as if you didn't know about them.
You are all perfectly aware of this buzzing community of people that has "suddenly"
sprung up around your little piece of software, yet you chose not to address it.
Instead of seeking to help nurture and grow this throng of loyal followers who have
been with you since the beginning, you wish to try and lure in companies and
businesses who might initially fall for the "revolutionary
e-commerce/education/modeling/simulation/whatever software" routine, but soon
discover it's nothing more than an elaborate chat room.
If it's money you're after, why not look at what has and has not worked in your
storied history so far. Virtual malls have proven to be completely ineffective, with
at mart standing empty, except for the occasional tourist lured away from AWGate. Your
precious Education universe, as well as worlds created for universities and colleges,
lie empty and dead, never to be visited again. Even your most recent projects, like
Nettazi, fail to draw in even a hint of revenue. On the other hand, mainstays like AW
and AWTeen continue to draw in hundreds of users on a daily basis. Volunteers like
Alphabit Phalpha, Brant, Bille, and countless others provide events and community
services that keep people coming back. Even employees like Facter, Flagg, and Roland
do all that they can to help make the community a better place, even if it's on their
own time! And all of these things work for one simple reason: it's for the community!
The community can make AW work!
All it takes is turning around and looking at who's behind you. Will Juno care about
AW's community and development? Will Nettaxi? Will NASA or the University of Santa
Cruz or or some other corporate sponsor down the road? When all is said and
done, when all the deals have past and all the money has been squandered, we will
still be here, supporting everything you do. Why? Simply because we have taken the
time to invest in your product to its fullest. We are the ones who have committed to
making AW the greatest place for people to come and, ultimately, spend their
hard-earned money. We are the ones who have succeeded in keeping this company afloat,
despite all the hardships and bad decisions. And we are the ones who can help you
bring AW into the forefront, where it belongs; where it *needs* to be.
But in order to do that, our voices need to be heard. We need to work together if
you ever want to see this program break out of this cycle of stagnation. Your
concerns must become our concerns, and our concerns must become your concerns. Only
then, will AWCI begin to see true success, and AW will launch into the stratosphere.
Still, the question remains: Are these your concerns? Do the ideas expressed in this
letter, and echoed by hundreds of users before us, even register with you? Because if
they don't, you've essentially told every single person who's ever bought a
citizenship or a world or a t-shirt or a CD, who's ever started a community
organization or a business in AW, that it was all for nothing. You might as well tell
everyone to send you a check for $20 in the mail every year and never even come to AW
at all.
The community can help you, if you are willing to let it. Let us be heard, and
together we can bring AW out of the darkness and into the spotlight where it belongs.
Because *that* should be everyone's primary concern.

Most Sincerely,
Bob Rodehorst
"Goober King" (#103935)

This is the letter I plan on sending to every single person on the AWCI roster.
Whether you like me or not is irrelevant. Whether you believe AWCI has a right to
ignore us or not is irrelevant. Whether you think this letter has a snowball's chance
in hell of making anything happen or not is irrelevant. The only thing that matters
is, if you agree with the statements written above, please show your support by
replying to this message with your cit name and number. If you want, you can add
extra weight to your "signature" by adding your real name, to demonstrate that you
are a real person and not just some random number. In either case, the more people
who sign it, the better chance of us actually being considered.
So please, let's drop all of our petty squabbles just this once, and show AWCI that
we can actually stand united as one for the common good. Because if we can't, then we
are no better than the company we complain about. I still have some faith in my
fellow community members. Don't destroy it.

Goober King
Proof that Goobers ARE as dumb as they look.
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what happend to my post that you should think about

Jul 19, 2001, 12:45am
Doesn't look gone to me... just no one's replied to it in a while...

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Goober King
Something wrong in your newsreader, perhaps?
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Improvement Poll

Jul 19, 2001, 6:09pm
Umm... that's what trial worlds are for, Marcus. Those are free... And people can
come in as tourists to "test" AW before they decide they want to buy a citizenship...

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Goober King
So much for "bringing the core issues to the front" :P
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Improvement Poll

Jul 19, 2001, 7:30pm
If it takes longer than an entire month for you to decide if you want to pay for the
world or not, then you have problems. :P

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Goober King
It's called "thinking ahead"...
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ActiveWorlds Beta Program

Jul 24, 2001, 8:36pm
Yea, you know... those places you keep hearing about: "California", "Colorado",
"Chicago"... There's more to the world than EST, y'know :P

P.S. He was referring to East Coast of U.S.

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Goober King
Heh, and there's more to the world than America, too :P
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CY at AW GZ?!

Jul 25, 2001, 10:21am
Umm, no. The people who ran the events had to email the results to the AWEC folks. No
high-tech bot stuff to be found. *smirk*

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Goober King
Woo UTN Mini Road Rally! :)
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CY at AW GZ?!

Aug 2, 2001, 7:25pm
Just to add to that...

"..." is indeed a form of punctuation. It's called an "ellipsis". Here's the official

Ellipsis - n. A mark or series of marks (... or * * *, for example) used in writing
or printing to indicate an omission, especially of letters or words.

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Goober King
Just call him "Mr. Dictionary"
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Copyright question

Jul 26, 2001, 3:52pm
To answer the first question: Just make something. As soon as you finish something,
it's copywrited. And the only time copywrites even matter is when someone else says
"I made this!" when, in fact, *you* made it. You just need to be able to prove that
you made it first.

As for the second question: Start one! :)

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Goober King
If no one told people how to do business, do you think they could figure it out? :P
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Copyright question

Jul 26, 2001, 7:35pm
That's because that's all you need to have a copyright! If you make something, you
can go right ahead and throw up that little (C) on it. If you want to, you can also
register it so that you can make it truly and ultimately official, but you don't
*have* to. If you do that, then you can put a (R) instead of a (C).

As for registering a business, who would you register it with? :P It's not as if
there's some big book somewhere with a list of all "official" companies. Just start
one up, and you've got yourself a business!

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Goober King
You answer their question, and they still complain! :P
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Copyright question

Jul 27, 2001, 12:52am
heh I knew that KAH, but in case you didn't notice, they're a tad hard to distinguish
in plain text. The parentheses version is a bit easier to read :)

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Goober King
Maybe HTML would be have helped in this one...
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Copyright question

Jul 27, 2001, 10:28am
There's a difference between a copyright and a patent, though. A patent is mainly for
inventions, and lets the creator of that invention make, use, and sell the invention
however s/he wishes. A copyright, on the other hand, is for *anything* that can be
made, whether it's books or art or music or whatever. It's main purpose is to tell
the world "Hey! I made this and you didn't!" Some people try to use a copyright to
restrict distribution of their works, but that's just plain stupid. :P

But still, you can copyright *and* patent something, but it's usually not necessary.

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Goober King
Mmmm... semantics...
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Aug 12, 2001, 8:23pm
The guy either needs a hobby or pity, and right now, he's getting the
latter from me. He could give two shits about what's been going on. He's
just looking for some kind of response, which I'll entertain him for
right now:

It's pretty simple, Lane: If ya don't like it, leave. (This time, for
real :P)

[View Quote] > lol at you. Your rageful posts in this newsgroup are the biggest piles of
> pointless bullshit. Dude, just calm down. Go get psychiatric help or
> something. I just read about 7 posts of yours that were purely complaining
> or whining about something in a violent way. Just chill...jeeze.
> --
> - Syntax -
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Goober King
Those 12 yr. olds are so cute when they think they're badass...
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Aug 14, 2001, 1:55am
And that's six less months we have to put up with him. If Lane is such a
nice guy, then why does he insist on being such a prick here in the NGs?
I hate stupidity as much as the next guy, but lashing out at anyone
who posts does nothing to cure stupidity, it only adds to it. Be sure to
inform your friend that stupidity such as his won't be tolerated by
Facter, or by anyone else here.

[View Quote] > Ok, im sorry but this sounds weak. I am a friend of lane he can be annoying
> but hes is usaly nice. suspensions are not going to stop some one they have 6
> chances thats means they can mess around 5 times then become searous... thats
> maybe 6 months staying away from the ng im guess.

Goober King
You'd think he could take the hint, but noooo
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My Beliefs (I'm bored)

Aug 14, 2001, 7:13pm
Let me get this straight...

You post this because you "had to write something which may start a huge
debate", but you *don't* want anyone to question your beliefs and you're
not trying to help people understand you...

So.... why are you posting this? *boggle*

[View Quote] > Ok, it's about 3 am in the morning and I can't sleep, so I'm just going to
> write down my beliefs and hopefully this will get me back to sleep.

<snip long (pointless?) rant>

Goober King
Boredom does *strange* things to people...
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My Beliefs (I'm bored)

Aug 17, 2001, 7:21pm
*blink* What was that all about? She was just doing what everyone else
in this thread was doing: posting her beliefs. And so you mock them in
response? Gee, J-man, if I didn't know better, (and who's to say I
don't...) I'd say you're being just as hypocritical as those so-called
"Christians" you claim to dislike...

And, for future reference, a truly open-minded person doesn't need to
tell other people that he/she is open-minded. Their actions speak for

Chris was right... the blind leading the stupid... *shakes head*

[View Quote] > oh.. no.. you don't believe on god and jesus.. you like totally believe in them.. so.. oh my god..! bah..
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Goober King
And where there's stupidity, there's...
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How many..

Aug 15, 2001, 8:05pm
*blink* What is this, middle school? Does someone need a self-esteem
boost knowing they have more friends than other people? I understand
this is general.discussion and all, but what's the point?! :P

And in response to your question: "Enough"

[View Quote] > JFK2 brought up something in Andras's NG.. and I want whomever reads this to
> tell me..
> How many friends do you have?

Goober King
He can just picture all the 12 yr olds responding to this...
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blurry till close

Aug 16, 2001, 7:35pm
Check to see if you have Texture Mipmapping turned on in AW

[View Quote] > Hi, I have a question regarding viewing AW thru windows....
> When I go to AW on my new PC all textures are VERY blurry until I am
> very close, When I ran AW on my old PC, all looked clear and crisp.
> I ran AW 3.0 on both PC's
> New PC(Compaq 5000) , it has windows ME, my old PC (now my grandsons,
> Compaq 7470) has windows 98,
> Is there perhaps a setting I need to change?
> Thankyou
> Donna

Goober King
Look, mommy! A helpful post!!
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Stupid Schools...

Aug 17, 2001, 7:32pm
Wow... and I thought *I* could get depressed... Reading all your posts
these past few days has actually made me feel better, and realize how
glad I am that I'm not you. Going through life believing that school is
a waste of time and that we're all slowly killing ourselves with
technology and what-not... Makes one wonder how do you manage to wake up
in the morning!

I realize it's probably mostly adolescent angst and you'll grow out of
it in a few years, but someone else could read that and think you're on
the verge of suicide! Oy...

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Goober King
Maybe JBELL and JFK2 could hook up in a few years...
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Domain Names?

Aug 19, 2001, 2:15pm
It's because JFK2 isn't all there. Never has been, and from the looks of
things, never will be. The guy is mentally disturbed, no question about it.

[View Quote] > Okay, what's with the random caps words already? They don't even make sense in emphasis.
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Goober King
As if you people didn't know that already...
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Who won the Cy Awards

Aug 19, 2001, 8:15pm
There's a list of winners posted at It's not the
"official" list, but it's still accurate.

[View Quote] > Does anyone have a list of Cy Award Winners?
> Thanks
> arial/pretense

Goober King
Woo! Cheap AWNews plug!
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AW in the spotlight

Aug 23, 2001, 10:34am
Interesting little show he's got there. I hope everyone watched the
*entire* thing, not just the AW segment.

You have to admit, Lewis has a point. If we are indeed the "outside",
then we're definitely starting to look like the "inside", forming our
own tightly knit groups and keeping outsiders at arm's length until they
prove they're "one of us". Heck, we proved that just based on the
responses to this post, with everyone laughing at him for "getting [AW]

I realize it's mostly human nature to form groups, but couldn't ours be
a tad more accepting and helpful towards newbies? I think the excuse
that "oh, they should go to AWGate or AWSchool" doesn't hold water if
you possess the ability to help them yourself.

Oh well, change like that is pretty sweeping, and knowing this crowd, it
probably won't happen any time soon. But hey, a guy can dream...

[View Quote] > there was a short bleep on A & E recently about is a link to a
> clip of the show
> it is a real media file and the bleep on AW begins at the 29 minute mark - u
> will have to remove the space in the following url and below is a copy of my
> comments sent to that shows host
> ht
> tp://
> ram
> Michael Lewis~
> I hope to shed some light on your seemingly awkward experience in AlphaWorld
> at and perhaps offer a second chance for a successful visit.
> Your engagement in AlphaWorld, the largest of over 1,000 Virtual Reality
> worlds in ActiveWorlds, might have benefited from the support of a seasoned
> tour guide, which you so desperately sought. It may seem "fast-paced" at
> first and does require an extended visit, more than two minutes, to begin to
> comprehend it's capacity. Virtual Reality can be confusing to a novice user
> because it is very complex, yet deeply engrossing, fulfilling, and
> meaningful.
> Quite contrary to your opinion of "keeping the world at a distance,"
> ActiveWorlds is mainly an attempt to bring the global population much closer
> together. It is also a family environment with close-knit communities and
> moral standards that do not tolerate unethical behavior, such as removing an
> avatars clothing. The gesture of an idle Tourist avatar is an arm-swinging
> motion, not a gender-specific, egotistical action. The gray "fat" avatars
> that are default for Tourists and initial entry avatars for Citizens (upon
> entering a world for the first time before switching to a suitable avatar
> for your persona) may seem to be "ignoring" or "running away" from others,
> usually because the number of users in an area is larger than the users
> browser settings and may not be directly within another's visibility, much
> like a visit to a real-life shopping center full of strangers.
> I have been a Citizen of ActiveWorlds over 4 years now, belong to several
> communities, and have even become an independent world owner. I have
> developed endearing relationships with many people from all over the world.
> It has been an exciting learning and growing experience for me and several
> thousand other participants. ActiveWorlds goes beyond a three-dimensional
> chat application as a cultural melting-pot and an advanced educational tool,
> including many degrees of schooling worlds, community events, achievement
> recognition, and much more. It's quite an astonishment in that every object,
> in every world, is proudly made and built by humans.
> I invite you back to ActiveWorlds and extend my service as your personal
> tour-guide so that you might realize the limitless possibilities available
> through this enriching technologically advanced software.
> Truly your ActiveWorlds neighbor,
> CyberBoy

Goober King
Still dreaming...
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AW Mathematics

Aug 24, 2001, 12:28pm
I think you're referring to the CAVE, (Computer Automated Virtual
Environment) where they project images on the walls around you, and you
have a special headset that let's you see and hear things in 3D, and a
"wand" you can touch and move things with.

[View Quote] > Never heard of Internet2 have you? Hehehe... Some universities will have
> *something* like a holodeck. However the user is surrounded by four walls
> upon which are projected a 3-D environment so you can interact with
> coleagues across the network. or something like that... My memory is a bit
> fuzzy.
> Chris
[View Quote]
Goober King
Smacks Chris with his wand
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Size of a Community

Aug 24, 2001, 12:32pm
Don't even bother, Eep. It just goes in one ear and out the other...

[View Quote] > -300a = -3000m
[View Quote]
Goober King
What's that grey stuff coming out of his ear?
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Size of a Community

Aug 24, 2001, 12:54pm
As far as the worldbuilding community is concerned, I think Eep's right.
There haven't been too many HenrikG's or Casay's to come along in a
while, and it seems like everyone's trying to go out on their own,
create a world, and keep it to themselves. Guess everyone's gotten
comfortable now that the worldbuilder's before them have paved the way
for them.

As for the "up and coming" people, I wouldn't call myself an expert on
such things by any stretch of the imagination. But I suppose if I had to
pick who I thought would go far in this community, I'd say Anduin
Lothario, SW Comit, Syntax, SW Chris, KAH (if he cleans up his act
*smirk*), JBELL, Mike Zimmer, and Programmer (now Radon). I think if
these guys stick with their stuff, and maybe even branch out and
diversify themselves a bit, they can definitely go all the way. As far
as I'm concerned, as long as you stay committed to helping out and being
an active member of the community, you'll go far no matter what you do.

[View Quote] > There aren't new worldbuilding citizens that communicate anywhere NEAR as much as we used to in the newsgroups and in-world.
[View Quote] --
Goober King
Great, now their asking him for advice...
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We have received the answer to Arecibo

Aug 24, 2001, 4:11pm
Either that's some pretty good photography manipulation, or the aliens
are idiots. The only difference between the Arecibo stream and the
"response" was someone swapped the human figure for an alien-like
figure, made the left half of the DNA strand more squiggly, and changed
the telescope image to a version of the crop circle in Image 5.
Everything else is exactly the same. Add that to the fact that Arecibo
message was sent via radio waves, and the "response" was "burned" into
an obscure hayfield. Sounds a tad implausible, don't you think?

Also notice that Image 5 and Image 7 are shots of the exact same field,
yet they both have different "responses" in them. And in Image 7, you
can see a large horizontal gash in the field that's about the same
length and position as the "response" in Image 5. Obviously someone had
done Image 7 first and planned to do Image 5 at a later time.

It's amazing how quick some people are to believe that, for some reason,
aliens would want to bother with our planet. Are we that self-important
to think that we're really *that* interesting to travel
who-knows-how-many light years to mash weird pictures into hayfields? If
so, then these aliens really need to find a new hobby...

[View Quote] >
> Brand new crop formations, we are not alone, we've made contact :)

Goober King
"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exsits
elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." -
Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes
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We have received the answer to Arecibo

Aug 26, 2001, 2:58pm
The reason people do it is because it's funny to watch other people see
them and think they were made by aliens. Just goes to show the stupidity
of some people...

And you still never addressed the issue of why aliens would travel
zillions of miles just to draw patterns in hayfields or in obscure ponds
that are frozen over. Doesn't it seem just a *tad* too unbelievable to
you, especially considering that most have them have been proven to be

And as for the ice circles, did it ever occur to you that they could
have been made while the ice was still thick, and they had since melted?
That second one certainly seems to be the case, seeing as how the gap
around the circle seems pretty big and uneven.

[View Quote] > These crop formations have been throughly investigated and were not there one
> day and there the next, these are brand new photos and they are also working on
> obtaining the security camera images that surround the radio tower you see in
> this picture to get more clues, we shall see. But I don't think anyone could
> make the ones that they are now showing us with the method you described in a 16
> hour period of time which is basically the time they would have to do it if the
> people that worked there left work at 5pm and came back at 9am the next day to
> find them. You say why would aliens do it, I say why would people waste the time
> to do it, lolol OK if you thought those were interesting, here are some that
> appeared over this past winter on ice too thin to walk on, another one of the
> many unexplained mysteries of these circle formations
[View Quote]
Goober King
Some people just don't get it...
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We have received the answer to Arecibo

Aug 26, 2001, 7:57pm
Earth to Chuck! Come in, Chuck! Loss of reality imminent!

You *do* realize that Star Trek is science *fiction*, correct? There is
no "Prime Directive" and there are no aliens. (at least, not in this
neck of the universal woods) The truth of the matter is that the vast
majority of anything alien related, whether it be UFO sightings, crop
circles, or even abductions, have all been proven to *not* have anything
to do with aliens. They have all had a scientific or human explanation
for them. As far as the "facts" about aliens are concerned, I believe it
is *you* who are assuming too much.

But hey, I'm just a narrow-minded person unwilling to believe in such
things, right? Perhaps you could share with us your little UFO
experience and help us "see the light", as it were...

[View Quote] > GK you watch Star Trek don't you? What is the prime directive? I'll tell, it
> goes something like, they are not allowed to interfere with us or our
> development but to let us evolve natuarally, correct. So you say why would they
> make crop circles, they make crop circles because crop circles are biodegradable
> or the melt in the case of the ones in the ice and do not do anything to change
> the prime directive. That being interfereing in our natural evolution. They are
> able to say, hey we are here without hurting the prime directive, and you think
> they just got here or something, they have been here watching us all along,
> learning about their own past I imagine by watching ours. You assume so much, I
> have actually seen a UFO, have you? Well if you haven't you will never know the
> impact it has on changing your whole outlook on believing we are not alone here
> and what I just told you is 100% correct.
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Goober King
This should prove entertaining...
rar1 at

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