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If real life was like AW

Mar 19, 2002, 4:14pm
Umm... you people do realize that Silenced *is* Bowen, right?

[View Quote] > Tisk tisk, sad :(. Its not nice to take things of others and put your name
> on it.
> -Joe
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Goober King
Hence the danger of changing names!
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Rotate Command Clock

Mar 25, 2002, 7:02pm
Part of the problem is that the computer is synched to GMT time, not
VRT, so if you're using plain old poles to make your clock hands, it
will always be 2 hours off. When AW had their clocks in those Test
worlds, their hour hand was modeled as slanted to account for the 2 hour

If yer looking to make a GMT clock, here's the numbers I used:
SECONDS: 0 0 -1
MINUTES: 0 0 -0.0166666666666
HOURS: 0 0 -0.001388888888

[View Quote] > Yeah thats what I got...its just I cut them off at the 6th or 7th decimal
> place (to conserve cell space)
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Goober King
His watch says it's time to go!
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Rotate Command Clock

Mar 25, 2002, 10:53pm
The only way you could get it to synch with VRT time was if you modeled
the hour hand yourself. Not only would have to model it so that it's
slanted properly, you'd also have to make sure the pivot point is in the
right place. Because of this, there are no objects (that I know of,
unless someone from AWTeen makes an hour hand) that would make a good
hour hand. But for those who want to take a stab at making one be sure
it looks something like this:


With the . being the center point of the object. Also, the slant of the
hand would have to be more than 45 degrees, but less than 90, making
pole2m04 a bad choice (that rotates around the wrong place anyway). I'd
tell you to check out the Test worlds' hour hand object, but apparently
it has disappeared (just a triangle now)! :(

[View Quote] > does anyone know a way i could make it sync to vrt time? If you layed it
> down so it was facing upwards you could always rotate it two but no one
> really does that. If someone had a way if the clock was on the wall with
> poles (or if you knwo of a better object to use)
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Goober King
Adds "hour hand" to the *long* list of requested objects...
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Mar 27, 2002, 10:18pm
You seem to be forgetting that a beta is *not* a finished piece of
programming. There are a lot of risks involved with trying a beta
program, and you should not sign up for one just because you want to get
a sneak peek at the new stuff. The only people who should be using it
are those who are actively searching for bugs and trying their damndest
to break the thing, thereby by making it better when it gets officially

That's why it's a closed beta, because Roland knows the people who are a
part of it are the ones who actually take the time to beta test it
properly, and aren't just in for a free show.

[View Quote] > Or maybe.. How about an open beta.. disable bug submissions, then only allow
> a few people to post to the beta newsgroup. That way roland gets what he
> needs, and everyone gets to try out the new browser.
> Simply tell everyone not to submit bugs, they'll be ignored.
> It's a fairly decent compromise, it's not like anything bad's going to
> happen if you let people take part in a beta.
> --Bowen--
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Goober King
And for god sakes, SNIP!!
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Mar 28, 2002, 1:06am
Well, in case you forgot or weren't around, beta tests used to be open,
but Roland got tired of having to deal with a) people sending in reports
on bugs that had already been reported (and in some cases, fixed), b)
bickering in the beta NGs (mostly Eep) and c) a lot of people just
freeloading, downloading the beta and never contributing. After he
changed it to a closed beta, Roland related to me that he felt he was
getting a *lot* more accomplished because he didn't have to wade through
all the BS.

I'm sure if you were put on the beta team, you would do an excellent
job. But the same simply cannot be said about the rest of AW, as past
experience has proven. It's been shown that the closed beta system works
best, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I don't know how Roland plans
to pick the beta testers this time around, since he used to do it based
on who showed up to Tech Talk. But since he's not doing TT anymore, it's
anyone's guess how he hopes to pick the right people. We'll just have to
see, I guess (supposedly, if you actually ask Roland to be on the beta
team, that immediately excludes you from being on said team).

Keep your eyes and ears open!

[View Quote] > Umm I know full well that a beta is not a finished piece of programming.
> You think I haven't beta tested programs before? Why do people think that
> everyone is less knowledgefully about things then they are? I know all the
> risks associated with beta testing as well, anyone who has does. You may
> not want to do it, but I and quite a few others do.
> Open Betas are all full and well, no one has to partake if they don't want
> to, thus it's an open beta. It seems more logical to give it to people such
> as myself other than the "PR" people of AW because I do things like RWX
> development, building, texture mapping, etc etc..
> I'm not trying to start an arguement here but it was just a suggestion. I
> seem to find a lot of bugs without even looking for them. Now imagine if
> people like me actually were part of the beta team. Dur, could it be that
> you'd have more of a variety of systems if you allowed everyone? More of a
> chance of finding that bug?
> Either way, Roland is going to be bombarded with E-mails. Firstly, to join
> the beta team. Secondly, bug reports if open beta was allowed. Maybe a few
> more in the later, but I'm sure he doesn't really read most of the stuff he
> gets.
> --Bowen--
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Goober King
Does anyone actually read these things?
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Cy Awards need a new Webmaster

Apr 23, 2002, 1:34am
Careful he doesn't bail on you, APB... he was *supposed* to be doing web
stuff for UTN a while back, but bailed because he claimed he was "too
busy". Good luck with that one :P

[View Quote] > Hi Dan:)
> Thank you very much for your interest to help out:)
> Unfortunately, we had a deadline of April 15th for tryouts and have selected
> the new WebMaster.
> In the future we might make a team of the Web Pros and in which case we will
> post it in here. Please watch for it:)
> Thank you again!
> Oh I guess I should announce the new is Computerizer!
> And you should see what he has planned:)
> Please watch for the new pages at
> Thank you everyone that submitted entries:)
> Sincerely,
> AlphaBit
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Goober King
Proof that Goobers ARE as dumb as they look.
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Apr 5, 2002, 10:01pm
No rumor. It's all in black and white for all to see. And this was all
*before* they raised prices! God only knows how much they've lost since


[View Quote] > There's a rumor going around that AW has lost a lot of money recently. Is
> this true? If it is.. all I need to say is, "I told you so."
> --Bowen--

Goober King
AWNews definitely needs a better press (hyuk) agent. :P
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24/7 posts ( what happened to the other one? I don't know)

May 18, 2002, 8:07pm
Here's a tip, A1CT... Why not wait until you're absolutely sure you have
a stable URL, and *then* announce it! That way, not only will you not
have to keep making these announcements, but it will also give you some
time to gather up a staff/programming/etc. Give it a thought.

[View Quote] > AirTV's url is what you could say a bounce around url. lol I think I got it
> this time but don't update your pictures yet. Im going to test it for the
> rest of the day you can update your pics but it will brolly change create
> picture update=10

Goober King
Thinking seems to be a rare commodity around here...
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Something i noticed about scale in AW

May 21, 2002, 11:51am
3 Things...

1) That picture tells me absolutely nothing. It's just a couple roads
with water running down the middle. What does that have to do with
avatar height?

2) Why didn't you just provide the link and leave it at that? People are
going to care about this for a "LIMITED TIME ONLY", so why put it in a post?

3) You didn't have to do a complete screen capture. You could have
easily gone into Paint or some such program and cut out just the 3D view
part. Learn to crop!! That think took entirely too long to load!

[View Quote] > Hi everyone:
> BINARY ATTACHMENT ALERT - This post has a JPEG picute attached to it. If
> you cannot see it or don't want to wait for the download, please move on to
> the next message in the group.
> Having said that....Just to give ya an example of this (as if most people
> don't already know), this is roughly what I was referring to. If you cannot
> decode the attachment, it will be made available for viewing at
> Patrick

Goober King
Ye gods, that was painful!
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May 20, 2002, 12:09am
Methinks you need to slow down a tad, chief. You've already been trying
to get a TV station going, and now you want to start a radio station
*too*? You need to do one thing at a time if you want to get anything
worthwhile and successful out of this. Look at it this way, would you
rather have one huge success, or lots of little failures?

[View Quote] > This is an exciting post, AWRadio! Streaming Stereo, Clear, Crisp, you will
> hardly know its not from your own computer!
> I plan to have news about different worlds, music, requests of different
> mids or music that comes from certain places.
> WHAT YOU CAN DO--- Listen, I need news, you can become a DJ! I need strings
> on your thoughts about this idea if I don't get any positive feedback on
> this idea then I wont continue.
> You can listen right now, if I'm on, probly not, but you can only listen is
> you have windows media player. It wont work if you just click on the link,
> you have to past the url in the player.
> You can find updates on this by going to
> PLZ let me know what you think

Goober King
Nobody plans for success anymore...
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May 25, 2002, 1:18am
Why does he need to protect the children? The children aren't his
responsibility, that falls on the children's parents. It's not his fault
if children stumble upon his site and see something that is offensive to
them. It's not as if he's saying "Hey kids! Check out my site! Fun for
the whole family!" The site is tailored for his target audience, and
children are not that audience so they won't like/understand what they
see there. Again, that's not Anduin's fault.

[View Quote] > Still nudity none-the-less. I've seen breasts yes, but children haven't,
> and you need to protect the children. There's probably worse stuff in links
> and sigs all over AW but yours was the only one I saw recently :(
> --Bowen--
> Have $3... want a website?
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Goober King
"Do it for the children! Protect the children! Save the children! Know
what I say?... Fuck the children!" - George Carlin
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Backdrops and textures

May 30, 2002, 1:57am
Yes, seeing everyone leave can certainly discourage people, but if you
stop now, it'll be that much worse for the people who are still here.

As far as I'm concerned, AW and its community have reached the brink,
and there are only two options left for those of us who remain here:
contribute or die (leave). If you're not going to contribute or
participate, why bother sticking around?

[View Quote] > I hope that everyone agrees with me that Beardo will be sorely missed. His
> contributions to the Universe, most notably his website of backdrops and his
> private projects like the 77 scenes he created for AWTeen, are unique among
> the community. At this point, it's not just the lack of contributions to
> the community that's hurting AW, but also the demoralization effect of
> seeing so many friends leave the Universe, especially since they now can't
> return as tourists to check in from time to time.
> I'm seeing less and less reason to continue supporting this community that's
> falling apart one by one. Why should we be improving AW when, as far as I
> can see, its' creators care little about it?
> -Brant
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Goober King
So, what's it gonna be?
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The Lighter Side...

Jun 6, 2002, 12:46am
I agree with Agent1's assessment of Too Big's email... except replace
the word "hilarious" with the word "painful". :P

[View Quote] > Citizen "Too Big" sent this to me via email. I thought it was pretty
hilarious, so I'm going to post it here (with permission).
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------

><snip pointless joke>

Goober King
He agrees to disagree...
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What are the worlds coming to?

Jun 7, 2002, 12:38am
Personally, I find it hilarious how everyone's so up in arms over
privacy these days. Granted, privacy is important and there are some
things that just should NOT be violated, but at the same time you have
to wonder why everyone's so quick to use the "invasion of privacy"
excuse. What have we got to hide? And even if you do have some deep dark
secret, who do you think is really going to care besides those who know
you in real life? Certainly not the entire world.

As you said, privacy on the internet is an illusion at best. If you want
to share something private or personal with someone, the internet is the
LAST place you want to be doing that. Because of that, I think people
need to get the idea out of their heads that they are somehow safe on
the internet. As much as governments (especially American ones) would
like to think they can control it, the internet, ever since it was put
into public hands, has been the embodiment of anarchy. To think that we
can get it under control for long enough to have a few moments of
privacy is folly.

Then again, even amongst chaos one can find peace. With all the noise on
the internet, it can be quite easy to hide in plain sight and, with just
a few keystrokes, you can suddenly become a different person. But even
then, you'll have to cut yourself off from everything you knew before
and start from scratch in order to maintain the ruse. So, in that sense,
privacy can be had, but at the price of your true self.

So the question is this: How much is your privacy worth to you? Because
if you want to bring it with you into cyberspace, expect to pay a high
price for it.

[View Quote] > *ponders*
> What real rights to world owners and caretakers have? The right to protect
> their investment, that is certain. But at the expense of the privacy of
> their visitors?
> Although I am not naive enough to think there is privacy on the internet, AW
> and the worlds do give the illusion of privacy. Groups of 2, 3 or more
> gather and discuss topics of all sorts - some private, some silly. However,
> there are those out there that are unaware of all that goes on behind the
> world and it's bots. They don't see the Administrative log that shows who
> someone is whispering to (but not what). They don't see a bot log "open
> chat". They are happily unaware that no matter where in a world they are, a
> worldowner or caretaker can see what they say (open chat) and all they are
> building. The latter is harmless, but I think the former is a sad
> situation.
> Will AW take away the "see-all" feature in Bots? I think not, It has it's
> uses. But as a paying member, I would expect one right and curtesy - The
> bots should announce that they are present and monitoring the world.
> A comment on Privacy...
> Real-time chat falls under the same privacy laws and guidlines as email.
> For email a sysop may not read, copy or display the contents unless
> malicious intent is suspected.
> "The federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) makes it unlawful
> for anyone to read or disclose the contents of an electronic communication
> (18 USC § 2511). This law applies to e-mail messages."
> Privacy In Cyberspace:
> Rules of the Road for the Information Superhighway. Copyright 1995 - 2002.
> Utility Consumers' Action Network / Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.
> June 1995 / Revised Revised August, 2000
> Fact Sheet 18: Privacy In Cyberspace
> Thoughts and flames welcome....but I probably will not read them. Good
> wishes to all!

Goober King
He's an open book... but the pages are blank
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Terrain View Error

Jun 12, 2002, 8:17pm
That's not a bug, it's a feature. The 3rd person camera is affected by
the terrain, so if you back up into a wall of terrain while in 3rd
person, the camera will crawl up the wall. Personally, I think it's a
great feature. I just wish that the camera didn't change altitude when
that happens. It should only change altitude when your avatar does. Oh
well, a nice feature nonetheless. :)

[View Quote] > Does anyone else experience the problem that if you make terrain alterations
> so you have a 4 * 4 square at 327 metres high, and a hole in the middle
> going to -327m. Face down it in 1st person then zoom down it (looks cool if
> you have good textures on the terrain, its like going at warp speed).
> Anyway, sometimes if you click 3rd person after zooming right to the bottom
> at high speed you will find yourself looking at the very top of the terrain,
> a whole 674 metres above your actual position.
> - Mark

Goober King
Thinks that first sentence must be so cliche by now!
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Terrain View Error

Jun 14, 2002, 6:27pm
Not quite sure I understand you, there... The 3rd person camera will
follow the terrain as if it were an object in the scene. So if you walk
backwards into a wall of terrain, the camera will stop at that wall and,
since it has nowhere else to go, will shoot straight up, making your av
look *really* tiny.

However, if you're already in 3rd person and you walk off the cliff, the
camera will get stuck on the ground and all you'll see is an extreme
close up of the terrain object. You would have to move your avatar
forward until it's far enough away from the wall that the camera will
slide off the cliff and down the wall. I'll try do demonstrate using
ASCII *crosses fingers*

* - 3rd Person camera
$ - Avatar

Flat Ground



Walk off Cliff

__*_ <- Camera stays at ground level

Walk away from cliff

|* <- Camera slides forward and falls down cliff

Hope that made sense!

[View Quote] > Yes, but what happens if the wall just happens to be 600 metres above you
> and you cant see ur AV, only the middle of objects

Goober King
When it comes to ASCII, Keep It Simple Stupid!
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a new AW GZ?

Jun 17, 2002, 10:36am
The old GZ was made up almost entirely of z objects (which still exist
and might even be x objects). Had the blue compass in the middle with a
large stone8 octagon surrounding it. Also had checkered walls for
borders and teleports where the large signs are now (not the large
picts). That's about all I can remember, but I'm sure someone has a
picture of it somewhere. (AWHS, perhaps?) Or, if you're feeling real
adventurous, check out AWGZ world, which (I believe) has the old GZ
fully restored in it.

[View Quote] > I remember when it was different :) I liked it better then. But i cant
> remember exactly what it was...
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Goober King
Oy, has it really been that long?
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 24, 2002, 2:02am
Rather than reply to everyone individually, I'll post to the original

Whatever Insanity did to Ambivalent (I'm not a subscriber to the
worldbuilders NG) obviously ruffled a few feathers. And given Insanity's
past track record regarding such things, (to which I have personally
been witness) I would be inclined to agree that Insanity cannot be
trusted for an unbiased opinion.

However, it's precisely *because* of Insanity's past track record that I
feel I must side with Alphabit on this one. I think it's safe to say
that Insanity's methods of dealing with his customers and with other
people is no secret. Yet despite his long, well-documented history, he
still managed to get enough of the popular vote to get on the committee.
Obviously, the majority felt it either wasn't important, or didn't
have anything to do with nomination selections. Whatever the reasons, he
got on the committee via democratic process, fair and square, deal with it.

You people talk about alternate judges and such and comparing this to a
court judge, but you have to remember three things: 1) This is the CY
Awards, not a trial. The decision Insanity hands down on a nomination is
not life or death, 2) It's all subjective anyway and, 3) there are
*eight* other judges that assist in making the nomination decisions.
They could all easily vote against what Insanity decides and the person
will get nominated anyway. And while Insanity may not be above trying to
sway the opinions of other members, I sincerely doubt he has enough pull
to sway the majority of the committee.

So there you have it. Insanity's in the committee and I'm sure this will
make the nomination process interesting, to say the least. However, I'm
sure that AlphaBit, along with the rest of the committee, can recognize
bias when they see it, and act accordingly. Only time will tell if
Insanity can truly put aside his differences and work for the greater

[View Quote] > Hi Everyone:)
> Yep it's that time again!
> Nominations have officially opened and you can place your nominations at
> then click on the nominations link.
> You may nominate as many people or places as you wish, but please only
> nominate once for each person you wish to be a Nominee in each category.
> Please make sure you peruse the rules and procedures page also at the Cy
> home page. There have been some additions.
> Nominations will close next weekend, the 29th, so please don'r miss the
> deadline.
> After Nominations close, The Selection Committee (whom you voted for) will
> view and place their votes during the next month.
> You will then come back and vote on the top 5 selected in each category.
> And now.....Your Cy Selection Committee Members!:)
> Baro
> Bille
> BinaryBud
> Daphne
> Eric
> Gamecube
> Insanity
> Nornny
> Modred
> Thank you for your tremendous support of your Cy Awards and good luck to
> everyone!
> Sincerely,
> The Cy Team
> CY's are CommunitY:)

Goober King
Leave it to a Goober to be the voice of reason...
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 24, 2002, 8:47pm
Now I'm starting to wonder about *your* sanity level, Glitter. Grasping
at straws, are we? Well, to put your paranoid mind at rest, I'll have
you know that I've been at odds with APB just as often as I've supported
her. Not only that, but, if I recall correctly, she's been at odds with
Insanity before as well. I'm sure she knows full well what she's dealing
with and can handle it.

And as for all this talk about "sweeping it under the rug", the only
reason she doesn't want to talk about is because you people have already
said your piece. She has heard your arguments, considered them, and said
"No, Insanity's staying." Since these NGs are not a real-time
communication system, she's had plenty of time to consider your
arguments before replying to your post. It would seem that it is *you*
who are having the problem with dealing with that decision.

If you want to have some silly boycott or whatever of the CYs because of
this, fine, that's your business. But to somehow imply that she is not
only trying to cover-up some sort of conspiracy (as well as implicating
others in this "cover-up"), but also taking bribes/kickbacks/whatever
from Insanity, is not only false, but borders on libel and slander,
which easily puts you in the same camp as Insanity. I don't think you'd
want that, now would you?

[View Quote] > Something interesting on the Cyawards is that it is sponsered by Goober's
> news site and that another sponser ( carries
> Insanity's advertising on it ... not trying to accuse anyone of anything,
> only highlighting some associations. You know it makes me wonder how
> insanity got those past CYawards ... kinda like the US govt ... best
> decisions money can buy!
> Glitter

Goober King
He's rolling in the irony right now...
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 25, 2002, 10:42pm
*sigh* Ok, I give up. I'll admit everything! It was all a big cover-up!
Insanity gave AlphaBit a nice fat check.rwx in order to get on the CY
Awards Selection Committee just so he could screw over Ambivalent some
more if she ever got nominated. Alpha then contacted me and BinaryBud
and told us to help her deal with the "riff-raff" in the NGs and try and
keep things quiet. But obviously, your superior ranting and nearly blind
stubbornness has warded off all of our attempts. We bow to the power of
your Almighty Rant!

I'm not even going to bother arguing this sillyness anymore, but I will
say this: You are wading into very dangerous territory the more
prolonged and far-fetched you make this. The longer you drag this out,
the more *your* credibility gets damaged, not Insanity's or AlphaBit's.
Just ask Chucks Party and JFK2 and see if you can find *their*
credibility. :P

But hey, keep it up. It'll give me more fodder for the next round of the
Newbie Guide! ;D

[View Quote] >
> Well when that's all a person gives you to explain something which has such
> obvious repercussions on the community and they so obviously push an issue
> under the carpet you MUST ask why? That's not grasping at straws ... that's
> searching for an answer to a question those who owe an answer to refuse to
> answer. Something they teach you in politics is NEVER EVER ignore an issue
> and try to keep it quiet ... you must adress the issue in a reasonable
> manner or the situation will (and always does) snowball and leave everyone
> looking bad.
> My concern this whole time is the credibility of the awards. It is now clear
> beyond any question the awards are biased. Insanity as both you and Alpha
> have agreed is a person of bad judgment ... yet you both support him in the
> role of a judge.... and you question my sanity??? I believe I have a right
> to question the credibitility of those involved.
> Glitter

Goober King
You just can't make this stuff up!
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 27, 2002, 8:04pm
No need to get your bold text in a know, Insanity. The reason Glitter
hasn't been kicked out is the same reason no one else has ever been
kicked out (with a couple exceptions): No one's paying attention! If you
want let Tom know what's going on, you need to contact him directly, not
post it here in the NGs. He's not going to see it buried way down in a
pointless thread!

[View Quote] > You might wish to speak to legal council... the posts in here show many
> veteran users suggesting to you that you made you opinion known and that
> all your continued posts appear to be nothing more than "attacks"
> Myself... I clearly see your attacks and your attempts to mislead readers.
> Facts:
> 1.No one was ever defrauded.
> 2.You do not know me and have never met me.
> 3. You post hateful, slanderous, misleading information in the form of
> libel for the sole purpose of defaming and damaging a person and a
> legitimate, legal company's business and interrupt in business relations.
> 4. Your allegations are 100% false and baseless... your sources are
> gossip and hearsay.
> Formerly requesting that you cease this deliberate attack and defamation
> immediately.
> I am Formerly requesting that Active Worlds stand up to it's posted
> policy by Tom Forney as official AW spokesperson, that users like
> yourself be banned from posting personal attacks.
> What happened Tom? Why is Active Worlds not following it's posted
> policy here? Why is Active Worlds supporting this hate bashing spree
> which has now plagued another AW newsgroup? AW has banned others but
> sadly this time is showing discrimination and bias to allow hate crimes
> to be committed.
[View Quote]
Goober King
If only they *would* pay attention...
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 28, 2002, 10:46am
Umm, in case you haven't noticed, this entire thread has strayed
*entirely* off-topic from the get go! Can we just drop it please?! I
think everything that needs to have been said, has been said. Let's move
on, shall we?

[View Quote] > YP, what do you think they have in a court of law ?? one's word against another's
> thats called testimony, not hearsay....... hearsay would be if " I " for example posted :
> "Bowen told me, Ambivalent was ripped off"
> That IS clearly hearsay, as it did not come straight FROM Ambivalent, understand ?
> And YOU just stated below " when all you have is a first person account"
> There it is.... "first person account" your interpretation of the word is incorrect... a first
> person account is NOT hearsay..... what you think it would "seem" to be, is irrelevant... we're
> talking about the correct useage of the term, not your opinion on what YOU think sounds right.....
> Anyways.... Enough of the debate over a word.... we're getting a TAD off topic here
> JB
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Goober King
Make the hurting STOP!!
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Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 28, 2002, 11:13am
I believe that's "S. E. Anderson," Bowen. Lots of ISP use the
first/middle initials-last name approach to account usernames.

Besides, how many self-respecting males do you know that would call
themselves "Glitter Kitty"? :P (no offense to the *other* GK ;))

[View Quote] > Are you a he or a she? I kinda got confused on that myself... sorry. Looks
> like your name is "Sean Derson" in your E-mail and thats... kind of
> masculine.
> --Bowen--
[View Quote]
Goober King
Gotta keep things light in here *somehow*!
rar1 at

Cy Nominations Officially Open!

Jun 28, 2002, 2:41pm
About the same :) Actually, some people consider it a wad of spit, or
another name for a peanut. Where I'm from, it's just another adjective
that equates to "dumbass". :P

[View Quote] > thats exactly correct on the initials.
> ... then again as a friend remarked ... "how many self respecting _people_
> would call themselves Glitter Kitty" ... hey what can I say? ;-)
> That said ... over here a goober is something you dig out of your nose at
> traffic lights :-) ... what does it mean over there?? :-)
> regards
> Glitter
[View Quote] --
Goober King
What self-respecting person would name themselves Goober?!... Oh, wait...
rar1 at

Cy Awards Nomination Status

Jun 26, 2002, 3:30pm
Just watch. Next she'll be accusing AlphaBit of being a pedophile. ;P

As for the "security hole", what does it matter? It's just nominations,
not the actual voting process. As far as I know, the only reason that
they require you put in your citizen information is to prove that your a
citizen, not to uniquely identify each nomination. Perhaps AlphaBit
could clarify?

[View Quote] > ok so now your done attacking insanity and your going for the CY's ? what
> the hell is wrong with you? Who shit in your cheerios? you the one that
> talks of community? you need to find something better to do with your
> time. try positive thinking for a while maybe.
> Leo :)
[View Quote]
Goober King
And they say HE has too much free time!
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eureka! a wake up call

Jun 28, 2002, 1:02am
My god, I don't believe my eyes! Someone in these NGs actually...
CHANGED THEIR MIND (and due to someone else's post, no less)!! This is
huge! I'd better clear off AWNews' front page for this!! ;P

[View Quote] > bitmaster, whether you know it or not, a post below from you, gave me a wake
> up call i really needed.
> my apologies to all. i have allowed stress and anger to overtake my good
> sense, and i have mired down in the muck. this is not the level at which i
> normally function. i'm not posting another blessed thing about this
> situation, and to avoid the anger and stress, i'm not reading any more posts
> about it.
> thanks again, bitmaster - i needed that wake up call.
> ambi :)

Goober King
Hey, it's not something you see every day!
rar1 at

7/4 - It's All About the Fireworks

Jun 30, 2002, 3:22am
Note: The following is a rant. No replies are necessary, I just need to
vent. :P

I just got back from a concert/fireworks show that was put together by
the Navy. The music was great and the fireworks were spectacular, but
what struck me about the event was that it didn't seem like anyone was
paying attention to it. All around me, people were yakking and yukking
it up while the band played all these patriotic songs and speakers gave
rousing speeches (though, somehow, the audience always knew when to clap
when each segment was over). It sometimes got so bad that you could
barely hear the music. But as soon as the fireworks show started,
everyone clammed up and just ooohed and aaaahed.

And it got me to thinking, has it really come down to this? Has this
(upcoming) day, which is supposed to celebrate our nation's freedoms and
liberties, been dumbed down to a fireworks show? Should we just call it
Fireworks Day and be done with it? To me, it shows an utter disrespect
for what this country stands for and a total disregard for the prices
that had to be paid for those ideals.

So, to all those blissfully ignorant people who seem to think that
life's a silver platter, allow me to remind you just how privileged you are.

Only in America can you:

- Watch explosions in the sky, and actually derive pleasure from the
- Whine about invasion of privacy while watching voyeuristic "reality"
- Sue a company over hot coffee... and win.
- Complain about the very government you help put into power.
- Think war is just an excuse to kill people.
- Become a billionaire in the porn industry.
- Worry about getting "too fat".
- Gorge on tons of food, then puke it back up to solve the problem.
- Refuse to vote because "the system doesn't work".
- Hole yourself up in a trailer park and try to annex yourself from the
- Drop out of school because you think it's "too hard".
- Proclaim the leader of your nation to be a flaming moron simply
because he flubs a few lines in a speech.
- Demand a change in the Pledge of Allegiance simply because it contains
the word "God".
- Walk through the countryside, and have your biggest worry be stepping
in a puddle.
- Shove propaganda down other people's throats just to get your point
- Demand compensation for something that happened over 300 years ago...
and get it.
- Complain about "Corporate America", but buy their products anyway.
- Get back at "Corporate America" by downloading it free off the Internet.
- Complain when the free stuff gets taken away.
- Witness a national tragedy, then repress and ignore it after 3 months
because you're "sick of it".
- Spit on the very military that fights every day of their lives just so
you can hawk that loogie.

Guess what, if you tried to do *any* of those things in *any* other
country, it would either be physically impossible, or you would be:

a) Shunned from society,
b) Thrown into prison, or
c) Dead.

And in many parts of the world, Option C seems to be the most popular
method of dealing with such acts.

So next time you marvel at those explosions in the sky, try and find the
time to ponder why it is you can stare at them in awe, rather than run
from them in fear. Try and figure out why people bother playing those
patriotic songs every year and why you would have to sit through them
just to watch a bunch of sparks fly.

Some will say it's a day of remembrance, but remembrance implies that we
have forgotten. We must NEVER forget where we came from and who we are,
especially in these troubling times. Because if we do, if we allow
ourselves to fall in the trap of getting too comfortable in our own
safety, then September 11th will look just like one of those
firecrackers in the sky compared to what might be visited upon us by a
world that would rather see us dead.

So on this Independence Day, don't just "remember"...


Goober King
Red, White, and Goober
rar1 at

<no subject>

Jul 1, 2002, 12:02am
Hence why it was posted in General Discussion. Get a grip, Xav; you're
starting to turn into Eep. :P

And I'm not sure how this post got screwed up. My newsreader says it
came before my original post, and that *I* wrote it... How is that
possible? :P

[View Quote] > Your post has nothing to do with Active Worlds.
> From: "goober king" <rar1 at>
> Subject: 7/4 - It's All About the Fireworks
> Date: Sunday, June 30, 2002 1:22 AM
> <snipped preachy crapola>

Goober King
Now they complain about people *following* NE etiquette! Oy!
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<no subject>

Jul 1, 2002, 10:28am
That's just it. I use Netscape 6.2 as my news reader! :-/

[View Quote] > I tried to reproduce that in Andras' Test NG,
> doesn't seem to work with NetScape.
> Maybe Outlook uses the LAST occurance of the
> From:
> Subject:
> that it finds, not the first one, to set the header
> fields. NetScape definitely uses the first one.
[View Quote]
Goober King
A strange thing this technology be...
rar1 at

<no subject>

Jul 1, 2002, 11:04am
Hmm... it displays the date correctly in my newsreader... I'll just
chalk it up as a fluke and move on. :P

[View Quote] > "goober king" <rar1 at> wrote in news:3D1FB4CC.3080203
> at
> The reason is that 8blah thinks he lives in the 19th century, his post is
> dated 30th of December 1899... My newsreader (XNews) doesn't confuse it,
> but it did mess up the order of messages by putting the thread at the start
> of the messages without the first post.

Goober King
Why is it flukes alwaysh happen to *him*?
rar1 at

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