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Aug 15, 2001, 2:38pm
JFK2 brought up something in Andras's NG.. and I want whomever reads this to
tell me..

How many friends do you have?

goober king

Aug 15, 2001, 8:05pm
*blink* What is this, middle school? Does someone need a self-esteem
boost knowing they have more friends than other people? I understand
this is general.discussion and all, but what's the point?! :P

And in response to your question: "Enough"

[View Quote] > JFK2 brought up something in Andras's NG.. and I want whomever reads this to
> tell me..
> How many friends do you have?

Goober King
He can just picture all the 12 yr olds responding to this...
rar1 at


Aug 15, 2001, 9:55pm
How many friends do you want me to have, because I have more than that. ;)

Seriously, I'm a guy who likes to know a reason behind a question like that
so I can more specifically answer it. lol. What do you count as a friend as
opposed to an acquantance in your view and such. Because, in my view,
friends are whoever I meet and become attached to, being my classmates, my
family, adults, mentors, whatever. :))


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Aug 16, 2001, 2:07am
Lets list em! :-P

Warren, Aaron, Aaron, Carley, Ian, Brett, Jesse, Joel, Jason, Craig, Ashley,
Ashley, Steven, Kalen, Chris, Lana, Ignace (lol), Ricky, Nathan, Jordie,
Davey, Jessica, Ferg, Kelly, Cory, Jenna, Jacqueline, Tyne, Lawrence, Tawny,
Theresa, Hannah, Ryan, Ryan, Darrell, Sarah, Jeff, Brandon, Jeremy, Carly,
Shareba, Trevor, Britney, Koshman, Braxton, Josh...gawd..probably forgot a
bunch but that's what I can pull off the top of my head. Oh, Rick, Tyler,
Danielle, Kari, Nadine, Jaimee, Chelsea...gya thats all im listing. :-P

4ever, Agent1, Ako, Alphabit, American Police, Anduin Lothario, andy11,
Ox64, Bastillion, BigT, BirdMike, Blue Green Gem, Brant, Captain MAD Mike,
Casay, chadm1, Coryashire, Cybernome, Cybersaiyan, Cyberwitch, Daphne,
Darian Knight, Dark, Dreme Lojyk, Duskbat, Event Horrizon, eVet, Gamer,
GeneStealer, Goober King, ig0r, JOE Badd, Joshpc, Jynx, KAH, Kevin Magic,
Korongar, Lara, Leaf, Legion, Lensman, LilAlpha Phalpha, Munkuy, Magma,
Master Penguin, Mr John, Neo Red XIII o, Nornny, Nutinmuch, OniLink,
phalaphe, Plisko, Poseidon, Programmer, Rae, Ramus Rocket, RattleMan, Rose,
Rossyboy, Scyther, Shorty, sirQus, Sojiurn, Spiderman, Susan1, SW Chris, SW
Comit, SW Guitrman1, Tark, Tauntaun, The Avatar, Tomba, Tony M, Vornox,
Wing, Xx spyder xX, Young Phalpha, Zephic. That was just most of my contact
list..I might have forgot a few. Sorry. :-O

That was fun.. You count em though. lol :-)
- Syntax -

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Aug 19, 2001, 4:59pm
This wasn't a post to see I have more friends.. but if you have too many..
it means you're easy to please.. no point in having too many friends is
there? I know many people.. but that don't make them friends..

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