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Nov 4, 2004, 11:21pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] I know what you mean Samuel. :-)

I once took my computer into the shop to get a (now old)13 GB Maxtor Hard
Drive replaced (I'm NOT a "Do-It-Yourself" type of person), but when I went
back to pick up my computer, I **FORGOT** THE 13 GB Maxtor (which was
perfectly functional BTW). It had LOADS of "girlie" VIDEOS on it too (some
of them pretty borderline too).

I'm surprised I haven't had any visits by The Feds yet (Not that I would
*actually* want that :-) ).

I had used it as my D:\ Drive while my (now old) 30 GB Hard Drive was the
C:\ Drive which had my OS installed on it. I replaced the 13 GB Hard Drive
with an (also now old) 80 GB Hard Drive.

So yeah Samuel, I *DEFINATELY* know EXACTLY what you mean. :-} *LOL!*

Cheers for now everyone :-)

PC Hamster
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Multi-Select Delete

Apr 10, 2005, 7:08am
Hi everyone:

On 1 Apr 2005 23:30:12 -0500, "DaBean e" <shamilton7 at hotmail.com>
[View Quote] >Ok, What there should be is a feature where when you ctrl + shift select
>all objects in a cell, and you hit delete, if there are other citizen
>objects, instead of doing nothing it should delete only your objects
>(under your cit-number).

Agreed however one would think that if objects that didn't belong to
you were highlighted by you and you hit the DELETE key, you would get
a message from BI for each object that doesn't belong to you that you

Kinda redundant I know, but....

> Another idea is an 'un-do' where you accidently hit delete after a
>larger multi select and loose half of your build. thanks!

Again agreed. An UNO DELETE command similar to the one in Cool Edit
2000 is DEFINATELY in order. For hotkeys, I would think you would be
able to use CTRL-Z too.

Just my opinion :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
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NEEDED - Garages With HIGHER Ceilings (and one with a doorway leading to kitchen area)

Apr 10, 2005, 7:21am
Hi everyone:

I'm in the midst of building some houses with garages and if there's a
couple of things I discovered about the current garages that come with
the whole house sections that Lara so graciously made, those things

1). You CANNOT enter the garage using the BUTCH avatar (his head hits
the top of the doorway). Ceilings in the garages need to be RAISED a
little in order to accomondate the taller avatars.

2). There's NO doorway leading from the garage to (at least) the
kitchen area of the house. Why is this? I don't know of a house IRL
that doesn't have a door that one can use to enter and exit the garage
from the house.

Perhaps the house sections that have garages can be revised somehow to
add a doorway and raise the ceiling?


Just a couple observations :)

Cheers for now everyone :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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NEEDED - Garages With HIGHER Ceilings (and one with a doorway leading to kitchen area)

Apr 10, 2005, 10:34pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] >You talking about the prefab objects?

Umm....I believe so, yeah. The ones designed when 3DHPs came out.

>Word of advice...don't waste your time. Those objects suck and were never
>originally designed to be released in Alphaworld. Just build your own
>garage with regular objects X_X

Well.....Actually I'm doing quite well with the "prefab" objects and
they CAN work on AlphaWorld if you improvise a little (assuming that
you use the street* line of road objects like I do instead of the
road* line, the latter of which requires the house to be raised in
order to work). I believe Syntax Estates uses these objects too
(unless he swapped 'em all out for "regular" objects).

All I was referring to was the garage portion of those objects. Even
if a doorway isn't added, there's no denying the fact that the garage
ceiling needs to be raised a little in order to accomondate the taller
avatars such as BUTCH and HOTEP. There's nothing wrong with the rest
of it.

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
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Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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NEEDED - Garages With HIGHER Ceilings (and one with a doorway leading to kitchen area)

Apr 11, 2005, 2:29am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] >Even the Harold avatar has room to spare in the thseb3a.rwx garage. Are
>you sure it's not partially sunk underground?

Nope. Not partially underground. It's right at 0.0 meters.

Have you tried it with the Butch avatar (that the one I always use as
it's the one that best fits me as a person :) ).

>Yes, an internal doorway would be nice.

Indeed it would. :)

Cheers for now :)
PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
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Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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NEEDED - Garages With HIGHER Ceilings (and one with a doorway leading to kitchen area)

Apr 12, 2005, 7:58am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] >Actually...not even sure what your talking now. Just checked out the garage
>objects with my hotep avatar and had a whole meter of headroom left. o_O

Try it with the Butch avatar. Navigating around the garage in thseb3a
is okay - once you're inside. But walking in from the driveway is a
completely different ballgame altogether. :(

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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send teleport coords

Apr 19, 2005, 4:01am
Hi everyone:

On 16 Apr 2005 22:55:57 -0500, "Tivoloran" <challagar at hotmail.com>
[View Quote] >I would like to see a feature where you can send a user a bookmark from your
>teleport list. This feature would be handy for when you have just completed
>a build and you want to share it with your friend, but he or she is either
>busy, afk, or offline at the time. You can find out your teleport coords by
>opening the teleport.txt file in your AW folder, but this way is kinda

You could do this just as easily just by typing the coords. in

What would be nice (that's related) are these two items....

1). Altitude Adjuster that detects objects both directly above and
below you. This way, when someone sends you the coords. to a build,
they don't have to include the altitude as well (or tell them to go up
or down from the coords. given) as the Adjuster would simply
teleport/warp you ground level (whatever the altitude is).

This way, you're not left wondering where your frind is.

This could also work with the JOIN command as well as you'd be
teleported to not only the general location of where your friend is,
but the altitude as well. :)

2). the ability to copy, paste, and edit names of teleports in the
teleports tab using the RIGHT mouse click command that's standard with
Windows (I think this is what you were probably referring to). This
would be a handy option to have not only to copy and paste into
telegrams, but to edit out typos and such.

Thoughts anyone?

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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send teleport coords

Apr 19, 2005, 4:04am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] >You can right click on the teleport in your aw browser and select
>"teleport"... copy the highlighted co-ordinates, cancel, and then paste
>that into your telegram. No need to go hunting in your teleport.txt.

No you can't Justin. I tried to do a right click in the telports tab
to edit/rename a teleport I have to remove a typo and all it did was
simply teleport me to that location.

Not what I wanted to do....

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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New Avatars for AlphaWorld

May 28, 2005, 4:35am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] That makes two of us Comit. Add - YES. Replace - ABSOLUTELY NOT. :)

They could especially use vehicle avatars like those available on
Broadway World.

At least those, along with the BIKE avatar I almost always use (except
when I'm constructing buildings that is), would be better than NOTHING
(which is what we pretty much have now).

Cheers for now everyone :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
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May 28, 2005, 4:23am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Log onto Broadway World. Select the Taxi cab avatar.

That's probably about as close as we'll see to an actual vehicle on
AlphaWorld (that is IF ENZO & Co. have even thought of building a car
avatar like that).

Beyond that, one would have to hope that AWI finally realizes that THE
ONLY way they're really gonna some SERIOUS $$$ is if they put the
ActiveWorlds browser ON STORE SHELVES and charge only a nominal ANNUAL
fee for cits.

But that would be asking A LOT of AWI just to even *consider* the idea...

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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AFK mode

Jul 22, 2005, 2:20am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] It could also be solved using Immigration Officer as well as IO can
simply inform you that the person you're talking to is away.

Just a thought :)

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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NO Upgrade Notice While In Session

Jul 12, 2006, 9:30pm
Hi everyone:

I don't know about everyone else here but I for one DO NOT appreciate
getting some pop up window saying there's a new release of the AW
Browser while I'm in session.

I say this because earlier today, I was in the middle of an intricate
building project (more like covering up land for an upcoming build)
when all of a sudden, I got such a window.

In-Between sessions (e.g. When I log off and close the browser and
reopen it in an attempt to log on at some later time) is one thing. I
have no problem with that. BUT DURING A SESSION IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT

If there's a way to turn that off, I'd sure appreciate the info. as to
how to do it. If it's server-side, then that server had a brain fart
or something 'cause near as I could tell, I was still logged in, and
therefore, was still in mid-session.

Cheers :)
PC Hamster
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
pchamster at comcast.net
Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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3D Homepages

Jan 15, 2002, 10:29pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Putting myself at great risk of being flamed or chastised, as an owner of a
PAID 3D Homepage, I'm a believer that it isn't neccessarily the fact you
have a 3D Homepage that matters the most. It's what you do with it once
it's all set up and paid for that matters the most. And as such, THOSE are
the homepage worlds what will get the most attention.

Now, of course I'll admit that I haven't done very much since I paid for my
3D Homepage aside from partially destroying a house while trying to place an
imported object there (and moving Ground Zero as a result), but there are
SOME of who DO have plans for our 3D Homepages (and are working on carrying
them out).

If you REALLY want to get on a rant, take a look at all those worlds which
are NOT 3D Homepages that CONSISTENTLY get ZERO users, yet they insist on
listing themselves in the AW directory. And some of those worlds don't even
look like they've updated in like MONTHS too!!!

Was it a good idea to offer a 30-day FREE TRIAL for 3D Homepages??? No.
But the problem of worlds to users ratio existed LONG before 3D Homepages
came along.

Add this to the fact that AW is now charging its users on a MONTHLY basis
just merely goes to show the effort that AW has made in promoting ITSELF!!!
But I'll leave this for another topic/thread.

In short, as I indicated earlier, the problem of the ratio of worlds to
users was there LONG BEFORE 3D Homepages came along. This is a fact no one
can deny!!

Just my $.02 worth....Cheers for now. :-)

Patrick Cook
Owner - Pub 102X
pchamster at msn.com
musicradio102x at juno.com
Denver, Colorado

I must have answers now!

Jan 26, 2002, 9:29pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Not only that, but all DreamLandPark does is offer up a CUSTOMIZED version
of THE SAME browser you can get at the AW site itself (the screenshot at
http://www.dreamlandpark.com/main/tour.html told me THAT much!) Juno does
(or at least *did* last time I checked) the SAME THING!!! Additionally, it
appears that SOMEONE has been LOAFING AOUND on the job because they failed
to delete any reference to 2.2 and the price for a citizenship is still
listed at $19.95 a year. Both of which, as we all know by now, have

So Data21, you have have your world there (good luck on getting ANY of your
old files back though!), but I'd bet I could easily teleport there just by
using the AW browser (once I get my DirectX problem fixed).

Just my $02 worth...Cheers for now :-)

Patrick Cook
Owner - Pub 102X
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado


Feb 4, 2002, 1:02am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Well Bowen, you know the first idea I have (ya know the time-floating sky
idea I proposed yesterday), but here are some others.....

1). ADVERTISEMENTS!!!! Now before you all tell me I'm off my rocker, hear
me out on this one, okay??? Okay. Now we all know that Affiliate Programs
don't exactly put food on the table, but what IF we used the proceeds from
there to PAY FOR OUR CITS AND HOMEPAGES instead??? It would be an
alternative to monthly charges and paying several months in advance PLUS all
proceeds received can go towards credit, which would in turn (provided
you've earned enough), PAY FOR your cit and/or Homepage.

The ads can come in the form of banners like you see in AW and can be moved
around to the World Owner's content to avoid construction problems with the
Building Inspector (if for no other reason), but CANNOT be deleted (unless
your world isn't hosted by AW of course! :-))

2). AW-APPROVED BOTS FOR 3D HOMEPAGES!!!! Hey, if AW is going to allow
them to be distributed via at Mart, they should AT LEAST make them available
to 3D Homepage Builders via the object compiler. We should then be able to
configure it simply by right clicking on the bot's avatar. How 'bout it

3). MORE AVATARS!!!! Can't very well host a world without these (well okay
it can be done with just the basics), but in order for us 3D Homepage
Builders to be able to truly CUSTOMIZE our 3D Homepage, we NEED this
functionality. We could also use an AVATAR COMPILER so we can add as many
additional avatars as we want just like adding objects (only the new avar
would naturally appear in the AVATARS pull-down list).

Well, that's about it for now. If I happen to come up with another
brilliant brainstomin' idea, I'll be sure to post it here. In the
meantime......CYA!! :-)

Cheers for now everyone :-)

Patrick Cook
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado


Feb 5, 2002, 3:22am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Well then I guess at Mart is probably DOOMED, especially given some of the
moves AW has made lately....

> You don't need to have bots approved by AW, and they can't really use
their time on approving bots,
> they've got bigger issues on their hands (ok, so Ricky & JP would probably
> don't mind having fun playing around with bots all day, but anyways...).

Well then I hope they're busy CREATING bots which can be used on or with
3DHPs or there's gonna be A LOT of "duplicate" worlds out there with VERY
LITTLE (if any!) creativity or imagination put into them (okay, I know MY
world doesn't look much different right now, but I'm *trying* with what
little time I have :-)).

> Just download bots from places that seem thrustworthy, and that are
> recognized if you're affraid of trojans, most bot programmers are honest
> people that wouldn't dream of writing evil trojans (with the new
> the trojans can't do a lot either). Start out with easy to use bots like
> HamBot & Co ( http://www.hamfon.com ), Preston ( http://www.imabot.com )
> Xelagot ( http://www.imatowns.com/xelagot/ ). Then go looking for other
> (you can subscribe to the Bots NG for example), like the bots I've made,
> available at http://home.no.net/kahbot/ (I know the design is HORRIBLE,
> one will come pretty soon).

I've bookmarked the sites for future reference.... :-)

> An important thing is that AW does not have an object compiler! I guess
you're referencing to the object properties window,
> which only changes the property of an object (or duplicates/deletes one).

I can tell YOU haven't applied for a 3D Homepage, have you KAH?? :-) Well
believe it or not, there IS such a beast. It is merely an object that kinda
looks like (at least in MY world, which is a contemporary brick themed 3DHP)
a manhole cover which you click on. That opens up a web page off to the
side where you enter your username and password. From there, you can select
from objects which are located in the AlphaWorld Object Yard via a pull down
menu. Once you have made your selection, just click the NEXT button and the
object appears magically before your very eyes (if it doesn't appear right
away, it will once you exit the browser and re-enter your world).

From there, you can use the OBJECT PROPERTIES window to move the object into
place. Simple huh?? :-)

> Many people would like to see bots integrated into the browser as plugins,
> think it's an OK idea, but right now it's not really that much extra work
> launch a bot from your startmenu or desktop... For the avatars thing, I
> recommend starting your own OP and using one of the multiple OP tools
> currently available, allowing you to add as many avatars as possible to
> world. Even though your 3DHP was, lets say, founded by the AWC artists
> your world now, their only responsponsability is to continue hosting the
> world and the OP, not to provide you with additional content. You've got
> provide that yourself, I recommend reading through
> http://mauz.info/worldrunning.html :-))

I didn't see the above URL. I shall bookmark it ASAP!! :-) And I suppose
you're right about running a bot straight from my desktop (although ISPs may
not share the same sentiment and in fact may even take issue with the idea
citing "security concerns", but we all know that ISPs tend to be a *little*
too paranoid anyhow). As for avatars, I don't think I'm gonna be able to
find anything cheap on the net tbhat's also USER-FRIENDLY, so I'll be
looking around some of the better RETAIL outlets to see what THEY have (I'm
not shelling out over TWO HUNDRED CLAMS for TrueSpace - REGARDLESS OF

Anyhow I'm the ONLY op in my world, so right now that's about all that
matters.... :-)


Feb 5, 2002, 2:50pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] That is correct Bowen....

Active Worlds

Feb 5, 2002, 3:29am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] I think people will find this a *little* easier to swallow than the original
plan they rolled out with, though I think if they're going to restrict
tourists only to AW worlds, I think they had better use ALL of 'em so as to
NOT overload the Gate. Just a thought.... :-)

Cheers for now everyone :-)

Patrick Cook
Owner - PC Hamster
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

World redownloading

Mar 13, 2002, 8:48pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] I get this problem even when I tell it *not* to download *anything*!!!! As
a result, I've the limit at 100 MB just to keep the browser from
mysteriously consuming my entire Hard Drive.


Something EVERYONE:Should Be Aware Of

Mar 13, 2002, 8:05am
Hi everyone:

Just a preface here....The Message you're about to read is a **NOT** a
joke!!! However since it doesn't DIRECTLY affect the ActiveWorld Community
nor does it have ANYTHING whatoever to do with building worlds, it *is*
nonetheless something you should be made aware of.

I have created a series of signs at my build beginning at 5000N 272E which
says the following.....

If you love online Radio & TV, then you had better listen to this....

The future of thousands of Internet radio and TV stations are in jeopardy
due to recent actions by the United States
Copyright Office.

The Internet is one of the best things to happen to everyone from radio
listeners and music lovers to news junkies
in this repressive era of media consolidation. The Internet has brought
choice and diversity to the music and information
landscape, a landscape in which previously your choice could now be dictated
by large corporate interests. The recent
royalty rate recommendations by the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel
(CARP), if accepted in their current form, would
likely severely limit or eliminate the majority of the most creative, unique
and independent Internet radio
(and soon-to-be TV) outlets.

While NO ONE is arguing that artists and other copyrights holders should be
fairly compensated for their works,
these draconian recommendations for the reporting and payment of public
performance copyright royalties would make
it nearly impossible for all but the largest media companies to broadcast
music online. Even Clear Channel, with its
1100 stations, would BARELY survive as a webcaster.

If you have an opinion, NOW is the time to express it, and not just to
friends and inside message boards and newsgroups.
Please contact your U.S. Senator and Congressional Representative and the
U.S. Copyright Office and tell them to reject
the CARP proposal recommending rates and terms for webcasting. To write
your representatives in Washington, go to
www.congress.org and simply type in your zip code. That's all there is to


Tell Washington to SAY NO to The RIAA's money and their money-wielding
lobbyists. Government is SUPPOSED to be BY THE
PEOPLE - FOR THE PEOPLE!!! Not Corporations.

Write TODAY!!! Because if we can't save Internet Radio, we don't stand a
chance of saving yet another medium on the
horizon - Internet Television. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! WRITE TODAY!!! Don't
let our stations go silent tomorrow.


Again - THIS IS **NOT A JOKE!!!! Additionally, contrary to popular belief,
there is *still* time to send comments into the Library Of Congress, which
governs the CARP. You can do so by sending an email to copyinfo at log.gov

Don't send a postal letter due to mail delivery and security concerns.

Additionally, I have gathered a few links for reference purposes. Some mahy
be accessible, while others may not (I don't nor can't guarantee that the
links will work properly ofr are accurate as things change almost on a
daily, if not hourly, basis. The links I have gathered are as follows....

RAIN - Radio & Internet Newsletter -

Salon.com -

United States Copyrighjt Office -

Save The Music - http://www.save-the-music.org/ (May NOT be operational now)

Anti-DMCA Website - http://www.anti.dmca.org/ (Also may NOT be operational

CARP Petition - http://www.petitiononline.com/carp/petition.html (This
petition is a petition to recommend that the CARP Proposal be REJECTED!)

Finally, here are some media links you can use to send email to (Note:
These were only the ones I found and therefore may or may not be the right
department, but do try to use them anyway

MSNBC "Letters To The Editor" section -

CBS News Feedback -

ABC World News Tonight -

Fox News Channel - newswatch at foxnews.com

Also, don't forget to utilize the website of your local TV station as well.

Well....That's all the damage I care to do. You can hurl flames, cast iron
skillets or anything else at me now for posting this, but I think you'll be
thankful I did later on.

Cheers for now my (still hopefully) friends.... :-)

Patrick Cook
Mayor of Hamsterville (and devoted Live365 Broadcaster)
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

Something EVERYONE:Should Be Aware Of

Mar 21, 2002, 12:40pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] This is a mythological misconception Icey and you know it. Ever heard of
something called SATELLITE RADIO???? If not, perhaps you had better take a
look at these URLs....

http://www.xmradio.com/ and http://www.siriusradio.com/

You'll find that you will get an education.

As for those of you who seem to think that the CARP Proposal isn't real or
won't affect you because you happen to listen to some obscure music genre
that's so obscure that the record labels don't even give a damn - THINK

If you think it won't affect you because YOU don't live in the USA, THINK
AGAIN!!! Look at what a Dutch judge did to the owner of KaZaA.

The RIAA and its corps of agencies don't know boundaries. They ARE
International. It may take them a little longer to affect you because of
the liberalness in some of your laws, but they ultimately WILL find a way.
So they DO affect you. You just may not know it.

If nothing else convinces you of the seriousness of this situation, think of
it THIS way. You know about that nice little company called
NetBroadcaster.com which AWcom kindly acquired awhile back, well GUESS
WHAT.... AWcom NEEDS YOUR HELP & SUPPORT!!!! Didn't Mr. Noll say that
AWcom's future pretty much depends on their acquisition of
NetBroadcaster.com (in about a thousand words or so, but still

Think about it peoples!!! As NetBroadcaster goes, so does AWcom's chances
of survival.

I know you're tired of trying to work with a company that's had a track
record of lying and poor PR (among other things). But IF this thing becomes
LAW, AWcom is pretty much out of business.

It would be interesting to see just what AWcom is doing to address the issue
of the CARP Proposal. AWcom is getting a CC of this message - AWcom, don't
you think that WITH YOUR FUTURE AT STAKE you should show that you are
*actually* doing something to address this issue or are you so naive as to
think it can't possibly affect YOU because you're in the VIDEO business as
opposed to Internet Radio & Webcasting?????

Seriously AWcom, don't you think you should like post something on your
website addressing this issue??? Maybe then people here will grasp the
seriousness of this issue and begin to take action.

So far with the exception of one or two people, I'm pretty disappointed in
the AW Community, at least with those who live in the U.S. and who seem to
think this won't affect them 'cause IT WILL if this becomes LAW as it'll
affect EVERYONE!!!

Well....that's all for now....Cheers....

Patrick Cook
Mayor - City of Hamsterville
Live365 Broadcaster
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

We are moving our servers!!

Mar 20, 2002, 10:38pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] I also have to wonder if this is behind the reason a mysterious bot named
[M1] appeared on AW GZ and started kicking everyone out (including Customs
Aide) left and right last night. Hmm.....Why do I have this feeling.....

Patrick Cook
Mayor - City of Hamsterville
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

P.S.: While you guys are at Bill, you guys should SERIOUSLY look at
UPDATING THE MAPPER at http://mapper.activeworlds.com/ February 2000 is a
*little* OUT OF DATE, dontcha think????? :-)

We are moving our servers!!

Mar 20, 2002, 10:59pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] So, given the size of AW and the number of builds, cities, towns, etc., just
how long of a down time are we looking at here (roughly speaking)??

Also, there's a concern that any move of AWcom would result in more fees.
So, I'm asking. WILL prices be raised??? Will there be any additional fees
stemming from this move???

Let's get this all out on the table Bill....

Respectfully Posted,

Patrick Cook
Mayor - City of Hamsterville
AW 5000N 268E
Pub 102X 3D Homepage
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

P.S.: Will ANY Tourist builds (regardless of size) be deleted????

We are moving our servers!!

Mar 20, 2002, 11:05pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] They host all those 3D Homepages, which are, in their own way, little worlds
themselves if that's what you're asking....



Apr 1, 2002, 6:46pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Being someone who owns a 3DHP, I have but ONE question to ask....

Just WHO ARE YOU to tell US what has been compromised or corrupted???

Your post leads ME to believe that YOU are the source of the problem
(assuming there *is* one).

So like Jeremy said, BEFORE you go SPAMMING the newsgroups with your crap,
at least make sure its at least *reasonably* intelligent.

Patrick Cook
Mayor - City Of Hamsterville
Owner - Pub102X
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

P.S. ANY efforts to spam me via email WILL result in your IP being blocked
from my box and ANY efforts to spam me via my site guestbook WILL result in
your entry being DELETED.


Apr 1, 2002, 6:57pm
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Either that or a self-admitting (and not to mentiion ARROGANT) computer

Strike, you REALLY have a LOT of nerve boasting like that in public (that is
ASSUMING you're telling us the truth).


Wonder if AW will ever take this stance against the "dis'ers"?

Apr 11, 2002, 2:04am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] The RIAA come to mind here.....

90% of lawsuits aren't thrown
> out.

That's why people dread the idea of going to JURY DUTY...

Ever hear of the one where a robber was robbing a house and fell on a
> knife? He sued the people he robbed, and won the lawsuit. Now tell me
> that's not frivilious.

Well now gee Bowen....Falling on that knife serves him right, dontcha
think?? I measn think about it. Had he not broken into that woman's home,
he wouldn't have landed on that knife and he most certainly wouldn't have
been wounded by it either. If *I* was on that jury, I would've taken the
"serves him right" approach and voted NOT GUILTY.

Same goes for the plant guy. If he had delivered what he had promised WHEN
he promised, his name or company wouldn't have been plastered all over the
Internet like it was. Again, it serves him right.

However since he was the PLAINTIFF and not the defendant, I hope he learned
something from his experience.

Just my $.02 worth....Cheers :-)



Apr 11, 2002, 2:36am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Yeah NO DOUBT because it was BECAUSE of Juno and its constant advertising
that I discovered ActiveWorlds (and ultimately became a citizen!).

Oh well....Score one more world for Adobe Atmosphere as I would bet that
before long, JunoDome will pop up on that universe instead. :-)

Cheers :-)


TV writers + tech stuff = AAAH!

Apr 11, 2002, 2:26am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Because they're just as stupid (not to mention uneducated - Ohh....I guess
that must be the same thing).

Although being an American, I kinda find it rather fascinating that a source
like the BBC would be stupid enough to stoop to the level of Hollywood, CA

I thought those British were more sophisticated and educated than that.
Guess I must be wrong...

Cheers :-)


Moving back to main server

Apr 21, 2002, 5:05am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] Thanks for the move back Bill. Much appreciated :-)

I say this because one of the first things I noticed was the fact that the
main server doesn't seem to fall out of line so much as the other server
did. One bad turn and BLAMMO - I would find myself going down the road in
almost a "zig zag" fashion. This is DESPITE clearing the cache and/or
teleporting myself back into proper position. Now with the main server,
it's no problem. I simply re-position myself and I'm off again. MUCH
easier going down the road this way. :-)

Hopefully you guys can find a fix for the other server whereas it acts a lot
like the old one does.

Just my $.02 worth.... :-)

Patrick Cook
pchamster at msn.com
Denver, Colorado

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