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Jul 15, 2005, 12:46pm
It'd be nice and helpful if there were a little AFK icon of some kind that
would go up by your citname above your head when you click the AFK button so
that people would know if you're AFK or not when you're standing amongst
them so that they don't start talking to you and think you're rude when
you're not responding.

pc hamster

Jul 22, 2005, 2:20am
Hi everyone:

[View Quote] It could also be solved using Immigration Officer as well as IO can
simply inform you that the person you're talking to is away.

Just a thought :)

Cheers for now :)

PC Hamster
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Denver, Colorado (my REAL city :-))
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the derek

Jul 25, 2005, 8:55pm
[View Quote] > Hi everyone:
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mpl knight

Sep 8, 2005, 6:48am
Hey ORB :)

You may not know just how close you may be, asking for this one :)

Here is the general idea of what is happening at AW:

Awhile ago Chris Murwald made a little browser called Plastic Planet (and
this must have been about a year ago by now). Chris was taking suggestions
for the new browser from it's beta testers (I being one of them) and i
suggested something similar - Except that in the text chat, standard
internet jargon like LOL, BRB, BBL and AFK would translate into a little
icon over the person's head in the 3d world so that people would instantly
know what your status was - or maybe emote expression where 3D Expression
wasn't possible.

Now, this ties into AW in a way that people may not realize... Since, after
promoting the living Bejesus out of PP3D on popular Boards, AW finally broke
down and visited His creation.

Apparently they were impressed because they ended up contracting Chris
Murwald to include all of those nifty things into the AW Browser :) Hence,
I've known generally what to expect since 3.2 and on.

See, now that Chris Murwald (chrispeg) works for AW, and he already knows
how to incorporate what you've just asked for (originally it took him
something like overnight to implement it into PP3D)... I would be able to
assume that such an improvement would be easy for him now that he's working
with the AW browser :)

I can't promise anything - but I can say that if he were to port it over
(why not? he's ported nearly every other option from PP3D) it would probably
take him something like 48 Hours, single handedly.. lol

Darian Knight

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strike rapier

Sep 8, 2005, 12:50pm
[View Quote] It would perhaps take slightly longer than 48 hours, he sleeps 1 out of
every 24 nowerdays.

- Mark Randall

"Those people that think they know everything are a great annoyance to those
of us who do"
Isaac Asimov


Sep 14, 2005, 1:08am
oo, you mean it was chrispeg who made plasticplanet, didn't know that O_O
wonder what happened to it anyway?


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Nov 3, 2005, 11:28am
He put it on 'standby' I'm guessing.

You can see how he tested some things there, before taking them over to AW,
such as the create media.

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mpl knight

Jan 31, 2006, 4:43am
Yes :)

The 3D emoticons thing was my suggestion for PP3D while testing with him.
Had the same idea as the afk thing, but went far beyond that by also doing
stuff like BBL, BRB, AFK, LOL, ROFLOL, MUTE, :), :(, and CLR

There was a more extensive list there, but thats what I remember... The MUTE
emote was a great thought too, because when you muted somebody that little
greyed out MUTE emoticon would appear over anyone who you muted.

What I really would love to see from PP3D get ported over are the mirrors
and the stencil shadows. *they totally rocked*

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