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Posting in HTML

May 18, 2001, 3:39pm
not true..

web page opening although html is protected to a much greater extent than
HTML posting in a newsgroup.. its opened by a different program in a
different package with different protection levels.

I know you wont understand, I assumed you were in category 3 4 and 5 of why
you would post in HTML anyway.

and sorry, didnt see your spam advertising the first time:) It was auto


[View Quote] > posts.
> we

Posting in HTML

May 19, 2001, 1:25pm
okay your choice, but will answer a few points in the text..

[View Quote] ermmm yes they can:)

I quote from symantecs site..

VBS.Vierika at mm
Discovered on: March 5, 2001
Last Updated on: March 5, 2001 at 01:33:07 PM PST

VBS.Vierika at mm is a worm that emails itself to all addresses in the Outlook
address book with the following email attributes:

Subject: Vierika is here
Body text: Vierika.jpg
Attachment: Vierika.JPG.vbs

Although not a jpg, it appears in HTML friendly readers AS a jpg and
therefore people open assuming its just a picture.

This virus attatches itself to all .jpg files .zip files and various
others, so if you are infected, by sending someone a jpg from your machine,
or to a newsgroup, you are transmitting the virus.

This is not an isolated virus, its just one of the latest types.


> Any attachment would infalte the posting to 48k, while HTML would not,
> it contains images, which you could count as attachments.

I didn't say attatchment, I said with a link to an image.

A one line message with a one line link in it makes a two line message under
1k. A picture attatchment makes for 40k or more of message which could be
on the link for those interested.

> I really question this statement. Its not the business of the ISP to
filter out HTML.
> Does your ISP filter the news you get from ?

Yep, all newsgroups are reposted, access is not via the origional source..
you can go to the origional source, but its better this way, no dumb 40k
messages or HTML postings.:)


Posting in HTML

May 19, 2001, 1:28pm
Justin, see my response to faber further down, if you are infected and you
send a jpg to someone, the virrii will rename the file to xxxxxxx.jpg.vbs
and pass the virus. The body text will just say xxxxxx.jpg. If someone
clicks the link before checking the full extension you will get the virus,
so although I agree that a jpg itself cannot include the virus, the virus
can be transmitted by sending a jpg either in mail or in an HTML post if the
jpg is opened as part of the post and the jpg is embedded as a


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Posting in HTML

May 19, 2001, 1:45pm
hey good imitation casay:))

had me fooled:)))))


[View Quote] > Casay as Eep -"You idiot twitf*** moron pissant, have no grip on logic.
> evolve already...and get over yourself."
> *feels MUCH better now ;-) *

Posting in HTML

May 20, 2001, 11:19am
[View Quote] > What you quoted ("Although not a jpg") does not apply to jpgs, nor to
> It applies to vbs files that appear to be images or something else.
> You cannot blame the existance of vbs files on the files they pretends to
be. the first .vbs virus pretendet to be a text file, now
> what ? bann text files ?

Yep in effect.

if someone attatches one or sends it to me and I don't know them, or what
they are sending.. ANY attatchment of unknown or dubious source gets an
automatic delete.

If you have this virus on your machine and send me a jpg from your machine,
it will arrive at mine with the name of the jpg in the text but with the
virus attached in the attatchment. Therefore, you send me a jpg I get a
virus.. to start going on about the type of file is splitting hairs and
does you little credit when what were trying to do here is protect those
with non-geek lifestyles:)

> I question this again. is
> a) not connected to other news servers (so not part of the Usenet) and
> b) requires authorization.
> therefore your ISP will most likely not relay activeworlds news to you and
or allow you to post there.
> You are talking about a direct connection of your newsreader to the server. And HTML filteren is therefore
> either done at your end or not at all.

yep done at my end, via my ISP, the fact its not on usenet and its a direct
server is irrelevant. My ISP has the ability to route any transmission
to/from a newserver.. its called a service and helps people to stay away
from having to run their own firewall etc.

Its not a question of an argument, it was a set of reasons as to why posting
in HTML was not considered good.

To the normal user it can appear that a jpg has a virus embedded in it. it
IS possible to transmit a virus in HTML encoded pages or messages. This is
not in question and depending on your security you will either get a warning
or it will just download into your machine and run. Your point is that the
file type although saying it is one thing is actually another I dont
disagree with, however if you don't post in HTML none of this is relevant:)

I accept your the fount of all knowledge, but basically if you want to post
in HTML go for it.. it really doesnt worry me cause I won't see it:)


more info on above post

May 19, 2001, 1:44pm
lol good times huh builderz?

hey forget about telegrams, we didnt even have teleport to start with.

it took ages to walk to your building site, and then you hoped you didnt get
a disconnect and had to walk all the way back again.

I can remember almost begging to get a new teleport from the teleport
station when it started because teleports were a restricted command and I
did get one to my city which is still there.. the time that saved for
building was a godsend:))


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more info on above post

May 19, 2001, 5:45pm
hey!!!!!!! that innocent smile is copyrighted:)))))

Moria :))

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more info on above post

May 19, 2001, 5:59pm

[View Quote] > True, I forgot to mention that. There wasn't even whispers or even a
> contact list implemented yet, if I can recall correctly. Join requests
> weren't added yet either.

There wasn't even a registry at first, the fact you didn't build on someone
elses plot was by common courtesy if I remember correctly.

I also remember the meteorite shower which wiped everything in AW and gave
everyone a fresh start.. the land rush on that day was worse than the
california gold rush:)

I also remember the first time DM introduced those plexiglass panels that
almost everything seems to be built with these days, and formed the basis of
the object set for Colony.

> LOL. So true. Hmm...what version did Ron and/or Roland implement the
> faster moving Ctrl key? You NEEDED to hold down Ctrl just to get around
> back then.

Oh heck yeah, I have no idea, am guessing at 60 or so, around then I think
sometime close to the intro of that fixed teleport booth at GZ that took you
to the Grand Central Station.:)

It was commemorated by the race across AW from edge to edge which took
agessssssss!! :))

> I think the Grand Central Station was the most visited property back
> then because everyone either had or wanted a teleport to their property
> there. Ah...the good old days. Hehe.

deffinately and its still there with all its links:) I still have it after
all this time in my bookmarks:)

For anyone who hasn't visited it, its on a teleport by GZ in AW. Have a
look round and see some of the very early builds in AW:)

I also remember the 24 hours building in AW when we started Victoria city
with new special Z objects when for the first time we got avatars other than

sheesh... sounding like an old fogey on a park bench.. no good gotta get
back to lights and move commands:)

But in the meantime.. thank you to all those still here and no longer here,
you ARE remembered with thanks and gratitude:)


Old review

May 19, 2001, 4:09pm
Early to mid 95 I was an acolyte in Worlds Away on Compuserve, owned by
Fujitsu. I heard of this true 3d world and did some searches.

September (about) of 1995 I found AW and started to come more and more

About November 1995 I abandoned Worlds Away and joined AW permanently. Met a
few people like dataman, grover, little bull etc and started to build.

My first remaining build is dated december 1995 near the teleport station,
actually too close to the teleport station, but robocop (DM), who I met at
that time, saw what I was building and allowed it to stay:) I think it was
one of the first builds in the new terretories after Grand Central opened.
My first actual build was plowed under on a rebuild of GZ in AW many years
ago when the arrival area went from about 9 tiles to the complex we have
there today. My second build still has two ground tiles left but was
obliterated by the PK's when they wanted to build their headquarters (pout).
One day I will build a tower next to their headquarters on what is still my
GZ plot:)

Then I built my city in AW, then heard rumours about seperate worlds, got
one of the first, if not the first commercial license from Worlds Inc and my
first world was born.

Been building ever since somewhere:)


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New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 8:07am

I have been following this and I am glad they are close to release

The engine is based on that of Everquest, which if you havent sseen it, is
stunning for 3d gaming. The fact that they have added the building etc that
has for long been asked for in Everquest is wonderful, but I wonder how far
they have taken this. I expect it will a) be expensive and b) somewhat
restricted in its scope etc. From Everquest discussions, I would expect a
few basic house types, which you can buy in pre-arranged areas rather than
building as in AW per se.

I think it will attract a different market from AW though, I envisage large
groups of kids screaming round yelling "may the force be with you" shortly
before they all pounce on a rat and get wiped out, and some very powerful
alliances of older players that live there and generate some real
communities like the more powerful and established guilds in EQ and go on to
explore the universe in depth on a daily basis, and then wipe out the kids
the rats missed :).

At last, something new, my lvl 60 druid in EQ is getting bored.. theres
only so many times you can go to the planes with your guild before they get

Its going to be interesting though to split time between the new Star-Wars
and the new EQ expansion due out later this year:)

However, at the end of the day, the more 3d communities there are on the
net, the more some people will be attracted, search and find AW as many of
us did all those years ago:)


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New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 8:21am

[View Quote] I think it will be like EQ, online only needing an account to play the game
at $10 a month, possibly, the same as EQ.

Customisation of EQ characters takes place as well.. but it is limited..
for each character/race there is a choice of male/female and about 10 heads,
all matched in some way, maybe different hair colour.. a patch over one
eye.. simple customisations.

The primary customisation is in the equipment you pick up/ loot/ steal
etc.. all equipment you place on your character will show, so for instance,
you know a medium level druid is wearing a BCP breastplate, because you can
see it, and nothing else looks like it:) A high level druid will be
wandering around in all green armour that looks metallic (probably) ie the
best:) The weapon a character is carrying will look different as well.

> Some of the other virtual environments enjoy this facitily allready, but
> building is restricted to the users own "turf". Perhaps this can be a next
> step in the development of AW? Fully customized avatars, that the users
> interchange heads and bodys.

I suspect here your right as well, the building will possibly be
customisable inside with items, but thats as far as it will go:)

Once you have selected the base customisation for your character in EQ thats
it, you cant change.. unlike the old worlds away system where you could buy
new heads etc to constantly change your appearance.. but again that was on
2D avatars not 3D ones:)


New StarWars 3D Coming

May 20, 2001, 5:11pm
yep your right, thats what we are talking about:)


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Backdrops for new version

May 21, 2001, 8:39am
shut the heck up... thats three posts today youve twisted to go back on
the same old thread.

makes note... talk to aw about permanent banning from newsgroup as well as


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Backdrops for new version

May 21, 2001, 8:41am
if you really want to let it drop, what was the point of the last section of
your post.

If you ignore it, it might go away. I accept theres another who just wont
let it drop, but hes obviously obsessed with the whole incident and a
complete idiot with no real life.

Your close to the same.

Just SHUT UP about it.


[View Quote] <rest snipped cause its obssesive compulsive behaviour and unneeded and not
relevant to the topic>

Backdrops for new version

May 22, 2001, 7:48am
woohooo not by me!! :)))


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Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 6:01am
[View Quote] >
> Now, exactly how many people in here use AW in a "corporate
> environment"?

more than the few people who post here regularly, a lot more:)

> And how many of us own and operate Universes?

more than you realise:)

> I realize
> there *are* people who use NT 4.0 in here, but they seem to be in the
> minority. (At least among average customers...)

average customers being what? the few that continue in here or the ones
that actually use the software?

"Corporate environment"
> essentially translates to "people who can give us more money". Since we
> only shill out $20 a year, we obviously aren't important enough, even
> though citizenships are the bulk of AWCom's budget and, without us,
> AWCom would cease to exist.

figures please to support this. the smallest galaxy sale will easily bring
in more revenue than the few people that post here. Its easy in this
newsgroup to think that if everyone agrees then thats a majority, but with
about 15 regular posters, this group is an incredibly small minority. Its
much smaller than any one universe, let alone the number of AW users.

> Also blatantly absent from their list of
> features are anything that's ever been suggested in the Wishlist
> newsgroups. I don't recall anyone asking for Universe-wide messages or
> skyboxes. Does anyone from AWCom even read the damn NG?

Actually the skyboxes thing was discussed in here ad-infinitum with a
request, although it was from a different perspective, its a possible
solution to the problem that was discussed in here and may or may not be a
good thing.. depends on the implementation.

Universe messages is an excellent feature and should have been in ages ago.
AW is probably the only system like this that hasn't got a full broadcast
facility. There also needs to be an across universe broadcast for things
like maintenance, where miltiple universes exist on the same server etc.

> I've also noticed a rather disturbing trend as years and AW versions
> have gone by. Instead of focusing on development of the browser itself,
> AWCom has started focusing more and more on what I call "fluff". Sure,
> skyboxes and rotate and move commands are all well and good, but the
> actual AW browser itself hasn't significantly changed since v2.1! What
> happened to being able to block telegrams? Or how about sorting
> telegrams as well as the teleport list? Or any of the other millions of
> ideas that have been posted in Wishlist for the past 4 *years*!? Once
> again, AWCom has turned a blind eye to what us, their supposedly
> "cherished" customers, want, and instead are trying to develop what they
> think all the corporate hotshots will want.

again see my point above as to cherished customers. Corporates who pay for
features to be developed (like much of the stiff on 3.2) are far more likely
to get things done than users that have a hissy fit about I'll take my $20
away if they dont do what I want before anything else:)

The more this software appeals to corporate developers, the more likely it
is to survive. The more likely it is, that corporate users will have people
using their universes that people will find AW and become cits its a growing
circle. Theres far more benefit in attracting corporates and getting some
cits, that getting some cits and hoping they may get corporate universes.

In the world of reality, corporate HAS to be the way forward. Theres still
one problem though for corporate, and thats ability to cross between
universes using the standard browser.. we HAVE to get it so that this isn't
possible. Although theres ways to block that, its a pain. For full
corporate use, a universe has to be independant, and that has to happen
quickly. Its useless to rely on common decency.. after all, if your
walking down a street and theres a new house there would you just walk in?
Well many do on a new universe and its blatantly impolite. However, because
of that there has to be a way to block it and effectively. Most commercial
universes just don't want the average AW user in there when they are doing
business, and with server licenses possibly reaching hundreds of thousands
of dollars per annum, its a requirement that will be paid for:)

> Now, I *know* Facter and Lucrezia (and maybe even Flagg) will read this;
> they read everything in this NG. So, boys and girls of AWCom, I'm
> effectively "calling you out". You have a week to respond to this and
> tell us why it is that our requests as customers are being constantly
> ignored before I start spamming every email address on the AWCom roster.
> And I won't stop until I get an answer from *someone*. And I don't want
> the usual "Well, I'll mention it to the other guys and we'll see what we
> can do" runaround. You've pulled that line *way* too many times and
> nothing has been done about customer concerns.

Call them out, or have a hissy fit, or withhold your $20 whatever.. your
choice, just remember a corporate paying for features will win hands down :)


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 6:02am
I think you'll find its to force people into the WIN 2000 route

weve had to upgrade a number of machines to 2000 to get round this on the
corporate side since 98 wasn't an option. it was NT4 or 2000.


[View Quote]

Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 11:28am

[View Quote] <snipped loads to get to the main point:) >

> Tell ya what: Since it's obvious our piddly little $20 is nothing
> compared to a corporate sponsorship, why not just get rid of the $20
> fee? Citizenships have been free before, and they can be so again. It
> certainly would solve a lot of problems. Besides completely erasing the
> "tourist" concept and encouraging more folks to become citizens, it
> would shut all us complainers up, because we would have no right to
> complain. It's *because* I shell out $20 a year to fund this melting pot
> that gives me the right to complain and, more importantly, the right to
> be heard. If I'm not giving them any money, then I have no right to
> complain, since money talks. No money, no talking.

Tell ya what, lets look at it another way:)

whats it worth to have specific customer mods done for you?

Lets face it $20 a year is dirt cheap, and you get loads of features that
more than compensate for that $20.

EQ is $10 a month, and they dont listen to their users either, just the
corporates, and they are right mainly, its not a single user product:).

How about we make the citizenship a reasonable amount...

lets say you go in once a week, and lets say you spend $3 a week on
something you like like a beer or a magazine?

thats 52 x $3 for a weeks entertainment which is $156 a year. more

lets say you buy 2 mags a week or go for a couple of beers.. maybe $300 a

Yep. lets go for splitting it at $360 a year or $30 a month.. now at
those rates, the user base may be worth listening to. Although hardly, it
would need a majority to make it worth while. Remember though, it still
needs 30 citizens to equal the cost of the cheapest uniserver at $360 a year
citizenship. at $20 a year citizenship it needs 500 citizens.

Do you honestly think that someone who buys one beer a week is gonna be
listened to if they say.. hey I think you should change the recipie?

Do you think they should?

Do you think that someone who buys 365 beers a year should be listened to?
who knows.

What I can tell you is that in the corporate stakes $20 a year is zip.
nada.. nothing. A single license of $25,000 a year is listened to.

So if you want the power, you gotta pay the price.

You want stuff.. then money where mouth is.. pay up.. buy a big universe
or pay for amendments.. trust me with money you wont have a problem:)

Even if all the current users in this newsgroup said unanimously we want
abc.. 15-20 votes from a user base of some thousands is hardly a mind
blowing proportion.

However, what I would suggest is that if you really think you have something
that a real majority would like, and I mean something worth a thousand or so
votes.. by all means run a campaign for it:) Hell if I like it I'd support
it, but you gotta get a groundswell up front, and thats gotta be a lot
bigger than this small group in here:)

As to getting new objects into the OP, how many have you sent?

PS not having a go, just trying to get some realisation into this select
group of 15 we have here that $20 a year does not buy the company. it
allows you to use a product as is:)

However if you want to campaign for no citizen fee lets do that as well..In
some ways I agree with you.. lets drop the $20 but also lets drop the rest
that you get for that.. building under a cit number, telegrams, contact
lists etc etc .. lets just all be tourists then as you say its not a
problem, leave all that citizenship rubbish for the corporates who pay for

Remember, if it comes to getting 450 citizens to renew, or getting 1 person
to buy the cheapest uniserver, the change for 1 uniserver sale is going to
shout louder than a single change that 450 citizens agree on:)


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 12:54pm
good plan.. forwarded to the suggestions box.. sounds good to me, will get
a good revenue return:)


[View Quote]

Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 21, 2001, 6:54pm
[View Quote] Agreed, but my point was that if 450 users are asking for something and 1
user comes along with the monetary equivalent of 1250 users and says we
would like abc before we pay, then the 1 customer is much more likely to get

> or the 1250 citizens ($25,000) who want particular features implemented.
In case you haven't noticed, AW doesn't have that many citizens (currently
"over 40,000") according to unproven universe stats
( Now, granted, most people
can't agree on what should be implemented first, but why does a single
"user" (company, most likely) worth $25,000 dictate AW's development when
MANY more $20 users are using AW MUCH more often and to a greater
technical/creative degree? Where's the logic in that other than greed?

The logic is survival. to get one payment of $25k as opposed to hundreds at
$20 makes for a much more secure and cost effective route and a firmer
foundation for the future, and as has been proved in the past, even if 450
people ask for something and the company says no, only a trivial minority
will actually stop paying for it, so the hurt rate will be a lot less than
450 losses.

> If anything you (AWCI) should be listening to older and more experienced
AW users

In case you hadn't noticed eep, I am nothing to do with AWCI, or even AWCOM,
as you know.

>people who KNOW AW better than AWCI does for the most part,

That should read people who THINK they know AW better...

> including Roland--for AW's development future. Money doesn't make one
intelligent or knowledgeable enough to know what features should be
implemented next.

Agreed, money or lack of it has never been a proven intelligence guide, but
money does make decisions in everything. even down to I'm not gonna be a
citizen, its a rip off when asked for $20 :)) Maybe thats intelligent,
maybe not, but it happens.

The people that have been here longest don't always know whats best for the
future as aims and directions change. (see the silly protests about not
paying for citizenship when if it hadn't happened the whole of AW would have
closed. gone forever.)

I am not saying they are wrong, but most users dont have a global view of
what's needed for survival or whats happening across an entire company, much
though they might think they do. I know I don't know what the best thing
for AW is right now, but I believe its to head out into the corporate
market. I do know that many users see their own little world in AW or their
own needs and think thats the most important thing that has to happen in AW
when in fact its pretty trivial really:)

A few people asking for a new feature for free is ALWAYS gonna take second
place to a company saying we'll pay for what we want in every case.

The real world is not a charity.

I believe that AWCOM does a good job of trying to balance all the demands it
has, but I know for a fact that if I came along with a large license fee
sale, I would expect to get a much better response.. and surprisingly..
thats what happens:)


Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 22, 2001, 4:39am
your really sad in your obsessional twist of reality:)

its obvious to see youve never run a buisiness, or would be able to:)


[View Quote]

Gotta Love Those "Customer" Interests...

May 23, 2001, 8:16pm
this has got to be the funniest comment I have ever read in this

its way way beyond the pot calling the kettle black:))))

[View Quote]
>. Perhaps you could teach them a thing or two about social interaction,


No tourist allowed?

May 31, 2001, 4:07am
[View Quote] > (sure am glad I know these urls
> :)

Which being from a specific standpoint actually forgetto mention WHY you
have to be a cit to post here because that wouldn't look good in the


Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 1, 2001, 8:24pm
sorry Alpha, theres no explanation thats good enough..

Just because the guy can earn an award does NOT give him justification to be
abusive, racist, be intollerant and verbally terrorise people.

The charter should not even need to be enforced as it is basically common
courtesy and decency. The fact its not enforced does not give someone the
right to abuse it, only those who don't care about anyone but themselves
would even think that. I know many groups where a charter is not enforced,
but because people respect others, theres no need to enforce it, in fact a
charter shouldn't even be necessary.

Hitler did a stunning job of lifting Germany out of a depression and won
awards, like the granting of the Olympics, in many respects he was a
brilliant man, then his true colours showed those that showed him as
racist, abusive and started terrorising, being totally intollerant of anyone
who didn't agree with him, and attacking anyone who did not fit into his own
ethos... sound familiar?

I seem to remember that he wasn't allowed to get away with it

Although he had many supporters (which someone like that relies on, as
ultimately they are a bully and need others to support them), common decency
won out in the end. All the support does is prolong it, and tends to come
from the younger people who can be influenced by what seems to be something
new and radical, when in fact its just plain stupid and unfortunately those
that tag along and try to emulate rarely see what others think of them until
its too late, and then when suddenly they need help, people remember.


[View Quote]

Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 1, 2001, 8:50pm
sure do (innocent smile)



[View Quote]

Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 2, 2001, 8:30pm
Greetings, Just an explanation because some carefully ignore the facts:)

Insulting people because they are of a different nationality to you, like
telling someone whos primary language is not english to learn english before
they post, or telling someone they will beat the (insert country here) c**p
out of them etc are racist remarks.

If the person eep is arguing with is not from USA, you can bet that second
or third post there will be a racist comment in the reply.

Strange how short some peoples memories are in this field, especially those
that leap on anyone else for less than half the problems that eep causes..
perhaps they are frightened they will be the next target.


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Pornography and public worlds

Jun 6, 2001, 2:05pm
of course, if you were based in somewhere like Holland (for example) and
stored your pictures on a Dutch server, then you wouldn't have a problem
with pictures of naked people, and if someone deleted it without checking
first, they would be the ones in trouble:)) Even in the UK, its possible to
display adult mags next to the candy in a newsagent, its just not permitted
to sell the mag to anyone under 18, but you can display the cover, which
agreed is less explicit than the insides of the mag, but is still nudity:))


[View Quote] .. Frankly, I think that porn removal should be discussed,
> since it's obvious that the system isn't that "user-fiendly". If anything,
all these
> threads have served to educate everyone else on how the system works, (I
say everyone
> *else* since it seems Marcus, the target of this information, refuses to
accept it)
> and they'll learn what *not* to do.

Pornography and public worlds

Jun 6, 2001, 8:53pm
woahhh :))

the AW server is in the USA, BUT, if the material is not on theAW server,
its a linked jpg, then its not down to AW server, its where the server is
that contains the image. That image is sent direct from the server its on
to you, not via the AW server, therefore, if its legal in the country its
hosted in, although it may be illegal for you to view it, its not actually
in breach of conditions. AW may still, in their discretion remove it, BUT
they should be careful.

I am not saying it should be free for all, am just saying the implications
are much wider than some think.

The fact that your in the US may well make it illegal for you to view
material on the net or even in AW, BUT, as long as the material is not
stored on the netin the USA, and having a picture load direct from a server
to your machine, if the material is legal in the country of origin, theres
absolutely nothing you can do except not view it.

The only possible option, is that an object that is stored on a server in
the US has a link to something not in the US that is considered illegal in
the US.. but so far, any attempt to try and get that ratified has failed.

Providing the source of the material, on the server its on is legal, then to
deny that is to violate the free speech ethos that so many here desperately
try to defend, when it suits them to do so.

Remember, whether you like it or not, this is a global community. There are
many other things that are legal in the US that aren't in other countries,
and similar problems exist in reverse, but for some reason, no-one in the US
seems to worry about those, but it explains why AW and some other internet
programs are banned in a couple of countries. A notable example was that in
the early years of AW, we had some users in the middle east, but to get AW
they had to log onto an ISP outside their own country, as there was a
problem with the female avatars being to exposed for the liking of the local

AW covers itself as well as it can, but unless they restrict usage to only
the USA, then these things will happen, and in increasing frequency.

At the end of the day, like any internet software, kids should not use it
unsupervised, and people should be aware of the global scale of things, not
just the localised ones.

I am not advocating the use of things like porn, I am only saying that their
use in something like AW has to be expected, since it is not just a US based


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Pornography and public worlds

Jun 7, 2001, 4:50am
dream on:)

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Pornographic Material In Active Worlds (email #3)

Jun 6, 2001, 1:59pm
[View Quote] > "all I see are two cages with blank picture objects"
> Use some common sense here, when you see picture objects in cages it sort
> yells out BDSM!!!,

It does?

I think your warped and never been to a zoo.

You got a cage fetish or something???


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