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AxisAlignment xyz

May 7, 2006, 4:25pm
Isn't that cool? And I think I can identify 3 different tree trunks in that
picture, they are just rotated and angled differently and at different
heights and I think all three use the same leaf pattern. I can see one bush
pattern and a few different grass patterns. So, the picture uses maybe less
than 20 models and results are awesom. Two years ago this technology
existed. Probably longer. According to AW's documentation, pre3.0 may have
supported something similar? Who knows. :)

From experiencing the game, the facers all face your center viewpoint. So
facers above you are facing down on you, facers to the right of you are
facing to your side, etc. AW's facers, no matter where they are in your
viewport always face straight in your direction, but not towards your
viewpoint. I'm sure there is a better way of explaining it.
aw's are like ^
and oblivions are like / ^ \

Where ^ is your viewpoint.

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AxisAlignment xyz

May 8, 2006, 4:14am
Hey, I'm glad they can find shortcuts :) I wish I had a tree planting tool
for my world to short cut it as well. But, the whole idea of facers, I've
been playing with it... and getting both shoddy and good results depending.
zorientx is fine for some things, as long as no one flies around or goes
under trees and looks straight up or straight down... but what I really need
to xyz.... and I'm wondering why its part of renderware, but not part of AW!
I mean, if it were part of AW when renderware was adopted, I can guarentee
that AW would be a heck of a lot different today. :) Why are these folks
limiting their tech and not extending it?? How old is renderware anyway?
About 10 years now right? Maybe older? If the tech was there then... was it
just a matter of cpu and gpu power? If so, its come into power now... so why
not implement it? :))))

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AxisAlignment xyz

May 9, 2006, 3:00am
Well, to my point of view, it would seem like the code is already there, but
it limited to a X dimension... would seem to me if they removed that
limtation that a Y, Z or XYZ ability could be achieved... but at the time
the limitation was added it seemed like the "correct" move... possibly to
prevent encrouchment which was a priority at the the "given" time? I'm just
guessing. Seems to me that xorientz is the same as xyz... just not limiting
it to one plane.

Seems like it would be harder to limit it to one plane actually. But I'm no
programmer :) ...as I like to say... so who knows :)

AxisAlignment xyz

May 12, 2006, 7:07pm
I'm no programmer, so I really have no idea from a technical standpoint of
how much work the cpu or gpu would have to do in order for this to work. I
always assumed that a facer style tree was oodles faster than a 3d tree with
a lot of polys. It would be neat to take a 400 poly 3d tree and a 400 poly
facer tree and test each one for lag. However, I think the 400 poly facer
tree could be done with far less than 100 facers... so that would be fun to
compare as well. Too bad we have no way to find out with the current
technology. :)

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AxisAlignment xyz

May 12, 2006, 7:46pm
Hmm, I'll go take a look at that right now :P
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Joining worlds side by side

May 15, 2006, 3:42am
I would like to float the idea of joining worlds side by side to make larger
communities. Similar to SL's zones... but on a more voluntary method. I
would propose that a grid be created. Say 10000 by 10000... and that if I
wanted to license a p10 world, that I could place it anywhere within that
grid... and treat it like its own world... but someone else could buy they
own world, whatever size and choose a space near mine lets say... and I
would be able to see their space from my space.. depending on vis... but any
visitor to mine would be able to walk or fly to thiers.. no teleporting...

granted, this would change a few things we are used to... like sky boxes,
water, etc.

It's just a suggestion :) Please share and elaborate your ideas.


May 16, 2006, 2:50am
theoretically, what you ask and way beyond is already a possibility...
though not easily. Basically all you have to do is have a bot that can keep
track of user assets, and then create the number of avatars with the
possible assets times themselves over and over again. :) I agree that is a
major pain :) hehe. But it is feasible. Easier just to have a bot keep track
of a non-visible inventory :)


May 16, 2006, 2:51am
Now, if we were only concerned with a flashlight, I do not imagine it would
be too difficult to create twice the avs, one with and on without the flash
light. ;)

CPU useage

May 20, 2006, 10:10pm
He's just messing with your mind! Actually, create solid no will help if you
do it en masse. It's better though if you can do Collision Off in the actual
model, that way AW doesn't even have to bother with making the solid object
non solid afterward... it already knows when the object is first loaded.
This was a huge boon to Seaside while Orb was building the forest... she was
able to plant at least 3 times the number of trees and plants and still keep
some decent frame rates. It really does work. :)

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Please give us back our old world server look and feel

Jun 11, 2006, 1:38am
I would like to have it either way, depending on my mood. I've gotten used
to the console window, but I was pretty irritated with myself for
accidentally shutting down the world server on occasion because it seemed
the natural thing to do... to close windows... but it was never my intention
to shut down the server. I too also miss the icon in the tray area... ...
but at the same time I also like the console window open, because I can see
any activity right away and as it happens.

So, in short, I want both worlds and the best of each ;) Can you do that
Cyronics? 8D

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More zone feature

Jun 11, 2006, 5:19pm
Whew! Those were some awesome ideas which I think would be great to

If such features were added to zones, I suspect that world size would
increase and a more collective nature of society would evolve... as worlds
would not be owned by 1, but possibly groups/guilds. ... and that the
overall number of worlds in the list would decrease. This would not be a bad
thing at all. Fewer worlds means more activity in the ones there are as the
density of the population is changed. But at the same time it does not
preclude someone from buying their own seperate world.

"Lock Particle Yaw"

Jun 11, 2006, 4:58pm
"Lock AV Yaw" on a mover is what I want on a particle emitter. "Lock
Particle YAW" so my jets stop facing the wrong direction! :P

Lock Particle Yaw :check
Locked Yaw (0° - 360°) :180

Now, if I am missing something, please tell me ;)

"Lock Particle Yaw"

Jun 11, 2006, 10:49pm
Hi Mauz,

I've tried many things. Have you seen the gliders in AWGate? Have you
noticed their engine exhaust goes UP and not out? I think there is a reason
for that. A lot of the .01 stuff can be omitted, I entered them in trying to
figure out another problem entirely.

Here is my jet particle: (have fun with it!)

Particle Type :Sprite
Asses List: c_sun
Tag Name: bumper01
Link to Move: check
Emitter Lifespace: 0
Release Count: 7
Release Time: 3 and 4
Particle Lifespan: 600
Fade In Time: 1
Fade Out Time: 2
Interpolate: check
Gravity: no check
Zone Collision: no check
Zone Exclusive: no check
User Camera Position: no check
Color Start: 255 128 128(rgb) (pink)
Color End: 255 255 0(rgb) (yellow)
Size X: .75 and .01
Size Y: .75 and .01
Size Z: .75 and .01
Volume X: .01 and .01
Volume Y: .01 and .01
Volume Z: .01 and .50
Acceleration X: 0 and 0
Acceleration Y: 0 and 1
Acceleration Z: 0 and 0
Speed X: 0 and 0
Speed Y: 0 and 0
Speed Z: 0 and 5
Start Angle X: 0 and 0
Start Angle Y: 0 and 0
Start Angel Z: 0 and 0
Spin X: 0 and 0
Spin Y: 0 and 0
Spin Z: 0 and 0
Render Style: Glow
Opacity: 50

"Lock Particle Yaw"

Jun 11, 2006, 10:51pm
Oh, and if you'd like to see the emitter in person, come to Serene near 31S
43E and take on a ride around the island sometime. You'll see what I mean by
the emitter staying the same direction no matter which direction the Mover
faces. Don't mind the flame on your back! It's harmless ;) Maybe

"Lock Particle Yaw"

Jun 11, 2006, 11:56pm
hehe, well I will try that next time ;)
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SDK Developers : Pissed Off

Jun 16, 2006, 10:45pm
I'm confused, and though that is a normal state of mind for me I would like
to question why AWI now requires a license for the SDK, why there is code to
prevent debugging, and why they require an NDA if you want to avoid some of

I play a few games that the developers allow players to change and I have
never seen this kind of action taking place. Take games by bethsoft like
Morrowind and Oblivion, you buy their game for 50 bucks and they not only
give you the game, but the ability to use an editor to add to the world as
well as change it, add new weapons and armor or loot, etc... and then share
that with other players around the world. World of Warcraft, a game played
by hundreds of thousands, gives you a whole scripting language allowing the
player to make tools and new GUI's. You can add graphics, sounds, commands,
whatever, as long as you don't change the game itself.

Second Life gives you a whole scripting language and the ability to upload
any graphics or sounds you'd like to use, and the ability to create any
object you can imagine, then sell or freely share it. There are hundreds of
bots in SL as well... and perhaps this is the reason for AWI's 'draconian'
measures... as some of the bots in SL are very clever critters indeed! Some
bots sit there and monitor the auction channel and buy any land that sets
off certain triggers, then adding new auctions to resell the land at a tiddy
profit... making their owners... free money...

You don't buy and sell land in AW... at least not yet... but this could be a
precursor of things to come. Hard to see into E N Z O's mind ya know. ;)

Anyhow, that's just my 2cents. Personally, I would love to see the existing
bots brought back into their glory. At the same time I think the current
crop of bot makers should accept it as a challenge to fix their bots the
best way they can under the circumstances. And well, if they choose not to,
then make their own universe and worlds server software. As you can tell I
have dual feelings about the matter. I was looking forward to the hunt.


Recommendation by Senate Study Committee.....

Jun 18, 2006, 1:43pm
> Shut... the hell... up

LOL, I thought it was quite entertaining, if not a bit off kilter. I also
agreed with it for the most part. I know... shocking. :) Must be just my
mood this morning.

World Server request...

Jun 23, 2006, 8:37pm
With regards to #1, it would vastly change how the server operates... you
were have to have 3 databases on all 3 machines you suggested and each would
have to be simultaneously updated as people build in those worlds, assume
all 3 servers were online at the same time, and if NOT online at the same
time, some way of updating the others of any changes to the one or ones that
were online. This would require some nifty time precision because you'd have
to know which one was the newest, and what if 1 of the 3 went offline, then
a second went offline, and changes were made to both without updating the
other first... how would you fanagle that? And then, what if you were
building and the above situation took place, and then there was a method of
bringing the 3 db's together and well you rebuilt what you had built in the
first world in the second world, because it disappeared, and then you
rebuilt it in the 3rd world... each object would have a different ID and
timestamp... so, what happens when they are joined? Do you end up with 3
builds overlapping each other?

k.. I'll shut up now. :)

TRUE industry standard mouselook would be awesome :)

Jul 2, 2006, 3:13am
I wish...

....for mouselook to evolve like it has in the rest of the 3d gaming world

Simple... If I left and right click, I move forward, if while doing so I
move the mouse right left up or down, so does my view port, if I press the
NUMLOCK key and release both buttons, I still move forward, if I use my left
mouse key and move the mouse I can look around, while still moving forward,
if I use my right mouse key I can change my direction, but still move
forward, if I then use both mouse keys and then let go, or press ESC, I will
immediately stop moving forward.

Pretty basic... and several games use this exact method for mouselook. After
about 5 minutes of using this method it feels natural and second nature.

Thanks for reading AWI! :)


TRUE industry standard mouselook would be awesome :)

Jul 2, 2006, 3:50am
I have no problem at all. Just wish mouselook would work as I described. :)
Like it does in every game I currently play :) This is the wishlist after
all :)

TRUE industry standard mouselook would be awesome :)

Jul 2, 2006, 12:38pm
How about World of Warcraft and Oblivion?

I'm talking about mouselook without using the keyboard at all except NUM

Forward movement: a)press right and left mouse buttons or b) hit NUM LOCK

When using method (a) simply moving the mouse right, left up or down will
change the direction you are looking.

When using method (b) you are moving forward until you press NUM LOCK once
again, so pressing the right mouse button and then moving right, left, up or
down will change the direction you are moving. The left button can be used
to change the direction you are looking, but you will still be moving in the
previous direction.

A couple of million players worldwide can't be wrong can they?

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Telegram Replies

Jul 15, 2006, 9:27pm
I like you Ciena, but this reply of yours is anti-progressive. AW's internal
telegram system is very primitive compared to many other progressive and
more intuitive chat systems. People have been begging for years to have a
list of telegrams they've "sent" and this simple request has only been
solved by third parties... which most users won't implement due to "trust
issues". How many times have you sent someone a reply and recieved a message
back wondering what they sent you in the first place? Happens to me all the
time. But maybe its just me. Doubt it though. I would like a) the ability to
quot and b) the ability to retrieve past messages I have sent.

Best wishes,

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Telegram Replies

Jul 15, 2006, 11:09pm
Well, yeah, you can do that, but the point behind a computer, supposedly,
is to make your life easier :P Not more complicated by adding additional
things you feel you must do. :)

Do you remember a time when we didn't have computers in our homes? I do, and
well, sometimes wish I was back then again :) Seems to me that I take care
of my computer more than I take care of myself. Not really, but just seems
that way sometimes :)

Take Care,

Telegram Replies

Jul 15, 2006, 11:45pm
ACK! No thanks! I will leave my hammer in my tool chest! LOL. My friends
live in my computer as well. I however do remember a time when my friends
lived elsewhere, and well, I had a datebook, address book, calender, and
well, I went to friends houses, or to the pizza parlor(extinct almost), or
whatever :)

My pewter is my friend, and sometimes my enemy ;) I have this award winning
Plextor DVD/CD writer/rewriter which has turned out to be a pain in the butt
:) I used about 12 writable cd's to make 5 usable ones! :) Not much I can do
about it... at least not that I am aware of LOL. I kept getting errors when
writing. And yes I did update my firmware.

But, don't you remember being just as happy and having friends before the
pewter stole your life away? I know... going way off topic now, but I'm
curious :)

Always wondering,

I WISH for a full fledged telegram/email system within AW

Jul 15, 2006, 9:46pm
Call it what you want, email, telegram, delayed chat... I don't care... I
would like a long overdue system of such to replace the existing system, or
for the existing system to simply evaporate. :)

When I say evaporate, I mean disappear... as you have AIM, MSN Messenger,
Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and many other chat/telegram systems that work a
thousand times better than AW Telegrams. You CAN NOT put AW Messenger into
your Taskbar and exit AW... like you can all the other "Telegram" style
message programs. You can't do that and add "AWAY" messages. You can't just
leave a world and stay "LEFT" just in a universe. There is no message
history... unless you enable a primitive chat log.

Could someone like Strike Rapier make a third party program to impliment
such a system? Of course... with enough interest and support. But this is
not something that should be third party.

In the past 2 months such a system would have helped me with 2 individuals
in which I apparently had a major communications error with. The simple
ability to review past communications is an invaluable tool. To or from!

Best Wishes,

Worlds Tab

Jul 15, 2006, 10:41pm
702 Worlds, 206 Users, but no column for descriptions :)

A third column adding a world Description to this tab would be awesomely
useful. :)

Best Wishes,

world server wish

Aug 1, 2006, 10:15pm
I would strongly suggest you do not uninstall the WinXP upgrade, especially
if you have been using Xp for a long time on that machine.... it won't work
right, and more likely will not work at all.

If I were you and I had an extra hard drive laying around, I would copy all
of my important files onto it, or burn a couple cd's of the important stuff,
then format the pc and reinstall from my Win98 disks. Make sure you have
drivers downloaded first and saved on a cd or floppy(if they fit).

world server wish

Aug 2, 2006, 11:54pm
Are you asking for an indepth description on how to format your pc and
install windows 98 onto it?

IF so, then I will need the following info:

1. Do you have ONE of the following a) recordable cdrom drive, b) extra hard
drive or c) ftp space on the internet?

You will need 1 of those to store your important information that will be
erased when you format the drive.

2. What kind of computer is it? What brand? Did a friend make it for you? Do
you know what video card, sound card, ethernet card, modem, hard drive,
cdrom drive, floppy drive, motherboard that you have?

You will need this information BEFORE you format the computer, so you can
PRE-download drivers from the internet, UNLESS you have the old driver disks
that came with the computer. Also, if you have a brand name computer and it
came with "recovery disks", then that will aide you greatly.

ALSO, be aware, that you CAN install your windows XP upgrade to a second
computer. IF I recall correctly, you can install your XP disk to 2
computers, AS LONG as you are not using them both at the same time. However,
even if you did run them both at the same time and violated the agreement,
they don't monitor it. They will notice if you use the disk multiple times
on different platforms, and usually they will give you a phone number to
call and ask you for reasons. I've had to do the call 2 times, but that was
years ago when XP was NEW and I had to reinstall it a few times to get a
clean system.

Re: Anime (was Re: AWEC's Stand Up Comedy Night)

Aug 16, 2002, 10:01pm
[View Quote] Can I ask you a favor? Can you change this? --^ from time to time? :P

Re: Anime (was Re: AWEC's Stand Up Comedy Night)

Aug 23, 2002, 8:03pm
To call those examples sexy is a HUGE stretch and a bit disgusting.

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