Recommendation by Senate Study Committee..... (Wishlist)

Recommendation by Senate Study Committee..... // Wishlist

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Jun 18, 2006, 11:03am
The Senate Study Committee would like to present a few proposals for Active
Worlds Community and Activeworlds Inc. to consider:

1.) We suggest that university instructors to be given their own title as
"Professor" and for those with honors as "Professor Emeritus" at Active
Worlds University instead of simply "Teacher". Teacher is generally
recognized outside Active Worlds and others as reserved for school
instructor whereas Professor is suitably reserved in same situation for
university instructor. We believe it is simply ridiculous to label
instructors of both AWU and AWS as "teacher" when both of those institutions
are clearly catering to entirely different demographic at a time, for AWS is
serving those beginner and those who wish to learn some new basic features
as new version comes and goes whereas AWU is serving those wishing to learn
more about rather advanced features.

2.) In anticipation of almost totally limitless possiblities with the newly
implemented presets feature of Active Worlds, we recommend that a sort of
"preset exchanges" be established to serve as a central location from where
presets can be shared and that it also provides links to sites hosting them,
not so unlike the concept underlying many of the modding sites and (except latter allows for an option to host files on its server
or to link to the third-party site of the software creator, which is
probably better option to go for, as to simply conserve the space and
bandwidth if possible). Another possible option to go for is to take the
central location concept and apply it to a comprehensive download exchange
that is not only providing a place to find presets, but also toolbar
images/cfgs, objects, avatars, et cetera. So far, to our knowledge, a
central location that either hosts all AW-related files AND links to those
files that does, not limited to those for object, texture, and other
creators but also to GENERAL PUBLIC are practically nonexistent. Object'd
Active Worlds does not satisfy that criteria because 1.) it is generally
intended for those artists and world owners, not including general public
(chatter, ordinary citizens, etc.) and 2.) It has not been lately updated
for an extended period since the last update in which Casay mysteriously
disappeared afterward. Got whacked by mob or what? ?_?

Eep's website also does not meet criteria because 1.) see 1.) above and 2.)
extremely imbalanced toward artists and world owners and not general public,
since most of the files hosted or linked to are useless to those anyway
unless they are artist or world creator. Neither does Andras's website or
any other website. For more than 10 years of Active Worlds' existence, no
such central website exists that DOES links to ALL files related to AW, not
just selective ones. Even Activeworlds Inc. website or Support AW website
doesn't even merits such criteria. What's up with that?

3.) In the analyzing throughout Activeworlds Inc. website, it appears that a
page there that are default website for Metatropolis (COFMeta) has a link to
the object path that gave us an forbidden error and similar error pops in
links to public building world's object path. And so far, no registries
exists for any of public building worlds besides AlphaWorld and Megapath
except for AWTeen and to a limited extent for Mars. If Activeworlds Inc.
expect for those public building world to be public building world as it is,
it'd better provide us with object lists. While WayBack Machine has caches
of those pages prior to becoming off-limits, it is not sufficient,
especially if it does not shows any of new objects if it has been added
after the last cached page prior to that shutoff.

In that case, Activeworlds Inc. ought to release object lists. If it can't,
then what is meaning of those worlds with its building rights enabled? How
about disabling that rights to build in those worlds or even shutting it
down if it can't do that? Without registries, it's purely useless worlds.

Even more troubling, those links to object path ARE still on world pages.
How about removing those links instead of wasting our times, especially
those who are new and interested in building in those worlds only to find
out that object path is closed off? Even worse, some of those object yards
doesn't even have some objects listed in the last cached page prior to
shutoff. That is just purely a insult to general public.


In conclusion, the report of Senate Study Committee is signed, sealed, and
delivered on the behalf of our Chairman, Legion. XD

strike rapier

Jun 18, 2006, 11:05am
[View Quote] Shut... the hell... up

- Mark Randall

"We're Systems and Networks..."
"It's our job to know..."


Jun 18, 2006, 11:18am
presets can be found in AWFX world
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Jun 18, 2006, 1:43pm
> Shut... the hell... up

LOL, I thought it was quite entertaining, if not a bit off kilter. I also
agreed with it for the most part. I know... shocking. :) Must be just my
mood this morning.

Jun 18, 2006, 2:07pm
In short:
1. *sarcastic post about bitch and whine about AWSchool*
2. Preset repository please
3. COFMeta OP fix please
4. Update pages please

In response:
1. wot?
2. Time to make use of :O
( for my collection of goodies, including 2
preset packs and (screensavers))
3 and 4. Ditto


Jun 18, 2006, 8:16pm
Okay, honey. :O

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sw comit

Jun 18, 2006, 11:53pm
Has a degree in legionarian translation you, ty ;)

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