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new bot (yay)

Jul 26, 2002, 5:57pm
I can't reproduce this. It sounds like the rare instance where the bot does not see the avatar_change; thus, when it sees the chat event it still has old coordinates, so the avatar may have entered hearing rage of someone & the bot thinks otherwise.

Are you able to reproduce this consistently?

[View Quote] >uh in my world it doubles the chat....

Connect4 Ehm 3 bot

Aug 10, 2002, 2:18pm
[View Quote] >gaahyetanotherone/someweirdfile.file

Doesn't look like it worked....

Lister Version 1

Aug 22, 2002, 8:42pm
Try contacting Borland and see what's up.

[View Quote] >That's so silly, they said they would send it via e-mail. It must be
>something via the web.

- TonyM.
"The only time Microsoft will ever make something that doesn't suck is when Microsoft makes a vacuum cleaner."

reset terrain

Sep 14, 2002, 6:17pm
[View Quote] >Is there an easy way to reset your world terrain to 0 elevation?

Disable it and reenable it is my first guess; have a Xelagot do it is my 2nd.

use a bot to add commands to objects!

Oct 8, 2002, 11:29pm
Can you please repost in plaintext? My newsreader is unable to interpret HTML.

[View Quote] ><!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
*snip the evil HTML*

use a bot to add commands to objects!

Oct 9, 2002, 12:59am
[View Quote] >
[View Quote] As Shred said, Forté Inc. has obviously left out an HTML intepreter for their own reasons ( if you'd like to look at what features are supported).

>I know it's horribly evil to post in HTML (and I agree), but my god it's not horrible to have a newsreader that can just in case.

If I wanted an HTML-capable newsreader, I would have one; that would mean I'd have one, not two, newsreaders.

>Especially if you want to waste ~ another 2kb's to ask for it to be reposted?

Shred was kind enough to repost; you weren't, and instead decided to comment on FreeAgent's capabilities. My post was hardly anywhere near 2KB, let alone even 1KB.

(Followup set to general.discussion)

ChatRelayBot 1.02

Nov 20, 2002, 10:49pm

Fixed bugs in this release:

1. The CRB will now tell you if it doesn't have caretaker privileges & log out of the universe.
2. When a user reentered, they would not be deleted from the list & an exception was raised.
3. An issue was raised (and fixed) regarding chat relay systems in general: not filtering out the carriage-feed character could allow "fake" messages to be sent in regular chat by bots; with no way to discern the difference, this may cause confusion.

New features in this release:

1. Global messages can be sent to everybody in the world
2. Announcements can be sent when people enter/exit the world (excluding bots)
3. You can now locate users with the "/locate" command.

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot 1.02

Nov 21, 2002, 10:07pm
[View Quote] >That url appears to be dead ?

Should now be working.

ChatRelayBot 1.02

Nov 22, 2002, 12:31am
[View Quote] >Sorry, small update, the restore works on double clicking, just not on
>right click and restore, just lazy i guess :)

Oops, I did't realise that popup menu even existed! Thank you for pointing this out; it will be fixed in the next release.

ChatRelayBot 1.03

Nov 24, 2002, 5:55pm

Fixed bugs in this release:

1. Right-clicking the tray icon and selecting "Restore" did not restore the program, while double-clicking its tray icon did.
2. It turns out that the bug from version 1.01 that gives error 444 after hitting "Stop" and then "Start" was never actually resolved! Oops. Now it's reallyfixed. :)

New features in this release:
1. Users may now select their own chat line color. (Default is black). A list of included colors is available in the Colorstab.
2. The Chat History window has been completely rewritten.
3. As a result of the ability for users to select their own individual color, sending messages from the Chat History window can now have their own color.
4. The ChatRelayBot now uses the ISO date format. (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot 1.03

Nov 25, 2002, 9:35pm
[View Quote] >I downloaded this bot and attempted to test it. A great work overall. I had hoped to use it myself so that people could communicate across some of the worlds I'm involved in, but:
>1. The program doesn't include AW.DLL in the zip file. While I downloaded it myself easily, the omission could cause new users to become confused about how to obtain the file.

My mistake, this has now been corrected.

>2. The help file doesn't give an overview about how the chat relay works, and I might have to give up because I can't figure it out :( I sent a bot to 50n 50e in Gulakon and stood at GZ and talked, but the bot didn't "hear" me even though the relay system was supposedly online, and it didn't work the other way either.

Hmmm. I get the same results as everybody else; I think I may know the cause of the problem and will release an update soon.

>I then moved the bot close to me and (obviously) it could hear me, but the relay system didn't function - though I assume the relay bot has some sort of checking to make sure that users aren't within the normal chat range. Are you supposed to whisper to the relay bot somehow? If so, is it even materialized in the world?

When a user speaks, the relay system runs through its list of users and checks their distance. If it is beyond 20m (the standard hearing limit) the CRB will issue a console message to the person(s) out of range. The bot uses Global Mode so therefore it does not need to be materialized in the world, so there is no way to whisper to it. The help file will be updated to show this as requested.

ChatRelayBot 1.03

Nov 25, 2002, 10:30pm

1.03 (Maintenance Release 1)

This maintenance release contains no new features, and resolves the bug in version 1.03 where the relay system was completely inoperable.

As requested, the help file was updated to describe how the relay system works in this bot.

ChatRelayBot 1.04

Nov 30, 2002, 11:17pm

Fixed bugs in this release:

1. Clicking Stop cleared the Chat History window, but Starting it up again filled it with the text of the previous session.
2. Relayed chat had "&lt;" in place of "<" and "&gt;" in the place of ">". The replacement is designed only for the Chat History window (which is the same HTML viewer that was once used for the help file and is currently in use for the bug submitter).

New features in this release:

1. The "World" control group was merged with the "Universe" group; the ChatRelayBot will now enter the world at the same time it logs into the universe.
2. A status bar in the "Universe" group of the Control tab reflects the status of the ChatRelayBot.
3. After successfully logging in, the Chat History tab becomes the active tab.
4. You can now submit bug reports through the ChatRelayBot's interface.
5. You can now check for a new version of the ChatRelayBot and automatically download it without visiting the website.
6. Whenever you modify an option, or any of the fields in the "Universe" group, the Save Configuration button's font will turn bold & blue to remind you to save your changes; the button has also been moved to the middle of the tab.
7. It is now possible to select and copy text from the Chat History window.

The following security features have been implemented. Most of these features were suggested by Greg Zanone (aka Sk8man1; gzanone[at]

1. Relayed chat can now be restricted to only those who are bot controllers (users who are given special privilege in the ChatRelayBot) and those with Public Speaker rights.
2. People with eject rights may now use the ChatRelayBot's "/eject" command.
3. Chat color selection may now be restricted to bot controllers and Public Speakers.
4. The "/locate" command may now be restricted to bot controllers.

There are a lot of new features in this release. I've tested them all and they work as they should be expected to. If you encounter a problem, please report it. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one maintenance release was made for 1.04 :)

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot 1.04

Dec 2, 2002, 4:00am

Fixed bugs in this release:

1. The ChatRelayBot was not minimizing to the tray despite the Minimize to Tray option.

New features in this release:

1. The ChatRelayBot's main dialog can now be resized.

2. There is now a version of the ChatRelayBot available as a Windows NT service. Creating the NT service also forced some minor cleanups in the ChatRelayBot's code.

3. The ChatRelayBot can now either use a 24-hour timestamp or a 12-hour timestamp.

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot 1.04

Dec 2, 2002, 9:41pm
[View Quote] >have you ever thought about properly testing the bots before publishing them? that might help, because im sure no one would redownload your bot like 10 times a week.

If you're interested in helping, assemble a group of people who would be interested in being on a beta team for the CRB & I'll make use of them for pre-release testing. (less than 10 people preferred; get back to me in email) :)

Need a Little Help With Some Terminology

Dec 2, 2002, 11:51am
"Universe Settings" perhaps?

[View Quote] >[...]I'm wondering what to title that section.[...]

Need a Little Help With Some Terminology

Dec 3, 2002, 12:31am
[View Quote] >"Active Worlds UniServer Connection Settings"

The "Active Worlds" part makes it sound like the main AW universe, which Percipient said he didn't want...

ChatRelayBot v1.042

Jan 7, 2003, 1:37am

Fixed bugs in this release:

1. If you select your color as a public speaker, the bot consoles you "[time] * Your color has been selected."; the color consoled to you is not in bold.
2. The "Stop" button remained disabled after starting.

Development News

Development has been focused on version 2.0 of the ChatRelayBot. The architecture of version 1.X is poorly designed to run as an NT service, and many parts of it are buggy enough that it can only be rewritten if the CRB is to have any stability, and properly support any new features added to it.

The only releases for version 1.X will be major bugs; version 1.X will be deprecated and no longer supported after the release of version 2.0.

Planned features:

1. Linking between ChatRelayBots
2. Multiple CRBs within a single NT service application (the GUI version will remain a single-instance CRB)
3. Complete takeover of inworld chat with the Hide Chat feature (in Active Worlds 3.4) - this may or may not make it in 2.0, depending on when AW 3.4 and CRB 2.0 are released.

If you have a suggestion for this new version, please use the form available on and it will be considered.

Tony M.

Xela and Avatar function

Feb 26, 2003, 7:45pm
[View Quote] >Wonder if anyone has this or knows how to correct it.
>I am running a beta world build 49 and have the beta Xelagot 3.411 I use in that world.
>All seems to be fine except for one thing, the Xelagot Avatar options are ALL greyed out and appear to be disabled, even in this beta world.
>Anyone have any ideas why?

You have to download the ZipDLL (or whatever it's called) plugin and put it in your xelagot's Plugins (or similarily named) folder.

ChatRelayBot 1.042 Download Links Fixed

Apr 8, 2003, 12:10am

Apologies for not realizing they've been broken. (oops...)

The upgrader was modified along with the change, and also has been slightly revamped. (download.php has been scrapped)

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot v2.0 Open Beta Release

May 2, 2003, 2:38am
Now officially released to the public as an open beta, ChatRelayBot v2.0 is now available. This version is a complete rewrite of the ChatRelayBot, which contains many enhancements (and bug fixes :)) from version 1.0.

* Remote Administration allows you to control the ChatRelayBot from any Windows computer capable of connecting to the Internet via ImaGenius' bot network Bone.
- The ChatRelayBot is the first [publicly released] bot that utilizes the Bone network. Bone is used for linking with other ChatRelayBots, and remote administration via Bone telegrams.
* The ChatRelayBot is compatible with Active Worlds 3.4, allowing you to enable global chat for your world by enabling the "Hide Chat" feature.
- Enabling "Hide Chat" allows you to use the ChatRelayBot's Word Censorship feature, sending action text, and chatting within separate channels.
* The bot now appears physically in-world, and will respond to teleports & avatar changes sent by other bots.
- Since the bot now appears physically in-world, there is a new option to control whether or not the bot will treat whispers as regular chat and relay them.
* The upgrade utility has been rewritten.
* The bug-reporting facility has been taken out of the main application, and has become a separate program: the ChatRelayBot Feedback Agent.
* ChatRelayBot now allows you to chat within separate channels, named by their number. The main channel is 0, and you can join any channel from 1 up to 2,147,483,646.

There have been many enhancements made to the ChatRelayBot, which most likely have also introduced a couple bugs.

Bug reports may be submitted either through the new ChatRelayBot Feedback Agent, or through the form available at

I hope that you enjoy this breath of fresh air should you choose to download this new release of the ChatRelayBot. Version 1.042 will remain available until the final release of version 2.0.

Version 2.0, Build 71:

Tony M.

ChatRelayBot v2.0 Open Beta Release

May 4, 2003, 12:34am
[View Quote] >That's the channel name, I requested using the feedback program thing for channels to be disabled.

I received the feedback report, and have addressed the issue in build 72; this build will come out shortly, once a few more bugs have been resolved and a few more features finalized.

There is a bug list available: (Added a link to it on the main CRB website.

ChatRelayBot v2.0 Open Beta Release

May 4, 2003, 12:34am
I knew I couldn't possibly be THE only one; but again like you said, yours was a long while ago ;)

Guess that should be changed to "the first [recently released] bot" :D

[View Quote] >
[View Quote]

[ChatRelayBot] Build 72

May 9, 2003, 3:58am
ChatRelayBot 2.0, Build 72

Beta Notice

This version of the ChatRelayBot is beta software. There are still issues that may come up in the beta version that could cause data loss [related to the program], and affect the stability of either your system or the program. If you do not wish to test beta-quality and potentially unstable software, you should wait until the ChatRelayBot has been officially released as production-quality software.

Version 1.0

The last version of 1.0, ChatRelayBot 1.042, has officially been dropped and will no longer be available for download. It is recommended that you either participate in the 2.0 open beta, or wait until the production-quality release of version 2.0 becomes available.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this build:

a) The option to "Relay chat to Bot Controllers and Public Speakers only" did not function if you attempted to enable it. This feature from version 1.0 has been removed from the 2.0 feature set.
b) Using the CRB's normal 1.0-style relay service created a "feedback" effect.
c) The censor list was not saved after exiting and reopening CRB.
d) Starting the ChatRelayBot returned error codes in hexadecimal notation (e.g., $3B is 59).
e) Serious Crash Resolved: If the "%" sign was used alone (e.g.: " % "), the ChatRelayBot would report access violation after access violation. If these errors were not dispersed quickly, and the CRB left alone, the program would eventually die of a stack overflow. It is imperative that all users of ChatRelayBot build 71 immediately upgrade to build 72 once this information becomes public knowledge. This bug also appears in version 1.042. Users of CRB version 1.0 should consider upgrading to version 2.0, as version 1.0 will no longer be updated.
f) The ChatRelayBot will now handle disconnections more appropriately.
g) Action text will now relay to the Bone Network.

New Features/Enhancements

a) The following features and/or enhancements have been introduced in this build:
b) Console Message Throttle Control will control the number of console messages sent per 500 milliseconds (this time can be changed).
c) The Configuration dialog now appears as a standard tabbed dialog.
d) The ChatRelayBot can now join and create password-protected Bone channels.
e) Text can now be selected and copied in the GUI CRB's chat history window.
f) The Chat History window in the GUI CRB will now automatically clear itself after 12KB of text. Previously, this was automatically after 1MB of text. Large amounts of text in the window will tend to lag the application.
g) The CRB's bone connection can now be controlled by the Bone icon on the main application.
h) If the configuration file is missing, the Configuration dialog will automatically pop up.
i) The GUI CRB now has a dialog with user information (double-click a user in the presence list).
j) The CRB now is able to identify when it has disconnected from the Bone network.
k) The CRB will now identify the universe and world it is from when connecting to the Bone Network and joining a channel. For example, if your bot is being run in the main universe and is in AAWR, your bot will identify itself on-join with aw://
l) The CRB's log format has changed to allow identification of an instance of a CRB (related to the Console-Mode version of the CRB to be later released). A viewer ships with the GUI CRB that will read the log.

Note that the documentation included with the program has been changed. The monolithic Word document is no longer being maintained; instead, it is now in HTML format (and available online: The documentation can be downloaded at (107KB).

If you've actually managed to read all the way down here, thanks. :)

Tony M.

[ChatRelayBot] Build 72

May 9, 2003, 11:00am
I'm unable to reproduce this. Each time, the color is saved in colors.ini and the file is not deleted.

Customcolors.txt are the custom colors from the color selection dialog.

[View Quote] >If you add new color when bot is online and save it, color.ini will be
>deleted and you have only customcolors.txt left, in this file you have this


[ChatRelayBot] Build 72

May 9, 2003, 6:37pm
For future reference, please review this bug writing guideline before submitting any bugs (this applies to all, not just tengel):

Bugs should be submitted via email or posted through Bugzilla. Either place you submit it, please try to make use of the guidelines above, especially regarding reproducibility. Making these reports through the newsgroups should be done sparingly. I'm more likely to notice [and resolve] bugs submitted through Bugzilla/email than through newsgroup posts. As you always should, check the bug list on before reporting any bugs.

Thanks for participating in the beta, and I still encourage you to submit feedback through the mediums I have asked you to use. :)

[View Quote] >Well, this was funny, I found that color.ini file back, it have been saven/moved to my desktop, wonder how that could happen

[ChatRelayBot] Build 73

May 12, 2003, 3:13am

ChatRelayBot 2.0, Build 73

Beta Notice

This version of the ChatRelayBot is beta software. There are still issues that may come up in the beta version that could cause data loss and affect the stability of either your system or the program. If you do not wish to test beta-quality and potentially unstable software, you should wait until the ChatRelayBot has been officially released as production-quality software.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this build:

a) If the CRB were disconnected from Bone, it would attempt to re-enter the world as well.
b) If you selected the Bone pop up menu and clicked "Connect", while the bot was connected to Bone, it would fail to login and continuously re-try.
c) The /whois command will no longer tell you that someone is logged into their own privileges. The text for this has also been changed to "username is logged into the privileges of citizen #number"
d) All bugs regarding the CRB's misinterpretation of options should now be completely resolved.
e) The /throttle command will now be disabled if Remote Administration is disabled.
f) The security option names returned by /set were incorrect, and derived from the other general options.

New Features/Enhancements

The following features and/or enhancements have been introduced in this build:

a) The GUI ChatRelayBot will now store your privilege password (in encrypted format), and will no longer prompt you for it when starting.
b) A new option, "Automatically start the ChatRelayBot on program launch", allows the GUI CRB to automatically start when the program is launched.
c) Users can now select an "alias" for themselves in chat via the /alias command. There is also list of "Forbidden Aliases" that cannot be used by anybody.
d) In-world chat channels can now have passwords assigned to them.
e) Selected chat color and bold appearance are now saved.
f) Users can now enter their own RGB values for color.
g) Switch-based commands (/controllers, /censor, /throttle, and now /color) will return an error if you attempt to use an unrecognized switch (e.g.: /controllers dwlete 314753).
g) The "Chat Relay System has been shut down" message will now be sent regardless of the Welcome Message option.
h) It is now possible to adjust settings relating to the CRB's heartbeat timer and reconnection. See the Advanced Tweaks section of the online documentation for more details.
i) New program icon. It should be much more readable when minimized to the tray.
j) The About box has been redesigned.
k) When closing the Configuration dialog, if you enabled Bone and the CRB wasn't connected prior to this, it will then connect to Bone, and vice-versa (the CRB will disconnect from Bone if it is disabled in the Configuration dialog).
l) The following enhancements were made to the ChatRelayBot Event Viewer:
1) Fixed sorting. Reverse-sorting is now possible.
2) Dialog pops up while loading the event log.
3) It is now possible to close the Event Viewer while loading an event log.
4) Open Dialog pops up on program start.
m) The following enhancements were made to the Feedback Agent: Added text to the Welcome screen.
1) Placed icons on all of the pages.
n) There is a new solution to try to resolve the issue with the ChatRelayBot's ability to recover from disconnections:
1) When the CRB becomes disconnected from the world, it will completely stop as if the Stop button had been used.
2) It will wait its normal 60 seconds, and then attempt to start the system back up again just as if the Start button had been used.
o) When a CRB command is used (prefixed with a "/"), it will locally echo to you
p) The /shun command will block all chat coming from the user being shunned.
q) The ChatRelayBot will return an error when you try to use a command it does not recognize.
r) The CRB's avatar state can now be specified.
s) Messages sent with the /sendto command now appear in the user's regular style.
t) The color of the /whois output has been changed to blue.

The online documentation is no longer included in the ChatRelayBot setup. It can be downloaded for offline use from (160KB)

I really congratulate you if you've made it all the way to the end of this post. :)

Tony M.

[ChatRelayBot] Build 73

May 12, 2003, 4:12am
There may or may not be an issue with the ChatRelaBot upgrade utility. If after using it you get an error trying to run build 73, you should use the normal installer.

[View Quote] >
>ChatRelayBot 2.0, Build 73

ChatRelayBot 2.0 Build 75 (Release Candidate #2)

May 20, 2003, 3:46am
[ Sorry if you guys missed Build 74; that announcement was posted on the ImaBot Forums (, and I'll continue to make them there and here as well. ]

Build 75 (RC2) of the ChatRelayBot is now available.

To review what's new in this build, visit:

Download as usual from:

Note that the upgrade.exe which is 334KB is unable to overwrite relay.exe. If you are stuck with the 334KB upgrade.exe, you should download the corrected version from and overwrite the existing 334KB upgrade.exe. Another option is to uninstall your current build, and then download the build 75 installer (this is recommended for builds earlier than 74).

Tony M.

Xeon Bot Build 3 and Dynamic RPG Bot Beta

May 24, 2003, 4:03am
Very bad joke, seeing as I have more posts regarding the CRB than Rich does of his bots :P

>j/k Rich :-)

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