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[ChatRelayBot] Build 73 // Bots

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tony m

May 12, 2003, 3:13am

ChatRelayBot 2.0, Build 73

Beta Notice

This version of the ChatRelayBot is beta software. There are still issues that may come up in the beta version that could cause data loss and affect the stability of either your system or the program. If you do not wish to test beta-quality and potentially unstable software, you should wait until the ChatRelayBot has been officially released as production-quality software.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been resolved in this build:

a) If the CRB were disconnected from Bone, it would attempt to re-enter the world as well.
b) If you selected the Bone pop up menu and clicked "Connect", while the bot was connected to Bone, it would fail to login and continuously re-try.
c) The /whois command will no longer tell you that someone is logged into their own privileges. The text for this has also been changed to "username is logged into the privileges of citizen #number"
d) All bugs regarding the CRB's misinterpretation of options should now be completely resolved.
e) The /throttle command will now be disabled if Remote Administration is disabled.
f) The security option names returned by /set were incorrect, and derived from the other general options.

New Features/Enhancements

The following features and/or enhancements have been introduced in this build:

a) The GUI ChatRelayBot will now store your privilege password (in encrypted format), and will no longer prompt you for it when starting.
b) A new option, "Automatically start the ChatRelayBot on program launch", allows the GUI CRB to automatically start when the program is launched.
c) Users can now select an "alias" for themselves in chat via the /alias command. There is also list of "Forbidden Aliases" that cannot be used by anybody.
d) In-world chat channels can now have passwords assigned to them.
e) Selected chat color and bold appearance are now saved.
f) Users can now enter their own RGB values for color.
g) Switch-based commands (/controllers, /censor, /throttle, and now /color) will return an error if you attempt to use an unrecognized switch (e.g.: /controllers dwlete 314753).
g) The "Chat Relay System has been shut down" message will now be sent regardless of the Welcome Message option.
h) It is now possible to adjust settings relating to the CRB's heartbeat timer and reconnection. See the Advanced Tweaks section of the online documentation for more details.
i) New program icon. It should be much more readable when minimized to the tray.
j) The About box has been redesigned.
k) When closing the Configuration dialog, if you enabled Bone and the CRB wasn't connected prior to this, it will then connect to Bone, and vice-versa (the CRB will disconnect from Bone if it is disabled in the Configuration dialog).
l) The following enhancements were made to the ChatRelayBot Event Viewer:
1) Fixed sorting. Reverse-sorting is now possible.
2) Dialog pops up while loading the event log.
3) It is now possible to close the Event Viewer while loading an event log.
4) Open Dialog pops up on program start.
m) The following enhancements were made to the Feedback Agent: Added text to the Welcome screen.
1) Placed icons on all of the pages.
n) There is a new solution to try to resolve the issue with the ChatRelayBot's ability to recover from disconnections:
1) When the CRB becomes disconnected from the world, it will completely stop as if the Stop button had been used.
2) It will wait its normal 60 seconds, and then attempt to start the system back up again just as if the Start button had been used.
o) When a CRB command is used (prefixed with a "/"), it will locally echo to you
p) The /shun command will block all chat coming from the user being shunned.
q) The ChatRelayBot will return an error when you try to use a command it does not recognize.
r) The CRB's avatar state can now be specified.
s) Messages sent with the /sendto command now appear in the user's regular style.
t) The color of the /whois output has been changed to blue.

The online documentation is no longer included in the ChatRelayBot setup. It can be downloaded for offline use from (160KB)

I really congratulate you if you've made it all the way to the end of this post. :)

Tony M.

tony m

May 12, 2003, 4:12am
There may or may not be an issue with the ChatRelaBot upgrade utility. If after using it you get an error trying to run build 73, you should use the normal installer.

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>ChatRelayBot 2.0, Build 73


May 12, 2003, 7:12pm
This is not a bug so I post it here.

Maybe a spam control would be nice, so spammers far away will be stopped, if
they spam more then it is allowed.

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