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programming question (Delphi)

Mar 29, 2001, 12:54am
Anybody know the Delphi equivalent of the VB function "IsNumeric"?

- Tony M (a.k.a Tony56) [tony at]
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programming question (Delphi)

Mar 30, 2001, 11:52pm
I'm trying to translate Hal9000's teleports.bas to use with my bot
I'll paste the line where IsNumeric is:

If (IsNumeric(Left(part, 1))) Or (Left(part, 1) = ".") Or
(Left(part, 1) = "-") Then

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Apr 2, 2001, 11:12pm

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Apr 2, 2001, 11:15pm
And before you ask, the contact list methods don't work either :-)
Implementing these functions would call for a rewrite of
telegram/contact list mechanisms.. I emailed Roland about it once, and
he told me to prevent mass-tele abuse he would have to make substantial
changes to how the mechanisms work before he can make them work in the

Hope this helps

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Apr 3, 2001, 1:44am
welcome to SDKVille, population (lost-count-a-long-time-ago) =P
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Build 20 of the SDK now available

Apr 4, 2001, 10:40pm
Yesterday, 4/3/01, the world "Hell" had a question mark on it. Today, it
didn't. Did the world upgrade, or is it a abnormality of the new
mechanism? :)
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Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 10:49pm
"idol" is spelled "idle" in your case.
you nailed it, just one part not right (see below)

[View Quote] If your bot program misses a heartbeat and doesn't send one in a hurry,
the worldserver will eventually kill the "ghost" instance that is left,
along with the uniserver. This also occurs when you do not properly
terminate your bot instance.

Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 4, 2001, 12:24am
good to know your human too :)

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Possible bug with DeeJay part of Xelagot

Apr 11, 2001, 1:11am

When using the DeeJay part of the Xelagot, I noticed it never properly
deletes the speaker objects. This bug could go three possible ways:

1) the browser is not refreshing the scene correctly
2) the SDK is not (fill in the blank) correctly
3) the xelagot itself is not (fill in the blank) correctly

- Tony M (a.k.a Tony56) [tony at]
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Possible bug with DeeJay part of Xelagot

Apr 11, 2001, 9:13pm
xelag wrote

> *snip*

>X1 does not use object change, it used object
> delete (which can fail) and object add.

why doesn't it just use Object Change? it does the same thing :)

VB Removing a List Item by String

May 7, 2001, 1:04am
Hrm, this is an interesting slap fight.

Both the "Case" and "ElseIf" statements are correct forms of
programming. It's just that some programmers find a "Case" statement
more efficient than a cluster of "ElseIfs". Azazael is right when he
says it makes code more efficient to read. Nobody is wrong here;
everybody is actually right. There are different ways to do different
things, just like there are different languages to make different
programs :o)

announcing a new bot-developer tool: VBUBN

May 12, 2001, 6:36pm

make up your mind!

May 20, 2001, 3:55pm

Using a MDI Child in a bot

May 30, 2001, 6:21am
VB actually has MDI stuff? *scratches head*

SDK and Dev-C++

Jul 21, 2001, 12:45am
Whenever my brother tries to compile an AW SDK bot in Dev-C++, it gives
the error "undefined functions in aw.h".

Anyone wanna try to help?


Jul 27, 2001, 6:11pm
could you please repost that WITHOUT HTML.. i didnt get a thing you
said because of all the damn HTML header crap.

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Jul 30, 2001, 2:34pm
i'm using a newsreader that has no capability of viewing HTML *or*
binary attachments (images, ZIP/EXE files, etc), and i recall saying
once before i do not see the size of posts either.

and yes, i would bitch about a website if it takes too long to load.

[View Quote] >Lets cry about it.. I have no problem with HTML posts.. they are annoying
>yes.. but they aren't big downloads.. do you people always bitch when you go
>to websites?

- Tony M.


Jul 30, 2001, 11:41pm
um, a newsreader that doesnt even know how to deal with HTML or binary
attachments is actually more secure than a newsreader that can. HTML
code can automatically be run in HTML posts that could be damaging to
your system. if this client only supported multiple servers i'd use it
on Andras' newsgroups as well.

i *do* have the better newsreader. do you?

On 30 Jul 2001 15:35:04 -0400, "brandon" <brandon at>
[View Quote] >maybe get a better newsreader then heh
- Tony M.

WHo here dosnt liek Lanezeri?

Aug 2, 2001, 5:07pm
in the future, please make sure you post things OFF-TOPIC to
general.discussion, as this has nothing to do with bots...

[View Quote] >I dont like him!!!

- Tony M.

Wanted: 2.2 SDK

Sep 5, 2001, 12:19am
I know a [now-dead] universe that is still running *2.1*!

[View Quote] >well, there is one since I've been offered one, but who wants a 2.2 universe? I can't stand to
>be in 2.2 for a minute...
>Young Phalpha

Magsbot classes in exchange for script help?

Sep 29, 2001, 7:58pm
i sure can tell a difference! my newsreader is old (i use it intentionally, it was designed in the Windows 3.1 era) and has no idea what an
HTML post is. i dont see the size of a post, and i'm on 56K... so i'd really like it if everybody just stuck with plaintext. plus, HTML
posts can contain viruses.

maybe you learned something today... =)

[View Quote] >what's wrong with an Html post? (Personally I can't tell any difference in
>the two)

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at

Magsbot classes in exchange for script help?

Sep 29, 2001, 7:58pm
I'm interested in a class.

[View Quote] ><!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
><p>I spend a lot of time programming Magsbot, but I don't seem to get around
>to writing a lot of scripts. It would certainly be nice if there were more
>people writing them, so....if anyone is interested, I'd be willing to give
>some classes on how to program Magsbot, in order to encourage other people
>to write scripts and make them public.&nbsp; If you're interested, please
><a href="mailto:magine at">write me</a>. Thanks! :0

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at

Magsbot classes in exchange for script help?

Oct 1, 2001, 8:29pm
weekends preferred.

[View Quote] >When would be a good time? Saturdays? Some weekday evening?

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at

"Failed to create instance! Reason 11001: Authoritive answer host not found"

Sep 30, 2001, 3:06am
I'm still using the 3.1 SDK build 20 (I'll get to upgrading eventually.)

This bot used to create its instance & login just fine... now it's throwing "11001" at me.

9/30/01 12:00:22 AM: Initializing Active Worlds API...
9/30/01 12:00:22 AM: Initialized API.
9/30/01 12:00:26 AM: Creating instance... universe:
9/30/01 12:00:26 AM: Failed to create instance! Reason 11001: Authoritive answer host not found

Here is my code that logs the bot in (Delphi 5 Std. Edition):

procedure TMainForm.gk_login(Server, PrivPass, BotName: String; Port, CitNum: Integer);
rc: Integer;
FootMsg = 'Reason %d: %s';
CreateFailedMsg = 'Failed to create instance! '+FootMsg;
LoginFailedMsg = 'Failed to login! '+FootMsg;
ShowStatus('Creating instance... universe: '+Server);
rc := aw_create(PChar(Server), Port, nil);
if rc <> 0 then
ShowStatus(Format(CreateFailedMsg, [rc, RCToStr(rc)]));
end else
ShowStatus('Logging in...');
aw_int_set(AW_LOGIN_OWNER, CitNum);
aw_string_set(AW_LOGIN_PRIVILEGE_PASSWORD, PChar(PrivPass));
aw_string_set(AW_LOGIN_APPLICATION, 'Some Bot by Tony M');
aw_string_set(AW_LOGIN_NAME, PChar(BotName));
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_AVATAR_ADD, at awapi_avatar_add);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_AVATAR_DELETE, at awapi_avatar_del);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_CHAT, at awapi_avatar_chat);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_OBJECT_SELECT, at awapi_object_select);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_AVATAR_CHANGE, at awapi_avatar_move);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_WORLD_ATTRIBUTES, at awapi_world_enter);
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_WORLD_DISCONNECT, at awapi_world_exit);
rc := aw_login;
if rc <> 0 then
ShowStatus(Format(LoginFailedMsg, [rc, RCToStr(rc)]));
end else
ShowStatus('Logged in.');
Heartbeat.Enabled := True;

Anyone care to enlighten me? =)

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at

LogBot v2.23 FINAL

Dec 25, 2001, 5:13pm
you're excused.

[View Quote] >excuse me?

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at


Feb 16, 2002, 12:44am
simply a theory... don't know a drop of VB [anymore] but maybe you could find some equivalent..

in Delphi, you modify the SelAttributes property of a TRichEdit (VB equiv: RichText[Box]) like this:

RichEdit1.SelAttributes.Font.Color := clRed;

i know VB has to have some kind of equivalent.. i think i saw it on too.

[View Quote] >Hey folks, im just wondering if anyone knows how to change the color of a
>line of text in a RTB, ive tried various methods, none of which have worked,
>- sr

Tony M (fldmshl2013 at

AWAPI Unit for SDK build 24 [Delphi]

Jun 7, 2002, 3:26am
Anybody got it? Canopus doesn't have anything beyond build 22.

AWAPI Unit for SDK build 24 [Delphi]

Jun 7, 2002, 11:03am
That is the SDK for C/C++.

[View Quote] >Hello Tony,
>If you re talking about the aw sdk,
>you can find build24 here :
>"tony m" <fldmshl2013 at> a écrit dans le message de news:
>3d005b78.27844504 at

Worldserver(?) bug with global mode + invisible bots

Jun 7, 2002, 3:31pm
When an invisible bot exits the world, a Global Mode bot (the mode may
or may not be relevant) will see an exit for the last user who


17:05:14 VRT: Shred exits s# 29684 at ?
K9D: - to Tony M - 17:05:14 Shred left
Tony M: goofy xelagots :O
Shred: indeed
Shred: shred left =O

This doesn't happen in just Xelagot. I managed to reproduce it with
another type of bot present (home-made); it took the avatar exit msg
normally and did not recognize my actions until I reentered.


Worldserver(?) bug with global mode + invisible bots

Jun 13, 2002, 10:07pm
This is with build 41 of the server, Brant.

On 8 Jun 2002 12:48:36 -0400, "brant" <awteen at>
[View Quote] >This is a bug in build 39 of the world server - I experienced a similar bug
>with bots running in AWTeen that distributed passwords in Global mode and 9
>9 9 told me it would be fixed when he got around to upgrading AW's servers
>to build 41. Try upgrading to build 41; that should solve the problem.

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