Possible bug with DeeJay part of Xelagot (Sdk)

Possible bug with DeeJay part of Xelagot // Sdk

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tony m

Apr 11, 2001, 1:11am

When using the DeeJay part of the Xelagot, I noticed it never properly
deletes the speaker objects. This bug could go three possible ways:

1) the browser is not refreshing the scene correctly
2) the SDK is not (fill in the blank) correctly
3) the xelagot itself is not (fill in the blank) correctly

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Apr 11, 2001, 9:12am
Check the help files about this.

1. X1 does not scan the area so as not to interrupt building and other
activities, it remembers (on file) the object numbers. Because of that, the
object numbers can get out of sync. This was supposed to be a feautere, but
turns often into a bug. If its never built the objects, it makes them, and
remembers the number the sdk passes it *before* the object is sent to the
server and between sessions, keeps the numbers on file. These number are
used to delete the objects. X1 does not use object change, it used object
delete (which can fail) and object add.

2. There have been problems with negative coordinates at cell boundary (east
and southern regions), that the browser did not refresh properly. I thought
Roland had fixed this.

3. In some future release, I will attempt to better this code... when I have
time :)

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tony m

Apr 11, 2001, 9:13pm
xelag wrote

> *snip*

>X1 does not use object change, it used object
> delete (which can fail) and object add.

why doesn't it just use Object Change? it does the same thing :)


Apr 12, 2001, 2:19pm
Because Object Change does not do the same thing :)

Object Change tests whether the new object fits in the cell, it does not
'remove' the old object before testing this. In overcrowded conditions,
adding an object results in a failure. Object Change = Object Add + Object
Delete (and not as stated in the AW SDK docs). I delete first, then add.
Visually you may see the object disappear for a second.

One thing I never tested is this: if when using Object Change the old object
is not found, I don't know if the new object is added or not.

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Apr 12, 2001, 2:57pm
No it isn't.

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