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VB Tip (Although it could completly obliterate your project)

May 23, 2002, 3:39pm
Hey folks,
Im jsut posting to make a little tip that I just used (ive been using it
for quite a while but I thought id post it for those who dont know it yet).

In Visual Basic 6 forms data are kept in a file with the extension .frm, in
my usual inquisitive frame of mind I opened the file up in a text editor and
found that all the data that was part of the form was stood there. Now this
is a tip to create multiple copies of a set of objects that are based on a
parent object (cause copy and paste sets the parent to the form (for me
anyway) which is a real pain when I need to make 5 copies of a collection of
objects with only various things changed (like a caption and the object

What is good about it is that the way it is setup is by the objects parent.

Each object starts with its library then a dot, then the object identifier
name for a rich text box this would be

Begin RichTextLib.RichTextBox RTBConsole

"Begin " & Lib & "." & ObjectClass & " " & ObjectNameOnForm

Now its indent shows that its parent is the section it is in with the next
less indent. This gives a great opertunity to wipe out hours and hour and
hours and hours of remaking sets of objects...

The method is simple, simply copy and paste (including the prevailing
spaces) the set of objects you wish to duplicate from the entire parent set
(so you should have 1 big set of indented text).

Now you can just use Find and Replace to change the form names and captions
etc, for example my logging RTB's are called "RTB" & WhatItLogs and my
captions are WhatItLogs & " Logging Display" hence all I would do is use
find and replace to change WhatItLogs to the next item so it would now read
for example...

Begin RichTextLib.RichTextBox RTBTechLog

Then copy this (And for gawd sakes include the spaces before each line or ur
commiting suicide). and paste it at the end of the section you origionally
copied on the next new line (press return to get 1). You can keep doing ths
technique as many times as required. I managed to create copies of all my
data logging features in less than 5 min. Which is actually less time that
it took me to write this (I was eating a sandwich at the time.)

Hope this helps some of you :)

Very Puzzling Function

May 24, 2002, 4:22pm
This may sound completly stupid, what about some kind of method where its
like Binary Graphical usings arrays (no idea how it would be done.)

Give each cell a array name, and coords (2 dimensional for X and Y) then use
that with data to give each point in the cell Array a 0 to Gawd knows how
many value to show what objects it has on. If 1 obect tries to overwrite a
past array value and its not the same citnum u have encroachment?

I have no idea whatsoever if this would work, of even if its possable, it
just popped into my head...

- Mark
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Very Puzzling Function

May 24, 2002, 4:54pm
You really don't like VB do you?

Do u work for borland or something? *Sneaky suspicion*

Very Puzzling Function

May 24, 2002, 5:35pm
I was chatting with a friend about it a day ago...

I personally went for VB because I already knew a little and i understood it
with its if and elseifs etc better than something like C++. Although VB is
limited (as this damn too many objects on form warning is showing me) it is
very nice for bots as you dont have to use al the string sets and such
(which i presume you have to in C++) I personally intent to move onto VC++
or VC++.NET when i get the opertunity to learn it (my school has no
programming lessons whatsoever).

Not Rearlly SDK but Similar...

May 24, 2002, 4:28pm
Does anyone have any ideas what the Resident Branticle of the SDK NG is
planning with this sekrit project, its driving me around the bend not
knowing.. Anyone know anything? Something tech maybe? Has AWC allowed
artificial life bots and brants made 1? It might even be a AI bot to CT

- Mark
*No point to this post rearlly I just want to know a lil more and brant aint
taking bribes*

Not Rearlly SDK but Similar...

May 29, 2002, 3:21pm
*reads though list of a few 100 posts*

Well you went crazy with joy when Global Mode was created which can recieve
object updates... uve also shown us a class for detecting encroachment, this
would seem to be sign towards building that is influenced by a direct bot
connection.. maybe something like a command where the bot will automatically
build you a small house, seed you objects or build you a pool (and

It could be a strange secret organisation that is going to use global mode
to spy on us and capture every word we say (but i doubt this.)

Maybe Brants going to fuse himself with his computer and make the ultimate
AI bot? We just dont know...

- Mark
*Making posts late at night, wanting to know what the Secrit Project is, but
about to colapse from exaustion - nite nite OE*

yab (yet another bot)

May 28, 2002, 8:31pm
Yeah! Even those VB'ers of us with little ability :OP

*Not perfect at the moment, but working on it*

yab (yet another bot)

May 28, 2002, 8:39pm
all database interfaces - Explain please
the delete/rebuild - Not hard
the storage/rebuild (with edit) - Not Hard
world build allowance - Not Hard (with allot of auto updates)
wav/name sound producing - Dont ya love WindowMediaPlayer.ocx ?
object browsing - Ohh, intersting, but do you mean in 3D or just displayed?
integrated email/homepage browser - Easy, just a lil mailer OCX
visitor logging - Yup.. as easy a a sdk function
avatar popupmenu - Easy peasy

What was the other 16 Mb for again? Ive got most of this incorporated into
my bot im making in VB and its a whole 300K, so whats the rest for?

yab (yet another bot)

May 29, 2002, 4:18pm
I saw this neat lil thing on Planet Source Code that is a full SMTP mailer,
jeez its big though, its got this huge mod with about 500 functions in. And
id prbably use the media control :P


PS: Not putting em down just saying creating the things are easy (especially
with PSC to learn from), putting em all together in aw aint :P

yab (yet another bot)

May 29, 2002, 6:22pm
> so why i didnt see it yet? - Ever seen a Xelagot?
> AW alone has 125.000.000 objects....not hard? are you joking? - Ever seen
a xelagot?
> auto updates? what's that?. I have a cadillac, it doesn't get updated
> that often (auto is a car in Europe :) - if you mean by objects they can
build its just using a query with a list of citnums and how many they can
BuildList(334303).Total = BuildList(334303).Total +1

> wmp to play sounds? so how are all the others going to hear you? by
> phone? or they will all start the bot, that will crank up the no of
> people in a world for sure... or is strike just milking to find out how
> to do it really? - Presume you mean a way to play sounds though the bot?
> wouldnt you like to know, strike - Yep, i look forward to seeing it when u
release it fully :)
> ????? cant make heads or tails ofthis. - Form1.PopupMenu mnuPopUp - witha
few set 1's for av popup, unless u mean in AW which would really be

> Anywhere i said it was difficult? i just gave some of the main features,
> i didn't attach a value for money list to it or did i? I wrote this prog
> for some friends of mine, and after i found out that most functions are
> not available to bot users, i decided to share it with the rest of aw,
> if you dont like it sure i'll sleep quite soundly :)
> Anyway, my main prog is 100 kb now, so that's 1/3 of yours....or did you
> forget all the drivers vb adresses that are a integral part of winblows? -
Nah, i didnt say the installer was 300k :)
> Read about Runtime Link Libraries first why dont you.
> Or are you that incompetent to think that VB is an entity by itself and
> that the compiled exe contains all code necessary to run it?
> Or that that the VB distributables contain all the code to run your app?
> Or that VB doesn't incur an enormous overhead because of it's lack of
> typing?
> Imagine the code necessary to check every time in a loop if the variable
> you give it is a char, word, double word and so on. - Hmm, Char len = 1,
Word Len > 1 Double word Split(Phrase, " ") = true

> To have switch cases with open arrays instead of fixed words, try to
> write a parser that will arrange that for you maybe then you will
> realize the enormous price you pay for the userfriendlyness of basic.
> I love basic, for it's ease of use, it let's me write a quick and dirty
> prototype of my idea. But to write a full blown enduser safe app in it?
> Not on my life. As easy as it lets me prototype it lets me f**k up an
> app in ways no debugger gets unrevelled in a 100 manhours.
> For sure C++ is a pain the ass if you want to write something quickly,
> but for designing and maintaining serious software nothing beats it yet. -
Yep, I think everyone acnolages for most things C++ kicks VB all over the
place, but some of us like it :)
> Furthermore don't forget most os's are written in C or C++ combined with
> assembly for a reason.
> If you want to slag someone do it well, or at least wait till you have
> seen the product, which i offer to you for a special price ;) - hehe, I
look forward to it, we can compare it to mine once its finished. (mine
finished that is)

> Enough, i've said my piece. I could really go on about this for hours
> because as most of the flamers i've seen sofar my knowledge is based on
> experience and not of selective reading of books.
> Be happy with whatsoever, and anyday you want ot derise C, well i'll
> just don't give a sh*t, whereas sofar most people flaming me seem to be
> very affronted be me....
> Be well all of you, from now on i'll ignore any post that's not
> constructive

BTw, dont think im insulting your bot or anything such as that :) Far from
it, some of the things u said havent been seen anywhere

yab (yet another bot)

May 29, 2002, 6:33pm
hehe, anyway, dont take it offencivly in any way :) Im sure it will be great

- Mark

yab (yet another bot)

May 29, 2002, 7:39pm
Sorry, Did it in a text editor then pasted back into OE. >_<


May 25, 2002, 7:45pm
I think this is what you need , A lil function Baron taught me :)

Function Display(text As String, colorval As String, IsBold as boolean)
With frmmain.rtb1
.SelStart = Len(frmmain.rtb1.text)
.SelLength = Len(StrReport)
.SelColor = colorval
.SelBold = IsBold
.SelText = StrReport & vbCrLf
.SelStart = Len(frmmain.rtb1.text)
End With
End Function


May 26, 2002, 8:18am
in VB most have preassigned values in the VB_Color_Constants

These are such as...



Using the 3.3 VB SDK before its out.... kinda...

Jun 2, 2002, 6:42pm
Hello People of the SDK newsgroup :)
Im taking time off the usual bot to try to create a bot for
advanced object actions, such as a more advanced version of the Xelagot
building system. I dont know when the SDK will be out, but I should imagine
I will be able to type out the functions normally (if not without listing
constants etc) and just make em into comments untill the sdk comes out.

If anyone can sugest the values such as what is the function name for object
tilt and objcet rotate. I have a feeling its sdk.awobjecttilt and
sdk.awobjectrotate but If someone could possably confirm or advise on these?

- Mark

Movement and Wheater

Jun 16, 2002, 7:35am
heh, nothing like starting off Small.. just go straight for ur own [Thor],


New BoneClient, Bone SDK, and VB Bone SDK Wrapper released :)

Jun 15, 2002, 8:42pm
Any VB documentation?

Argument Not Optional - AwSdkOcx5.ocx

Jun 12, 2002, 6:19pm
Does anyone know if there is a reason why I get argument not optional when
performing this action please?

rc = sdk.AwInit(AW_BUILD)
if rc then
msgbox "Error " & rc & " (" & sdk.rclookup(rc) & ")"
exit sub
end if

It only seems to occur in the AwSdkOcx5.ocx control with me.

- Mark

Argument Not Optional - AwSdkOcx5.ocx

Jun 12, 2002, 7:12pm
Sorry, I redownloaded again and it worked :)

Reading Cache IDX / DAT's

Jun 14, 2002, 3:38pm
Hello Everyone :)

Im in the process of designing a tool that can convert between Propdump,
Xelagot Dump, FireStorm OB and AW Cache.

Ive managed to convert everything to everything else except I cannot work
out how to read from the cache, which would be a great thing as I could use
it for cache changing and manipulating using my own FireStorm DB system.

If possable, could someone help me understand how to extract information
from cache IDX / DAT files in Visual Basic terms. I know Andras has
acomplished it in C or something allong those lines but id like to be able
to do it in VB.

- Mark

Get World Features

Jun 16, 2002, 7:35am
Im having a little trouble with the new VB COM DLL and the world
attribute get feature, I cannot find a way to get the thing to work, this
could either because im being inherantly stupid, or just not seing

Current code ive tried is...

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value = sdk.AW_WORLD_REPEATING_GROUND

Where the ChkRepeatingGroundObject is a checkbox on the main form.

I keep recieving invalid property value errors, if anyone could help me with
this problem I would apreciate it.

Get World Features

Jun 22, 2002, 7:59am
Never mind, I fixed it :) was doing it compleeetly wrong

A small word of warning ...

Jul 2, 2002, 1:19am
So true Vjsxtad!

The keys were so close i couldent rests either :P

- Mark

AwSDK 5x5 Query Worries

Jul 2, 2002, 12:10am
Hello folks,
For a while now ive been attempting to create a 5x5 query for the
new sdk, despite it being easier ive just not acomplished anything. Id
really apreciate it if someone could point me towards a working demo of the
new code so I can learn from it.

- Mark


Jul 8, 2002, 8:34pm
Also, These help u keep track.


Then you can use functions to carry or set integer or byte keys so you can
carry things though, for example my bots carry though whipsers, so if a
command comes in as a whipser, it comes out as a whipser. All it is is a if
and a public variable to hold teh value

Simple ChatBot - not a copy of the one in bots

Jul 4, 2002, 4:16pm
5 Points to Kah :)

Simple ChatBot - not a copy of the one in bots

Jul 5, 2002, 10:39pm
Nah, out of 6 cause u didnt include a listbox showing all the AV's directly
present other than the whisper box =p

- Mark

Simple ChatBot - not a copy of the one in bots

Jul 13, 2002, 5:53am
Well then, 5.9 out of 6 :)

- Mark
*Who says having no social life and spending all your time programming is no

Visual Basic SDK Documentation Update

Jul 5, 2002, 10:39pm
Does anyone have any info on if the VB SDK and the 3x3 and 5x5 query
examples will be updated because I am about half way to being bald with
pulling my hair out.

*Goes partally insane(r)*

- Mark

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