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Get World Features // Sdk

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strike rapier

Jun 16, 2002, 7:35am
Im having a little trouble with the new VB COM DLL and the world
attribute get feature, I cannot find a way to get the thing to work, this
could either because im being inherantly stupid, or just not seing

Current code ive tried is...

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value =

ChkRepeatingGroundObject.Value = sdk.AW_WORLD_REPEATING_GROUND

Where the ChkRepeatingGroundObject is a checkbox on the main form.

I keep recieving invalid property value errors, if anyone could help me with
this problem I would apreciate it.

strike rapier

Jun 22, 2002, 7:59am
Never mind, I fixed it :) was doing it compleeetly wrong

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