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I'm Not Michael Jackson!

May 7, 2004, 10:32am
How about this is it you?

Time for the truth.
« on: November 16, 2003, 05:23:51 PM

It is hard for me to announce this, but I feel that for you guys to get to
know me, and for me to be a good friend, I want you guys to know who I
really am. I know I will lose alot of friends and will be ridiculed, but it
is for the truth, and only that can set you free.

My real name is Mark Emerson, I have sent off so many things in the past
that it surprises me that you caught on finally with that paypal account
thing. Yes, I am a guy, I am a 20 year old college student who does live in
Northern idaho. I have always been lied to that I was supposed to be a girl,
but God is helping me appreciate myself for what I am, more and more, and
regardless of what words are spoken to me, I will continue to like myself
for who I am. I am 6'1, 145 lbs. My name is Mark and I like myself for who I
am, and what God will mold me to be, I want you guys to know the real me, I
no longer want to waste my time pretending to be something, and I no longer
want to think I am above you guys that I dont have to show the real me.

Yes I know this is very awkward and hard to deal with, but I cannot allow
myself to lie to you any further...

In a couple of days or so, when I get a camera that works, I will show you
guys some real pics of me.

and yes, I am a guy who is obsessed with britney spears, so what, sue me.

Nothing to laugh about.

May 13, 2004, 8:14pm
Think of the children and their right to be treated with honesty.
Sexual advances made by Seiya be it he or she can not be condoned by
the Community or AWI.

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Jun 25, 2004, 12:20pm
Seems like this thread is all over the place.
Drac we don't have death camps and frozen prison cells.
As matter a fact we spend so much time and money trying to be fair
and just to those that break the laws that any normal country has,
it is just almost cruel. Your right about that Drac we should cut
their heads off without a trial.

On the subject of sex offenders and rapists they should be branded
so that everyone knows and has warning. The return rate of these
people for doing it again is very high. Once again you're right I
think beheading on public TV would much more humane and fair.

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Jun 27, 2004, 2:39pm
Well we agree on one thing for sure. There should be speedy trials
and then death for rapists and murders. People who do those crimes
seldom change.
Here we take way too long to make sure people are guilty . The
common good of the people is at risk from our waiting for years
to go to trial.

So many times we have repeat offenders so far we never had that from
anyone in the grave.

Count I am not sure where you live. I would like to know. I know we
have people here from ever that is though. We have to watch our
borders to keep people from coming in not getting out. This is
wonderful country full of loving and giving people. Yes we have our
troubles too but we are big enough to try to change and vote on
those issues.

Tell us a little about the history of your country and why you have
this distain for the US.

Thanks to the internet the freedom to speak is growing world wide.
The old party lines don't work anymore everyone wants a voice and
with that comes the cost of learning what is true.

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Jun 29, 2004, 1:48pm
CD > I believe that bad treatment in jail just makes the persons more bad.
The reason why people become criminals in the first place ( when talking
> violence) is most likely the lack of empathy and love when growing up. I
> agree that many people go back to jail, and seems like helpless cases, but
> then again, some people learn and become respected citizens later; if only
> given a chance.
I really agree with you in some cases this is true, where people steal
to feed their family and crimes of passion also. That also there are
those people who will never change. They are born killers. Why? I don't
know but some people are born evil and have no chance to change. I don't
know why this is. I only know that we as a civilized race can not allow
this to be in our midst. There is always a chance when you have a
death plenty that someone may be innocent and still be killed. It is
sad but true. These all have to be weighed against the cost of being
kept in prison and also the risk to others.

I know it is a common thing to say "If one innocent life is lost we must
not do it". It sounds good but that is not the way the world works.
1000s of people each year are killed by riding horses and cars , yet we
still do it. We have to count the lose and gains in all things.

So it is with war also. You don't seem to like President Bush yet he has
been in office in one of our most perilous times . He has faced 911
and many other things. This man has been honest and strong, unlike
our last one who lied, was dishonest, and dishonored the office with
his abuse of privilege. We disagree on that I am sure.

Terrorist s effect the whole world and perhaps some people want to
stick their heads in the sand much like we did in past wars until
our lands were bombed . If we failed ever, it was not stepping in and
stopping Hitler early on. Perhaps you disagree. I am not sure. I
fought in Vietnam. I never killed or mistreated one person there.
I gave paper and pencil to the kids in the villages. I helped them
whenever I could to learn to read. One thing I took from there
is freedom has to be fought for or it cannot last. We have given
another country yet another chance to stand on its own . Now they
have to decide if that is worth the cost to fight and defend.
CD I do not care what Americans do within their borders, but as soon as
> step outside and start invading countries, mistreating prisoners in camps
> ( who has not even had a trial), I think it is my duty as a humanist to
> dislike it.
We have yet to retain any land taken in war. We helped to re build
Germany and Japan . We don't take over countries for ourselves. I
think we should really but we do not. When we move out, others will move
in and take the oil and try again to dominate. That is my fear anyway.

CD I know people try to get into your country illegally, on the other hand
you > need them. If all illegal immigrants would suddenly move out, your
> would be shaken quite badly.

I would truly like to test that, Count. I think it would be very good
for us to work at the lower paid jobs. It would help our country.
I am not saying that other people who come here only take lower paid
jobs. Many come here at high wages but for the most part they
take lower paying jobs. Just like all of our ancestors who came here
.. We all started at the bottom and worked hard to gain a foothold. The
Germans, the Irish, even the Fins .

CD I used to hate the Soviet Union, but it fall apart, so now it is USA and
the European Union I have to dislike; I just cannot stand imperialism.
Count, you don't have to hate anyone. But if you must, hate those
that would take your freedom away and kill you for the color of your
skin. Those that would kill you because you worked hard and have more.
Those that would sneak in and blow up your cities for no reason.
Those that answer to no country but only want to destroy and tear
down. That my friend is not the USA .


Jun 29, 2004, 7:20pm
#1 I don't think almost 2 years in country and driving over 1/2
million miles with my back side bleeding hauling ammo of all types
is standing around. Yes I fired a m16 on line many times did I see
my bullet hit another person no!.

Yes I too was wounded in a fire fight big deal I am not dead like
some of my friends.

You say Clinton never caused any lives to be lost. Hog wash how
could you know that. Perhaps his weak inaction cost all the lives in
!!. Much like Carter who sit and wanted to reason with terrorists.

You want look at made up crap from Moore feel free to waste your
money and time.

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Re: money

Jun 30, 2004, 2:12pm
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If you have spare time..

Jul 5, 2004, 7:40pm
Rossyboy when are you and Mark going on your honeymoon?
Is Mandy a pet name for Mark? I get confused.
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Please say a prayer.

Jul 9, 2004, 2:39pm
Happy to hear you are home qrv . I wanted to thank Sharon/ORB for
her undying love and thoughtfulness as always . I also thanks each and
everyone of you for your prayers. It is a very spooky thing to have
your time keeper lose track of time. I am doing much better now.
Thanks Again BRO
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Please say a prayer.

Jul 9, 2004, 2:40pm
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BRO is in ICU

Jul 12, 2004, 12:51pm
Back Home with different meds and new shot at getting better
Thanks to all. Hugs to ORB.
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BRO is in ICU

Jul 12, 2004, 5:08pm
I love you too Sharon
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Thank You

Jul 18, 2004, 9:36pm
Thank you all very much for your all support in my illness. Over the
years I have had many wonder times in AW . A very special thank you
to Sharon/ORB for her many hours of caring,support and love.

AWI is more that stocks and dollars to many of the people who live
and build here. It is a place where real lives are changed and each
one of you matter . You have all been talking about history and old
times. Let me leave you all with one thought. On this journey of life
"It has to be the going not getting there that good." (Bus Stop by
Harry Chapin)

God Bless you one and all

AWs Still ATTACKING members!

Jul 25, 2004, 6:54pm
Before anyone deletes anything I want to say HU , I am sorry if I
inferred you had no right to speak that was not my intention.
Everyone has a right to be heard just not everyone has the right to
vote. I still think your dead wrong though. in what you say :)
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AWs Still ATTACKING members!

Jul 29, 2004, 10:45pm
I didn't think Hu wa from VietNam. Why you want talk like that anyway
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Jul 24, 2004, 1:41pm
HU said

> I will not stay here if Bush steals the government again either but this
> not a personal criticism of any individual Americans though it is an
> indictment, a blot even on the so called democratic system that y'all hold
> so dear.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>Why don't you pack and move to Iraq, the home of the depraved?
Maybe just back to where you came from. Why are you in our country anyway
if we are evil and vile? Did you come for a job or to go college? I hate
to say it but seems your always somewhere saying somewhere else is
If is so great why you in this NG don't they have one?

To put it simply, only a foolish horse bites the hand of one that feeds
him. Excuse me for being blunt but you are guest in this country. If we
are evil blood thirsty why have you not been kicked out for your views
or beheaded? Try running down Iraq on Iraq NG, I tell you heads
would roll.

Really nothing personal but please give it a break. The people that
will decide who run this country will be the voters not you .


Jul 25, 2004, 6:31pm
We all feel sorry for the children involved in any war or country
that gas it own people HU. It is a shame people keep having kids to
let them starve.
Like in India where people go without food while cows walk the
Or in the middle east where Pigs could be raised. More kids starve
to death in the world than die in war torn counties. Both are a shame.
It a shame to see people so backward they don't use birth control. It
shame to see women in those counties have no choice because men rule
over them. It a shame to see charities take money and spent on more
adds for more money. It a shame to see the kids who do make it
grow up and have more kids to suffer.
What do think we should do about it? You answer that and we can build
victory build for the world.

If you would like some over weight old white trash like me to do a
build I will be happy to build . We have more food than we can eat in
this country but no way to send it to all those kids and what is
point of sending it if they just going to have more kids to
suffer? We strife to live longer and longer yet make no plans for
the future. Tell me what to build that will make a bit difference.

You don't like our involvement in the lives of other countries.
What would happen if we pulled our troops home and disband the
army. We didn't send any help or aid to any country? If we stopped
people from coming in to our country ? Perhaps the eastern block
countries have enough land to feed the world, but why do they take our
aid then? It a shame that the way humans are setup is that older
people have to die so younger ones can live.

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Feeling Ill...

Jul 25, 2004, 6:55pm
Sorry to hear you feel bad.
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Aug 9, 2004, 11:54pm
HU welcome back. Hw days after the election before you move out of
the country? That is what you said right ? I think Bush will win in
big way.


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Aug 10, 2004, 2:16pm
NO, I will not move out of the country nor did I ever say I would. If I had
said that I most certainly would do so though. I think our country can stand
4 years of Kerry just like we did 8 of Clinton, 4 of Carter and almost 4 of
Nixon. It might surprise you but I too find much about Bush policy I
dislike. The question with Hu is about honor. Will he do what he said. I
find for the most part the left wing only say things and do very little.
While the right wing just once and while do what they say they will or is
the other way around? Doing what one says is important. Mr. Alec Baldwin
and his wife, Kim Bassinger said they would move out this country if Bush
was elected his first term. Guess what? They are still here.

So to answer your question again. No I am going to die in this country no
matter who is elected. I will also not be so dumb to say something I have to
back down on. Honor is gained not with loud words but with action. If one's
word is no good then what have do have to offer but sounding brass gongs? I
have lost more you can possibly imagine for being honest and keeping
my word in my life. I have to say though I would have lost much much
by doing what I said. I would have lost respect. A fool speaks out
quickly a wise man holds his peace and picks his words. I have been
both in my life but I have kept my word even when cost me do so.

I didn't go to Viet Nam because I thought was the right war I went
because I knew was the right thing to do. I ask HU an honest
question. I give you my word I will defend his right to be wrong
for if anyone would tell him be quite they would also me. Freedom
comes with cost and so does honor.

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Aug 10, 2004, 5:53pm
I didn't really want make snide remarks at all to Hu. I was trying see if
he was just blowing wind or he really means what he says. Some people
just like to hear themselves talk and others really do what they say. I
have as much respect for the people that went to prison rather serve in
armed forces for what they thought was right. They paid their dues
just the same as the brave troop in Viet Nam. Now for those people
that ran off to Canada then coming back with tails between their
legs forgiveness is a wonderful thing but carries no respect.

"> Great, you won't leave the country when Kerry wins, But I didn't see
> anything honorable about the sniping, snide comment to Hu. Therefore I
> responded to you in the same manner.


Aug 11, 2004, 6:02am
HU said "You know why you are doing this bro; it is because you are
projecting your own poverty. To you the thought of leaving a country is a
huge deal and so
you naturally cast all of us in the same small mold that you occupy."

I have never claimed to be rich . I fact though I can count myself
blessed that live in country where freedom to say what one thinks
is counted as wealth. HU most people with a country think it is a
huge deal to leave it. As far my image HU it is defined by what everyone
sees not you. If I have ever let a friend down they post can here now .

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Aug 11, 2004, 6:14am
Hu said "do you really think that America is any better than any other

YES HU I do and many other people would tell you the same about the
country they are from.

Just like I would tell you AW is best program of its kind in the
world. Maybe there are ones I have not tried but still for me and
the money I will invest it here .

I can find more good this country and this program than I find
bad. It maybe you only see with dark eyes that is why you find so
much wrong. HU you leaving the US is another reason for me to pray
GW Bush wins. I just don't wish trouble on another country. NOW that
is snide remark .

Cheers from the depraved poor. If we are so poor how come everyone
keeps getting loans from us?


Aug 11, 2004, 6:17am
Mark, I know you was joking :) Maybe Hu will loan you the money to
fly here .

BRO's Think Tank
Road 511
Dixon , MO 65459

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Aug 11, 2004, 6:20am
Yes, just ask the person for directions might be easier. :)
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Aug 12, 2004, 1:24am
Hu said "AW is no more important to me than my Monopoly Set."

I am 55 and I thank God I can write in KeepItSimpleStupid (KISS) mode. Hu
I am sorry to hear that your son lost that simplistic, emotional, and naïve

Sharon is not your girl friend and you are pig of man to always attack the
person not the issue. Who cares how big your member is HU? The measure of
man is not that type of thing.

If you hold the view that AW is YOUR Monopoly set to play with then you miss
the whole point of Community and the real people who live here. If you
think I am crazy for saying I met my closest friend in AW and AW has
changed my life then fine. You call me anything you like. Do you have any
idea how many people have came to AW and met people and got married? How
many have cried over friends they lose here. I have met people from all
over the world in AW and most of them have been caring people. Hu people are
here because they filled with art and need a place to share those things.
Some people are here because they home bound many with cancer and other
terrible things. You think I want change your mind? FLU you and horse you
rode in on. You have hurt dear friends of mine with your game playing. To
be honest HU no one can hurt your feelings cause you have none. I have
tried understanding your actions but to tell the truth I don't care.
AW is a real place with real people that bleed and cry, people that laugh
and give hope and faith. People that love each other and people filled with
hate too. Where do you find that in a Monopoly Game?

So call me what ever you want but don't you ever think AW is just a game.
Too many people have given too much for you lower AW to that level.

Yes when I get hissed I leave out the word NOT. Two words are misspelled
on purpose in this post Hu can you figure out what they really are?

You know what is a shame Hu is you are good builder but without the humanity
behind your builds what do they matter? Maybe that is why you and your old
girl friend delete them so much. Yes maybe that is why you're so mad at
Rosseyboy for taking Mandy from you. Hu you have had my respect for your
builds but I have lost that because of your hate.


Aug 12, 2004, 10:06am
By the way HU what are the cords for that build for the kids killed
in war you wanted to do?

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Aug 13, 2004, 11:21pm
It must be a lonely place for you HU. You have so much hate in you.
Sharon is not a hypocrite HU You are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 13, 2004, 11:23pm
You really know how make friends and gain respect Hu. The player here
is you Hu.
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Aug 27, 2004, 5:31pm
In Honor of Old Timers Day ORB and I would like to invite you to visit our
city Postland. It was founded in June of 1998 and has been a work in
progress ever since that time.

Skyee cit # 100056 was long time caretaker of Postland and GK ETL here until
she passed on after long battle with cancer. She will always be missed in
AW. The cords are 950n 443e . All are welcome to come see old and new builds
there. ORB & BRO


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