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Apr 23, 2002, 7:42pm
Hello Gang,

Here's the info you seek about rock.exe. Its a nasty one.


[View Quote] > I got a strange email from "cof" that contained the file rock.exe. Not sure
> if its a virus but it says its from cof at but I know it
> isn't. I checked the source and it said something along the lines of
> chris at or something....
> Not sure but since it was from someone that knows about COF and directed it
> to me, others in AW could be affected.
> Any info on rock.exe? Thanks.
> --
> Mayor 'tax


Jul 31, 2002, 6:59pm
I have a working awb.exe if you'd like. E-mail me at aiboboaibobo at
PS. Renderware Demo "Dungeons" also available

[View Quote] > Same here :( The old avatars ZIP files and textures worked, but not
> this install. Either it's not y2k compliant or it has been transferred
> in text mode somewhen.
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Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 10, 2002, 7:53pm
[View Quote] > Er, no, those are spelling differences, not intensity differences. "Worst" is more extreme than "worse"; and there is no "worser" or "worsest"

This double comparative has a long literary history beginning in the late 15c.: e.g. Chang'd to a worser shape thou canst not be-Shakespeare,
1591; I find she is A diuell, worser then the worst in hell-J. Ford, 1633; For I, e'en I, the bondsman of a worser man was made-W. Morris, 1887;
Some gals is better, some wusser than some-E. Pound, 1959; The people oh Lord Are sinful and sad Prenatally biassed Grow worser born bad-Stevie
Smith, 1975.

The Oxford English Dictionary's verdict (1928) on the status of the word is still about right: 'The word was common in the 16th and 17th c. as a
variant of 'worse', in all its applications. In modern use, it is partly a literary survival (especially in phrases like the worser part, sort,
half), partly dial. and vulgar.' Its vulgar use is illustrated by the following examples: Your poor dear wife as you uses worser nor a dog-Dickens,
1835; That's my new word. Yeah, it's gonna be worser. You know, worse to worser-Interview (US), 1990.

Can we be any more pedant?

Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 10, 2002, 11:52pm
While you are picking on someone about their punctuation, might I remind you
that your spelling could use some work. The word is correctly spelled
(adding insult to injury)

[View Quote] > did return.
> OH NO! You forgot the two spaces after your colons. Oh no, after the
> elipses too! Why pick on my use of grammar other semanticle mumbo jumbo if
> you don't follow it strictly yourself?
> --Bowen--

Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 11, 2002, 9:08am
Dear Eep,

I guess you jerked your knee before you actually digested the post. I was simply stating the obvious which is backed up by Oxford and Fowler (current by the way) which supports your original premise ya ning nong. That is
that the word "worser" is indeed a vulgar and merely a literary survival. Learn to read for context Eep.
If your going to be a pedant, at least be good at it.

[View Quote] > Current usage dictates "worser" to be incorrect--PERIOD. Get out of the 16th and 17th centuries, and don't expect some 12-year-old interview to support your argument. Take a basic English grammar class and get a clue.
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Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 12, 2002, 12:24am
Eep the pot is calling the kettle black :o)
I've had years of watching your psuedo-pedantic behavior and grammatical anarchy decline with each thread to your final resort of name-calling. After watching you struggle to support your arguments with something more than
mud-slinging, I thought perhaps you could use a bit of well-sourced material to uphold your claims. (i.e.: worser). I made the mistake of concluding that with your obvious superior intellect well armed, that you could make an
actual argument rather than just flapping your e-lips.
Alas, as your most recent posts reveal, it is not a lack of material or your misdirected education that is your demise. Rather, your name-calling discloses a thorough lack of imagination on your part.
Kit (the ultimate pedant)
P.S. It's great fun correcting people isn't it Eep. It's almost as satisfying as the experience of making fun of someone or mud-slinging, but its slightly more socially acceptable. So, if you'd like a bit more of your own
medicine, please reply.

[View Quote] > Look, twit, why even bother responding in the first place if you're just going to be a snotty snob about it? Get over yourself already and lose the attitude, twit.
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Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 12, 2002, 2:17am
Hiya :o)
I agree whole-heartedly! Can you pass some over here? Oops, maybe
you really meant "despot".
If the truth be known, Ive developed a certain amount of affection for
the little dweeb over the years but shhhhhhhhh....

[View Quote] > hey,..... the NGs are no fun without a bit of pot
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Re: word usage (was Re: aw_world_object_password SDK call?)

Aug 12, 2002, 7:50am
That was a stylish exit I must say!! (laughs uproariously)
And your form is consistent with past posts too. Lol. Still slinging epithets.

[View Quote] > Don't bother as you're now filtered. Enjoy being ignored, twit!
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Re: trolling moron (was Re: word usage)

Aug 12, 2002, 11:08pm

[View Quote] > He hardly "burnt" me, Syntax; he's just being a trolling moron and I tire of him. <shrug>

One hopes soon he'll tire soon of more of us :o)

[View Quote] Don't bother as you're now filtered. Enjoy being ignored, twit!

Dearest Eep,
Hmm, somehow I expected a wittier repartee Eep. Your average joust is at least good for 15 to

20 ill-conceived posts. Alas, the sport of troll baiting isn't what it used to be. (maybe
that's a good thing :o)) I'd have at least composed a poem fit for the occasion. This is
dedicated to troll-baiters (me) and to trolls (fill in the blank) everywhere. My apologies to

"Baphomet!" said I, "thing of evil! -- trollster still, if fool or devil!
Whether Tempter sent, or whether tempest tossed thee here ashore,
Desolate yet all undaunted, on this pleasant land enchanted
On this home by Horror haunted -- tell me truly, I implore
Is there... is there anything in your head? -- tell me -- tell me, I implore!"
But the trollster said no more.

"Moron!" said I, "trolling moron... prophet of the land of Sodom!
By that Heaven that bends above us... by that God who ought to love us
Tell this soul with sorrow laden if, within the distant Aidenn,
Comes a day when thou unbidden render up some talent hidden and join us in this idea midden
Post a rare and funny concept other 'readers might adore."
The trollster simply yelled and swore.

"Be that word our sign of parting, fool or fiend!" I grow tired of your endless farting
"Get thee back into the tempest and the Night's Plutonian shore!
Leave no annotation as a token of that lie thou fool hath spoken!
Leave my peacefulness unbroken!...please sir, quit the 'news groups floor,
Take thy head from out thy arse, and darken not the 'news group door!"
We're sick of you, we want no more.

And the trollster, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
With his poorly written pile of fishboned crap scattered 'neath him,
And his ideas have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming,
Soullessly in endless scheming, and occasionally screaming when his ideas are called poor
I took my mind from out that shadow that obscures his uncaring face,
(insert name of your choice)Troll, please quit this place !

(cited upon request)
And with that I take my leave from troll-baiting and my puissant muse for poetry. I don't
often post to AW newsgroups and I'm sure the reason why is clear to many of you by now. No
need to ban me. (waves to the moderator) I'm done for
P.S. Eep, I'm not a guy. :o)

Re: trolling moron (was Re: word usage)

Aug 13, 2002, 10:12pm
[View Quote] [View Quote] Hello :o)
Perhaps I was unclear. Trolls and Troll-Baiters my dear Agent1, are simply variations of
the same ilk. I have no issue with trolls or being a troll/troll baiter. I do appreciate a
well thought out troll-post. I'm sure you meant no offense nor was any offense taken :o)
I do however have issues with humourless and ill-equipped pedants and unimaginative
name-callers. These people illustrate clearly their inability to support a position. There
are a few here who could be great assets to the AW Community, to Activeworlds
Administration, who are a wealth of information about RWX, Renderware, object creation, UV
and texture mapping and yes, even grammar ad-nauseum ,who destroy their own credibility by
belittling tactics such as name-calling, who avoid the real questions by participating in
inane pedantry, who for lack of critical thinking skills are unable to convey any semblance
of reliability. (please see short examples from this thread at the bottom of this post)
(examples from other threads available on request)
I wanted to thank all of you who privately wrote e-mail and sent telegrams of support and
good cheer about this matter. I've been extremely busy but will get back to every one of
you. Again, thanks so much.
Eep, we know given your circumstances that you might not have known any better behaviour
but the important thing is to learn from your mistakes :o) I do hope you'll stick around as
Im sure the other readers will forget this whole sorry business in a couple of years.
Kit (the ultimate troll)

Er, no, those are spelling differences, not intensity differences. "Worst" is more extreme
"worse"; and there is no "worser" or "worsest".
Um, Bowen, stop being lame. Get over it and learn how to use words correctly--which is what
this thread is about.
Oh you're being REALLY lame--properly lame, even. You're talking about
not English. Informal English isn't so lame, but you had better know the difference between

"worse" and "worst". How funny you expect other people to accept your mistakes
when you in your hypocracy don't accept others. Drive through, hypocrite-boy!When have I
been wrong? Good god you're a geek. Get over it already.
Hardly; you better go look up the word "efficient", sport. You're getting desperate for
arguments. Back to Grammar 101 with you. Credit is EARNED, not given mindlessly away.
Take a basic English grammar and get a clue (anyone spot the issues
with this phrase?)
Nope, my grammar is fine; you simply don't understand it. (this one just takes the
Look, twit, why even bother responding in the first place if you're just going to be a
snotty snob
about it? Get over yourself already and lose the attitude, twit.
Don't bother as you're now filtered. Enjoy being ignored, twit!
He hardly "burnt" me, Syntax; he's just being a trolling moron and I tire of him.
Hopefully the idiot'll go into a troll feedback loop: troll-baiting himself, the troll.
(dang, I thought he filtered me!)

Re: trolling moron (was Re: word usage)

Aug 15, 2002, 12:30am
Hello :o)

[View Quote] > To everyone it may concern.
> While there is a difference between the words "worse" and "worst", there is
> not a great deal of difference between "troll" and "pedant". Both are
> personal attacks.

Your right Kellee. I should have thanked "he who shall not be named" for calling
me a moron, twit , snotty snob, a broken record and for suggesting I take a
class in grammar (although Ive considered this). Thank you very much :o) I'm
also pretty sure that in reference to myself, it was I who may have been the
first to use the terms "pedant" and "troll-baiter" so really there was no real
annoyance on my part. I am guilty though, of stating that there are a few who
are unimaginative, ill-equipped, inane....oh yes, I did call Eep a ning nong for
which I will forever be in a state of chagrin. :o)

> While general discussion is the place for all topics not directly related to
> AW, it is still considered to be a place where adults can have opinions,
> make remarks and otherwise behave in a semi sociable manner.

How about letting "semi" be the indicative word here.

> In other words.....grow up kiddies!

Now now. Perhaps I have learned not to be inflammatory. How about you?

> Dont like it......mute some one, but
> dont use caustic and inflamatory statements to berate some one in an effort
> to reach their annoyance threshold and have them react in a way that will
> have them removed from the NGs.

Eep has stated himself that he has filtered me so Im fairly sure my last post
filled with his belittling remarks have not bothered him in the slightest. I'm
sure too that I haven't the personal power to cause anyone to do anything
against their will. If anyone were to react in a way to my posts that would have
them thrown off then surely I am not to blame. I just don't have that kind of
power. Likewise, if I'm ousted as a result of my posts Im sure you would
understand that Eep would certainly not be to blame either. I have confined
myself to this one and only thread amongst the thousands of threads within the
AW newsgroups and the thousands that have passed by over the years here. If it
is you Kellee that is annoyed...heck I don't blame ya! Mute someone.


Sep 20, 2002, 6:52pm
And I'm sure you would be wrong

[View Quote] > I think grasias is acceptable by most Spanish speaking countries (not including
> Spain).
> --Bowen--
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A couple questions.

Oct 1, 2002, 2:48am
Hello Mr. Monarch,
Perhaps you'd like to look at your own post. A bit of punctuation,
capitalisation and correct spelling on your part might help to make your point
about Carl's lack of question marks. (extracts the mote from Monarchs eye) There
ya go buddy :o)

[View Quote] > Incase u didnt notice CarL, there is no question in ur post. questions
> SHOULD end with a question mark...IF u forgot to add the question mark fine,
> 'Also does anyone know the site for VIA Technologies,Inc' would be a
> question if that was the case. BUT 'I finally upgraded my video card and I
> can run Direct3d 8 but I heard it has a problem.' is not a question. even
> tho its quite obvious what the question is, but happens if some idiot like u
> comes a long and only finds 1 question? they might strain their brains
> thinking what the question is. So i suggest u repost ur post, with Actual
> QUESTIONS! ( must add ? if u forgot)
> Yours Faithfully,
> Absolute Monarch
> 338508
> Mayor of Sapphire Estates - AW 18000s 16000w
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Oct 14, 2002, 8:59am

[View Quote] > 01000010011000010111001000100000011001100110011101110010011000110010000001111010011000100110010101110010001000000011101100101001
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Recommendation for mail client?

Mar 4, 2003, 6:20pm
Hiya :o)

Another ally here too Goober. Ive been using Netscape and its products since
about 1995. Netscape Communicator is offered for 17 platforms, including Windows
95, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Mac OS, OS/2, and a variety of Unix platforms. The
product is available in Standard and Professional Editions and more than ten
languages. In addition, Netscape software supports Internet standards
(including Java, JavaScript, HTML, HTTP, IIOP, IMAP4, LDAP, NNTP, POP3, and
SMTP) and security standards such as SSL (no virus's here :o)). It seems to have
a few problems with ASP at the moment but I can easily deal with that.
I wouldn't have my mail or news reader in any other format.


[View Quote] > Glad to know I have an ally against the ignorant masses! ;D
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Who is Michael Gardner?

Jan 24, 2002, 1:39am
He is a 10% share holder. See the link below. But why?


[View Quote] > And is he an AW Citizen along with an AW build? Coords?


Feb 15, 2002, 9:36pm

While a Halfling is a Hobbit, a Dark Elf has no mention in LOTR. A Dark Elf is
the creation of another author- Feist.


[View Quote] > In "Lord of The Rings" a halfling is another name for a hobit. I would think
> a dark elf would be Orc(according to LOTR).

The Truth of Leo Mauk/BinaryBud

Mar 3, 2002, 6:56pm
I suggest it might be SunofSolaris who needs to learn a bit of history. This
link I've provided is a good start. This page gives dates, universities,
programmes and yes, it mentions "Merit" too. Some of us are not children but
rather, as you put it "script kiddies" since the early 70's. We know our history
because we were there.

Cheers, Kit
[View Quote] >
> Your hero, Leo, emailed me claiming he was pulling the same tricks as I in
> the early 70's. To which i responded, no i dont think you were, unless he
> was in the military, as at that time the "internet", known as DARPA at that
> time, was still a military only project. I also suggested he learnt his
> history before continuing to bs.
> In response, your hero Leo claimed he was using telnet and lynx on the
> "Mertit" network that connected universities at that time. Again false,
> as i point out in my repose to him. The internet wasnt used in
> universities as a form of communication until the 80's. I have no
> knowledge of the "Merit" network and dont have time to do any research on
> it, so am unable to comment. However, telnet and lynx in the early 70's ?
> Again, bs, The Lynx project was developed originally in DOS, possibly in the
> late 80's(at which time, with the use of some software such as TomCat, DOS
> couldnt implement a tcp/ip stack anyway let alone connect to the internet)
> But, the point being here, Lynx wasnt actually around til 1994(please see
> link below to support : )
> Now his claim of telnet in the 70's ? Again, more bs, as i told him in my
> reponse. How he could have been using a product who's protocol wasnt even
> defined, by Postel, until the early 80's i have no idea. This link will
> support this

The Truth of Leo Mauk/BinaryBud

Mar 3, 2002, 7:41pm
Hiya Bud,
Lynx is a great little program. Here is a link for source files. :o)

[View Quote] > thanx Kit i've been looking for a history page like that hehehe i
> remember "cruising around on Merit" connecting to Modems and dialing out to
> my favorite BBS's around the country back in the mid 70's twas a riot just
> using Telnet...:) and all free i might add....:) and i believe it was an
> email proggy called Lynx i you remember that one? I thought it
> was DOS based..... maybe that was a CPM proggy?
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Generations Day, AWTeen

Jun 30, 2002, 11:31pm
Heres the error I got from that page

Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket
'/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in
/home/awnews/www/html/pnadodb/ on
line 105

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server
through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (111) in
/home/awnews/www/html/pnadodb/ on line 105
Error connecting to dbawnews
Program: /home/awnews/www/html/mainfile2.php - Line N.: 125
Database: awnews
Error (2002) :

[View Quote] >
> Not down now, I just posted another article!

/whois Mr. Kwok Li

Sep 21, 2002, 7:14am
I think this is a much better picture of Kwok Li, and if his offer goes through
(very slim chance), he will be sitting as Chairman of our board.

[View Quote] > Very interesting, yanst. Has he been world hopping? Or playing bingo
> perhaps? lol
> And since some are interested in his phone number... I believe you could
> reach him at 203-834-9809.
> html
> See 'The Company', 'Click Here for Company Management', then click Kwok Li's
> name at
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Kits Bits

Dec 10, 2002, 7:56pm

Much to my amazement, Kit has made it to the "Worlds to Watch" as a
teleport from the Gateway GZ. In celebration, I'm giving away (free) a
fully texture mapped set of about 15 tropical fish to do with as you
please. Kit is also now open for business with a multitude of new
objects for sale. Bear with me in these early days as "object sales" is
new to me. I have begun a wee web site to which now has examples of a
few things offered in Kit for sale but by no means encompasses the
whole. So check out the web site ( )
and have a wander through Kit. Most teleports are located in or near GZ
there. Contact me in Kit by telegram or by e-mail at kit at


Virus Warning

Sep 23, 2005, 11:47am

You might consider spell checking your own posts before berating others.
Here is what you wrote.

"As a general piece of information to everyone, there are only 2 ways
you represent yourselves on this newsgroup (or other text based comm);
what you type and how you type it. The first doesnt particually come
into play unless how you type it is of a reasonable quallity."

Don't drink and type.

Kind regards,

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[AW Reunion 2007] Where To Next?

Jul 26, 2006, 11:24pm
I voted for Denver. After so many years on New Zealand Id be happy to
get back to my old stomping grounds in Colorado. After 8 years in AW, Id
love to finally meet many of you in a town that I can actually get to.


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