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streamed audio

Nov 4, 1998, 2:43pm
I agree that it needs to be done, though at hte moment I woulden't be able to
use it on my 28.8 connection, I would when I am at school with my T1. Audio chat
should be implemented too.... (sigh I always ask for so much:) )

[View Quote] > Would be nice, but I for one couldn't use it. If implimented, it would have
> to be something that you could disable if you lack the bandwith or
> processing power to handle it. Might also be nice to have it disabled by
> the installation process as a default if you are running too slow of a
> connection on too slow of a computer.
> TechnoZeus
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Realism Sermon #2

Nov 4, 1998, 2:34pm
I agree, no names...also an option to make avitars not show through walls, or at
least one for bots... seeing someone through 30m of rock seems like a little
hole in realism to me!

[View Quote] > That brings up an interesting idea. Perhaps it would be possible, for the
> sake of locating an avatar in a crowd, to add a feature where a person could
> make an avatar on their screen become invisible to them for a specified
> period of time. That way, it would be possible to thin out the crowd until
> you find the one you're looking for. Once you have found the person you are
> looking for, perhaps another option could be used to make all the invisible
> ones show up again rather than waiting for the timers to run down.
> TechnoZeus
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"Free" Camera Movement with the mouse ala Games like quake 1-2/unreal

Nov 4, 1998, 2:23pm
Yes, I agree, this would make AW a much more imersive experiance. I want
one in my X-mas stocking too!!

[View Quote] > Ok people ive had only a qwik scan tho this group this morning and im no
> to shure this feature has been requested ( Mind you im not shure Cof
> actually reads this group *G* )
> Anyways ..the most inviting and original feature of Aw is its 3d
> immersive qualitites .. it what sucks many of us in and keeps us here
> and its what draws aw apart from other chat progs.
> What im requesting / suggesting /wishing for in my Xmas stocking is
> "free" 360 degrees camera mapped to the mouse movements .. and the
> standard arrow keys on the keyboard similtaneously mapped to translate
> this view ( ie. move you around )
> so you would be cruisnig around like games: quake and unreal etc...
> with free 360 feild of view ( one hand on the keys and one on the mouse
> ,)
> Now think about it If this was a selectable option ,, you would feel
> more immersed in the evironment, you could be looking at the scene via
> a number of muose rotated veiwpoints almost simitaneously ,, and walking
> around with ease. Thus making navigating 3d worlds a more realistic and
> exciting experience.
> Rememeber Aw has its roots in videogame technology AND the video
> game/industry technology is one AWs biggest and most innovative
> competitors. People buy a 3d game and hook into the net chat and kill
> chat and play chat and evolve ( ala Ultima Online/ Diablo/ Quake2 /
> Unreal) its the standard theses days ,, COF listen up or become left
> behind as people get wowed by the "bells & whistles" of your
> competitors.
> Cheers
> Black Mantis
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3Dfx Voodoo/Voodoo2 support in ActiveWorlds.

Nov 4, 1998, 2:09pm
Ok if it's supported how do I make it work on my machine? I tryed the direct 3d
dll's they made my machine crash, I have 2 monster3d II cards.

In genral I agree that 3dfx support should be implemented. Once again blaxxun
made it work for their CCpro (even if that is about the only thing that works).

[View Quote] > If you did a little research, you would know that Renderware is listed as
> being supported by 3Dfx. Look before you leap. Oh, and you get what you
> pay for. That's why Creative Labs, 3Dfx, Intel, USR/3COM, Etc, are top
> selling products even though they cost a little more.
> Paul
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Idea: if-then-else through obj. actions (server-side variables, etc.)

Nov 4, 1998, 3:44pm
Yeh!! This is exactly what I was talking about in #15 in my posting "top 16
improvements..." too bad I didn't read this first. I second you're motion,
now they have to implement it...right...?? ;> Oh well, maby they will,
there is so much that I could do with this. I think useing C(++) would be a
good idea.

Re: Non-Fixed light source...

Nov 4, 1998, 2:01pm
I feel that the adition of multiple light sources is a necessity in the
evolution of rwx, VRML can do it, why not rwx. Light sources should alow
controle of position, color intensity, range, and direction(ie cone point
etc.) I know it is a lot to ask but if rwx is to not fall by the wayside
it is a must! (and I really want a dark cave ;> )

[View Quote] > The coolest of the cool effects would be to have, "A greater light to
> rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night". (I didn't think of
> this one, the author and chief implementer of RL(tm) did.) That is, a
> pair of light sources that MOVE.
> Add to the wish list, ALL objects cast shadows (except glass objects)
> AND objects that act as light sources (e.g. flame1 and lamp1). This
> would make DARK caves a possibility, and make the addition of torches,
> etc. inside the cave a functional necessity. Note that adding a button
> to the browser to turn on a "flash light" would be nice as well (at
> least during building mode)
> I suppose this is too much for RenderWare though... :^(
> ScottyDM
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Custom AV?

Nov 4, 1998, 3:26pm
I have nothing consrtuctive to contribute but I would like to see a C-AV option,
though I would want the option to disable it in my world....the thought of
jetskis and robots walking around my mediveal city sends shivvers down my spine.
(Though maby I am just a controle freek... I don't want to take away the freedom
that C-AV's would give people...)

[View Quote] > Hello, everybody!
> A long time ago, the Patagonian newspaper "Patagonia i Søkelyset" had an
> interview
> with ENZO about AWB 2.0. There ENZO said that soon there would come a new
> option - Custom avatar! Then could people upload their own avatar, and use
> it in
> all the worlds.
> This was in May, I think, before 2.0 was finished. I asked ENZO when 2.0
> should be
> able to download, and then he asked me if i wanted a Beta. I said yes (of
> course),
> and got 2.0. But I couldn't find the C-AV-option, and asked ENZO where i
> could find it.
> The he told me that C-AV was not finished yet, but would come in June.
> But...but...Now it's November! When does C-AV come?! I've been waiting since
> May!
> -Wullis

Re: Visibility

Nov 4, 1998, 2:46pm
Yes, I agree, this would alow the consolidation of little objects into big ones without the problem of them disapearing (ie one big wall insted of 12 little walls stuck together, that is 6 pollygons insted of 72) should speed up fr.

[View Quote] > How about instead of using the object's center in figuring out whether to display it, based on the visibility distance setting, why not use the object's bounding box? That way if the object's bounding box is within the visibility distance, the entire object is displayed, instead of leaving gaps and then having objects blip in and out of view. I think that would make things smoother and more fluid.

top 16 needed improvements (Duma's pipedream ;> )

Nov 4, 1998, 3:15pm
Some of these are just pipe dreams, but hey!

1. Fog (even cheep VRML like fog)... it could corraspond to visability
so insted of vanishing objects they dissapeared into the fog. It
woulden't be right in every world but it would work better than the
transperant hills in Oct31.

2. Real reflections. (it would slow down the fr etc, I know but I still
want it ;) )

3. Lighting sources (w/ color, type, intensity, etc.)

4. Quakelike mouselook.

5. Option to make avitars behind objects not visible.

6. 3dfx support

7. Object scripting controled by VRT colck. (w/ interpolation like
VRML) Thinl of the moving suns, buildings opening and closing depending
on the time of the day, (combined with fog for) visibility changes
during day/night, (combined with light sources for) flickering torches,
day and night. etc, etc, etc!!!!!

8. Shadows, ok even QIII isn't going to do it so I don't really expect
it but I still want it:)

9. Darkness below ground level (combined with lightsources/teleports
for) torchlit hallways and caves.

10. Object clipping,

11. Better chat facilitys ie channels, ajustable range of "hearing"
(blocked by walls etc.)

12. Streaming Audio...(it would be nice for those of us with high
bandwidth) Think rt audio chat, and heaven forbid non MIDI
soundtracks!! :)

13. Sound controles, range of hearing, volume, blockable by objects...
(another big one I guess :) )

14. World catagories, fantisy, chat, realistic, buisness, puzzle

15. boolian scripting comands if, or, and (see example in 16)

16. Takeable objects, that is objects that any user can move, take with
them, within the world, etc. This might necessitate an invintory. It
would alow for more complex puzzles (ie. combined with a few new action
comands: if iron key is in inventory action solid off, visible off; )

one more!!! ;>

Nov 4, 1998, 3:20pm
17. A smart follow camera for third person view (like tomb rader) w/
collision detection. This would make 3rd person view useable indoors.

Head Mounted Display (HDM) in active worlds ?

Nov 18, 1998, 6:40pm
OK, you have my atention... how much do i-glasses Virtual I/O glasses cost, what
else are they compatible with (other worlds/ games (QuakeII *hopeing
wistfully*)) and when do realistically think that your sdk driver will be
released? I would sincearly love to get a HMD, but dont want to buy somthing if
it won't be worth it. Thanks Chris (aka Duma in ZurichIV)

[View Quote] > Currently I am also working on the use of HMD's for AW. I have found so far
> the Virtual I/O glasses have given the best results. It has a SDK driver for
> use specifically for the windows95 & 98 platform. It also allows use of
> mouse emulation and setup of hot keys. This basically means that the Virtual
> I/O can be used now for AW. But.....and there always seems to be a but,
> there are some drawbacks to the Virtual I/O and AW's use of it.
> *1st off...The Virtual I/O's only work in 640x480 res. which to me really
> suxs
> *2nd AW does not currently have a full screen mode which would be needed for
> best results...
> *and 3rd If you use the Virtual I/O' cant use the mouse at the same
> time in AW..which keeps you from selecting or activating things that need
> the mouse input.
> As part of my current research, I have been incorporating the use of the SDK
> to make a driver that will at least allow use of the mouse and Virtual I/O's
> at the same time and use of a joystick also.
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This newsgroup

Nov 18, 1998, 6:28pm
Two programmers!!! A project like AW should have 20 or a hundred! How about starting to look for more programmers, If AW
started going somewhere they would pay for themselves...

[View Quote] > It didn't improve (develop) much before Protag left when there were 2 programmers were working on AW either though...
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RA in AW

Nov 18, 1998, 6:23pm
I most heartily agree...welll COF??? :)

[View Quote] > it should be posible to use RA-files the same way you use WAV and MIDI files
> in AW!!! i hate midi, and wav files r to big :(

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