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chris barney

Nov 4, 1998, 2:01pm
I feel that the adition of multiple light sources is a necessity in the
evolution of rwx, VRML can do it, why not rwx. Light sources should alow
controle of position, color intensity, range, and direction(ie cone point
etc.) I know it is a lot to ask but if rwx is to not fall by the wayside
it is a must! (and I really want a dark cave ;> )

[View Quote] > The coolest of the cool effects would be to have, "A greater light to
> rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night". (I didn't think of
> this one, the author and chief implementer of RL(tm) did.) That is, a
> pair of light sources that MOVE.
> Add to the wish list, ALL objects cast shadows (except glass objects)
> AND objects that act as light sources (e.g. flame1 and lamp1). This
> would make DARK caves a possibility, and make the addition of torches,
> etc. inside the cave a functional necessity. Note that adding a button
> to the browser to turn on a "flash light" would be nice as well (at
> least during building mode)
> I suppose this is too much for RenderWare though... :^(
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