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Re: Just In (was Re: bike.rwx avatar)

Oct 3, 2001, 11:35pm
I rarely respond in newsgroups but feel compelled to after hearing Chris's
eloquent words and than being viewed as a trouble maker. Chris speaks the truth
and at the same time is being objective. It is difficult for me to stand by and
see Justin dance around the issue and not give any answers, but than I know the
answers. He allows the assumption that the answers are what he would like them
to be, without outwardly lieing. The people who are loud and act kinda crazy at
times are safer than the ones that sit back and act very normal. What is that
saying? The devil you know is better than the devil you dont know? If anyone
has any questions, catch me in NewYork privately and I can answer them for you.


[View Quote] > I dare to jeopardize my own status in this newsgroup be even replying to
> this. That was going to be my last post on this, and I tried to make that
> evident. Who's dragging this up now?
> As I said before, I'm on the fence, and I'm not ruling out the possibility
> that Just In could be a wolf in sheep's clothing. You shouldn't blindly
> base yourself on "Just In's side" simply because JFK2 and Chuck's Party were
> on "the other side". I mean, really? How dumb a move is that? Use your
> head and sort out the evidence (evidence is not proof) before discounting
> everything because two overly eager jug-heads went on a smear campaign. I
> don't mean that as an insult, I mean it as advice.
> Do you even know who first leveled those allegations at Just In? It wasn't
> JFK or Chucky, I'll tell you that. If you want to know, ask them to chime
> in, because they're reading these newsgroups and they know who they are.
> I really can't stress enough to you that absolutely 0% of my position on
> this issue is based on JFK and Chucky's hearsay.
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The Whole NewYork Story

Dec 13, 2000, 2:16am

I don’t usually post to these newsgroups, but it seems that it is
necessary here, to set the story straight. I will include a little

When I came to AW about 4 years ago, I was mesmerized by the 3d effect
where one can actually create homes, buildings, worlds in such great
detail. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a PASSION for NYC and I go
there any chance I get. I have had this dream from my early AW days of
creating Times Square… often daydreaming where I would place what
building…where the GZ landing would be, etc. My big break came almost 2
years ago when I was given the opportunity to buy NewYork. After
attaining this world…a man named Just In contacted me, asking my plans
for NewYork and requesting that I allow him to build it there. He sent
me his AW cords a few times and requested I see his building abilities.
Over time, I finally did and recognized his talent and that he would
probably be able to achieve my design. There was never a deal, never a
contract, verbal or otherwise concerning NewYork. Justin was merely a
builder who contacted me asking to build there. He soon demanded more
and more privs in NewYork, caretakership and finally this past summer
ftp access to the path.

I took several trips to NYC taking 100’s of pictures of Times Square
each time, huge development, film costs and countless hours scanning
them. Although, the pics were never good enough for Justin.

Any time I had someone interested in helping build in NY..Justin had a
way to make that person feel like less a builder and afraid to do
anything in there. Over time, I stopped asking people to come in to
help, since it caused hassles and I got the feeling Justin felt his
“territory” was being invaded. Being the perfectionist he is and
respecting his territorial complex, I let him be, giving him complete
access and control of NewYork to do what he wished. I recognize
now…that was my big mistake. Even when I created rwx, for eg, when I
realized I was able to create a frameless object that can import
pictures and made several sizes. Justin jumped right on it…found mine
to be less than perfect and created I would venture to guess well over
a dozen sizes and attached his name to it.

I worked weeks on designing NewYork Tourist avs…I may not be as quick as
many of the talented modelers in AW, but I am persistent. After hours
and hours of work on the Tshirt design and all the texturing, Justin
would comment, the complection needed to be tanner, the glasses tighter
to face, more or less shade on glasses. Nothing is ever good enough for
Justin. I found over time, it was best to leave Justin working alone in
NewYork, he seemed to like it that way… and it kept him out of trouble.
I considered it a kind of therapy for him and he even agreed with me at
one point that this was true. I wonder now if Justin was this difficult
with me when I tried to create in my world or with others…so that he
would have exclusive claim to its creation. I see now this in fact may
be the case. Ironically at the same point, it seemed by his comments in
this newsgroup, that he became jealous of my commitment in other
worlds. Justin is never satisfied.

I never asked him to create custom rwx for NewYork and in fact quite the
opposite I asked him to refrain from adding rwx due to the fact, I was
not certain how many files I was able to add to the object path. Now
looking back, Im afraid Justin may have feverishing added so many
customized rwx in NewYork so that he can claim what he is today,
requesting all his objects back and trashing my ftp like he did.
Looking back, I was quite naïve letting Justin in and giving him so much
control and power in my world, allowing him to keep the creation

Anyone who had ever come to NewYork (before the creation of Broadway)
and met me and complimented the world…would know I openly and lavishly
credited Justin for the beauty of the world. I, in fact, told him in
the summer that I would gladly write him a letter of reference for an
employer he was seeking employment with at that time.

The Breakup/Shakedown:
Whether it was due to my increased work hours outside of VR or his
jealousy over my involvement in other worlds, Justin became increasingly
demanding in the summer. Finally threatened to delete my object
yard/testing ground which is located in a far corner of the world deep
underground, not interfereing with any of his builds. He felt it was
too “messy” and was going to delete it, if I didn’t fix it up to his
standards. I don’t know what anyone in here would have done by than…but
I quickly changed the NewYorker privs (building privs) although Justin
number was in building until the day Broadway was created and I took his
number out of caretakership. I needed to protect what little was mine
in there…by rights it was MY world wasn’t it?

At this point…there may have been a chance of a resolve…but Justins next
move was unforgiveable. He begged my host on a few occasions to put up
a duplicate world with my world data and give him ftp access to their
path, since he had a business woman from NYC coming in to view his
work. I felt this was very sneaky, deceitful and devious. I felt he
was trying to sell my world from under me. He, in fact, after
this…stated to me in a conversation, he was prepared to buy my world off
me!!! I had no clue where that comment came from since my world was not
for sale!!!

Trust is an important issue for me…with any kind of friendship I have in
AW…anyone who knows me…knows how paramount this issue is with me. He
broke that trust and I don’t know if that ever can be repaired. Several
things happened after this, which you heard bits and pieces in this ng
and Justin will do just about anything to achieve a goal he has set out
for himself. Noone or nothing will get in his way. The only times did
he so graciously offer me a part in Broadway was because he needed
several objects in my world and knew that if I was part of Broadway
that he would get them and it would at that point, just make it easier
on him, instead of recreating those objects. I know now from experience
Justin does not offer anything a plan….he lives by a plan and his
personal goals are always the reason for the plan, and other peoples
feelings or morality in general is never considered in the plan.

When Posh comes in here enraged about the goings on…she does have a
right to…cause she knows blow by blow what had gone on between Justin
and I, everything that was exchanged in the process and heard many of
his comments. I think this most recent one where he came to NewYork
gloating, is what enraged her enough to send her to post in here.
Just In: I don't care - Broadway is a success - and you can't stop it -
and you can't be part of it
Posh: btw.. thank you for the screen shots Just In
Just In: I have the winning team
Posh: nobody wants to be a part of a stolen world
Posh: and you can be sure that you will be quoted direct on the
protesting page
Just In: then why does Broadway ALWAYS have more people in it that

Im sorry for being so lengthy in here and taking up so much of your time
on this issue. But after so many posts, I felt I needed to set the
record straight, why Justin was taken out of the caretakership of my
world after giving him complete control of NewYork, all the tools he
needed to develop his modeling abilities including renewing his
citizenship and feeling like he just turned around and kicked me in the
face in return!

FriendPA (A friend in PA who loves NY)

PS. I worked long and diligently on restoring a new path. Everytime I
re-added to the old path…Justin would go in once again and delete…so I
started a new path and this is why everything loads fine presently.

NewYork's 2nd Anniversary

Mar 10, 2001, 2:21am
I want to invite everyone to NewYork World's 2nd Anniversary. Many
events scheduled throughout the day. Come early and stay late in the
city that never sleeps!! NewYork is in a constant state of transition,
return often to see its progress! I personally go to NYC to capture
pictures of Times Square for the realistic building in NewYork. If
anyone has any questions about NYC, telegram me and I will try to answer
your questions. We are especially honored and proud to announce our
recognition in PCGamer Magazine March issue!!! It was such an honor!!

See you at the party and check back for open building in the future!!

FriendPA :)

NewYork's 2nd Anniversary

Mar 11, 2001, 5:26pm

Now that it seems you have started opening the dirty laundry bag, maybe I should
describe a bit of the contents within your bag? Justin beware, I have held back
for a long time and it is getting very difficult to restrain it with your
present harrassment of me and the builders who come to NewYork. Just as you
told Chuck, you are ok as long as noone goes to NewYork but as soon as it
becomes popular, you will do something about it. Well I may do something in
return and only you know what Im referring to.

It sounds like you are quite paranoid about what you call "digs" and I haven't a
clue what you are talking about. Yes NewYork is in transition, and what does
this have to do with you and your paranoia, and yes PCGamer mentioned NewYork's
Times square in its article and you only feel offended since you are no longer
involved in NewYork or a part of it.

And Trust????? I hardly think anyone in this entire community would trust a
person who goes to their hoster asking for a duplicate world to be hosted with
its dup that you can personally showcase it to a business person.
You are purely out for profit, like you aren't here for friends or
how ever you stated it a while back. That is the stark difference between the
two of us...You are here for profit and will cut throat anyone for it and your
past is proof. I believe that good things eventually happen to good
people...and you hurt me badly. I just sit back and more or less pretend you
don't exist and life goes on. Stop harrassing me Justin and the people who come
to NewYork. These people came to NewYork cause of your abuse in Broadway...let
them be also...they are trying to get away from you also... just as I am... You
hurt some people and seem to continue to do so.

I'm sick of hearing about this copywright had uploaded them to my
ftp...I in fact at one point requested you not to make so many objects as to
fill the path I was on. I had given you all the tools and freedom to do what
you did and let you more or less run the world...and you took advantage and
instead of being thankful, you stab me in the back. I am forever thankful to
the person who first gave me privileges to caretake and upload to their world
Sirocco...and his name is Formatcdrive. He had given me the freedom and tools
that allowed me to learn rwx and how to make my own objects and textures. In
fact, I left everything I made on his server and it is used today in his world.
I just don't understand you Justin...This is purely sour grapes.

[View Quote] > FriendPA
> Not only do you do nothing when Chucks Party, and others in the past, post
> their vitriol in the newsgroup because they took personal affront over some
> petty issue, but you posted this article?
> I do hope your event went well, and have distanced myself so that you can
> enjoy your event in peace. What I don't understand is how you live with
> yourself for the extra digs you obviously intended for me.
> You say "NewYork is in a constant state of transition" Yes and why is
> that? Because you grabbed hold of the people that bounced off Broadway
> world, Borgs4ever, Chucks Party and jfk2. Do you take pride in using people
> who once were part of Broadway world, too weak to stand up for themselves
> when things didn't go their way? Who anyone else would regard as traiters?
> Tell me, since I left have you done any work yourself in NewYork world or
> have you continued to use other people?
> You say in your post "I personally go to NYC to capture pictures of Times
> Square for the realistic building of NewYork" Really? How many times did
> I ask you to go in and get more pictures and you said no? And how many
> times did I tell you that the pictures you took needed improvement? And
> even so, I still managed to do all that "realistic building" you appear so
> eager to boast about. Well sorry, but the truth is I spent hours upon
> hours surfing the web searching out other pictures and information I could
> use to build from. And once I'd done that, I searched out other
> photographers to get what I needed.
> You say "We are especially honored and proud to announce our recognition
> etc." We? We who? Why are you honored? What did you contribute? And
> furthermore, the magazine does not refer to NewYork world - it refers to the
> "virtual re-creations of Times Square etc". You did not make it - I did.
> Truely what have you got to boast about? That you hosted my work is about
> all you can take credit for.
> I do try to turn a blind eye to your continued disregard of the copyright of
> my objects. You don't have permission to use my objects, nor do you have
> permission to allow anyone else to use my objects, yet you continue to
> breach copyright law as if somehow you have a right to? To add insult to
> injury you refuse to place any credit to me in your world for the objects or
> the builds.
> Finally I remind you, that it was you that failed to trust me when you
> should have. It was you that withdrew the rights that I needed to continue
> my work. And it was you that denied us any opportunity to reconcile the
> problems or compromise towards a resolution. With this in mind you have no
> second thoughts when you tell people about how I have wronged you and did
> bad by you?
> You are so eager to discredit my name and take all the credit yourself.
> Well think about it - subtract all the work I did from NewYork world and
> tell me what would be left that you can take credit for? If you keep all my
> work how can you go about discrediting my name? Take credit for what you
> do, and give credit to those that earned it. I really don't understand why
> you do the exact opposite!
> Regards, Justin
> PS: dirty laundry stinks!
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Old review

May 19, 2001, 9:09pm
I somehow found World Chat and than decided to search 3d Chat to see what
else was out there. I was amazed and in awe when I found AW and immediately
became addicted. I remember spending alot of time in AW GZ battling the
"name stealers" at a time when citizenship was free and it was nothing for
people to use the l/I trick to steal someone's name and pretend they are
this person.

Than the time came when AW charged for citizenship and I sent in my 20 bucks
and probably because of the mass immigration, AW was a little behind on
changing over the citizenships. I found myself reduced to a "tourist".

Now imagine this, no whispers, stuck as a tourist and trying to get
someone's attention that could help me with my plight of losing my identity
and of course the fear that someone would steal my name!!!

Moria came to the rescue!!!! Thanks Moria...I will be forever thankful and
indebted to you :) and 10,000 memories later...Im still here hopelessly


Eep....and his f*cking mouth

Jun 1, 2001, 11:06pm
I do have to say something POSITIVE about Eep. When I was a newbie, I used to
stand and watch Eep build in Saxon...I felt he was very creative and built very
realistically. I love realistic builds. He was very patient with me allowing
me to hang around and ask somewhat stupid questions at times. I have to credit
him this much.......he was very patient with me explaining to me how to "dump my
cache" and only hauled off on me after I asked him the third time!!! LOL
*uncontrollably holding back a "smilie"


[View Quote] > eep probly bloacked my posts too so i dont think he even got this whole
> message...oh well i dont really care about him anymore
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Shame on WVRN Radio

Aug 14, 2001, 9:32pm
What I love so much about Danny2k's radio station is you can make requests
instantly. You just choose the song and click and within a few minutes, it
is online.
Besides this, I am honored to have home based in NewYork
world. <shameless plug> So come and listen, dance and party with us in
NewYork world and


P.S. Request KC song on the playlist under K and let me know if you think
KC sounds prepubescent?

[View Quote] > Nope... They are NOT ALL THE SAME.
> Danny 2K runs a very respectable radio station called AWRADIO.COM
> "nornny" <Nornny1 at> wrote in
> news:3b79221a$1 at

Celebrate New Year's Eve in NewYork World

Dec 21, 2001, 11:26am
Everyone is cordially invited to New York's 3rd Annual New Year's Eve
Party including our famous ball drop at midnight! Come, party, enjoy
the festivities and special events scheduled for the evening! We maxed
out last year over 50, come again this year and join in the fun!

Wishing everyone in AW, a very happy and joyous holiday!


Happy New Years from NewYork world

Dec 31, 2001, 5:31pm
Come ring in the New Year with NewYork world with our 3rd Annual Ball
drop at midnight EST (NYC real time) or 3 am VRT. We have many games
and festivities planned including Name That Tune, Trivia Games, Dancing
Competitions. Come and party the night away in the city that never
sleeps! Listen to our new New York, New York song modified especially
for this world!

See you there,


City Building

Sep 10, 2003, 9:52am
If anyone is a "city builder" and interested in becoming a part of a new
project in America, please contact me via telegram.

Thank you


City Building

Sep 11, 2003, 11:46pm
WOW! Im not only impressed by your friend's work but also impressed by your
kindness. It is always great to meet a kind person in AW trying to help the
community, rather than nit pick and look for a reason to put someone down. I
enjoyed the attached pictures and everyone has a free will to download or not to
download so don't worry about the chronic complainers in here. If they didn't
complain about your file, they would be left with only their "hot air" filling
their living space to obsess over.

I eagerly await the arrival of your friend and thank you so much for your kindness.


[View Quote] > Dear FriendPA,
> I know that one of owners of America is Jetta Lewis, who is the owner of the
> galaxy NewFoundLand. Few months ago, a citizen of NFL named "NYX" (#969,
> NFL) built an AWESOME city called "Daliaxy CT". Unfortunatly, NFL was reset
> and he lost all his work. This city was the most impressive I've ever seen
> on all the AW universes. He is your number one candidate I swear, he's an
> extremely talanted builder, but there's a problem : he can't afford an AW
> citizenship. I know that guy personnaly. Soon, I'll buy a P-30/5user world,
> so I'll get a free citizenship. I'll give it to him so he can build in
> America. So I swear, if you take him, you won't regret it. Jetta can confirm
> everything I said here. Also, I've zipped few screenshots of Daliaxy CT and
> attached them to this post. As soon as he get that citizenship, he'll
> contact you or Jetta.
> Sincerely,
> --
> Weizer
> #332602 AW
> #4808 OW
> weizer at
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> 3F5F0E62.967E810 at
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Happy Holidays

Dec 26, 2003, 1:55pm
Happy Holidays from their neighbor in the NE PA!

[View Quote] > Yes.... Season's Greetings from Northeast Pennsylvania (pinches Neo's arm
> for being a schmuck ;-"p)
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