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wishlist a wish ??

Oct 13, 1998, 9:06am
I donknow, I think Mystie looks good in shorts! (Sorry -MoM!)

Mom wrote :
>Hey I WISH that AW would have more av's to select from. The guys have
>great av's but the girls are stuck with trash. it's not all that fair but I
>know av's take time but MAKE MORE!!!



Oct 13, 1998, 9:00am
COOL! SNDS GD TO ME! could incl. in touch mode so as to "feel" STEP-OFFS!
(but be carefull you might TRIP!)
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My only wish

Oct 13, 1998, 9:11am
Sorry , IALAEA has evolved -to the next level !!

Ska Madgirl :
>I wanna bald woman av!!!!!!!


Virtual Money

Oct 13, 1998, 9:15am

Jason Fox wrote :
>Here's an idea (It's late, I think weird when it's late). How about VR
>money. When your a tourist you don't get any (To hard to code). When you
>register you get say $100. Then you could transfer that among people. For

>Jason Fox

language filters and more

Oct 13, 1998, 9:27am
-As far as language filters -{*#*%*#*}!
WestWorld! Cool! I want to be Ual !
(maybe we should bring back hangin` ? )
if anyone "gets The CHAIR!" perhaps "the shadowy types from GOAST" may
envelope and carry thr poor unfortunate "avitar" off to - ..... ???

Mediaone wrote :
>I think it would be better for all age groups if you could set language
>filters. You enter words you don't want to see spoken and they are replaced
>by underscores in hte chat box.
>I may be weird, but i think it would be fun to have "shoot-outs." In a
>special world, (avs are cowboys) EJECT is everybody and it is automatically
>set to 5 minutes. You try to eject everyone-try to get a clear shot! THere
>would be schedules, and the bystanders are protected by glass so they can't
>be booted. In thois world the EJECT action has a gunshot-scream sound
>Finally, jails are a good idea. (For all nasty people haning on AW- for
>example, the infamous King Punisher.) They are special wall objects,
>impervious to hte jail world local teleports are off. (In my
>highest-flying idea there is a timed lock in the jail cell.)
>P.S. Congratulations on the world rating system COF! I praise you for it.

Virtual Virus

Oct 13, 1998, 9:37am
Sounds kinda DRASTIC! (and "New W. Orderish) But if you want to spread
disease (I think you should just live RIGHT and take your vitamins!) perhaps
"WE" could try the first (TIMECODED) "inoculation" -ON YOU ! (o.k.?)
{Then you may have a little extra time to read Len Horowitz ( Designer
Nas wrote :
>I was just thinking to add even more reality to activeworlds, why isn't
>a program introduced that would release a certain amount virtual virus
>into the population? It could float in the virtual atmosphere in random
>areas of town so that when someone passed through they got infected.
>Symtoms such as the avatar turning slightly pale and having nervous
>twitches could alert other people to this infection. A new branch of
>peacekeepers deal with outbreaks put
>the infected person into add a bit of spice to
>the affair, the virus being
>lethal - that the particular avatar would have to be
>put down ie be disconnected indefintely.
>The only way for the destroyed avatar to be allowed back in, if if the
>Virtual Hospital develops a cure which would eradicate the virus ;-)

Holographic Storage

Oct 13, 1998, 10:20am
Evidently a consortiun of scientists at semiconductor manufacturing
conglomerants will soon "overflow" the "limits" of current magnetic storage
with (lazer) etchings (extreme ultraviolet lithography) on "sugarcubed sized
crystals" producing (1000X) greater storage capacity with (100X) faster data
retrieval . Information is accessed SIMULTANIOUSLY , not secquentially (as
with YOUR current disks! So keep on EXPANDING those Ideas! 'Guy-avitars' and
'Gal- avitars'!

Re: Modular Ground

Oct 13, 1998, 10:35am
Any "MOLES" out there ? I`ve been "under" it ALL! and didn`t see much !
DREAMLAND (er-)(Area 51) is suposed to elevate through at least 100
floors -DOWN! At least think about a basement!

grover wrote :
>this is more for wishlist than worldbuilders... but can we have seperate
>color specifications ? There are few
>designs that blend in adequatly with a single color.


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