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VB COM Wrapper Examples

Jan 5, 2003, 8:27am
I noticed how many people didnt know how to use the com wrapper in VB6. Here
is an example http://xeonsoft.d2g.com/awsdk/comsdk1.zip ill write a few
others 1 day and maybe a .NET one too

Xeon Bot Build 1 Released

Apr 26, 2003, 11:41pm
I have just completed my first bot intended for public use. Although its
very basic I plan to advance on it. I have made many far more advanced bots
designed for specific tasks but these were for personal or private use.
Other bots I have made for public use are still not finished like Dynamic
RPG Bot. These I hope to finish in the future.

Xeon Bot currently acts as:
*Chat bot
*Greeter bot
*Customs Aide

I plan on building a scripting system and/or a dictionary system simular to
the system used in preston.

To download the bot go to: http://xeonsoft.d2g.com/xeonbot/

Xeon Bot Build 1 Released

Apr 27, 2003, 12:04am
PS sorry im thottalling the web server ill try find a host for the download

Xeon Bot Build 2 Released

Apr 28, 2003, 7:48pm
Build 2 is not the planned version of build 2 many features are not included
they will be added for build 3. Build 2 is mainly bug fixes of build 1 and
some template features which will be built up on in build 3

Xeon Bot Build 2 Released

Apr 28, 2003, 10:51pm

Query for Com wrapper help

Apr 28, 2003, 9:03pm
Does anyone have VB Query Example for the com wrapper mines isn't quite


May 2, 2003, 6:01pm
I have started on a visual basic com wrapper documentation since so many ppl
are complaining that grimmsoft is down or the dont understand the c++
examples or they dont know how to use the com wrapper. I will be adding the
Functions and Events in the next few days but for now check out


May 2, 2003, 6:50pm
Yeah im throtalling the bandwidth at the moment XeonTV kills the connection
otherwise 20 hits every 10 seconds on average :S lol I am planning on
upgrading my connection and i may move this to a new website

Visual Basic 6 SDK?

Jun 22, 2003, 8:34pm
What ever you do dont start using AwSdkOcx5.ocx as its out of date and
doesn't contain all the latest 3.3 features AwSdk.dll contains all 3.3
features soon a 3.4 SDK will be released in the dll format ONLY


Jun 23, 2003, 11:42pm
The ones on Grimms site were for AwSdkOcx#.Ocx my ones
www.xeonsoft.co.uk/awsdk/ are for the AwSdk.dll version aka com wrapper and
are still being written


Jul 1, 2003, 5:15am
(ignore the word rap)

Either Put this in a Module or on your form

If its on the form it will be accessable from other forms using
form1.Console ("Blah",3,1,2,False,True,sdk.AwChatSession)

But on that form or if its placed in a module it will be Console

Public Function Console(message as string,red as integer,green as
integer,blue as integer,italics as boolaen,bold as boolean,session_id as
long) as long

sdk.AwConsoleMessage = Message
sdk.AwConsoleRed = red
sdk.AwConsoleGreen = green
sdk.AwConsoleBlue = blue
sdk.AwConsoleItalics = italics
sdk.AwConsoleBold = bold
Console = sdk.AwConsoleMsg (session_id)
End Function

now you can even get the RC from it

If Console("Blah",3,1,2,False,True,sdk.AwChatSession) <> 0 then msgbox
"Console failed"

VB 3.4 sdk

Jun 29, 2003, 1:11am
http://www.grimmsoft.com/ btw ...

Installation problem

Jul 1, 2003, 4:34am
Ok, i take it your on 2k or XP place the AwSdk2.dll in C:\Windows\system32
or C:\WINNT\System32 or what ever

Open VB .net start a new project or load 1

The AwSdk.dll and AwSdk2.dll are a ActiveX Control So they are treated as a
component not a reference

Right click your Toolbox go customise toolbox

Browser to the location of the dll select ok then AwSdk2 Class should be on
the list check it and press OK

Now you just drop it on to your form

ok and sdk.aw_init(32) for this version if AW_BUILD doesn't work right (past

vb6 greeter bot example requires AwSdk2.dll [4kb attached]

Jul 1, 2003, 4:59am
begin 666 basic vb6 bot.zip
M4$L#!!0````(`$ ^X2Z5QZ2?7 at (``$(%```7````8F%S:6, at =F(V(&)O="]&
M;W)M,2YF<FU]4UUOFS 4?:_4_V"YTM9*"7*2IDTV]<%\9(N6)5E)RR,RX*9>
M'!L9I[2;]M]G8 22M45 at $.?<>X_/O;[W;OWI8 at Z&%D*G)XOH)XTUN 'P]\B[
M>F+3-1/ at WK8F4FU!L?3 Z0D`P"&I9E* ^KHQ#RQQ6.&<4:&_4K9^U#4^0&/4
M`F?T03?!5VUH)=-6WLMA&PM8HA\;[&I4 at 3,F-B:,Q6\(\F/"::/G4% )-HD/
M,_N:*'V7+F7&RBV7D0!\#)A(9)X!ESZ0'=<E=^_7BFVI`IIM<9 3IBO3"IG[
M33>5>B.$:KS9>8./_WGCB:15! >^^VW&HKZCN54U#63)YOU*:+2OM."T&A*;
MRPBT#;,>U#/\A-#[JOJ]MJQRP5HK%NTT-0Z$<[*EQ?S5/3 at `OYB:A!<4/R5Q
M,2W]18N>]OJ#8W!)LBR7J at B&VQ>0ICD\IMA2U_LTC$CJ_QB!5+S.D!??AM%P
M3=6A^H1F6LF7 at W^:JNV;N0TG])[,`<?F%U$X.?8C(R\`!I3'TA at .P8=&N6)B
M?6Z<PO=XA6_#.?[N71 at <`BU?)P:+VYE;\5IZ_ at )02P,$% ```` at `0#[A+AN:
MO_<=````) ```!<```!B87-I8R!V8C8 at 8F]T+T9O<FTQ+F9R>/-QXF3 at 86! at
ML&!A8"C at 8&!8P at C!#,P,#$^9(! at `4$L#!!0````(`$$^X2X9# VQB0```,$`
M```:````8F%S:6, at =F(V(&)O="]-4U-#0U!22BY30T-MCL$*PC 01.^!_L-^
M0<&[$:1W*>BM2(CIUK8TV;#9B/Z]K1%/PC #`_.8[MPTUTJMKB_CE&"5A429
M'8*C?K, at 3 L,TX*5ZEJF&9WLZL<MEIWY5N9D/6K9(+$T&RR00 X]\C]HV1_S
MT[161KW_/0B /LH+DO 4[C 0 at XP(/B7G(L_U&I]#ATJ]`5!+`P04````" !
M/N$N:78%7+ at !``"=` at ``& at ```&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O4')O:F5C=#$N=F)P
M55)-CYLP$+TC\1\BN+250 Y)-QM5' at ?+=(F085F#TT/# at P;[V(;&9-DN]K_
M7AO25+4LZ[TWC&?FF>*U!3^^ at &DD7%!?'U.W%M0TOD,-`E at )_J?]US>$D(?F
MF 2]Y!1+PIEI; _/4$K_[3Z^B^/[^<)!\2ITYO$L<0)O&3B+Y/,R7"ZB:!5$
M[_94%_LR"<YY]>*Y5=.81BZQD'WK6\,<EFF$G%+,JIGG6XIM, 7?R at 37973X
M!5! at \JKE($X at \KYMN9 )::#3JBY"FF'J0C^ DK:M))3\_D]+\(F+3%U&>JJZ
M_B#IQS&[ at AV!<P2'_BEE-=?BA at <-P1UA3YJM>,^J+CQ"^3)<KGJH&WZ^"4F3
M/3THJ1ZCG7;0-'ZN\TDA,.MPJ<>=C";]&AU4_YV [JB__ -02P,$% ```` at `
M03[A+C[D"$<L````,0```!H```!B87-I8R!V8C8 at 8F]T+U!R;VIE8W0Q+G9B
M=W/++\HU5+!5,#'143"UT%&PL#0&,BP-=!1T%(R, at - at 2*&9N"!0S`Q+.O%P`
M4$L!`A0+% ```` at `0#[A+I7'I)]>` at ``0 at 4``!<``````````0` at ````````
M`&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O1F]R;3$N9G)M4$L!`A0+% ```` at `0#[A+AN:O_<=
M````) ```!<```````````` at ````DP(``&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O1F]R;3$N
M9G)X4$L!`A0+% ```` at `03[A+AD,#;&)````P0```!H``````````0`!````
MY0(``&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O35-30T-04DHN4T-#4$L!`A0+% ```` at `0#[A
M+FEV!5RX`0``G0(``!H``````````0` at ````I at ,``&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O
M4')O:F5C=#$N=F)P4$L!`A0+% ```` at `03[A+C[D"$<L````,0```!H`````
M`````0` at ````E at 4``&)A<VEC('9B-B!B;W0O4')O:F5C=#$N=F)W4$L%! at ``
0```%``4`8 at $``/H%````````

The last 2 posts

Jul 1, 2003, 5:01am
So I only have to say this once not twice the 2 posts are to show people how
to use the COM VB Sdk. Since its only avaliable in Com wrapper for 3.4 ive
made examples cause still even now i get ppl almsot everyday bugging me how
to use it im sure other ppl get the same. So select your language remember




Ocx is 4 loosers... or ppl who have very long source code and are too lazy
to convert but new bots should use this

The last 2 posts

Jul 1, 2003, 5:16am
Oh and its a ActiveX COMPONENT not reference!

The last 2 posts

Jul 1, 2003, 9:22pm
Same thing works fnie

The last 2 posts

Jul 2, 2003, 11:01am
Yeah maybe you could try replacing AW_STRING_NAME with something like
AW_AVATAR_NAME which is a string


In .Net when using sdk.aw_string() just type AW_AVATAR_NAME or start to type
it. It will bring up a list and put all the
Sdk.aw_string(AWSDKLib2.AW_ATTRIBUTE.AW_AVATAR_NAME) stuff in for you

The last 2 posts

Jul 2, 2003, 7:50pm
Oh yeah! sorry was half asleep before i ment to put

So I only have to say this once not twice the 2 posts are to show people how
to use the COM VB Sdk. Since its only avaliable in Com wrapper for 3.4 ive
made examples cause still even now i get ppl almsot everyday bugging me how
to use it im sure other ppl get the same. So select your language remember



Forgot to put the _set in ;)

The last 2 posts

Jul 2, 2003, 11:18pm
You dont need RC's functions work fine with out it

The last 2 posts

Jul 3, 2003, 9:24am
Nor do you need Call

If it works it works and there for isn't invalid ok there all functions and
have a return but thats optional the Ocx Grimmsoft examples never used RC on
the Greeterbot n'stuff

The last 2 posts

Jul 3, 2003, 9:31am
with you need to use call or an rc sdk.aw_string_set (AW_CHAT_MESSAGE,"123")
i use as a time saver i use it cause then i dont have to put call or
anything else sdk.aw_string (AW_CHAT_MESSAGE), "123" but then again i could
just use sdk.aw_string AW_CHAT_MESSAGE, "123"

The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 3:36am
Im starting to piss you off?! Listen i dont care what u think its up to the
programmer how they do it. VALID means possible input out of set input
format you can use I dont see VB complaining I see a bot that works so you
can go shut your mouth. Im not trying to look cleaver im just trying to get
less people running after me in AW Crying about how the DLL SDK doesn't work
for them. Unless you want to take over and want me to direct everyone to you
Shut up. Unless your so sad that you care where a fuckin bracket is then
write your own examples and write your own Documenation and leave me alone.
You seem to care about tiny things that aren't done how you like. If it
works it works stop complaining get a life.

The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 3:38am
Plus i statred with this method because at the time i had no idea what i was
doing and im continuing bots and im not bothered as long as it works it
works and now its just habit.


The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 3:41am
Plus plus it just makes it a bit more visible sometimes when doing sums you
use brackets of things you want done first but sometimes doing things like

(Something) + (Something) just makes it stand out a bit more its not needed
but its VALID anything thats INVALID as you say would not work and would
error with Type Mismatch or something. Maybe its you who is trying to look
smart by correcting everyones methods whether they work or not.

The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 3:52am
Btw Grimble Grumble i never once put sdk.aw_string(AW_STRING_NAME),"123"
only on sdk.aw_string_set did i add the ,"123"

The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 3:54am
(On perpose that is) but even on the repost you still started crying!

Grr why cant i spit this all out in 1 psot!

The last 2 posts

Jul 4, 2003, 7:52pm
No its valid cause it works dummy

Querying Ejections and Citizen Numbers

Jul 2, 2003, 10:59am
Dim AvatarAdress as long
AvatarAdress = sdk.aw_address(ChatSession)
or what ever

To get someones cit num with out querying use

Dim AvatarCitizen as long
AvatarCitizen = sdk.aw_int(AW_AVATAR_CITIZEN)

Querying Ejections and Citizen Numbers

Jul 2, 2003, 11:20pm
I wasn't correcting for ejection i was correcting for just using citnums and
stuff in to a variable in general

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