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Jun 23, 2003, 11:24am
Does anyone have a module that allows us to make consoling easier? Example:
Instead of

sdk.AwConsoleMessage = "Blah"
sdk.AwConsoleRed = 3
sdk.AwConsoleGreen = 1
sdk.AwConsoleBlue = 2
sdk.AwConsoleItalics = False
sdk.AwConsoleBold = True
sdk.AwConsoleMsg sdk.AwChatSession
End If

There is


I'm not exactly sure how to do this since I don't normally build modules...
Don't flame me for not using the dll, I was giving a quick example that I
didn't have to write 20 things out for. I use the dll when I'm not feeling
lazy ;)

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I'll be posting this in bots too as this is a bot related question

r i c h a r d

Jul 1, 2003, 5:15am
(ignore the word rap)

Either Put this in a Module or on your form

If its on the form it will be accessable from other forms using
form1.Console ("Blah",3,1,2,False,True,sdk.AwChatSession)

But on that form or if its placed in a module it will be Console

Public Function Console(message as string,red as integer,green as
integer,blue as integer,italics as boolaen,bold as boolean,session_id as
long) as long

sdk.AwConsoleMessage = Message
sdk.AwConsoleRed = red
sdk.AwConsoleGreen = green
sdk.AwConsoleBlue = blue
sdk.AwConsoleItalics = italics
sdk.AwConsoleBold = bold
Console = sdk.AwConsoleMsg (session_id)
End Function

now you can even get the RC from it

If Console("Blah",3,1,2,False,True,sdk.AwChatSession) <> 0 then msgbox
"Console failed"

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