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Apr 2, 2001, 11:07pm
I just downloaded the VB sdk to see what features would be easier to program
in C++ and I saw something about telegrams, does that mean bots now can send


Apr 3, 2001, 12:19am
Ok, thanks!

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Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 12:17am
Make it like this Trekker:

Private Sub sdk_EventChat()
Message = LCase(sdk.AwChatMessage)
If Message = "hello" Then
sdk.AwSay "Hello " & sdk.AwAvatarName
End If
End Sub

Also, does anyone know what the interval on a timer needs to be multiplied
by to equal 1 second?

Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 5:55pm
Thanks XelaG! Now I may be able to do something lol.

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Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 8:03pm
Heh, no benefits except the fact if your bot is idol (doing absolutely
nothing) calling AwWait keeps it connected to the server, it tells the
server that your computer is still connected. When your computer goes
offline the bot cannot send the info. to the server therefore, it
disconnects that bot connection. (I think that is right, if not someone tell
me what is wrong.)

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Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 9:27pm
Nope, because it changes all the characters to lowercase and then judges,
but you cant say

If Message = "HELLO" Then

because it throws off the whole purpose, it has to be

If Message = "hello" then

: )

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Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 3, 2001, 11:12pm
Ok, at least I wasn't totally off. Heh, I thought I was. "idol" is a
person you admire lol. I dont know what I was thinking about.

Small Problems

Apr 4, 2001, 9:01pm
I am having some small problems completing my Banking System.

I use the code:

Private Sub sdk_EventAvatarAdd()
lstCurrent.AddItem sdk.AwAvatarName
End Sub

But when I start the bot in a world with many people already in it, it seems
to add the same name many times. Also, I use the following code:

If Left(Message, 5) = "/pay " Then

and that works fine, but I use:

If Left(Message, 6) = "/loan " Then

and it won't work, it will not recognize it.

Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 5, 2001, 8:35pm
You missed the point.

Message = LCase(sdk.AwChatMessage)

that makes what the person said lowercase

If Message = "whatever" Then

That checks to see if the lowercased message is the same.

Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 5, 2001, 9:49pm
Oh my! Listen, say I was in your world and I said "HeLlO AlL"

and your bot is set to do the following:

Message = LCase(Sdk.AwChatMessage)
If Message = "hello all" Then

It would take "HeLlO AlL" and make it "hello all" and Message is "hello all"
then whatever code you have under the If statement is what the bot would do.

Re: Anyone know how to make a bot respond in VB?

Apr 5, 2001, 10:55pm
No Problem.

Seprating words in a ListBox

Apr 9, 2001, 8:01pm
Brant is the only one I have seen pull that off, in his Paintball Bot. It
is a very complicating scheme to do.

Seprating words in a ListBox

Apr 9, 2001, 8:25pm
Add a Timer to the form and label it "timCheck" then:

Private Sub sdk_EventChat()

timCheck.Interval = 1000

timCheck.Enabled = True

End Sub

Private Sub timCheck_Timer()

Message = LCase(sdk.AwChatMessage)

If lstWord.ListCount = 0 Or lstWord.ListIndex = lstWord.ListCount - 1
timCheck.Enabled = False
Exit Sub
End If

If X = "" Then
X = 0
lstWord.ListIndex = X
X = (X + 1)
lstWord.ListIndex = X
End If

Word = lstWord.Text

If InStr(Message, Word) <> 0 Then

sdk.AwEjectDuration = (5 * 60)

sdk.AwEjectSession = sdk.AwChatSession

If sdk.AwWorldEject Then
MsgBox "Unable to ejection session " & sdk.AwChatSession
MsgBox "Session " & sdk.AwChatSession & " ejected"
End If

End If
End Sub

Add a Module named anything and add this to the Module:

Global X as Integer
Global Message

Seprating words in a ListBox

Apr 9, 2001, 11:17pm
Well, was thinking it wasn't the easiest or best way to do it. It was a on
the spot thing, I am not as experienced as you two so I used the way I know
of doing it.

Help Bas File For Visual Basic (Attachment)

Apr 13, 2001, 4:36am
This is a bas file that does certain things with the SDK for VB, it is a
basic file. It is just a shortcut to things.

There may be errors, I just wanted something to do.

begin 666 SDK Help.bas
M071T<FEB=71E(%9"7TYA;64 at /2 B4T1+7TAE;' B#0HG(%1H:7, at 9FEL92!W
M87, at 8W)E871E9"!B>2!-(&$ at 2R!A(%8 at 92!,(&D-"B< at 9F]R('5S92!O9B!A
M;GEO;F4L(&5D:70 at :70 at 86YY('=A>2!Y;W4 at ;&EK92X-" at T*)R!297!L86-E
M(")F<FU"87-E+B( at =VET:"!T:&4 at 9F]R;2!T:&4 at <V1K(&ES(&]N(&%N9"!I
M9B!I= T*)R!I<R!N;W0 at ;F%M960 at )W-D:R< at =&AE;B!R97!L86-E(")S9&LN
M"D=L;V)A;"!397-S:6]N#0I';&]B86P at 365S<V%G90T*1VQO8F%L($1U<F%T
M:6]N#0I';&]B86P at 6 T*1VQO8F%L(%D-"D=L;V)A;"!:#0I';&]B86P at 66%W
M#0I';&]B86P at 36]D96P-"D=L;V)A;"!$97-C<FEP=&EO; at T*1VQO8F%L($%C
M=&EO; at T*1VQO8F%L($YU;6)E< at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!7:&ES<&5R*$)Y4F5F
M(%-E<W-I;VXL($UE<W-A9V4I#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=7:&ES<&5R
M(%-E<W-I;VXL($UE<W-A9V4-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!3
M87DH0GE2968 at 365S<V%G92D-"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=U-A>2!-97-S
M86=E#0I%;F0 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-" at T*1G5N8W1I;VX at 5&5L97!O<G0H0GE2968 at
M6"P at 62P at 6BP at 66%W*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E8(#T at 6 T*(" at
M(&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E9(#T at 60T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E:
M(#T at 6 at T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E987< at /2!987<-"D5N9"!&=6YC
M=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!!9&1R97-S*$)Y4F5F(%-E<W-I;VXI#0H at (" at
M9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=!9&1R97-S(%-E<W-I;VX-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*
M#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!#;&EC:RA">5)E9B!397-S:6]N*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N
M<V1K+D%W079A=&%R0VQI8VL at 4V5S<VEO; at T*16YD($9U;F-T:6]N#0H-"D9U
M;F-T:6]N($5J96-T*$)Y4F5F(%-E<W-I;VXL($1U<F%T:6]N*0T*(" at (&9R
M;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W16IE8W1397-S:6]N(#T at 4V5S<VEO; at T*(" at (&9R;4)A
M<V4N<V1K+D%W16IE8W1$=7)A=&EO;B ]($1U<F%T:6]N#0H at (" at 268 at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=7;W)L9$5J96-T(%1H96X-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X(")5
M;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 96IE8W0 at (B F(&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W079A=&%R3F%M90T*
M(" at ($5N9"!)9 at T*16YD($9U;F-T:6]N#0H-"D9U;F-T:6]N($%D9$]B:F5C
M="A">5)E9B!-;V1E;"P at 1&5S8W)I<'1I;VXL($%C=&EO;BP at 3G5M8F5R+"!8
M+"!9+"!:+"!987<I#0H at (" at 268 at 3G5M8F5R(#T at (B( at 5&AE; at T*(" at (" at
M("!.=6UB97( at /2!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=U)A;F1O;0T*(" at ($5N9"!)9 at T*
M(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T6" ](% at -"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D
M:RY!=T]B:F5C=%D at /2!9#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1:(#T at
M6 at T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T66%W(#T at 66%W#0H at (" at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1-;V1E;" ]($UO9&5L#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS
M9&LN07=/8FIE8W1$97-C<FEP=&EO;B ]($1E<V-R:7!T:6]N#0H at (" at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1!8W1I;VX at /2!!8W1I;VX-"B at ("!F<FU"87-E
M+G-D:RY!=T]B:F5C=$YU;6)E<B ]($YU;6)E< at T*(" at (')C(#T at <V1K+D%W
M3V)J96-T061D#0H at (" at 268 at <F, at 5&AE; at T*(" at (" at ("!-<V=";W at at (E5N
M86)L92!T;R!A9&0 at ;V)J96-T("A296%S;VX at (B F(')C("8 at (BDB#0H at (" at
M16QS90T*(" at (" at ("!-<V=";W at at (D]B:F5C="!!9&1E9"(-"B at ("!%;F0 at
M268-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!$96QE=&5/8FIE8W0H0GE2
M968 at 6"P at 6BP at 3G5M8F5R*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T6" ]
M(% at -"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=T]B:F5C=%H at /2!:#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S
M92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1.=6UB97( at /2!.=6UB97(-"B at ("!R8R ]('-D:RY!
M=T]B:F5C=$1E;&5T90T*(" at ($EF(')C(%1H96X-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X
M(")5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 9&5L971E(&]B:F5C=" H4F5A<V]N("( at )B!R8R F("(I
M( at T*(" at ($5L<V4-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X(")/8FIE8W0 at 1&5L971E9"(-
="B at ("!%;F0 at 268-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0H`

New World owner needs help

Apr 16, 2001, 11:00pm
This is probably caused by a firewall of some sort. A friend of mine had
this exact same problem. Try to configure the firewall around the server.
(If you don't run a firewall then I am clueless)

Help needed.

Apr 24, 2001, 6:01pm
I made Bank Bot, works fine logging in wise, still few bugs. I have started
a Tag bot, copied Bank files to a different folder and it says "No
Initialized." What is up with that?

Help needed.

Apr 24, 2001, 9:18pm
I have it in a new folder, you have to specify the files you want to edit,
and I don't know why I am getting errors..

Help needed.

Apr 25, 2001, 9:55am
Well, I did. I copied the exact file of my bankbot to a new folder, bankbot
works fine. I found my mistake, but I never plan to ask for help if this is
what I am going to get. I asked you b/c you are the only person who
actually knows what they are doing in VB (expect for Brant but I ask him
something almost everyday)

Help needed.

Apr 25, 2001, 6:39pm
No, not a problem with my code, I am not going to even tell you what was
wrong b/c you wouldn't know anyway. I know what I am doing, I had a small
problem. I will never ask for help again.

Help needed.

Apr 25, 2001, 8:24pm
I give up, I will never ask for help again. Hope your happy. I have only
asked for help once. Don't say I never open myself to look at it, I did, I
found a small thing that was wrong, fixed it and knew that was the problem.
You would have never found it b/c no one here knows my programming ways, I
do things different than most people. I hate loops, they never work right
for me.

Help needed.

Apr 30, 2001, 2:08am
I am only his cousin, but I still understand what he said. You totally blew
it into wack. Nothing to do with saving information, I have played with his
code, and he saves it in a good manner, using App.Path & "/config.ini" his
post had nothing to do with saving anyway.

Help needed.

Apr 30, 2001, 6:21pm
You misunderstood again. That is nothing like his problem, it was a simple
code problem when he was deleting somethings. Nothing like this, also, the
thread is over, he found his problem.

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 1, 2001, 4:01pm
If you want the bot to move randomly, to a certain extent in the world you
should use this (may be complicating, but it will work):

NewCoord = Int(Rnd * #) + 1
NSEW = Int(Rnd * 2) + 1
If NSEW = 2 Then NewCoord = "-" & NewCoord

If you replace # with a max number (Ex: If the world is a 20x20, make that
number 20), the bot will generate a random number and the NSEW will pick a
number of 1 or 2, if it is 1 the coord will be positive, if it is 2 the
coord will be negative. Then you add the code to make it move around, and it
will go nuts. If you want it to go around in a circle or something, that is
a totally different process.

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 1, 2001, 6:36pm
What do you mean detach string parts?

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 4, 2001, 9:04pm
I don't know VB5. sorry.

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 6, 2001, 6:02pm
Or, you could get unlazy and do it yourself, joining someone is easy, and
follow is also.

To Join:

Private Sub sdk_EventChat()
Message = LCase(sdk.AwChatMessage)
If Message = "join" Then
sdk.AwMyX = sdk.AwAvatarX
End If
End Sub

To Follow:
Loop the above code.. very simple, all you have to do is think.

a smart way of making a bot walk randomly around

May 6, 2001, 6:36pm
Then why should MrGrimm add a function to join people if you can do it?

| Uhhhh, yea.... But it will then join the person that moves, and it will be
| right on top of them. On my bot I have it keep the location of owners. It
| then will apper 2 and half meeters infron of them facing them.

Running the SDK, from a diffrent form

May 6, 2001, 2:18am
You are logged in when you try right?

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