Help Bas File For Visual Basic (Attachment) (Sdk)

Help Bas File For Visual Basic (Attachment) // Sdk

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m a k a v e l i

Apr 13, 2001, 4:36am
This is a bas file that does certain things with the SDK for VB, it is a
basic file. It is just a shortcut to things.

There may be errors, I just wanted something to do.

begin 666 SDK Help.bas
M071T<FEB=71E(%9"7TYA;64 at /2 B4T1+7TAE;' B#0HG(%1H:7, at 9FEL92!W
M87, at 8W)E871E9"!B>2!-(&$ at 2R!A(%8 at 92!,(&D-"B< at 9F]R('5S92!O9B!A
M;GEO;F4L(&5D:70 at :70 at 86YY('=A>2!Y;W4 at ;&EK92X-" at T*)R!297!L86-E
M(")F<FU"87-E+B( at =VET:"!T:&4 at 9F]R;2!T:&4 at <V1K(&ES(&]N(&%N9"!I
M9B!I= T*)R!I<R!N;W0 at ;F%M960 at )W-D:R< at =&AE;B!R97!L86-E(")S9&LN
M"D=L;V)A;"!397-S:6]N#0I';&]B86P at 365S<V%G90T*1VQO8F%L($1U<F%T
M:6]N#0I';&]B86P at 6 T*1VQO8F%L(%D-"D=L;V)A;"!:#0I';&]B86P at 66%W
M#0I';&]B86P at 36]D96P-"D=L;V)A;"!$97-C<FEP=&EO; at T*1VQO8F%L($%C
M=&EO; at T*1VQO8F%L($YU;6)E< at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!7:&ES<&5R*$)Y4F5F
M(%-E<W-I;VXL($UE<W-A9V4I#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=7:&ES<&5R
M(%-E<W-I;VXL($UE<W-A9V4-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!3
M87DH0GE2968 at 365S<V%G92D-"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=U-A>2!-97-S
M86=E#0I%;F0 at 1G5N8W1I;VX-" at T*1G5N8W1I;VX at 5&5L97!O<G0H0GE2968 at
M6"P at 62P at 6BP at 66%W*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E8(#T at 6 T*(" at
M(&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E9(#T at 60T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E:
M(#T at 6 at T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W37E987< at /2!987<-"D5N9"!&=6YC
M=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!!9&1R97-S*$)Y4F5F(%-E<W-I;VXI#0H at (" at
M9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=!9&1R97-S(%-E<W-I;VX-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*
M#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!#;&EC:RA">5)E9B!397-S:6]N*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N
M<V1K+D%W079A=&%R0VQI8VL at 4V5S<VEO; at T*16YD($9U;F-T:6]N#0H-"D9U
M;F-T:6]N($5J96-T*$)Y4F5F(%-E<W-I;VXL($1U<F%T:6]N*0T*(" at (&9R
M;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W16IE8W1397-S:6]N(#T at 4V5S<VEO; at T*(" at (&9R;4)A
M<V4N<V1K+D%W16IE8W1$=7)A=&EO;B ]($1U<F%T:6]N#0H at (" at 268 at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=7;W)L9$5J96-T(%1H96X-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X(")5
M;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 96IE8W0 at (B F(&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W079A=&%R3F%M90T*
M(" at ($5N9"!)9 at T*16YD($9U;F-T:6]N#0H-"D9U;F-T:6]N($%D9$]B:F5C
M="A">5)E9B!-;V1E;"P at 1&5S8W)I<'1I;VXL($%C=&EO;BP at 3G5M8F5R+"!8
M+"!9+"!:+"!987<I#0H at (" at 268 at 3G5M8F5R(#T at (B( at 5&AE; at T*(" at (" at
M("!.=6UB97( at /2!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=U)A;F1O;0T*(" at ($5N9"!)9 at T*
M(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T6" ](% at -"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D
M:RY!=T]B:F5C=%D at /2!9#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1:(#T at
M6 at T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T66%W(#T at 66%W#0H at (" at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1-;V1E;" ]($UO9&5L#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S92YS
M9&LN07=/8FIE8W1$97-C<FEP=&EO;B ]($1E<V-R:7!T:6]N#0H at (" at 9G)M
M0F%S92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1!8W1I;VX at /2!!8W1I;VX-"B at ("!F<FU"87-E
M+G-D:RY!=T]B:F5C=$YU;6)E<B ]($YU;6)E< at T*(" at (')C(#T at <V1K+D%W
M3V)J96-T061D#0H at (" at 268 at <F, at 5&AE; at T*(" at (" at ("!-<V=";W at at (E5N
M86)L92!T;R!A9&0 at ;V)J96-T("A296%S;VX at (B F(')C("8 at (BDB#0H at (" at
M16QS90T*(" at (" at ("!-<V=";W at at (D]B:F5C="!!9&1E9"(-"B at ("!%;F0 at
M268-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0I&=6YC=&EO;B!$96QE=&5/8FIE8W0H0GE2
M968 at 6"P at 6BP at 3G5M8F5R*0T*(" at (&9R;4)A<V4N<V1K+D%W3V)J96-T6" ]
M(% at -"B at ("!F<FU"87-E+G-D:RY!=T]B:F5C=%H at /2!:#0H at (" at 9G)M0F%S
M92YS9&LN07=/8FIE8W1.=6UB97( at /2!.=6UB97(-"B at ("!R8R ]('-D:RY!
M=T]B:F5C=$1E;&5T90T*(" at ($EF(')C(%1H96X-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X
M(")5;F%B;&4 at =&\ at 9&5L971E(&]B:F5C=" H4F5A<V]N("( at )B!R8R F("(I
M( at T*(" at ($5L<V4-"B at (" at (" at 37-G0F]X(")/8FIE8W0 at 1&5L971E9"(-
="B at ("!%;F0 at 268-"D5N9"!&=6YC=&EO; at T*#0H`


Apr 13, 2001, 8:30am
LOL .... You like to put yourself out there to be shot at don't ya. EIGHT

And by the way ... you forgot to actually teleport the session in "teleport
" ;o).

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