New World owner needs help (Sdk)

New World owner needs help // Sdk

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Apr 16, 2001, 9:35pm
I am hosting my world "Jameys" on my own pc .. I have 2 computers networked
together so I can share my isp with family... I just installed the aw world
server and entered the name password and cit number. it works I added a *
so world is green,
Now the problem begins I have the ability to enter and leave my world my
son also can from his pc that is part of my network.. But no one else can
even though the world is on the list and green .. need help figuring
this out ... I don't know if I have firewalls I only installed the
networking and internet sharing that came with windows 98... Also am unable
to file transfer with aw 3.1... Please help ... Sincerely Jamey

m a k a v e l i

Apr 16, 2001, 11:00pm
This is probably caused by a firewall of some sort. A friend of mine had
this exact same problem. Try to configure the firewall around the server.
(If you don't run a firewall then I am clueless)


Apr 16, 2001, 11:31pm
ICS can be very hard to make work for worlds. All i can say is 'Keep
trying!', there *is* a way...


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Apr 17, 2001, 6:55pm
Thanks Every one I think I found my problem I can get it to work when I
turn off Internet Connection Sharing ICS is needed though so I went to this
page and found a fix :))

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Apr 17, 2001, 10:49pm
Andras also just created an informative page about running the AW browser
and server behind firewalls and networks - I believe the URL is posted in
the worldbuilders newsgroup.

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Apr 19, 2001, 3:59pm
I have it working now Thanks to Hamfon and Andras for all the information
they post and share on the web...
I found a program called
"ICS Configuration 1.5"

That allowed me to open ports needed to host my AWworld and run Internet
connection sharing at the same time...
I am hosting my own world on my computer, The world is on the server
portion of my home network with the modem.
I also regained the ability to file transfer with the ports this program

Active Worlds
(Watch Out! Opens a wide port range!)
IN TCP 3000
IN TCP 5670
IN TCP 7777
IN TCP 7000-7100



I believe Windows 98se Internet Connection Sharing was the reason I couldn't
send files or host my world..... I have it all working now so Thanks.

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