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New Update!

Apr 23, 2001, 9:16pm
Also, in addition, I plan to make some more bots soon. Before I do, I would
like to know if some of my ideas are taken.

Capture the Flag Bot (not script)

Hide & Seek Bot

Tag Bot

Weather Bot

Them are some ideas I have had in the past few days. If you would like a
bot I would be happy to make you one. Just tgram me or reply.

New Update!

Apr 24, 2001, 9:49am
CTF is a script in USWF_PBL, read my post. UM is now Programmer and he lost
his Weatherbot code.


Apr 25, 2001, 9:49am
I found over 13 bugs just by running it once. Debug the thing.


Apr 25, 2001, 6:36pm
Heh, last time I was done with it and the program crashed.

1) When you log in make the "Login Bot" unenabled.

2) The bot disappears after a while, call AW_WAIT.

3) Limit the say txtbox to 250 characters, otherwise the message won't be

4) Clicking "Stop Bot" did nothing.

5) If you change the extention of a txt file to a jpg file and try to open
it it crashes.

6) If you try to delete something not in the bank list it crashes.

7) Add something to make the bot not crash if no citnum, ppw, etc. is

Tips, not bugs.

1) Instead of using the ASCII function for the enter key, you could just
make the send command button default.

2) If there is nothing in the say txtbox ignore the send command.

3) Delete the text in the account, and balance part of the bot after it is

4) Erase the say txtbox after saying something.

Good for a first bot, needed more time though. And TrekkerX, you need to
realize that this is better than yours, it isn't all crammed in one part, he
has tabs, good control to use. The bank part will be hard for you since you
only programmed for 5 days, it would be easier to delete it than to one
simple command.


Apr 26, 2001, 6:19pm
Some JPG files are corrupt, just a good warning, so it don't crash.

Help (1.20KB Attach)

Apr 25, 2001, 10:02pm
I was making my bots able to log into different universes, and made a ini
file that may/may not help some people.

begin 666 universes.ini
M875T:"YA8W1I=F5W;W)L9',N8V]M#0IP;W)T/3<W-S<-" at T*6S-$3F5T>ET-
M<FUL+FUO;'1I;65D:6$N:70-"G!O<G0], T*#0I;0FQU<D-I='E=#0IH;W-T
M/6AO<W0N86-T:79E=V]R;&1S+F-O;0T*<&]R=#TU-C<Q#0H-"EM"<F%S:6P at
M, at T*#0I;0VET>2 T($%,3%T-"FAO<W0],3DS+C$X-BXQ-C at N,3 at S#0IP;W)T
M/3 -" at T*6T-Y8F5R($YE="!7;W)L9'-=#0IH;W-T/7=O<FQD<S(N=&-S;BYN
M970-"G!O<G0], T*#0I;1&%D87=O<FQD<UT-"FAO<W0],C$Q+C,Y+C$V,"XQ
M.3<-"G!O<G0], T*#0I;1&EG:71A;"!3<&%C95T-"FAO<W0]9&EG:71A;'-P
M86-E+F-O+G5K#0IP;W)T/3 -" at T*6T5D=59E<G-E70T*:&]S=#UE9'4N86-T
M86-T:79E=V]R;&1S+F-O;0T*<&]R=#TU-C<S#0H-"EM'86QA>'D at 5V]R;&1S
M;V]D1T%415T-"FAO<W0]87<N<W1A<F-O;64N8V]M#0IP;W)T/3 -" at T*6TMA
M-38W- T*#0I;3VAI;R!5;FET961=#0IH;W-T/6AO<W0N:6UA=&]W;G,N8V]M
M#0IP;W)T/3 -" at T*6T]U=&5R(%=O<FQD<UT-"FAO<W0]:&]S="YS965R87DN
M8V]M#0IP;W)T/3 -" at T*6U!#1$H at +2!.:6QE(%)O9&=E<G, at 35 S($1A;F-E
M#0H-"EM2960 at 1&]G($= ;&%X>5T-"FAO<W0],3DS+C$X-BXQ-C at N,3 at S#0IP
M;W)T/34V-S$-" at T*6U-U;B!7965K;'D at 36%L;" S1$=L;V)A;%T-"FAO<W0]
M<W5N=V5E:VQY+F%C=&EV97=O<FQD<RYC;VT-"G!O<G0]-38X, T*#0I;5F5C
M;W)T/3 -" at T*6U9I9&5O<F%N8V at S1%T-"FAO<W0]=FED96]R86YC:"YC;VT-
M"G!O<G0], T*#0I;5FEL;&%G92 S1%T-"FAO<W0]=W=W+F-Y8F5R8G)A:6XN
M;F5T#0IP;W)T/3 -" at T*6U=O;&9S8G5R9S)=#0IH;W-T/6AO<W0N86-T:79E

May venture into making bots...

May 1, 2001, 3:49pm
Java SDK - ftp://www.mtn.org/pub/users/andrewes/

RPG bot

May 6, 2001, 8:11pm
Explain in ABSOLUTE full detail and I will try.

RPG bot

May 8, 2001, 9:20am
I told you I will do it, just give more detail.

(BTW Grimble, how do you know what kind of job I will do? I've only made
one bot and you critisize me for it. I did a great job on this bot as some
tell me, I just would like to know why you say this about me.)

RPG bot

May 8, 2001, 8:47pm
If you don't want me to make one tell me, or else tell me what it should do.

RPG bot

May 8, 2001, 9:54pm
I make programs, not scripts, and I will try.

XedBot v2.0 - Final Release

May 6, 2001, 9:24pm
Bug List:

(Sorry, have little time can't email)

1) If Setup is not gone through, it gives error when "Login" is clicked.

2) Not a bug, but will help users, alphabatize the World lists, look down
the functions on the list properties box to do so.

3) Clicking "Stop Bot" does stop it, but "Login" is still Disabled.

4) Does not respond to Version commands stated on the "Other" tab.

5) Your page says the password will be a little bigger, but instead of
decoding it before it saves again, it decideds to just encode it again. So
the password that is encoded is encoded a second time.

6) Not a bug, use a textbox not a listbox for the chat, if you need help
just ask.

7) Again, limit the send textbox to 250 or else the message will not be
sent, or do a Xelagot type thing and make it send as many messages as it
needs to send the whole thing, again, if you need help with that just ask.

So far them are the only bugs, or help type things I have found.

XedBot v2.0 - Final Release

May 6, 2001, 11:03pm
*sigh* Don't you read my posts at all?

How do you create a login prompt for vb6 sdk wrapper?

May 9, 2001, 8:19pm
First, textboxes are very simple to use, I changed my web pages today
because I had no time to in the past since I cancelled the Bank Bot's beta
version because it was screwed up due to lack of code updates. I had to
remove that download link. I have a download on my small help page that is
the basic forms, all you do is add the new code, it has textboxes and all on
it already.

How do you create a login prompt for vb6 sdk wrapper?

May 10, 2001, 1:39am
*sigh* you don't need the ".Text" extention, VB defaults the textboxes to
that so all you need is "txtCitizenName" not "txtCitizenName.Text".

bot limit

May 10, 2001, 1:40am
Did anyone say otherwise?

| Correct me if im wrong but. I thinck all bots in AW are run off of the cit
| AWLD, and im guessing that AWLD has a infanent bot limit, just cuz its AW
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Tag Bot!

May 9, 2001, 8:23pm
I just finished my second bot, it is a very simple Tag bot, works fine but I
still need to add some things to it so it works better. There will be a Tag
Tournament this Saturday in Techno to test the bot to it's full
capabilities. Hope to see you there!

Tag Bot!

May 10, 2001, 5:45pm
Just regular tag. Nothing more, just clicking someone, that is it lol.

Tag Bot!

May 11, 2001, 7:09pm
Ok? It isn't laser tag or paintball though.

A cool world to check out

May 10, 2001, 5:48pm
Although the bot in there is very good, I have to say Brant's is better.
There are many bugs in that bot still, they will probably be worked out as I
heard BillyBob talking about "new source". Brant could add them features to
his bot to make it extraordinary but that is his choice. Work the bugs out
of the bot and I have a strong feeling WAR and USWF_PBL will have a rivalry
going soon. :-)

A cool world to check out

May 12, 2001, 7:23pm
|Brant's bot is good, has a lotta network features for those that want it,
but the
| two bots are about equal.

Brant's bot is great, it has many features BillyBob's bot does not, as for
them being equal, no, they aren't equal. Brant's bot is way more advanced.
Anyone could do what BillyBob's does, it just needs more, like I said

How do I create Events For when The User Exits?

May 10, 2001, 8:15pm
Do you newbies actually read the help files?

How do I create Events For when The User Exits?

May 10, 2001, 9:27pm
Grimble, listen, what exactly do you have against me? Look, is it my fault
I don't want to answer basic questions for people? They should at least
read the help files before asking here.

RPG bot (a new one)

May 11, 2001, 12:30am
Email me ALL (and I mean ALL) details about the bot! Tupacisdabest at aol.com
and I WILL make it.


May 11, 2001, 9:49pm
Ok, I am tired of these questions, I may sound like an ignorant person, but
you need to learn something on your own, you won't always have someone to do
your work for you. Buy a book, read it, and ask if you still don't know.

Off Topic:

Grimble, why do you hate me so much? What exactly have I done to you?

Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 13, 2001, 8:50pm
Yes, all of these posts go there, and also, all the questions he/she asks is
on MrGrimm's Help pages.

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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 14, 2001, 12:53am
No, MrGrimm works, he does things all the time, he doesn't have time to
respond to everyone's questions when he has already put a help section that
explains almsot everything. EVERY question you've asked is in them files,
just read them.

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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 14, 2001, 6:13pm
?????? To make it look good:


sdk.AwMyX = txtMyX & 1000

<end code>

Your way would not work for decimals (see below)

txtMyX = 10 & "000"
txtMyX's text is 10000

Works so far.

txtMyX = 10.5 & "000"
txtMyX's text is 10.5000 which is the same as 10.5

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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 15, 2001, 2:14am
Did you even read my post, I explained why it WOULDN'T work. You don't use &
you use *.

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Object Changing, & x,y,z,& yaw co-ords

May 15, 2001, 6:45pm
No, I typed exactly what I wanted to.

I was copying KAH's way not adding my own, if the people would read
MrGrimm's help they would know the answers to their questions but they
choose not to read them.

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