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Linux bots?

May 21, 2000, 8:50am
I have had some successes running Xelagots under Wine (windows emulator
for linux). However, the response isn't all that good but might be
usuable merely for things like changing world attributes etc.

Remember Wine requires some sort of X Windows system to be running (not
common on a strictly server machine).

Soon there should be some major advances in this area. The latest Wine
gives relatively good support for running the Xelagot, Wine is improving
especially as Corel have jumped on board to help them out this year as
they are looking at combining some windows emulation with their Debian
Linux/KDE distributions to support their word processing products etc.
As such, Wine development is leaping ahead, the difference between a
version 6 months ago and todays version is staggering.

If I ever get allowed to run bots in worlds again, I might explore the
linux setup further.

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Bot Hosting

Jul 15, 2000, 11:57pm
I am running 5 versions of x1.exe (the Xelagot bot program) here - thats
a possible of 15 bots, but I only run 12, the other x1.exe is for the
bot communications server.

The 12 bots all run scripts varying in size and most all keep a dialog,
they all run 24/7

Out of 128Mb of ram I have around 67Mb free, and remember WinNT itself
likes a bit of ram to operate in :)

I usually find a bot will absorb between 2 and 8meg of ram depending on
what script it is running.

The main problem with running bots 24/7 is the AW or world servers, not
the local configuration. Running a bot server for other people's use
doesn't seem to be a great idea (but then I am only running Xelagot's)
as problems quite often occur that do need access to the bot's GUI. If I
were to run bots on a remote server somewhere I definetly would require
that server to support a remote screen display, something like
VNCServer, just to overcome a few minor glitch's that do crop up.

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Ricta (aka Who)

Shadow script - Pre Release version

Nov 17, 2000, 4:58am
Decided I would release a cut down version of my Adventure/RPG/Game bot
script that runs on a Xelagot X1 program.

Any Xelagot user who would like to try this may download the archive


Follow the instructions and hopefully get it working. :)

What I am after is feedback on the installation instructions as I still
need to enhance these (depending if anyone can understand them) and also
write documentation regarding the variables used within the scripts and
thus the means to alter them to suit one's own Adventure/RPG gaming

But first, I need to make sure people can install the basic setup which
the script archive provides :)

Feedback welcome to ricta at ricta.net


Who 230147

Shadow Script - pre Relese 2

Nov 21, 2000, 12:00am
Update release of my Adventure/RPG/Game bot "Shadow" script that runs on
a Xelagot X1 program.

1. Changes to install documentation
2. Changes to fighter engine to speed processing up a little

Download from:




Shadow Bot Script (Xelagot)

Nov 21, 2000, 11:22pm
Well, no more complaints about missing things from the install
instructions so the Shadow bot is released as is. :)

Shadow Bot (Adventure/RPG style script for Xelagot's)


Note there is now a help guide page also available there (will be
updated slowly)

For those of you who are familiar with the adventure game in
eth2/ethereal the answer is "No, its not the complete script used by
these bots in these worlds. It's only the basic engine, special quests
and items are not included, you have to add your own :)"



Any one know how to make the av99bot play midis?

Mar 19, 2001, 12:52am
Use a Xelagot script :)

I have been using the same one since before Xelagots got the dj.exe

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AW Objects - database?

Apr 4, 2001, 10:36am
Hi All,

As its most probably impossible to find out directly from AWInc itself,
maybe someone else can help.

I am looking for a database type file listing the objects available in
AW. Pretty much like the object name/size/texture list - as they have in
the help section of the AW Browser. Preferably with even more
information if such a thing exists (description tagging, solid off/on

Does anyone know of such a database or list that could be easily
converted into a csv type file? Also looking for similar databases/lists
of any other "free for use" objects/textures used in AW.

For those that are wondering - I have written a Xelagot script that
allows the bot to describe, list, search for and display various objects
and/or textures upon user command within the aw browser. But it is only
as good as the database the bot has to work with, this of course is the
hard part.

Due to the fact that Xelagot string list files are basically csv style
in standard format this will also hopefully allow future integration
into a MySQL (or PostgreSQL or similar) database that can also then be
used for website listings and many other server applications that can
access databases like MySQL.

Any hints, tips, help or partial/complete databases welcome :)

Btw, I do intend releasing a public version of the script if possible
once I have thoroughly sorted out the possibilities.



AW Objects - database?

Apr 7, 2001, 12:50pm

[View Quote] Yes it is :)

I actually have data from an old webpage I made (that took days to
construct) and now some further info thanks to Andras and his reggen
utility. The only problem with 'reggen' is that it seems to make a
number of errors when reporting the number of vertices and polygons in
quite a few objects. I am still considering whether to include this info
or not.

Currently I am working basically on an object path that I use, it
doesn't have all the aw objects (who really needs 50 different ppXX.rwx
anyway). I have about 1300 objects and 1400 textures and XelaG will be
happy to note it works pretty well with this many as it did when it was
900 objects in the database (speed wise for the bot to process).

Current information I am including or considering including in the
database is as follows:

Description, Textures, Size, Tagged?, Solid Off/On(Collision), Prelight,
Vertices, Polygons


I am interested in any other suggestions as to what to include as I
believe if i am going to do this I may as well do it right and not leave
out useful information.

I currently have included all info for all those objects/textures except
all the "human" descriptions - and of course a number of the
vertices/polygons is wrong.

The bot script allows for searching the object database for a word match
to list available models. Also will describe objects (will search and
describe textures soon - need to write descriptions first). The bot will
also display any texture or object that is requested for display. This
it will do for anybody.

The script also allows one to modify/add/delete objects and textures
within the database, but of course these commands are restricted to
certain people (dont want strangers deleting the database now do we....)

For anyone who is interested, this script and database is currently
running in the world Nirvana by the bot "Ameret" at gz. To get a list of
commands to see it in action say "commands".

> Once they have the information... it needs to go into a usable format ...
> (i.e. the web-pages Facter spoke about).

Thats where Xelagot string lists and databases have a commonality - they
can be used in csv (comma separated lists) format for inclusion and use
by either. Various web utilities and languages allow for accessing
databases for displaying information.

> Be fair will ya! Geesh!

lol, a fast typist would be better :)

> Grims



Object/Texture Xelagot Database Bot Script

Apr 11, 2001, 10:45am

The first version of this Xelagot bot script is now on the web page for
anyone interested in using it. A later version maybe released, hopefully
better databases will be released.


The script allows a bot to perform the following:
1. Will display an object and/or texture
2. Will word search the object or texture database for matches.
3. Will describe an object or texture
4. Will edit an object or texture to the database
5. Will add a new object or texture to the database

The included database files are very primitive..

It is up to you if you want to put the work in to make these databases
to yourself and others of your world(s). Merely using the supplied
examples will
not give much satisfaction with this bot script. You can add entries
either in
world via the bot or by directly editing the database files.

If people are interested and wish to supply lists of all AW objects
and textures and even lists of other 'free for use' objects and textures
will add any databse descriptions I may have for the listings to the
databases. If you wish to also send any descriptions you have added to
I also will include these in the example databases for distribution with
this script.

If a number of people participate in this we could end up with a good
of object/texture database files that are very usable.

Note that the bot also falls victim of the problem of "forgetting" where
its display object is after a long period of time. This "bug" has been
described by XelaG and is not a problem. Solution: Restart the script



Object/Texture Xelagot Database Bot Script

Apr 11, 2001, 9:47pm

[View Quote] That is possible. Actually its how I found the sizes of a lot of the
objects and added the vertices/polygon count (using Andras' reggen
utility). Actually, the registry.txt can be 'cut n pasted' into the
database after simple modification. (Replace spaces for commas).

Problem is, it doesn't help. The idea of a database is as an aid to
builders, whether that be yourself or others in your world. To merely
use something like a registry file is to assume everyone already knows
what objects and textures are available.

The strength of a database is in its descriptions. Well written
descriptions of objects and textures provide the basis for what the bot
script is to achieve - the ability for a user/builder to search for
something eg: "tree" and the bot to return a list of all available
"tree" objects. The user than can have the bot display one or more of
the list they got and thus pick the "tree" they want in their build.

The descriptions thus pose the major workload in this whole thing. I
have got one in my world and it took ages and is still only 50% complete
if that.



I need help with rebuild in xelagot

Apr 13, 2001, 11:53am

There's a number of things you aren't telling us :)

[View Quote] First, where are you building? AW?

Are there already any objects where you are building? It is possible you
have multiple objects or have built somewhere the blessed BI isn't going
to allow you for various reasons.

Also check your build rate. Its normally defaulting around 20 which may
not be a good thing depending on your link. Try reducing it to 5.

Below is a script that requires a lot of manual override to achieve what
you want. I assume you already know to edit the build that you saved to
insert your own citizen number to the objects??? If so then you can mess
with the following. I get the feeling from your posts that you are
trying to to get the bot to build under tourist rights.

Please read the comments for the script below. The bot will build the
project, then wait, and then delete what it built until you uncomment
the "end" statement. This is so you can check if the thing got built in
the right place.



OnProjectCompleteEvent complete
$f = mybld.xlg
# ^^^ this is the name of the file that contains your saved build
# it maybe a .txt or whatever
$s = mybldsav.xlg
# ^^^ this is used by the bot to remember the build
at a = 12.0s 24.0w -111.5a 0.0
# These are the coords for the absolute center of the build
# You will need trial and error to get this coord correct
Label Start
ProjectLoad $f
ProjectMoveMidBot at a
# If you have Eminent Domain in the world you are building
# use the ProjectBuildED command instead
Label Loop
GoTo Loop
Label carryon
SaveListAS $s
Say constructed....
# Once you have the build in the right place uncomment
# the "#End" so the bot doesn't go deleting it - which
# is what its about to do after it waits the time
# period stated below (120 secs)
# You allow the bot to build and then look to see if its
# at the correct location, then adjust the coords in
# the variable at a at the beginning and try again until
# its in the right spot.
Wait 120
Say Ok thats enough of that.....
ProjectLoad $s
Say Thats it, test complete..

Event complete
ResetTo carryon



Best bot for the job?

Apr 30, 2001, 10:50am

[View Quote] Actually you are looking at it the hard way.

The dialog file does not need changing at all, it can remain in English
(spanish or dutch.. whatever), you then merely add a 'dialog0_ALL.txt'
into the chat directory - which is a list of responses in addition to
the standard dialog file which in this case would be written in Swedish
(You can also write an additional _hibye file to add to dialog). Then
write a simple script to whisper help queries.

Individual greeting can also be written in any language within the GUI
of the X1 program (Chat).

The original poster (dzap) was looking for swedish responses to chat,
not necessarily to translate the entire built-in command responses of
the bot into Swedish.



RPG bot

May 8, 2001, 10:30am

[View Quote] Simple, run multiple bots. There were 3 "Shadows" in the original.

>i want an RPG thats has moneters you ptu and when you click on them
> you attack them....

The monsters appear - you have the choice to fight ("click on them") or

>there would be diefrent groups like Wizrads and stuff
> like that and when you join it giives you a certain waepin and speels
> choice...and a place for free healign and thnigs like that.....

You can modify the script for that - the original actually has wizards
and special quests for powerful healing items and anything else you
want. Free healing is gained by potions etc etc

>i want
> sometinh like AD&DRPG but maybe a little difeent...if anyone can do it i
> will say speicficly what i want

This is where you run into problems. To actually design something
specific that works well takes a lot of time and effort. You really need
to do it yourself. My scripts try and point people into this line of
work, hopefully they provide all the basic stuff you need in a script
and thus one can add multiples/duplicates/additions to tailor something
to your own needs.

The script on the web page took me over 2 weeks to cut it down from the
original so I could distribute it for others to use and still most
people avoid it because of the amount of work involved in setting it up.
The original would be a nightmare for someone to setup - you have
something like 16 bots, runs across multiple worlds, quests and random
adventures to complete. It all adds up to a similar thing like AD&D
where the character eventually gains the skills and equipment to defeat
the final enemy. Unfortunately you just cant distribute a set of scripts
like this, there are so many variables.

Not having a go at you or anything, I actually hope you pursue this as
one of my dreams for aw for the last few years has been to see a really
good AD&D style world setup with a multitude of bots runnning various
adventures and providing all the necessary stuff for someone to play. I
would love to see a world in which this was done.

I admit it, I gave up. The adventure consumed me for months in scripting
(there were various versions) and all I ended up doing was having no-one
around to help me. So I packed it all in. (Later to release the public
script in the hopes someone would take it up). I strongly advise you,
get people to help you with stuff. This sort of project can really only
succeed with a lot of work.

Unfortunately everything I have done since follows a complicated script
setup. I would like to provide more of my scripts to the public but
really - they are an absolute bitch to setup from scratch. :(



RPG bot

May 9, 2001, 2:12am

[View Quote] rofl :)

Easy, edit the other 2 scripts and change the chat event to something

eg: start2 adventure, start3 adventure

Or use a control bot.... I can send you something with this in it. But
its another bot. :)

>i edited the scripts to use only 2 of the 6 monsters and
> even tried to have only one Shadow wait (any other idle ones got exited)
> (not including the ones alreayd in a game) and if another shadow got done to
> exit....then if a shaodw started a game have it log in an exited idle
> shadow...(get it lol)

Again, look for the command phrase the shadow is saying to activate the
monsters - alter this for each group or leave it as is and rename a
couple of monsters and add/edit lines so the Shadow2 or 3 addresses them
instead of the original.

> well...i dont have very much experiance on scripts so basicly what it did
> after the chnages was log off each other from the stand-alone server i was
> using until they finaly stopped then all of the shadows were still there
> sooo...ether someone fix this for me to make it run a multipe number of
> Shadows with their 2 monster bots listening to them....or i get another bot
> (which no one really knows of any other RPGbot)
> P.S. i'd like to try the "original" if you still have it....that one sounds
> MUCH better.....this one is just to simple and boring really
[View Quote] The original will have a lot of stuff in it you wont understand or will
complicate things :)

But I guess you can try it to have a look at the differences in the



RPG bot

May 9, 2001, 2:21am

> And if you use Who's script as a starter make sure you take off the time
> limit :)

The time limit is set with these variables at the top of the script:

%t = 60
%u = 90

Just after the script starts how the bot percieves this is run:

$start = Player
SListLoad /s_myfdata $fdata
SListGetField /s_myfdata $start %d1 $player
GetDateTime !a <---------------- current date and time
SListLoad /s_mydata1 $data1
SListGetField /s_mydata1 $player %d10 !u <-- where the players time is
in the data file
IfDateTime !a IsBefore !u GoTo times <-- checks the time and says 'nick
off' if you played to soon
AddMinutes !t !a %t <-- adds 60mins to current time, thus session will
end in 60 mins (timeout)
SetTimeout !t
AddMinutes !u !a %u <-- adds 90 to current time and saves this to the
data file - to be used for checking next time
SListSetField /s_mydata1 $player %d10 !u
SListSave /s_mydata1 $data1

So to disable it do this:

$start = Player
SListLoad /s_myfdata $fdata
SListGetField /s_myfdata $start %d1 $player
#GetDateTime !a
#SListLoad /s_mydata1 $data1
#SListGetField /s_mydata1 $player %d10 !u
#IfDateTime !a IsBefore !u GoTo times
#AddMinutes !t !a %t
#SetTimeout !t
#AddMinutes !u !a %u
#SListSetField /s_mydata1 $player %d10 !u
#SListSave /s_mydata1 $data1

All timing is now disabled :)



RPG bot

May 9, 2001, 2:25am

[View Quote] Believe me, don't do it that way. Having the bots out of world can cause
real problems with server connects etc. It is better to have them in
world tucked away somewhere. Thats why the monsters etc were placed at
-50m (or was it -150?) altitude.

Then again, XelaG has made a lot of improvements to world and aw server
connects and disconnects since those scripts were done, so they might
work ok outside of world.



Xelagot Scripting

May 20, 2001, 12:28pm
No, that would be the fault of the scripter - not the bot.

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Xelagot Scripting

May 21, 2001, 12:04am

> But even in the iLab Script it will only tell a joke or something to ONE
> PERSON AT A TIME. How would I make it handle two or more things at once for
> who ever says "/stats" or whatever? The problem I am having is when two
> people say "/stats" at the same time it only gives the stats to the one
> person.

You need the event to initiate a response that isn't label orientated.

It is difficult to have the scripted Xelagot correctly recognise things
when same events occur at the same time. Normally it is not a problem
for the player as the one that missed out just goes "Huh? Nothing
happened" and then repeat '/stats' and get the response. (A few seconds
delay - who really cares).

You can just about eliminate the problem using scripting techniques. I
don't know how your "stats" is called, but take a look at this little
gem from the Xelagot site:

When ResetTo is in a Sub called from the main part of the script (or in
a Sub called by a Sub called by the main part), it has an inmediate
When ResetTo is within an event handler. or in Subs called from the
event handler, it has no immediate effect: it does not affect the
execution of subs called by the handler nor resets the script pointer
until the moment the event handler has finished processing and exits.

There are a couple of methods to try and speed up the response. Like
EscapeTo (from the Xelagot website):

EscapeTo $label
It is very similar to ResetTo, but it always exits inmediately (there is
no difference in behaviour when it is in the main section and in the
event handlers): it exits all subs, clears the sub stack, clears the
Wait command and resets the script pointer to the line following the
specified label.

Thus, to get a better stats response, you are best to escape from the
chat event or perhaps you could call the response from within a Sub that
is generated by the chat event rather then returning to a label. Resets
and other pointers to labels will slow things down.

I have never tried the exercise, but you could try a few simple chat
event scripts with different response mechanisms and get a few people to
test them by asking multiple queries - see which performs best for you.

You will never actually get it to respond to requests received "at the
same time", but in reality, that is a rare case. And I doubt you will
find any other bot that will either.



How do you remove avatar session numbers from a list?

May 20, 2001, 12:41pm

I very rarely comment on many things in these newsgroups, but for some
reason I feel the urge to make some now.

1. "barbarossa" is not a male (well as far as I know)

2. If someone posts a message you consider "off-topic" for the newsgroup
press "next" and move onto the next message.

3. If someone posts a message you consider menial, ignorant or showing a
complete lack of self-learning then either press the "next" message
thingy again, or reply with help and advice. 99% of people will ask
first and read later. However if you earn their respect by providing a
few short minutes of your time and actually helping them a little or
giving some advice then they will be totally receptive if you then point
them in the right direction for some self-learning practices. Merely
slanging off telling them to go figure for themselves only breeds mutual
disrespect, and that is something AW is already full of.

From what I see, there are hardly any bot innovations in AW, we should
be trying to get everyone to use them, and thus all benefit.

Ok, said my 2.2 cents worth (we have GST in Oz now ;) ), now I'll shut
up for the next 4 years again.



How do you remove avatar session numbers from a list?

May 20, 2001, 11:41pm

General comments using the subject line which prompted the comments.

As noone in particular was mentioned in the reply, I was directing it to
all. Maybe cause yours was the then last post on the subject, and I used
it for the general reply, your newsreader assumed it was for you in
particular, but it wasn't meant that way.

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May 23, 2001, 12:39pm

Some extra help pleas (see below) :)

[View Quote] In this case I assume %c > 0 if the string $n is matched?

eg if string $n = XelaG then %c = 4?

If not, then what would it (%c) be? (Considering using this elsewhere)



no posts here??

Jun 6, 2001, 12:08pm

[View Quote] No I don't! ;-)

Anyway, the quote below is totally inaccurate and against RFC
guidelines. News Servers are required to ensure posts are public to
"All" and properly state the thread and date for listing purposes.
Replying to a poster is not usually supported however some software
clients interpret and display the headers in this fashion, so as to
appear that the messages are particularly replying to one individual.
Correct replying to a particular poster should be done via email, the
News Server takes no notice.

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Bot of the Month by Hamfon

Jun 6, 2001, 10:33pm
Just got the June Newsletter - no Bot of the Month Club :(

Now theres nothing worth reading in there ;)



MIDI Xealgot Script

Jun 8, 2001, 12:47am

[View Quote] I have what is called a "nightclub" script that does that and more. But
its not publically available. The reson being is that it is definetly
not XelaG compliant :) It is a very old script written long before the
DJ commands were fully added to the Xelagot, however it works and still
does to this day. Even though it has been modified, it as never been
corrected to follow scripting guidelines correctly. Thus it would
actually teach incorrect procedures to someone learning from the script.

Basically all the script is, is an interface to a number of string lists
which contain the name, time and necessary action command to create an
object when a midi is requested. The bot waits for a request, pulls the
corresponding information from the string lists and creates an object
using the information. When the time has expired it deletes the object
and waits for another request. Multiple string lists are not necessary,
but are useful eg: separate string list - name=value pair - for the
title of the midi can be easily inserted into a webpage so people can
see the list of songs.

If you wish I can post a bare skeleton of how it should work in this
newsgroup. You could then design one yourself.



MIDI Xealgot Script

Jun 25, 2001, 11:33am
I made a very very basic DJ?Nightclub script if you want to start with

Its on my scripts web page


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Wanna cage your friends?

Jun 30, 2001, 3:07pm
[View Quote] lol :)

Don't go into Ansalon when Kitiara is around then, you will find what
can be a really nasty Xelagot. Being caged could be a blessing after
copping some of the things from her bot :)

(The worst part is she found where I put my name in the script - so now
I'm susceptible to it as well!)

> Xel;aG

oooh name change :)

[View Quote] --


is there a bot program out there that.

Dec 17, 2001, 5:30am

This could actually develop into a few questions replies, so I'll just
step them all out in this one message :)

Even easier.

1) Survey the world

2) Save your survey as a project (just in case)

3) Use the filters in the project menu to look for "snow"

4) Apply filter

5) Save filtered project - (new filename not an existing one)

6) Use a text editor and search/replace to remove all the "snow" from
your saved filtered project

7) Delete all objects in the filtered project (keep an eye on the number
of objects in project)

8) Load you previously edited "snow" (now has no snow :) ) project file.

9) Build the project (use ED to keep original builders ID)

10) Think, "what a pain that was", and then realise you could write a
script to imitate the above steps :)

11) Reply to this newsgroup post and say "Well what about giving me a
script for it then smartarse?"

13) Read answer that says "I'll give you a script for the first part,
the second script is too hard to explain via newsgroup messages and I
don't think you want to wait a month to decipher it all"

12) Read (and perhaps copy/use) the following example first part script
abd then read more instructions following it:


Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0

# Note $f is the name of the saved filtered project file
# Note $d is what you are looking for
# eg: snow or create name snow
$f = mysnow.txt
$d = "snow"
OnQueryBeginEvent QB
OnQueryCompleteEvent QC
%i = 1
#Note below are world coords - 30 is for a P30
# - adjust to fit your size world
# at a MUST be NW corner at b MUST be SE corner
at a = "30.00n 30.00w 100.00a"
at b = "30.00s 30.00e -100.00a"
Say Searching World, looking for snowy bits...
FilterAction $d
FilterNorthWestHigh at a
FilterSouthEastLow at b
ProjectBackup at a at b %r
Label Loop
IfInt %i <= %r Goto Loop
ResCount %c
Concat $a %c " snowy bits counted."
Say $a
Concat $b "Saving file " $f
Say $b
ResSave $f

Event QB
# only the first query triggers this event
Concat $a "Searching zone " %i " of " %r
Say $a

Event QC
inc %i
IfInt %i > %r Goto QC1
Concat $a "Searching zone " %i " of " %r
Say $a

Label QC1
Concat $a "Search completed."
Say $a

13) You now have a file that hopefully contains all the pieces with
create name snow (or whatever) in the action field. You SHOULD check the
accuracy of how the bot interpreted your $d to search on - if it wasn't
what you wanted just try something else for $d and run the script again.

14) Basically repeat the manual steps above. Edit your new file to
remove all the 'create name snow' and save it as a different name. Then
go into the bots survey, load the original save script and delete
everything in it, then load the edited file and build everything in it.

NOTE: It is a good idea to save the "build success" as a project file
and use it to delete what the bot just built. When things are built
their ID's change so you can no longer use your 'edited' file as its
objects do not exist. However by using a copy of what the bot
successfully built you can then delete that and put back (re build) the
original file so that your world is back to how it was before you
started on this mess :)

15) it is a good idea when first trying the above script to create a
couple of objects with something in the action field like
"this-is-a-test" and use that as your first $d for the script. You will
get to see how it works and be able to do the procedure as described AND
if it all messes up, well, its only a couple of test objects you made
that you can delete manually if necessary.

Some further important notes:

A) This will only work with a Xelagot, if you wish to use some other
bot, delete this message.

B) Intuitive people will suddenly realise the value of the "Filter" and
understand that you can also filter on things like model names, cit
numbers, stuff in the description fields, even on dates the object was
built! A quick glance at the relative Xelagot website will give you
commands you can replace "FilterAction" with (things like FilterCitizen
etc) and you may be able to use this type of script for finding lots of
objects in a world based on all sorts of search criteria.

C) Once you have a pretty good idea of how all this works you will see
its relatively easy to also write a script that loads project (survey)
files for deletion or addition of there various objects. This opens up a
few possibilities in a world like dynamically changing build sites and
areas, looking for lbt's, replacing bad commands in objects, updating
old objects with new ones etc etc

Hope this helps a little.....

[View Quote] > named objects not the obejct name,
> i want it to change all objects that have "create name snow" in the
> field
> these are all diff obejcts.
[View Quote] Cheers,

Who 230147

Xelogot Script Help

Dec 20, 2001, 9:00am
Hmm wonder if you get this reply, I have a feeling I am on your
blacklist.. ;)

Anyway, remember its imperative for this tacked together script that the
$BoardAct is specific or the bot will find every sign in existence and
mess up the change.

The script can be well improved on, it is in its current method as its
pieces put together from other scripts.

Also you will need to create a text file in the script dir called
obs1.txt which has just one line as follows:


Create a sign and have the action field exactly match the $BoardDes (or
vise versa) And then run the script.....


Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0

var /s_obs, $obs
var $min, $day1, $day2, $day3, $day4, $hour
var at QueryPos, %IsQuerying
var $BoardAct, ~Board, $BoardDes, ~Boarda
$BoardAct = "create sign; zxcv"
%IsQuerying = 0
$obs = obs1.txt
$g = "wavspk.rwx"
at k = 0.50n 1.0w 0.50a 270.0
$h = "create sound deport1"

Label start
GetLocation at QueryPos
OnQueryCompleteEvent Complete
%IsQuerying = 1
Say Please wait - scanning
QueryAt at QueryPos
Label WaitForQuery
IfInt %IsQuerying = 1 Goto WaitForQuery
$BoardDes = "Hello"
Say Completed scan
GoSub Findboard
~Board = ~Boarda
GoSub timeout
Label MainLoop
Wait 1
Label MainLoop1
GetHour $hour
IfString $hour = $day1 Goto MainLoop2
IfString $hour = $day3 Goto MainLoop2
Goto MainLoop1
Label MainLoop2
GetMinute $min
IfString $min = $day2 Goto Mainloop3
Else IfString $min = $day4 GoSub delete
Else Goto MainLoop1
Goto MainLoop2
Label MainLoop3
IfInt %i = 1 Goto MainLoop
SlistLoad /s_obs $obs
GetModel ~k $g
GetLocation ~k at k
GetAction ~k $h
ObjectAdd ~k
GetObjectNumber %m ~k
SListSetField /s_obs model 1 ~k
SListSetField /s_obs model 2 %m
SlistSave /s_obs $obs
%i = 1
GoTo MainLoop

Label sign
GoSub Findboard
~Board = ~Boarda
GoSub timeout
ResetTo Mainloop


Sub FindBoard
FilterAction $BoardAct
IfGetResObjectItem ~Board 1 GoSub Makeboard
Sub MakeBoard
~Boarda = ~Board
IfString $BoardDes = "Hello" $BoardDes = "Welcome"
Else IfString $BoardDes = "Welcome" $BoardDes = "Hello"
Say $BoardDes
GetDescription ~Boarda $BoardDes
ObjectModify ~Board ~Boarda

Event Complete
%IsQuerying = 0

Sub timeout
OnTimeoutEvent Timeout
GetDateTime !d
AddMinutes !e !d 1
SetTimeout !e

Event Timeout
GetTimeout !e
ResetTo sign

Sub delete
SlistLoad /s_obs $obs
SListGetField /s_obs model 1 ~m
SListGetField /s_obs model 2 %m
GetObjectNumber ~n %m
GetLocation ~n ~m
ObjectDelete ~n
%i = 0

[View Quote] > Could someone please give me a hand with a simple Xelogot script... either
> contact me email or t'gram
> I need a script that will create change and delete objects based on the time
> of day
> eg...
> at 1:10pm create a wavspk
> at 1:15pm delete same wavspk
> at 1 minute intervals change sign3 to alternate display from "Hello" to
> "Welcome" and back
> Thanks, Justin (user: Just In, justefyde at hotmail.com)

Xelogot Script Help

Dec 21, 2001, 9:57am

The code could be simplified quite a bit. The use of "IsBetween"
statements for the time and the negation of saving the speaker object to
a file would trim it a fair bit. But as i said, it was tacked together
from pieces of existing script - I didn't write one from scratch :)

Also the idea of saving the speaker object to a file is to negate
connection problems etc. Normally if a bot disconnects or something it
will forget where it placed an object, saving the relative info of the
object to a file means that the bot could be reactivated a week later
and the file would tell it what the object is and where. In your case
its not that useful as the speaker is only there 5 minutes a day. But if
you decide to add many other objects created at other times then it
would become useful.

As to your New Years idea (sent via email) you can just add to the
script. The variables for the objects created can be stored in a file
and the bot can read it in at a particular time and build it.

This actually the same as what is done with the speaker, only it loads
multiple objects. Save your NY fireworks etc as a project and just get
the bot to load it in and build it, and then afterwards it deletes it.
Remember the bot has to also save the build success list after creating
the objects. This is much like an earlier post I replied to about
filtering objects.

Some example of loading a project and saving the build result:

OnProjectCompleteEvent complete
Label Build
ProjectLoad $f
Label Loop
GoTo Loop
Label carryon
SaveListAS $s
Say constructed....
Wait 120
Say Ok thats enough of that.....
ProjectLoad $s
Say Thats it, test complete..

Event complete
ResetTo carryon

$f is the name of your file you made of the stuff. $s is a name you give
to the save file for the build success list.

You could easily add the above and activate it with another time control.

[View Quote] > Thankyou Who :o)
> So much for thinking it was going to be "simple" - Sheesh what a lot of
> code! If there are any refinements please let me know.
> Regards, Justin
> PS: With only one exception, I have no "blacklist".
[View Quote] >


May 11, 2002, 9:36pm

Check your av99bot.ini file. Make sure the "BotCount= " field is
correct. Then for each bot check the main parameters:


If you have world, location and botname in the bots script leave the
fields blank in the ini file (bot will rewrite these fields). Actually
if you do use comprehensive scripting delete all the stuff in the ini
for each bot except the first 6 shown above. Then start the program and
let them all enter the worlds using parameters in their scripts. Then
close the program and they will rewrite the ini file.

If that doesn't work then its something to do with rights.

If that isn't the problem then re-write your wuestion as I didn't
understand it properly :-)

[View Quote] > Im running an av99bot to run 4 bots right now for a world ( all int he same
> world). And two of them keep doign this
> 20:48:41 Bot 3 [BOTNAME] - [BOTNAME] enters universe ActiveWorlds with
> citizen number [citnumber], heading for
> all other bots that are running under the same cit that has enter and bot
> rights
> [snip] enters universe ActiveWorlds with citizen number [samecitnumberp],
> heading for [TheRightWorld]
> the two that arent logging in log into the universe but show the world as
> blanka nd do not log into it. I have entered the world right in the ntries
> and even copied them so they all haev the same data except for script, name,
> and location.
> Sometimes this happens on my X1 where if im just starting up the appand the
> script is set to autoload the world name is blank and i have to re enter it
> for ti to log into the world.
> I have all the newest versions and i dont know what else is wrong
> --
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
> A message from Zeo Toxion
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


Who 230147

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