is there a bot program out there that. (Bots)

is there a bot program out there that. // Bots

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Dec 14, 2001, 12:31pm
Is there a bot program out there that when you start it will start asking
you all sorts of questions and when your done answering its questions the
program creates a bot to your needs and spit out an EXE for it?
Im not good at programing and cant seem to find one for my needs.

I need one that can change about 300+ named objects without lagging it self
I tryed useing the Preston for that but I gess its a bit much hehe.
It tryed to change all in under a second. That over loaded the world surver
and kicked the bot out LOL
Is there one that will change these objects about 5 objects per second?


Dec 14, 2001, 4:30pm
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Dec 14, 2001, 5:24pm
Xelagot is my fav. bot :-)
But im not a programer so I can't script it to do that.

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Dec 14, 2001, 8:00pm
Learn :-) Once you know a bit the pages are easy to understand
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Dec 14, 2001, 9:30pm
the only program language I 50% understand is machine code lol
looking at the xelagot script pages and looking at a few scripts I see some
similarities to what some things do and mean.
but will be a long time before I actuly figure it out, took me 1 year to
figure out that machine code and only understanding it 50%
I can not learn by reading.
I learn best by doing.

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Dec 14, 2001, 9:42pm
Machine code is pretty dangerous if you learn by doing :) you could really
mess up your computer. C++ is a good language for you.. pretty much all of
them are.


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Dec 14, 2001, 9:43pm
But then there's also the possibility that programming just isn't for you.
*sorry forgot to put it in the previous post*


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Dec 15, 2001, 1:09am
Xelagot scripting is pretty simple try learning that before starting to
program bots in languages you dont know to much about. HamBot is also
another simple one :)

Commatron & Athnex
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Dec 15, 2001, 1:13am
The Machine code I do have a book for I dont have a compiler for it thats
why its takeing so long to learn, im only reading it.
I read and follow and try to find out the results by reading through it, its
not easy this way.

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Dec 15, 2001, 1:24am
I do have a small script that i tried to make by looking at another.
I ask it a simple question and if gives the answer I told it to give lol
But still don't understand it that much.......yet :-)
I will never give up.
AW related goals I want to acheave.
program a new bot, learn how to make a seq file, learn how to make av's

some goals I compleated :-)
learned how to make obejcts, and animated jpg's { love True Space 4 }

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lady vanethica

Dec 16, 2001, 9:54pm
You know there is a bot out there that will change names of objects... it is
called Xelagot and here is houw you do it...

1) Scan the world

2) Right click in the Map Window and select Add Zone to Project, all
sections that are moved into the Project then change color, do this till
all your sections of the world is added to the project Be sure you do not
add a Cell, Sector or Zone more than once.

3) once you have the areas that you want the objects changed into your
project go over to the center window and select the Models TAB. Here you
will see a list of all the models in the selected area(s) of your survey map

*Before you go any further, I hope you have your currents world Surveyed and
saved as is so you can rebuild in case you have messed up

4) Search for the name of the object you want to change, down in the Change
Model area you will see a From and To area, enter the current name in the
From window and the new name in the To window then click Change.

*This will chage ALL models with that name in the Project from the orriginal
name to the new name, The changes will only be in the project and not be
seen in the world.

5) When done making your changes, save your project under a new name. DO NOT

6) In the last window select the Wipe tab to delete your whole world
instantly and follow the directions clearly stated in there, it will gicve
you a couple of chances to be sure that is what you want to do as it
irreversably wipes out EVERYTHING in the WHOLE world

7) Once you have the world cleared you can then click the Build tab and
rebuild the world with the new models.

I hope you understand the above, even a first time bot operator would be
able to follow it.

[View Quote] I need one that can change about 300+ named objects without lagging it self
I tryed useing the Preston for that but I gess its a bit much hehe.
It tryed to change all in under a second. That over loaded the world surver
and kicked the bot out LOL
Is there one that will change these objects about 5 objects per second?


Dec 17, 2001, 2:11am
named objects not the obejct name,
i want it to change all objects that have "create name snow" in the action
these are all diff obejcts.

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Dec 17, 2001, 5:30am

This could actually develop into a few questions replies, so I'll just
step them all out in this one message :)

Even easier.

1) Survey the world

2) Save your survey as a project (just in case)

3) Use the filters in the project menu to look for "snow"

4) Apply filter

5) Save filtered project - (new filename not an existing one)

6) Use a text editor and search/replace to remove all the "snow" from
your saved filtered project

7) Delete all objects in the filtered project (keep an eye on the number
of objects in project)

8) Load you previously edited "snow" (now has no snow :) ) project file.

9) Build the project (use ED to keep original builders ID)

10) Think, "what a pain that was", and then realise you could write a
script to imitate the above steps :)

11) Reply to this newsgroup post and say "Well what about giving me a
script for it then smartarse?"

13) Read answer that says "I'll give you a script for the first part,
the second script is too hard to explain via newsgroup messages and I
don't think you want to wait a month to decipher it all"

12) Read (and perhaps copy/use) the following example first part script
abd then read more instructions following it:


Origin=0.000n 0.000w 0.00a 0.0

# Note $f is the name of the saved filtered project file
# Note $d is what you are looking for
# eg: snow or create name snow
$f = mysnow.txt
$d = "snow"
OnQueryBeginEvent QB
OnQueryCompleteEvent QC
%i = 1
#Note below are world coords - 30 is for a P30
# - adjust to fit your size world
# at a MUST be NW corner at b MUST be SE corner
at a = "30.00n 30.00w 100.00a"
at b = "30.00s 30.00e -100.00a"
Say Searching World, looking for snowy bits...
FilterAction $d
FilterNorthWestHigh at a
FilterSouthEastLow at b
ProjectBackup at a at b %r
Label Loop
IfInt %i <= %r Goto Loop
ResCount %c
Concat $a %c " snowy bits counted."
Say $a
Concat $b "Saving file " $f
Say $b
ResSave $f

Event QB
# only the first query triggers this event
Concat $a "Searching zone " %i " of " %r
Say $a

Event QC
inc %i
IfInt %i > %r Goto QC1
Concat $a "Searching zone " %i " of " %r
Say $a

Label QC1
Concat $a "Search completed."
Say $a

13) You now have a file that hopefully contains all the pieces with
create name snow (or whatever) in the action field. You SHOULD check the
accuracy of how the bot interpreted your $d to search on - if it wasn't
what you wanted just try something else for $d and run the script again.

14) Basically repeat the manual steps above. Edit your new file to
remove all the 'create name snow' and save it as a different name. Then
go into the bots survey, load the original save script and delete
everything in it, then load the edited file and build everything in it.

NOTE: It is a good idea to save the "build success" as a project file
and use it to delete what the bot just built. When things are built
their ID's change so you can no longer use your 'edited' file as its
objects do not exist. However by using a copy of what the bot
successfully built you can then delete that and put back (re build) the
original file so that your world is back to how it was before you
started on this mess :)

15) it is a good idea when first trying the above script to create a
couple of objects with something in the action field like
"this-is-a-test" and use that as your first $d for the script. You will
get to see how it works and be able to do the procedure as described AND
if it all messes up, well, its only a couple of test objects you made
that you can delete manually if necessary.

Some further important notes:

A) This will only work with a Xelagot, if you wish to use some other
bot, delete this message.

B) Intuitive people will suddenly realise the value of the "Filter" and
understand that you can also filter on things like model names, cit
numbers, stuff in the description fields, even on dates the object was
built! A quick glance at the relative Xelagot website will give you
commands you can replace "FilterAction" with (things like FilterCitizen
etc) and you may be able to use this type of script for finding lots of
objects in a world based on all sorts of search criteria.

C) Once you have a pretty good idea of how all this works you will see
its relatively easy to also write a script that loads project (survey)
files for deletion or addition of there various objects. This opens up a
few possibilities in a world like dynamically changing build sites and
areas, looking for lbt's, replacing bad commands in objects, updating
old objects with new ones etc etc

Hope this helps a little.....

[View Quote] > named objects not the obejct name,
> i want it to change all objects that have "create name snow" in the
> field
> these are all diff obejcts.
[View Quote] Cheers,

Who 230147

lady vanethica

Dec 17, 2001, 8:33am
You didn't explain that in your message

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Dec 17, 2001, 12:39pm
yea I did :-)
"I need one that can change about 300+ named objects without lagging it

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Dec 17, 2001, 4:45pm
you didn't say named how though...


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Dec 17, 2001, 7:44pm
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Dec 17, 2001, 9:23pm
Is it my fault I had crapy teachers that all they cared about was getting
there paycheck.
Im 21 years old and made it though 12 years of school and graduated, had
good grades to.
I do not trust spellcheck because it is not reliable.
Spellcheck don't know all words eather :-P

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