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ueak raptorfox

Jun 7, 2001, 7:36pm
I was working with a xealgot yesterday, and remembered that in my
travels around AW, i once ran across a Xealgot with a script that was
able to list midis to people in the world, so they can request a midi.
I checked the website,and wasnt able to find any commands for that, so
im guessing it was a script. if so can any1 tell me where i could find
it? Thanks

UEAK RaptorFox
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United States World Federation
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Jun 8, 2001, 12:47am

[View Quote] I have what is called a "nightclub" script that does that and more. But
its not publically available. The reson being is that it is definetly
not XelaG compliant :) It is a very old script written long before the
DJ commands were fully added to the Xelagot, however it works and still
does to this day. Even though it has been modified, it as never been
corrected to follow scripting guidelines correctly. Thus it would
actually teach incorrect procedures to someone learning from the script.

Basically all the script is, is an interface to a number of string lists
which contain the name, time and necessary action command to create an
object when a midi is requested. The bot waits for a request, pulls the
corresponding information from the string lists and creates an object
using the information. When the time has expired it deletes the object
and waits for another request. Multiple string lists are not necessary,
but are useful eg: separate string list - name=value pair - for the
title of the midi can be easily inserted into a webpage so people can
see the list of songs.

If you wish I can post a bare skeleton of how it should work in this
newsgroup. You could then design one yourself.




Jun 25, 2001, 11:33am
I made a very very basic DJ?Nightclub script if you want to start with

Its on my scripts web page

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