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Apr 11, 2001, 10:45am

The first version of this Xelagot bot script is now on the web page for
anyone interested in using it. A later version maybe released, hopefully
better databases will be released.

The script allows a bot to perform the following:
1. Will display an object and/or texture
2. Will word search the object or texture database for matches.
3. Will describe an object or texture
4. Will edit an object or texture to the database
5. Will add a new object or texture to the database

The included database files are very primitive..

It is up to you if you want to put the work in to make these databases
to yourself and others of your world(s). Merely using the supplied
examples will
not give much satisfaction with this bot script. You can add entries
either in
world via the bot or by directly editing the database files.

If people are interested and wish to supply lists of all AW objects
and textures and even lists of other 'free for use' objects and textures
will add any databse descriptions I may have for the listings to the
databases. If you wish to also send any descriptions you have added to
I also will include these in the example databases for distribution with
this script.

If a number of people participate in this we could end up with a good
of object/texture database files that are very usable.

Note that the bot also falls victim of the problem of "forgetting" where
its display object is after a long period of time. This "bug" has been
described by XelaG and is not a problem. Solution: Restart the script




Apr 11, 2001, 3:26pm
A Objects/Textures Databse, huh? Nice Idea :)

Perhaps you add a feature (if possible, I dont know much about Xelagot
scripting) where by the bot compiles the database from a Regsitry
file...that would be usefull and time saving :)


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Apr 11, 2001, 9:47pm

[View Quote] That is possible. Actually its how I found the sizes of a lot of the
objects and added the vertices/polygon count (using Andras' reggen
utility). Actually, the registry.txt can be 'cut n pasted' into the
database after simple modification. (Replace spaces for commas).

Problem is, it doesn't help. The idea of a database is as an aid to
builders, whether that be yourself or others in your world. To merely
use something like a registry file is to assume everyone already knows
what objects and textures are available.

The strength of a database is in its descriptions. Well written
descriptions of objects and textures provide the basis for what the bot
script is to achieve - the ability for a user/builder to search for
something eg: "tree" and the bot to return a list of all available
"tree" objects. The user than can have the bot display one or more of
the list they got and thus pick the "tree" they want in their build.

The descriptions thus pose the major workload in this whole thing. I
have got one in my world and it took ages and is still only 50% complete
if that.



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