I need help with rebuild in xelagot (Bots)

I need help with rebuild in xelagot // Bots

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Apr 12, 2001, 6:52pm
To all avid aw users,
I have used Who's script to save an area of tourist stuff, & have
converted it to my cit number (315942) How can I make the surveyor part of
the xleagot rebuild it, at a different location? When I use the build tab,
althouh it says 72 out of 72 objects on the success list, I can't find them
in aw. Please help me out. Thanks
Barbarossa 315942 barbarossa at


Apr 12, 2001, 7:04pm
(slightly off topic)

Sorry, I cannot help you with the Xela, but I already did very similar
stuff with the Hamfon BuildBot that you can download at

It has filters for object scanning so you can very easily find the
tourist stuff, save it and remove it from the area you have scanned.
It has an option to keep the owner ID or to change the owner to the
bots boss and it has an option to specify an offset for building so
you can rebuild the stuff in a different area and/or world.

I hope it helps :)

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Apr 12, 2001, 7:33pm
How to copy a project and move it to a new place with xelagot is explained
in the help files, see "Transforms". You transform the coordinates of your
project using the Transform tab (rotate, translate). Needless to say, I am
not going to explain it again here :)

What you are probably doing is attempting to build in the same where the
objects were... and even maybe succeeding !

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Apr 13, 2001, 12:07am
Unfortunatly, when I enter the transfrom coords, & press build, xelagot
states under the list tab that the objects have been built, but clearly they
have not. Hambot locks up everytime I use it to build with, so forget that,
& Ima Genius has no saved project ressurection bots ethier. Desperatly in
need of help,
Barbarossa 315942
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Apr 13, 2001, 2:09am
Why don't you read the help files? After entering all your stuff, you have
to enable transforms, there are a few checkboxes for that, and update. *end
of message*

*wonders why he took the trouble to write help files in the first place*


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Apr 13, 2001, 6:00am
[View Quote] Masochism?


Apr 13, 2001, 11:53am

There's a number of things you aren't telling us :)

[View Quote] First, where are you building? AW?

Are there already any objects where you are building? It is possible you
have multiple objects or have built somewhere the blessed BI isn't going
to allow you for various reasons.

Also check your build rate. Its normally defaulting around 20 which may
not be a good thing depending on your link. Try reducing it to 5.

Below is a script that requires a lot of manual override to achieve what
you want. I assume you already know to edit the build that you saved to
insert your own citizen number to the objects??? If so then you can mess
with the following. I get the feeling from your posts that you are
trying to to get the bot to build under tourist rights.

Please read the comments for the script below. The bot will build the
project, then wait, and then delete what it built until you uncomment
the "end" statement. This is so you can check if the thing got built in
the right place.



OnProjectCompleteEvent complete
$f = mybld.xlg
# ^^^ this is the name of the file that contains your saved build
# it maybe a .txt or whatever
$s = mybldsav.xlg
# ^^^ this is used by the bot to remember the build
at a = 12.0s 24.0w -111.5a 0.0
# These are the coords for the absolute center of the build
# You will need trial and error to get this coord correct
Label Start
ProjectLoad $f
ProjectMoveMidBot at a
# If you have Eminent Domain in the world you are building
# use the ProjectBuildED command instead
Label Loop
GoTo Loop
Label carryon
SaveListAS $s
Say constructed....
# Once you have the build in the right place uncomment
# the "#End" so the bot doesn't go deleting it - which
# is what its about to do after it waits the time
# period stated below (120 secs)
# You allow the bot to build and then look to see if its
# at the correct location, then adjust the coords in
# the variable at a at the beginning and try again until
# its in the right spot.
Wait 120
Say Ok thats enough of that.....
ProjectLoad $s
Say Thats it, test complete..

Event complete
ResetTo carryon



m a r c u s

Apr 13, 2001, 6:56pm
Maybe there is or could be a feature to build it once in another location,
we'll call location B, and then where it was originally, we'll call location
A, is deleted. It then does the same thing but the other way, deleting
location B and putting it back in A but under the citizen's name.

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m a r c u s

Apr 14, 2001, 10:09pm

You have an excellent program, but I just spent yesterday for the longest
time trying to figure out the sequence to build, survey, transform.

Only difference with me and barbarobossa is that I had someone help me a few
times. Eventually I got it, but it took a lot of trial and error, and your
help files are also excellent to define terms.

In order to get the sequence of clicks however, and what to type in it helps
to have a numbered step procedure.

1. survey

2. address squares that have to be checked and any text needed, and address
how to select just one sector. Don't worry about defining a "Zone" until
the person has successfully built a sector. I tried building a zone and
when I eventually got it up and running, it appeared it would take forever
to build.

3. as a follow up to 2, it is very easy to forget to build in the right
coordinates. So, making them build a sector first, helps in the learning
process. It doesn't say whether or not you could see the build as it was
building or if you had to wait the whole time before it was built. This was
discovered through trial and error.

4. To help in the sequence of learning, the student needs to know beforehand
that there are stages. You build, then you have to save a project, but then
you have to transform and bring a bot (which does help in the early stages)
to the location you want the build and SURVEY AGAIN!!! I have about 2
builds on top of my stuff duplicating objects. Thank God it wasn't put
somewhere else to the best of my knowledge. I later decided to destroy any
build that was failed which I could not see the copy of to insure this.

5. Checking the Transform at this point helped. If it's not done, I believe
the visual cue is that the individual squares for the cells do not turn blue
as they are being built (blue reflecting the default color scheme, if you
are reading this and didn't change color schemes then it is probably set at
the same default). This is the island the student wants to get to in order
to insure they are building in the right place, but maybe it would be nice
to first introduce changing the coordinates of where the transform will take

6. Fine tweek the coordinates in the transform tab, like with shift.
AWSchool teachers aren't even supposed to teach using shift in their first
lesson, but oh well maybe Xelagot users deserve more upfront :-)

7. CHECK THE BUILD!!!! if it is not there and the student saw the phrase
"BUILDING IN PROGRESS", click the destroy tab, start, and then continue.
This will insure that they don't leave building reminants somewhere out in
the boonies.

This is just an overlay of the significant areas I saw when learning how to
build and destroy using your program. If I had a newcomer on the scene I
would have to access a 1 page synposis of the steps like this without any
hyperlinks or reference terms so they are on the right track.

My initial guess to B's problem is that they didn't do step 4.

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Apr 15, 2001, 11:15am
BTW, I forgot to mention this: to avoid systematic vandalising of tourist
property, xelagot does not allow you to delete it using the Survey Manager
unless you have Eminent Domain. You will not be able to delete the tourist
property to rebuild it as a citizen. You can copy it to a different
location, or use a script to delete it.

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