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Is it possible...

Apr 30, 2000, 10:48pm
Roland made a comment about this on the Beta News group!
They may be working on this!!
This is a wish, nay Dream possibly about to come true

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Ignore on telegrams

Apr 30, 2000, 10:46pm
I agree with the ignore on telegrams or a "hide" feature, so not only
can ppl not see what world your are in, but also but also cant tell if
you are on at all.
So you can work in peace or just be alone.
Some ppl have to buy secondary accts, just to "hide"

Plus many women (and men) get harrased by perverts, ignorant ppl, etc
This feature to block them out or not recieve would be excellent.

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Priv Passwords

Jun 29, 2000, 9:13pm
Now that's good humor. lolol

[View Quote] > I think tourists should be able to use citizen priviledge passwords.

Priv Passwords

Jul 2, 2000, 4:39pm
I get it now too, I would love the privacy of no one knowing i am in there.
But on the other hand, its like giving a burner to music pirates.
There will damned tourist builds all over the frikin place by some terd who gave a bunch of tourists
his privs.

I just want an option that no One can see if i am in there. period...
No teles, no check beside my name. just privacy!

[View Quote] > I like your thinking. There is a better way of dealing with this.
> ROLAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!???!!?!!?!?!?? just gimme the source code I'd be GLAD 2 do it fer u
> ;-)
> _________________________
> John Viper
> <-- Coming Soon!
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AW not a game

Jul 8, 2000, 8:36pm
Eeps suggestion of AW being more towards a game, is a step in a
misleading direction.
AW is a VRML2 program a chat program at that.
Yes the future lies in E-commerce, which i believe AW is failing at, and
on-line Gaming.
It would be wiser for AWCOM to focus their attention on the On-Line
surge that is heading our way.
For those who do not wish to play games, but maybe like to trade, chat ,
build etc.. in a virtual community.

To focus on marketing AW as a "Community" is a better plan. Maybe even
to have it as a focal point for which ppl can move from here and meet up
in Games.

If AW as Eep would have it, were to be marketed and turned into an
on-line game, I am afraid 1. More ppl would leave and not come back. 2.
AWCOM would lose all its money and go bankrupt.

If you wish to play games, then buy UO, EQ, Or Vampire.

If you wish to create Levels, Maps, "Worlds" then buy the above.

Again, I say, as i said in the World builders NG... AW is not a game.
It is a virtual community. VR.

The Gang at AWCOM should be marketing towards a Virtual Reality
A global meeting place, for entertainment, work, and relaxing.

Adding features for MP3, movies, even live video from person to person,
would be steps in opening this On-Line world.

By creating more ways of destroying present day archaic communications (
Long Distance) we can bring the World, our friends (new and potential
friends), Families together.

The World is a small place and getting smaller. By developing VR, and
giving us a format to travel, learn and communicate openly, is the step
in the right direction.

Eep drop the "gaming idea" no one is goin to buy it.

AW not a game

Jul 8, 2000, 9:32pm
OK so those two dont, i was using them as examples that i have often heard AW naysayers use. "come to EQ, or Come to UO its so much

I guess maybe Vampire, or NWN (Never Winter Nights) would have been better examples.

Renderware schmenderware, You needed to argue my point, by pointing out my faults, Eep has taught you well lil man.

The point is, as the subject is, AW is not a Game.

Follow up on a Point and not the mistakes, and then maybe you might be existing on an actual of thought. worthy of some recognition

Thanx for the clarification though Myrth

[View Quote] > Hello Mr. Misinformation. AW is NOT VRML, nor has it EVER been. It is renderware which is NOT VRML. :) Also EQ and UO don't
> have level editors, they are RPG's.
> -Myrth
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VR Glasses

Oct 29, 2000, 4:44am
When do we get in to the immersive aspect of AW? When we can dawn
glasses and or gloves and actually feel immersed into this "vr" worlds
we have created.
Is there any headway on this technology being implemented for Active

Like desktop Virtual Reality, with glasses and a data glove or a 6-D
Any thing like this.... When When When?


Nov 1, 2000, 2:36pm
I have been told this has been brought up bfore, but why not again.

I was told in the days of old of AW, a world owner could eject or ban by
account number. Then this feature was removed.
Now you can only eject based in IP. Which is a useless feature seeing as
most dial-up users simply needs to reboot, be assigned a new IP and then
voila, they are back in to harass again.
Seeing as most of the "Law" of Aw is virtual powerless to Ban
relentlessly re occurring harrasser and mischievous deviants, it should
be up to the world owners who pay money, to have a feature they need to
keep undesirable people out of their worlds.
Using the acct #, they could still eject users for 5 -10 or an
indefinite amount of time.
Simply by adding then removing the account number from the world
ejection box.
In the last months, I and some other world owners have had some issues
from certain users that will not cease to go away.
having this feature "re" implemented would help keep our worlds safer.

Anyone else agree? Anyone know why it was removed in the first place.
The floor is open.
Eeps need not apply


Nov 2, 2000, 12:24am
so because it is on here, Doesn't mean that it will make it... but it is
a realistic one, so it might?
As for people with dual accts, or coming in again with their
secondary...well ban them too.
As for tourists, they are no worries, pesky ones are all over, just
eject them.
design features like this hopefully can be implemented again, or maybe
even part of the AWServer set up exe.
for say a custom install.
I know I have had some issues of late that ppl in AW and others have not
been able to control and having a ban acct feature would have solved the
problem in minutes.
Hopefully other world owners can put in some words to support this as


Nov 2, 2000, 4:37am
Thats great and all Anduin but i would like a service from the company I pay to
have worlds from.
Its not that hard of a feature to implement.

[View Quote] > Actually people, you can just as easily use a Preston bot hosted 24/7 and
> add them to the automatic ejection setting, both citnumbers and
> citizen/tourist names are accepted, so it's not that much of a hassle
> anyway.
> Anduin


Nov 16, 2000, 11:40pm
it is your own fault if you give out passwords and even privs to the most
trusted of friends.
It states clearly I believe in the AW instal (which no one reads) and in the
acct info , not to give out passwords and privs, which is genrally safe practice
In short, if someon uses your powers for bad, You are responsible.
Bottom line.

[View Quote] > Whhooppss sent that by mistake . . . . anyways . . . like I was saying:
> It is not pointless to ban people using IP numbers.
> Say you have someone that is being very disruptive, so you ban them
> using their citizen number. They can then get into your world using someone
> else's privilege password. Now, you can't ban the citizen number (well you
> can, but it would be sort of mean) that the disruptive person is using the
> privileges from, therefore; that would be a time to ban using an IP.
> There are times to use it and times not to. I believe and probably a lot
> other do too, that IP banning and Citizen Number Banning should be an option
> that the ejector will choose, instead of just having it ban using an IP
> number or using a Citizen Number.
[View Quote] --
Chris Waddell
dmonix at

I wish.....

Dec 29, 2000, 3:22am
The AW News Group Moderators ( if there is such a thing) would give the
USWF their own newsgroup, and clean up the Community Newsgroup.

Chris Waddell
dmonix at

World Upgrade renewal Confirmation

Jan 28, 2001, 10:28pm
I wish they would give us a Renewal/Upgrade confirmation email.
So that i know when to restart my world, or when its been done.

Sitting here waiting for my worlds to be renewed


Chris Waddell
dmonix at

World Upgrade renewal Confirmation

Jan 29, 2001, 3:46am
LOL no you two, I paid for my renewal of my world and for the expansion.
the only way i can tell they activated the expansion is to try building
beyond my farthest point.
Sure i can restart the world and it will say, world expires in 365 days
or whatever, but i was thinkin it would be nice if you know I got my
says i paid for such and such, then another one that says: Aw has
activated or renewed your world for another year.

and I dont have 3.1 lol.

[View Quote] > I think that's just a warnng that your world is going to expire, isn't it?

Chris Waddell
dmonix at


Aug 10, 2001, 4:12am

AW3 world contest

Oct 3, 2000, 11:24pm
Umm I got a question, well first, yes i would like to be in the contest.
But well when it first appeared in the Newsletter quite some time ago, there was
no info on the contest.
So i wrote lucrzia i believe, and asked, quite simply, " what's this about"
Where upon i was entered into the contest.

If i remember the info correctly, you could win a world for a year.

but what are the rules? when did it start, when does it end?
Is Eep a woman?

ok, wait, i guess I see when it ends, (by reading the end of this string).
But umm what's it all about, is there a web site? who organized this?

lol at first all i wanted to know what it was about, now I am in it.

best of luck to me, and best of luck to my answers.


[View Quote] > These are the worlds participating in the AW3 contest:
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: RE: Hey :)
> Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 07:30:21 -0700
> From: "Mandee Tatum/Lucrezia Borgia" <lucrezia at>
> To: "Eep2" <eep at>
> Enclosed is the list - the true list of 3D worlds, as you will see, is
> significantly lower than the number of worlds who applied to be part of the
> competition.
> Some of them are really quite creative.....
> Citizen Name: Who
> Citizen Number: 230147
> World Name: Eth2
> Citizen Name: hellcrown
> Citizen Number: 267615
> World Name: zer0rez
> Citizen Name: Elvira 1
> Citizen Number: 308783
> World Name: Contest1
> Citizen Name: Cyberhar
> Citizen Number:293790
> World Name: Contest2
> cyberhar at
> Citizen Name: Argon the Aware
> Citizen Number: 184149
> World Name: Contest3
> Citizen Name: DM Ecnarf
> Citizen Number: 316935
> World Name: Contest4
> Citizen Name: Zero
> Citizen Number: 272487
> World Name: Y2o0o
> Citizen Name: Atomic Jello
> Citizen Number: 299922
> World Name: groove!
> Citizen Name: jippydawg
> Citizen Number: 304274
> World Name: Asgard
> Citizen Name: Captain Paladin
> Citizen Number: 319967
> World Name: Contest5
> Citizen Name: Twissy3000
> Citizen Number: 304678
> World Name: Contest6
> Citizen Name: Imagine
> Citizen Number: 284220
> World Name: Image
> Citizen Name: Eep
> Citizen Number: 198174
> World Name: Hole & Cubed
> Citizen Name: Myrth
> Citizen Number: 302202
> World Name: Zymos
> Citizen Name: Moff Piet
> Citizen Number: 272775
> World Name: Avatar
> Citizen Name: Lord Neo
> Citizen Number: 306067
> World Name: Contest7
> Citizen Name: Starcube
> Citizen Number: 318536
> World Name: Contest8
> Citizen Name: Tim Case
> Citizen Number: 304543
> World Name: Contest9
> Citizen Name: Agent1
> Citizen Number: 309603
> World Name: Contst10
> Citizen Name: Killerjoe
> Citizen Number: 306962
> World Name: Killer
> Citizen Name: DarkAngel
> Citizen Number: 315520
> World Name: Gaia
> Citizen Name: Cybernome
> Citizen Number: 282933
> World Name: CyberNet
> Citizen Name: Maka
> Citizen Number: 316332
> World Name: MaKa4eVa
> Citizen Name: Jude
> Citizen Number: 304555
> World Name: Contst11
> Citizen Name: Legolas
> Citizen Number: 310922
> World Name: Contst12
> Citizen Name: Concept
> Citizen Number: 287604
> World Name: a'pfa
> Citizen Name: Carre
> Citizen Number: 287604
> World Name: a'tuin2
> Citizen Name: Lady Murasaki
> Citizen Number: 3l3618
> World Name: Samurai
> Citizen Name:Elysium
> Citizen Number: 270679
> World Name:A!$FREE$
> Citizen Name: Faelinn
> Citizen Number: 290665
> World Name: Falias
> Citizen Name: magz
> Citizen Number: 302472
> World Name: viperx2
> Citizen Name: Ao Kajree Tanay
> Citizen Number: 299823
> World Name: bldhere
> Citizen Name:The Mogul Lord
> Citizen Number:312006
> World Name: Lore
> Citizen Name:Jakkin
> Citizen Number:310717
> World Name:Arcane
> Citizen Name: Abbot Pabisoko
> Citizen Number:279098
> World Name:Trelan
> Citizen Name:Seawizard
> Citizen Number:173761
> World Name:Aquan
> Citizen Name: zzzl
> Citizen Number: 316114
> World Name: zzz
> Citizen Name: vision7
> Citizen Number:316333
> World Name: Urantia7

EverQuest: 300,000 registered players - AW's future

Oct 7, 2000, 12:59am
Please don't take us down the EQ road again Eep, no one wants to be a Dwarf, or a Wizard.
I am sure Awcom see's their growth and bla bla.
Sign up for EQ, and go OD on it, AWCOM has their own agenda, and if it fails
then you can say "I told you so". Until then, stop spamming us with you RPG
Ever think that the User that are citizens in AW come here because they like the lack of Gameing type
Do you ever think of anything else?
Pull your head outa yer ass!

[View Quote] > Here is my view on teh matter..... either they need to follow Eep and get gaming technologies in
> there (and so long as it is a per-world thing and not affecting me in any way unless I want to enter
> that world then I am OK with it) OR they need to actually do some e-Commerce. Gaming, though, seems
> the only way to go at this point unless they actually ADVERTISE!!!! and Eep, Games are great. I
> love a well programmed game, and AW does have the potential, but I have also played the strategy and
> RPGs (Command & conquer ruled, Final Fantasy was OK). You have to have things like money to do
> stuff, and I fear that if ALL of AW were converted to a game-like situation, the things that I value
> so much as building, chatting, existing in a place which far surpasses Reality in many respects,
> would be lost to things like having to worry that you have enough credits or umm whats it called...
> nil? to do such things. Now, if you could buy a gaming world server or something like that which
> hosted a gaming world... then I am all for it, and agree with Eep in every way. If ALL of AW would
> be converted to such a thing, then no.
> And Eep don''t reply to tis message if you are going to believe that since I don't think ALL of AW
> should be game-based, that I am a twit or whatever. As for game-like features such as jumping or
> picking up stuff or getting in a car or whatever, hell yes implement it at once!
> _________________________
> John Viper
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EverQuest: 300,000 registered players - AW's future

Oct 7, 2000, 3:21am
Eeps rant as I said has been going on for sometime. Sure take a pole and see who wants what. Most ppl are pretty happy with what
they have, If you lot fancy the features of EQ and such, go on, get, let awcom do their thing their own way.

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AW3 contest over; results inconsistent

Oct 8, 2000, 3:11am
man, Umm i can barely see, my dog scratched my cornea and i am typing through watery eyes.
I dint win, and I don't care.
I can say on behalf of myself, and contest participants and all others who feel the same way , all over the world:
Eep suck it!


PS: i think Eep has filtered me, so if someone would be so kind as to tell him this. thanx

[View Quote] > OK, now, don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining just because I (Hole) only got an honorable mention, but I find it odd that 2 worlds which don't take advantage of AW3's features placed above Hole. I THOUGHT this contest was about AW3 feature use. Samurai uses colored world lighting, but that's it as far as I can tell in the way of AW3 features. Myrth's Zymos looks the same in AW 2.2 as it does in AW3--Myrth even said so himself and he's just as surprised.
> Anyway, the winners as Lucrezia emailed them to me are:
> A'tuin2
> Contest8
> Samurai
> Zymos
> honorable mention:
> Hole
> Lost Eden
> Eth2
> --
> - Active Worlds, Tomb Raider, 3D game comparison, The Sims
> Enable line/word wrap if text not wrapping. for more info.


Oct 10, 2000, 4:57pm
All postings from now on, should contain the word "Twit" when referring
to anyone, or even oneself.

Note* Failing to vote will be an automatic vote in favor or "Twit".


Oct 10, 2000, 5:47pm
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

You could say it was a "tWitty" remark Lololol I kill me!
(bet ppl are wishing i would)

[View Quote] > One Twit of an idea LOL
[View Quote] --------------CEA08FDC75D9A5C055EA993C
Content-Type: text/html; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
You could say it was a <u><font color="#FF0000">"tWitty"</font></u> remark
Lololol I kill me!
<br>(bet ppl are wishing i would)
[View Quote] --------------CEA08FDC75D9A5C055EA993C--


Oct 10, 2000, 9:08pm
LOL its good to see al the Twits are responding lol

[View Quote] > Exactly you twit
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Oct 11, 2000, 9:10pm
You ppl have no Idea! True glory is when you are "Twit" enough to be "Filtered" by
the mighty all knowing glowing Eepster!
now that kicks ass.

All bow before me, I am the re-incarnation of Jimmy Hendrix!!!!!

Now that was a twitty remark!


Oct 11, 2000, 11:17pm
Shhhhhh.... I think he is coming....... Everyone hide.... we'll scare him out
of his "tWITS".


[View Quote] > hmm.. Eepazoid? you there? or have you left the community NG? lol
> --
> - Chandler56
> "Use your free will to the ULTIMATE advantage: Assassinate the Government!"
> ____________________________________________________________


Oct 15, 2000, 11:48pm
Awwww my twits string has died out! **pout**
Twits ;(

[View Quote] > All postings from now on, should contain the word "Twit" when referring
> to anyone, or even oneself.
> Note* Failing to vote will be an automatic vote in favor or "Twit".


Oct 17, 2000, 12:21am
DOH! Well Whooptin Twitin Dooo

[View Quote] > Not yet you little twit
[View Quote]


Oct 17, 2000, 11:10pm
umm pssttt, don't read the thread, it isn't taking up any room anywhere...
(no offense) you TWIT (j/k had to use it right??)

[View Quote] > So twitting what?
[View Quote]

Backdrop size

Oct 24, 2000, 1:56am
And "Some" relentlessly incessant Twits.
Whiners, babies, complainers, all talk no actioners...
*yawn* Epp (spelt incorrectly on purpose) strikes again.

PS, I believe i am being filtered, please pass this message along to beep... i mean eep.
thanx in advance

[View Quote] > No, it would be NICE if AW was programmed competently enough to not rotate backdrops differently depending on 3D pane size! Let's not forget the underlying problems behind AW: bad programming, bad initial design, and bad management.
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Oct 25, 2000, 11:50pm
Eep Shut up! This is a Community group for the AW Community.
Community is like a family and ppl talk in communities. About all kinds of things.
Places, events, good programs etc etc.

And you! While giving orders, quit telling ppl formats for how they do things.
You are so ignorant and disrespectful to and for anything you do.
You constructive criticism is nonsensical, and degrading.

Go back to your "Hole"


[View Quote] > OK, you're starting to get annoying with your off-topic posts. This post was fine in the beta newsgroup, but not separately posted (you must've been bored) in this and worldbuilders newsgroups. Don't be lame (your "spam" post about that chat program was annoying too)...and stop posting in HTML--or at least don't override the default colors and font size/type.


Oct 26, 2000, 11:55am
LOL if Eep could see how many posts i have been telling his boy toy wing to tell him I had left a post in regards to Eeps insulting ignorance, he would eat those words lol.
And wing, this is a community group, c o m m u n i t y , for talking in and about the community.


[View Quote] > The poor sod doesn't realize I've been filtering his posts for months now. :)
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