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j b e l l

Sep 16, 2001, 2:11pm
I'm having problems loading AW on this comp. After opening the program, nothing comes up on my monitor, the hourglass shows on my
mouse, but then eventually goes away, nothing having loaded. I have installed, removed and re-installed AW and Juno 3D Chat several
times now, it being the only program I have experienced this problem with thus far. AMD K-7 1ghz, 386 mb ram GTI 3D graphics card,
GTI K-7 Motherboard, etc.

internal affairs

Sep 16, 2001, 3:46pm
Try running scandisk.

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sw chris

Sep 16, 2001, 7:31pm
That's interesting... not sure what's causing it. Try shutting down all
programs on your computer except for Explorer, Systray, and your Internet
Connection. If it starts up fine, then turn the programs on one by one and
start AW each time to narrow down the list of programs conflicting with AW.

SW Chris

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Sep 18, 2001, 4:25am
start/run/command.exe format c:
this will solve your problems


Sep 18, 2001, 9:16pm
The women's way out... ;-) (no offense to women)

- Syntax -

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Sep 18, 2001, 10:52pm
The terrorist's way out more like it :)

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x aw explorer x

Sep 23, 2001, 4:41am
j b e l l,

I have had this problem happen to me numerous times over the past few months
and since I do beta testing with other software that might lend to the
problem, I have not reported it to Active Worlds tech support. I did do
some experimenting with it and found I have something on my computer (when I
push CTRL-ALT-DEL) that shows up as "Instantaccess". I believe my scanner
uses this with my Text-Bridge program. I use it to scan very old genealogy
material that has no copyright, so do not wish to uninstall it. When I
end-task "Instantaccess", I am able to sign back into Active Worlds, but
only one more time. If I had to do it twice, I'm back to the hour glass.
If I end-task "Instantaccess" before signing on to my ISP, I am unable to
sign onto my ISP. Frustrating. At least you know you aren't alone.

AW Explorer

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Sep 24, 2001, 5:07pm
I would help you...but AW will be a quieter place, and E N Z O will be a
little saner without you...


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j b e l l

Sep 24, 2001, 6:30pm

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Oct 1, 2001, 3:38pm
same thing happens to me on my laptop,it says its laoding,but nothing
accully loads,and all i can see is a bunch of triangles even after it says
download complete.

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