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A Better Wish List System

Jun 14, 2000, 9:43pm
You have the option to override your browser's colors with default ones. <shrug> I can read it just fine. Perhaps your eyes just suck. :)

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Enable line/word wrap if text not wrapping. DON'T QUOTE SIG WHEN REPLYING!

Public community board

Jun 25, 2000, 8:14pm
Um, there are already ARE newsgroups and message boards related to AW that allow anyone to post. Andras, City4All, Xav-- for links.

[View Quote] > A good starter question would be "How do I start a Usenet group?" (have been wondering that myself
> for awhile)
> Or, if you would rather an online board, CGI Mesage Boards are around... just gotta look fer them,
> check thats a good site
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Bump Map Support

Jul 2, 2000, 10:52am
Not really. All bumpmapping is is overlaying an embossed version of the texture over a textured poly. <shrug> Make your own bumpmaps by doing the same in any decent graphics program. <yawn>

[View Quote] > They allow you to create much more complex objects without increasing the
> vert/poly count.

Bump Map Support

Jul 3, 2000, 9:12am
What part of (unquoted, I might add--learn how to quote, eh?) "overlaying" didn't you understand? The embossed version is OVERLAYED (layered, laid on top of, combined with) the original texture to give the illusion of depth. Try it in any decent graphics editor and see for yourself--same thing. <shrug>

[View Quote] > With bump maps all lighting settings apply, like the amount of ambient,
> diffuse, etc. The shadows on the bump map also change as you rotate the
> object, just as it would if it were made of polygons instead of a bump map.
> You "could" do this by making a texture, but it would take a lot of work and
> who wants to go through all that trouble when renderware should be able to
> do it. Also, bump maps work on textured objects too, so it's not just an
> embossed version of the texture, if it was they would always be grey,
> couldn't use them on a textured object.


Jul 3, 2000, 9:13am
So don't chat at mindless AWGate and AlphaWorld GZs. "Just a thought." I'll never understand why people stand around and idle in a 3D environment just to chat. It's just not natural or something. Go explore and build and DO something!

[View Quote] > I don't know if this has been posted or not, but what i mean by some
> chat is really for the gate. I CONTSTANTLY find tourists saying "This is
> confusing" because the chat is going real fast. There should 2 windows
> that could be changed with a button. Tourists would defualt to the
> Newbies chat section of the gate, and citizens would defualt to the
> Normal chat section. All I'm saying is that too many "(((((GK))))" and
> millions of of garbage are passing so fast that tourists often have a
> hard time understanding anything that goes on. Just a thought.


Jul 3, 2000, 10:22pm
So filter me. "Just a thought." :) I tire of all the idiots who can't (or won't) take matters into their own hands. If you don't like something, speak up at the time and in the place the thing you don't like is happening!

[View Quote] > And i think people are getting a little tired of your critical statements. "Just a thought"
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Jul 4, 2000, 7:52pm
Not once; it comes and goes...<shrug>

[View Quote] > Hmm, fer once I think quite a few people agree with you :-)
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Bounding Boxes

Jul 3, 2000, 10:24pm
Um, bounding boxes just show the extents of an object. Collision detection (AW's anyway) uses the object's polygons (not bounding box). to learn more.

[View Quote] > I was wondering if the bounding boxes could be altered or removed in the
> future. I have many Roller Coaster in my world and I want to make a
> coaster car avatar that someone can "sit" and a bot will make it run the
> track. Is this even possiable ? Please all email responses should be to
> mark_hooks at
> So basically I am saying the "Pysics" of AW should be made more reak

name color change

Jul 5, 2000, 7:36pm
It would probably be more effective if people emailed/telegrammed AWCI (Rick, JP, Roland, Lucrezia, etc). Perhaps someone could gather a list of everyone who wants something and then everyone email/telegram that list and of course the petition to all AWCIers at once. The more people who bug them, and the more commotion to draw attention to an issue is made, the more likely they'll do something about it to shut everyone up.

[View Quote] > Sounds good to me, Rehabber. By the way, if anyone wants to "sign" a petition that Rose and some others started regarding the contacts list, go to aw 6753.5N 4233.8W 0.1a and leave a sign there. (Face the opposite direction to see who has already signed.)
> A website explaining the petition is at:
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name color change

Jul 6, 2000, 6:39am
Silly Myrth, programmers are for kids! But seriously, how do you think the invisible object selection was removed? Even though I complained and requested Roland to remove it numerous times, it was only until I actually somewhat indirectly started a "petition" (really simply posting a message in the beta newsgroup) which happened to catch on and more people started complaining/asking Roland to remove it...and, guess what, he did a couple builds later! So, petitions work, but only for legit stuff that enough people can actually agree on, like a way to hide when one comes on AW. So, I say again, if you want the option, start Roland, to Rick, to JP, to Lucrezia. The more people who bitch and whine and moan about it, the more likely it'll happen. Trust me: I know how effective harrassment is. ;) Just look at AWLD's stock! <smirk>

(No, I can't really take credit for that, as Rick and JP keep digging their grave deeper with every sneaky wanna-be corp trick they attempt to pull--but I'm sure my AW history page-- for those unfamiliar with it--has added fuel to the fire...)

[View Quote] > I don't know how to tell you this, but you can't really "petition" for new features to be added to aw. If you want features try to
> get aw a good programmer. They are a real company and they are hiring you know.
> P.S. sorry, I couldn't resist :)
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name color change

Jul 6, 2000, 6:42am
Yea, for status indicators it would probably HAVE to be icons (like ICQ), but I still like my ideas about on-/off-line status to be italics or bold or however I describe it at

[View Quote] > Why color code? That seems sorta lame. If you do it might as well keep up with the jones' and use icons.
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name color change

Jul 6, 2000, 6:15pm
Yes, but the question is WHEN, Myrth. Roland clearly doesn't have enough time to implement everything he wants to, let alone everything WE, the users, want. This is where good management is supposed to come in, something Rick and JP obviously lack. They have the power to DIRECT AW development, which they simply just aren't doing. Since they PAY Roland, they can TELL him what to implement in AW. If enough people bitch and compain to Rick, JP, and even Lucrezia, and I mean a LOT, they will HAVE to do something about it. Now, of course, they can go around deleting citizenships again or they can simply have Roland implement the request, providing enough citizens are behind it. This is called "grass roots" organization or whatever, and can be quite effective in politics, which AW seems to be anyway. Just give it a try...

[View Quote] > That (removal of invisible selection) was asking for a logical cause. Also it wasn't that terribly involved of a procedure. Roland
> has said that he plans to implement privacy features, and he does things at his speed which we don't know all of the factors for.
> Therefore you are petitioning for the inevitable.
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name color change

Jul 7, 2000, 11:08am
[View Quote] > They are directing aw's development. You've said plenty about them screwing with the e-commerce crap, that's what Roland's newest
> "one click installation" is about. Their direction.

Yes, you're right...AW DOES have direction, but it's just not the RIGHT direction, which is obvious why Aw's so called "e-commerce" isn't working. Yet Rick and JP continue to think that it will become "the next big thing". Sorry, but it won' least not for AW. I continue to think and believe entertainment (gaming) is where AW should be headed. I continue to read in computer gaming magazines about how games are moving more towards massively multiplayer (Ultima Online, EverQuest, Freelancer, 10six, etc) and that customization keeps games (Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Half-Life, Unreal, Thief, Drakan, etc, etc) popular much longer than their "normal" playing life would be. Just think if AWCI caught onto the "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" craze early on and created a world recreating the studio using bots to play Regis, etc?

It's simple things like that that Rick and JP just don't seem to grasp. It's marketing and seeing trends in where popularity will hit next. Where is the CBS "Survivor" world? Where are the deals with 3D game developers to have demo worlds showing off their upcoming games? (Of course AW would have to get more gamelike before that could happen first.) There are FAR more ways of making AW more popular than "e-commerce" and this is what Rick and JP just don't seem to have ANY grasp on or concern about.

> I know Roland doesn't have the time, that's why petitioning is worthless AND

Silly Myrth, petitions are NOT worthless! You already agreed the petition to get invisible object selection changed worked! Sure it's relatively easier to do than removing the green checkmark, but, still, a petition is a petition.

Seqs for objects

Jul 7, 2000, 11:08am
Yo, twit, learn how to QUOTE.

[View Quote] > But I use truespace to do mine, lol, but, whether it be seqs or skeletal
> animation, aw should still support animation for objects instead of just
> avs.

Seqs for objects

Jul 7, 2000, 3:17pm
Um, the message you're replying to, zippy. Note my quote:

[View Quote] > And just what would I be quoting?

Seqs for objects

Jul 8, 2000, 12:27pm
Because, you twit, it's inconvienent to have to return to the previous thread (which may not always be there, especially on Usenet) when you can simply quote what it is you're responding to EXACTLY. Learn, newbie, LEARN...

[View Quote] > Why would I want to do that when all you have to do to see what I'm replying
> to is go up one message in the string?

Seqs for objects

Jul 9, 2000, 7:27am
<adds yet another twit to the filter>

[View Quote] > First of all, I'm not a newbie, and second, if you don't know what a message
> is about it obviously isn't meant for you. If you don't like the way I post
> messages, don't read them!

AW not a game

Jul 9, 2000, 7:32am
Perhaps you should try reading more carefully about the direction I think AW should be going at As other people have already pointed out to you in response to this blatant attack against me, I never claimed AW should ONLY be a game, but that it should have more gamelike features (jumping, inventory, shooting, etc), but not to ONLY rely on these gamelike features. Of course I still want to build and chat, but AW needs to be more diverse if it ever hopes to get more popular...and e-commerce just ain't in AW's future at this time.

And learn how to pronoun correctly. Back to grammar 101 with ya!

[View Quote] > Eeps suggestion of AW being more towards a game, is a step in a
> misleading direction.
> AW is a VRML2 program a chat program at that.
> Yes the future lies in E-commerce, which i believe AW is failing at, and
> on-line Gaming.
> It would be wiser for AWCOM to focus their attention on the On-Line
> surge that is heading our way.
> For those who do not wish to play games, but maybe like to trade, chat ,
> build etc.. in a virtual community.
> To focus on marketing AW as a "Community" is a better plan. Maybe even
> to have it as a focal point for which ppl can move from here and meet up
> in Games.
> If AW as Eep would have it, were to be marketed and turned into an
> on-line game, I am afraid 1. More ppl would leave and not come back. 2.
> AWCOM would lose all its money and go bankrupt.
> If you wish to play games, then buy UO, EQ, Or Vampire.
> If you wish to create Levels, Maps, "Worlds" then buy the above.
> Again, I say, as i said in the World builders NG... AW is not a game.
> It is a virtual community. VR.
> The Gang at AWCOM should be marketing towards a Virtual Reality
> Community.
> A global meeting place, for entertainment, work, and relaxing.
> Adding features for MP3, movies, even live video from person to person,
> would be steps in opening this On-Line world.
> By creating more ways of destroying present day archaic communications (
> Long Distance) we can bring the World, our friends (new and potential
> friends), Families together.
> The World is a small place and getting smaller. By developing VR, and
> giving us a format to travel, learn and communicate openly, is the step
> in the right direction.
> Eep drop the "gaming idea" no one is goin to buy it.

Obviously more people buy games than they do AW. YOU do the math...

AW not a game

Jul 9, 2000, 7:30pm
[View Quote] > Jumping
> I don't think of this as a game feature. AW is about moving around in 3d space. So naturally jumping and crawling should be implemented. But can't you do this with seqs? Anyway, avatar and object animation needs to be worked on.

SEQs are cumbersome and klunky. Like Myrth has been suggesting lately, skeletal animation and mesh deformation is what AW needs, on par with most current 3D games.

> Inventory
> I don't want the knives and ropes kind of inventory. I don't think aw should be more like rpg's or first person shoot'em ups.... I choose to look at "inventory" as data (your inventory in this sense is your entire hd). AW isn't, and shouldn't be a game. It is a *real* form of communciation (spatial and textual/verbal), it must not be degraded to fiction.

You're not thinking relatively. Just because AW would have an OPTIONAL inventory does not mean it COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY into a game. Besides, some of AW's worlds (Godzilla, The 13th Floor, Gor worlds, etc, etc) are "degraded" into fiction yet you don't seem to have a problem with them! But being able to hold multiple objects (perhaps even in a backpack) is hardly fictional. =

> Shooting
> I didn't think even you liked that...If you want to "shoot" someone learn how to hack their computer.
> On the other hand if someone chose to make a game world that is great, but I think it should be bot based. I don't want it implemented directly in aw.

Bots suck; they aren't server-based and there is a bot # limit.

OPTIONAL gamelike features should be directly implemented into AW. You don't HAVE to jump. You don't HAVE to move objects to/from your inventory. You don't HAVE to shoot. But the OPTION to do these things would make AW MORE gamelike and expand its versatility (what you can DO with AW). Attempt to think outside the box, please.

[View Quote]

AW not a game

Jul 11, 2000, 5:10am
[View Quote] > | > Shooting
> | > I didn't think even you liked that...If you want to "shoot" someone learn how to hack their

> | Bots suck; they aren't server-based and there is a bot # limit.
> Removing the limit would be nice, and what you mean by not server-based? software isnt called a
> "bot server" but bots can be run from a dedicated server...

Sure, just like worlds can, but try remotely controlling a bot running on a world server. Sorry, it ain't gonna happen at this time.

> | You don't HAVE to shoot
> Unless you are talking about a world option, a checkbox that says "shooting enabled" or something,
> first of all this can be done easily with a bot but thats not what I am talking about. I AM talking
> about how if one has the "option" to shoot someone in EVERY world, then its not really an option.
> Someone chooses to be able to shoot and you dont, they come up and shoot and kill you. Or, if you
> are actually hosting a game, and say if "shooting disabled" meant you could not get shot, then
> anyone could be invincible when not shooting at someone. In r/l I am not an anti-gun person but in
> VR there are no laws covering killing or death or annoying things like that. I pay my $20/year to
> build and chat a little, not to build and chat and be worried about being killed or soemthing like
> that. I think this is one time where you didn't think it thru very well.

Um, what do you need to shoot with? A gun. If your avatar doesn't have a gun, you can't shoot. And even if your avatar DOES have a gun, you don't HAVe to shoot. Think, please...and play some REAL 3D games to actually know what you're responding to before looking like a twit.

AW not a game

Jul 11, 2000, 9:53pm
[View Quote] > | Um, what do you need to shoot with? A gun. If your avatar doesn't have a gun, you can't shoot.
> | And even if your avatar DOES have a gun, you don't HAVe to shoot. Think, please...and play
> | some REAL 3D games to actually know what you're responding to before looking like a twit.
> I am not so sure I am a twit, you are making less sense than anybody here. That post was written
> waaaay to late at night, so let me go over the important points again.

You seem to use this excuse a lot. Solution: don't post when you're not fully conscious enough to have a meaningful post.

> 1. If you want "shooting enabled" a world option, I am OK with that (although the same effect can be
> done easily with a bot, even I am writing one to do that right now) and the rest of this post can be
> ignored and have a nice day :-)

Um, duh. You don't seem to be catching the word "OPTIONAL" in my posts. READ MORE CAREFULLY, CHAMP.

> 2.If shooting is enabled in EVERY world across the uniserver, we have a problem. If I want to play
> multiplayer shoot-em-ups, I will play Half-Life TFC or something. I like those games very much, but
> I like to take a break from them in AW. in AW you can build and chat in peace. Visualize this: A
> bunch of people are all happy and stuff just kinda building and talking and stuff having a big time
> and someone feels like taking target practice. These poor people's citizenships could end up
> deleted. Thats not what they pay for, they pay for build and chat.
> 3. If the abovementioned people's citizenships were NOT to be deleted, how else could you accomplish
> the killing effect? just start over at GZ like in Quake? Or maybe your last saved spot like in
> Half-Life? Or just being ejected from the world... but wait! All of my beautiful constructions are
> in that world and I cannot go back for like weeks or maybe forever!
> I am a huge fan of first person shooters. When I am angry there is nothing better than blowing
> alien ass sky high, sometimes I even play Wolfenstein "3-D" lol and get rid of Nazis. When I am in
> a good mood, I like the slight puzzles in Half-Life and Quake II. My friend, I have quite played my
> share of 3-D games. (Wolfenstein 3-D (not really 3-D tho), Doom, Quake I, II, and III, Half-Life,
> HL Opposing Force, I WILL play Half-Life 2, X-Wing and Tie Fighter and Top Gun and various other
> flying games, oh what else is a 3-D game that I have played?) I have respected all of these games
> (even Wolf3D because at that time that was a miracle) and if that is what I want I will play them,
> but that is not what I want in AW, and if I took a poll, I am sure at least 75% of the people
> responding would not mind the idea of "game worlds" but do NOT want all of AW to be a game. I
> guarantee without a doubt that if AWCI put a killing feature in that they would go bankrupt, or at
> least lose most of their citizens.
> I hope THIS clears it up.
> P.S.: There is no need for name calling (i.e.: "twit"), I am just trying to make civilized
> conversation...

How can you make civilized conversation when you're not fully there in the first place? Try posting when you're fully awake and have no other lame excuses to attempt to bail you out of your obvious incompetence.

AW not a game

Jul 15, 2000, 2:08am
Because AW is basically a wanna-be multi-user level editor. This means it has real-time chatting and level editing built-in. The integrated Web browser is unnecessary. AW has a unique niche in being a wanna-be multi-user level editor. The only problem is AW is BARELY sufficient at this which is why it hasn't caught on yet. This is AW's potential and until Rick and JP realize this, AW will continue to flounder and attempt to be something it just simply is NOT designed to be. It's too bad Protagonist isn't around anymore or he'd be able to reiterate what AW's original concept and vision (design spec) was supposed to be. Perhaps Roland knows but he just doesn't seem to be very passionate about making AW like it...

It wouldn't be difficult for any ol' 3D game developer to make a multi-user level editor, but they just haven't reached that point yet...but they will soon. Games like 10six, The Sims, Neverwinter Nights, etc, etc are converging on this concept and I predict that through natural game design evolution a multi-user level editor will appear within a few years. Whether or not AW finally gets around to developing towards that goal is anyone's guess, but AW will probably continue to flounder and flail around like it basically has since its inception in 1995. AW needs vision...and "e-commerce" ain't it.

[View Quote] > AW tries to be irc, icq, game, game designer, ie, netscape, vrml....and with a one and a half programmer crew it is obvious they can't do it all. But I do agree with most of what you say, (but I don't think you are beeing specific enough). I can only say: it seems like an enormous task to add the features so worldbuilders can be game designers (that is what you want, right?). But perhaps a more resourceful company will come along and create something that will satisfy all of us....
> On the other hand: why don't we use icq to locate our friends, a level designer to create levels, and Netscape to watch websites. Why must it all be cramped into aw???
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Re: AWNot a Game

Jul 17, 2000, 1:10am
<yawn> Yet another twit for the filter...

You're obviously too incompetent to have read my AW history so you actually get a CLUE as to what the FUCK it is you are babbling on about. So enjoy your inadeqacies while I communicate with people who actually have at least 2 working neurons.

Contact me when you've evolved some. Better yet, don't call me, my people may call your people (if you even HAVE any people), and perhaps THEY'LL do lunch. Until then, <flick>. Away, knave.

[View Quote] > Ah slam me at home, good Eep. but you didn't answer any of the
> questions I posed.
> Yes you say you, "contribute to AW's development with suggestions and
> bug reports."
> But your bashing of "lesser" intelligent ppl than you, and your
> incessant, impatience for AW's Development is what I attack.
> No I didn't say you had to be or were an "AW recruiter"
> But how does:
> calling AW a "AW is basically a wanna-be multi-user level editor."
> and " AW has a unique niche in being a wanna-be multi-user level
> editor."
> and "AW will continue to flounder and attempt to be something it just
> simply is NOT designed to be."
> and "but AW will probably continue to flounder and flail around like it
> basically"
> How does any of the above even remotely contribute to the progress and
> feed back of a product you claim to support?
> Ohh you write up bugs? whoopy! At the company I work for we have a QA
> Dept.
> and they dot make progress by insulting people, and harassing the Dev.
> and Production teams.
> Eep, you have no idea how small ppl view you, yes with the small number
> of supporters you have that cheer you on, that's good.
> But the rest of us all understand how frustrated and lonely you truly
> are.
> Isn't there a Quake III level out there calling your name to frag your
> ass into oblivion??
> Yes listen closely, we can all here it.
> On a last note: I dot recall " or I'll just continue to slam your
> pathetic ass back
> to the ground from which you oozed out of, dig?"
> ever having my "Ass Slammed" by you.
> In fact, keep your homo-erotic phantasies (yes spelt correct) away from
> my ass or me.
> Thank you, please drive through
> Z!

I wish someone could tell me the changes that have been implemented

Jul 26, 2000, 10:34pm
Each beta has release notes which list the new changes.

[View Quote] > Lots of great ideas, but now I can't see what has been implemented. I can only think of the fog and the way the textures render, which are great additions, but is there a list of new functions in one place (do to my fleeting memory) where we can review the new attributes available to us so we can be sure to try them out???

I wish someone could tell me the changes that have been implemented

Jul 27, 2000, 3:43am
Odd how you missed the URL when you signed up to be a beta tester...

Try and see where that takes you. There is also a link in AW3's help.

[View Quote] > Do these messages get stored somewhere? where can I find them please? thanks Eep!
[View Quote]

self assembling avatars....

Jul 26, 2000, 10:36pm
This has already been on The List™ for years but, like the illions of other features/wishes, who knows when it'll get implemented--surely not with only one real programmer working on AW (the other works on bots mainly). Perhaps AW5 in 3 years...

[View Quote] > OMG, Decade had a great idea up there, only the subject line doesn't
> catch your eye!!! My goodness, yes!!!! if Avatars could be
> assemble-able in world, everyone can create their own
> identities.....finally!!!! this head on that body, faces that can be
> texturemapped from some other sourse on the web....just like signs.
> custom clothing....shoot, all you do is choose the object types, head
> type outfit type, texture them, etc... GOSH it could be soooooo
> fun!!!!!! Waddaya think? Roland??? You listening??? ;o)

!!!Citizen Names!!!

Jul 26, 2000, 10:38pm
Bots use brackets: [bot name], tourists use quotes: "tourist name", but it would be nice to be able to use non-alphanumeric characters (symbols and extended ASCII)...I have to be "Eep" even though I want to be "Eep²". :/

[View Quote] > I actually hope that Active Worlds can make it so that you can use special
> characters for your citizen name... You can use underscores_ slashes, minus
> equal exclamation mark or anything which really sets the limit. Like for
> example if you wanted [DJ-CiRReL] like I did you'd have to make it DJ CiRReL
> which is lame...
> Also my name now in Active Worlds is UEAK CiRReL but with the restrictions I
> czan't make it as I wanted as: --==UEAK-CiRReL==--
> For $19.95 US you gotta at least be able to do that. You don't pay anything
> in ICQ and you can have names like this...
> Wow Build rights and all that is pretty cool. But the restrictions on names
> is lame...

texturemipmapstate RWX command improvement

Oct 9, 2000, 7:30am
This command can already turn OFF mipmapping if it's already enabled, but I'd like a way to turn ON mipmapping for certain textures even though mipmapping may be disabled. I don't generally like mipmapping (and there's no way to change the mipmap levels/distance in AW) but I would like mipmapping always on for certain textures that have a Moire pattern on them (like my chainlink fences in Hole).

-- - Active Worlds, Tomb Raider, 3D game comparison, The Sims
Enable line/word wrap if text not wrapping. for more info.

texturemipmapstate RWX command improvement

Oct 12, 2000, 9:11pm
Don't you worry your pretty little head about it...

[View Quote] > I know this is going to be a duh, but what is Mipmapping please? I'm drawing a blank, thanks, love Ingie
[View Quote] -- - Active Worlds, Tomb Raider, 3D game comparison, The Sims
Enable line/word wrap if text not wrapping. for more info.

ability to change the panarama

Oct 11, 2000, 3:04pm
....which would be VERY inefficient considering the size of backdrops.

[View Quote] > Hello, ingiebee
> If I understand you correctly, Yep
> With the a bot you could change the panorama from a sunrise threw to a
> sunset to feel more realistic of a day passing by..
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