Could I make a freeware Mac version of AW client? (Wishlist)

Could I make a freeware Mac version of AW client? // Wishlist

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your hiroshi

Jun 21, 2001, 2:36am
I know ActiveWorlds does not have the resources to create a Mac version of
AW browser. I know that RenderWare does not currently ship a Mac platform

But nonetheless, it would be really nice if my Mac using friends could share
the AW experience. I have VirtualPC 4, and it does work better than earlier
versions, but it DOES NOT use hardware 3D acceleration (older versions of
VPC DID)... And besides, using VPC is lame.

I would gladly create a freeware Mac AW browser using OpenGL and the nice
new tools that I got with OS X. However, the information provided by the
Bot SDK is not sufficient. I have absolutely no idea what the size, shape,
and color of the networking messages are under the hood. I went so far as to
try a packet sniffer, and golly gee I can't make any sense of it. I know AW
uses gz compression, and I know the network code is not the most
multithreaded thing in cyberspace. I would love to be able to make something
I can use on my Mac.

I realize that cloning a proprietary client is not cool these days, is was
the case with MSN Instant Messenger, so I have no hope that a request for
tech info, no matter how formal and diplomatic, would help me get what I

I merely wish to state my desire for a Macintosh AW Browser, my desire for a
MacOS X AW server, and of course a better Bot SDK which plays nicely with
the browser.... Oh, and an AW plug-in SDK... So we can extend scripting,
bots, 3DUTects, and authoring via 3rd party modules a la Macromedia XTRA.


Jun 24, 2001, 9:58pm
Mail support at

They'll direct you in the right direction for asking about it. They might even PAY you (Unless you'll do it for free of course)
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captain mad mike

Jun 26, 2001, 12:12am
Just tell your friends to buy PCs or something lol, can't you see that AW is
"busily" working on improving the PC versions of AW? lol, thats my PC
supremacy side, I guess it would get AWCOM some more money if they did have
the AW browser for mac, hey then maybe the slow iMacs at school could use AW
^_^ Then we can get the whole school on AW (if the dang assistant principal
actually paid any attention while I was telling her to get onto the EduVerse
a year ago, augh I'm the only one who knows about computers in this town!)

"Crazy to the gluon!"

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