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Clickable URL's & Teleports on Chatscreen

Sep 17, 1998, 12:25am
you see, what CoF doesn't understand is that Active Worlds is not yet big
enough to start thinking about money... if it wasn't for the people, there
wouldn't be any company using AW... If CoF keeps on trying to please the
companies, the people will leave, and in return, there will be no more new
companies, and the existing ones will become bankrupt, and AW will be no
more... CoF should wait until you can talk about AW online to almost anyone,
and have them know what you are talking about.... for instance, most of you AW
people know what quake is, but when you go into a quake game, and ask someone
about AW, they would have no idea what you are talking about... AW has the
potential to gain that much popularity, but CoF has to listen to the people
before anything like that could happen....
also, CoF concentrates on what the people want, the people will help bring in
more companies..... I would suggest that once that average amount of AW users
on at the same time is at about 5000, CoF can start thinking about what the
companies want.... but for right now, the should LISTEN TO US!

- that's just my thought on the subject

[View Quote] > yes, of course, the agenda always seems to go where the money is. even
> though the sdk is free, it is mainly the commercial worlds who are asking
> for it, so guess who's requests get put on the back shelf.
> Most of the enhancements that i have been seeing lately seem to favor those
> who want to push some product or service.
> I am not accusing Roland of anything except doing what his boss tells him
> to, but what do you expect? Money talks.
> Eep² <eep at> wrote in article
> <35F6FA7B.B321D164 at>...
> It's been on The List™ for at least a year now. Who knows what millenium
> it'll get implemented, if ever. Roland's working on bots <twirl finger>
> instead of working on more BASIC UI probs...<shrug> That's COF's agenda fer
> ya...
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Telegram Answering Machine

Sep 26, 1998, 2:49pm
actually, I was thinking that if someone knows enough about C/C++, they
could make a program to do this... and perhapes even respond to diferent
people in diferent ways... I myslef am learning a little C, but slowly,
and it would take a year to learn how to do that.... and I might give
it a try, knowing that it will take CoF longer to make somethign lke

[View Quote] > Don't you hate to tell everybody wich are telegramming
> you while you're buzy, that you are N/A for the moment?
> My wish for future versions of AW would be like a gift
> from the gods: The Telegram Answeing Machine..
> A personal assistant wich automaticly sends a
> selected/written message to the authors of all incoming
> messages. That would be great, huh? ((c:
> Example:
> I'm away from Active Worlds right now.
> Please leave a message after the tone.
> <<< BEEP >>>
> I'm also thinking of something like ICQ got. The N/A-,
> Away-, Occupied-, DND- and Invisible-mode!
> A litle logo would replace the green mark in front of your
> name on the contact list, like on ICQ (c:
> CyberTwins
> cyber2 at

who looks here?

Sep 26, 1998, 2:59pm
does CoF ever really look in here? or is this just a spot to keep people
from mailing there wishes to CoF? if CoF doesnt look in here, and
everyone can keep a secret then I know of a way we might be able to
force CoF to listen,... however, if CoF does look in here, then ignor
the top part, and read this:

I want the keep art files option back.... expecially scince I'm a
modeler without a world... it's very hard to do with that option gone,
expecially scince there is no way you can test out your object with a
texture you wana try..... also, I have an avatar someone put up in a
world for me, and there is a mask that isnt working.... and I cant tell
why, it seems like it's not even downloading, but I cant tell unless I
could keep the art files :(

Wishlist Comitee

Aug 1, 1999, 11:40pm
Would they listen if they thought they would loose a bunch of money if they

[View Quote] > We aren't being listened to. We should go along with Modrd's idea of forming
> a comitee, and I would like to be the first one to say so. Those in favor of
> doing something about the wishlist whisper "I" and e-mail me.
> tamealy at
> -TAM

Wishlist Comitee

Aug 5, 1999, 1:59am
I will eventually create a game much like the one you described, it will =
be a 3d RPG where the maps constantly change ever so slightly, and you ca=
n build a house, and well, a bunch of cool stuff, and it's gongi to be a =
big realm where it seems like anythign can hapen, and kick at $$ AI, and all=
that stuff... but right now it's all just in my head :( to get it out, =
I'll need 629 extreamly smart people, a bunch of good computers with C++,=
and about 6 lifetimes of programming experience... yeah, that should ju=
st about do it... hmmm...

That reminds me, Eep, you should learn C/C++ you would be very good at it=
, and probably end up taking over earth :-)

[View Quote] > I'm just waiting for some 3D game company to get a clue and release an =
on-/off-line, multi-user, real-time, interactive, level editor that lets =
people CREATE the level as they PLAY it--changing, manipulating, adding/d=
eleting to it as they're immersed in it. AW allows this to some degree, b=
ut most current 3D game level editors allow MUCH more realism in terms of=
lighting and special effects. Real-time interaction is the key, and AW n=
eeds to GREATLY improve on this because it is a VERY static environment, =
which gets boring quick. The more like a game environment AW becomes, I t=
hink the more popular it will be. For example, game replayability is MUCH=
higher with a level editor than without. People are more likely to play =
levels made by other people and groups of people long after the original =
game levels have been played to death. Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Half-Life, e=
tc are good 3D game examples of this effect and non-3D games like Civliza=
tion, SimCity, WarCraft, etc also prove this. Multiplayer just makes a ga=
me even MORE popular.

Wishlist Comitee

Aug 5, 1999, 5:16am
Kid?! I'm 35!

[View Quote] > Eh, shut up. Damn kid...
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Wishlist Comitee

Aug 5, 1999, 1:40pm
And so your what? 2 or 3 years old?

[View Quote] > Yea right...and then you woke up. Come back to reality, sport.
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Wishlist Comitee

Aug 6, 1999, 3:22am
Relax Eep, I'm just fooling around...

hehe plus, once you become my age, you'll realize that 'coherent sentence=
structure', 'typing skills', and many other things are not nearly as imp=
ortant. After all, it's the way someone says soemthing, not the way some=
thing was said that makes saying things important. :-)

Relax a little,

[View Quote] > Yea, gee, how'd you guess? Perhaps it was my lack of coherent sentence =
structure and typing skills? Or maybe my thumb-sucking gave it away. Goll=
> Reality...come back to it, champ...
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Wishlist Comitee

Aug 6, 1999, 4:27am
Tell me, what is your definition of lame?

Don=92t relax a little,

[View Quote] > Oh please...age is no excuse for being lame. And considering the commun=
ication medium we're using here (text), coherent sentence structure, typi=
ng skills, etc ARE important. Duh. Putz...
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Wishlist Comitee

Aug 6, 1999, 6:56pm
Sorry if I offended you here, that's not what I was trying to do.


[View Quote] > Eh, shut up. Damn kid...
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Built In Screenshots

Aug 1, 1999, 11:36pm
But studies show that most of us would rather just push a button, instead of opening another program, then waisting, then editing, then saving.

or not.

[View Quote] > Uh, perhaps you don't know how to use the "Print Screen" key? Try it with the "Alt" key and be amazed. Check the clipboard. Paste into any graphics-capable app. Knock yourself out. Wee...
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Joystick with AW

Aug 7, 1999, 12:41am
Actually, that doesnt seem like such a bad idea... I'd think it would be quite
easy to program too. I don't know how, but I'm sure it would be easy. :)

[View Quote] > Hey, how about making AW compatabale with a Joystick? I don't want AW to be
> a game, but it would be cool to move around like that :)
> So you could have the X and Y axis do what the keyboard normally does, and
> then configure the buttons, but default is 1st button runs, 2nd button is
> like SHIFT and the Z axis could be look up and down but you could configure
> that to, like, one of those wierd little hats.
> Any thoughts?
> -John Viper

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