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Dec 8, 1998, 8:00pm
Sorry if I was a bit confusing XelaG. I am well aware the properties of the
session number. what I meant by the 'avatar number' was the citizen's number. It
wouldn't do me much good to just have the value of their citizen number stored in
a variable from the avatar_add event. What I really need is to get the
avatar_change to see the avatar's name and then I can call the event to get the
number, already.

[View Quote] > You dont get the avatar number (whats that?) from anywhere, Veleno.
> You can retreive the Name and Session number directly from 3 places:
> avatar_add,
> avatar_change,
> avatar_delete.
> What you do with this information, which is volatile, is entirely up
> to you. You can store it or use it immediately, as you wish. Its not
> less volatile that the chatline, btw.
> To get the citizen number, you need the Name of the avatar, obtained
> from one of the 3 above mentioned places (or from the chatline). Those
> 3 places only 'exist' if you know how to install an event handler.
> Then you have to ask the universe server for the citizen number
> yourself, by sending the Name through an aw api call. There is no
> other way.
> The Session number is not a citizen number: it changes, for instance,
> when the server is temporarily disconnected, or if an avatar relogs.
> I hope this helps, good luck.
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Mult. lists

Dec 17, 1998, 6:03pm
I'm trying to get my DJ bot to get the user to chose between 3 different
midi lists during the login procedure. Anything I keep trying causes the
program to coredump once it reaches that point in the code. Here's a few
pieces from the source... see if you can figure out what I'm doing
wrong... Would be greatly appreciated.

#include <stdio.h>
...... (rest of the needed headers, of course)
int list; //declared as global variable
int current_midi;
char *midis[] = {...}
//continue for 3 lists...
main (int argc; char *argv[])
//login coding...
printf("Option for Midi List (1,2 or 3) :\n1: List one\n2: List
2\n3: List 3\n> ");
//create speaker
//query for speaker object
//Then to the main event loop...
//bot function creates speaker on entry
void change_midi (void)
static int rc; //static because of an rc function used later
char *sptr;
char action[200], descrip[200];
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_OLD_NUMBER, speaker_number);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_OLD_X, speaker_x);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_OLD_Z, speaker_z);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_X, speaker_x);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_Y, speaker_y);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_Z, speaker_z);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_YAW, speaker_yaw);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_OWNER, atoi(lowner)); //char -> int defined in
login procedure as lowner. global
aw_string_set(AW_OBJECT_MODEL, SPEAKER); //global deffinition
sprintf(descrip, "Music Speaker playing...");
aw_string_set(AW_OBJECT_DESCRIPTION, descrip);
if (list == 1) {
sprintf(action, "create sound %s", 1midis[1current_midi++]);
1current_midi = 0;
aw_string_set(AW_OBJECT_ACTION, action);
if (rc = aw_object_change()) {
printf("Unable to change speaker (reason %d)\n", rc);
} else {
sptr = strrchr (1midis[1current_midi],'/');
printf("Speaker Music Changed - %s\n", sptr);
speaker_number = aw_int(AW_OBJECT_NUMBER);
} else if (list == 2) {
sprintf(action, "create sound %s", 2midis[2current_midi++]);
2current_midi = 0;
aw_string_set(AW_OBJECT_ACTION, action);
if (rc = aw_object_change()) {
printf("Unable to change speaker (reason %d)\n", rc);
} else {
sptr = strrchr(2midis[2current_midi], '/');
printf("Speaker Music Changed - %s\n", sptr);
speaker_number = aw_int(AW_OBJECT_NUMBER);
} else if (list == 3) {
sprintf(action, "create sound %s", 3midis[3current_midi++]);
current_midi = 0;
aw_string_set(AW_OBJECT_ACTION, action);
if (rc = aw_object_change()) {
printf("Unable to change speaker (reason %d)\n", rc);
} else {
//strrchr set left off here due to change in char * on the 3rd
global midi list above
printf("Speaker Music Changed - %s\n", 3midis[3current_midi]);
speaker_number = aw_int(AW_OBJECT_NUMBER);
} else {
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_NUMBER, speaker_number);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_X, speaker_x);
aw_int_set(AW_OBJECT_Z, speaker_z);
if (rc = aw_object_delete()) {
printf ("Unable to delete object (reason %d)\n", rc);
} else
puts ("Speaker deleted");
//then of course the rest of the querying process and remaining event

SDK Bot Creater Needed!

Dec 30, 1998, 2:15am
Most of those are fairly easy to write. Most of which I've already done
myself. Except for the building bot, which sounds horrendously
complicated, and the hambot converter. I can manually convert bots from
hambot to SDK, but don't have a prog to do it for you...

[View Quote] > Oh, and my email address is SDK at

bot ideas

Jan 2, 1999, 11:55pm
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I've been wondering how to use the aw_random function in the sdk. I know it goes
if (aw_random () == 1000000)
puts ("You sure are lucky");
But how do you control the range that it returns? it says something about 6000 digits in the docs...

[View Quote] > Well I'm thinknig of experimenting and doing something like that using aw_random to propb pick different locations and what kind of weather it will be...
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<!doctype html public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
I've been wondering how to use the aw_random function in the sdk. I know
it goes
<br><i>if (aw_random () == 1000000)</i>
<br><i>&nbsp; puts ("You sure are lucky");</i>
<br>But how do you control the range that it returns? it says something
about 6000 digits in the docs...
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Having a header problem

Mar 7, 1999, 2:56pm
I'm trying to initialize a bot with all the coding in the header. The
bot won't initilize the API and keeps coming up with reason 444.
The API initialization is called in the c prog as api_start and the
coding in the header is:
void api_start(void)
int rc;
printf("Attempting to initialize API...");
if(rc = aw_init(AW_BUILD)) {
printf("Failed\nUnable to initialize API (reason %d)\n", rc);
exit (1);
} else printf("Success\n");
Why is this not working?

SDK C++ buggers...

Nov 14, 1999, 2:26pm
Got a problem... it's probably not hard to fix, i'm just missing

making a GUI SDK bot... and can't get the chat message from the void
chat() function back to the C++ side of it to print to the chat
window... anyone understand?
I'll post some example code to try to illustrate my problem...

void chat(void);
CString Message;
CSDKDlg::OnLogin( ){
.... //login junk...
aw_event_set(AW_EVENT_CHAT, chat);
..../rest of login junk...
(btw, the Chat Window variable in the dialog box is 'CString Login')

void chat(void) {
Message = aw_string(AW_AVATAR_NAME) + ": ";
Message += aw_string(AW_CHAT_MESSAGE) + "\r\n";

now, up to this point, it works all fine... but how do I send the
Message BACK into the CString Login so it will refresh on the chat
any takers? Ask if you need more code posted... I'm not sure if this
makes it clear enough...

Co-Owner of "damascus"

converting 3D Studio Max files to rwx

Jan 6, 2000, 11:20am
download the 3dstorwx.exe program from ActiveWorld's support page, 3rd
Party Tools... or if you're really lazy, just download from this

in 3d Studio, export your scene into a 3DS format and run the 3dstorwx.
This will get you the rwx model, but make sure that you put a material on
the model in 3d Studio so it will look right, otherwise it turns out solid
even after converting it to rwx, the texturing looks a little funky, and
the dimensions change to about 10m (constrained proportions, of course). So
you'll have to do some fiddling in notepad and rwxmod to get it to look
Eep's page used to have some other converters, but he's still on a stint,
so they aren't available...

[View Quote] > Hello My roommates and I got a new world (Its called Endier). We're
> wondering if anyone knows how to convert 3D Studio Max R2 files into
> AW's rwx format, any help is greatly apprieciated :)

converting 3D Studio Max files to rwx

Jan 19, 2000, 1:11am
Yes, I'm well aware of the plug-in... and I used it before, as well. The only
detail is that it only supports 3D Studio MAX R2 and R2.5, while I have R3 which
is not supported one bit. See my point? But thanks for pointing that out to the

PS: If you see a plug-in around claiming to support export to rwx in 3ds R3, let
me know... I'll see if it's as good as the claim... ;)
owner of "Damascus"

[View Quote] > actually there is a plugin for MAX to export to RWX... dont know where to
> get it though :-Þ if I see it I will let you know
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Another simple wish

Nov 18, 1999, 5:53am
because some people feel that $19.95/yr is "too expensive"... go figure...


[View Quote] > If you interested in AW why not become a citizen?? This is the part I don't
> understand..
> Rat
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Multi Universe

Nov 29, 1999, 11:14am
I can give you one good reason why this will never happen... the universes are
pretty much competing with each other... Even though SOME of which aren't even
worth the harddrive space and the 10 minues it takes to download... Now, there
IS some kind of patch out there floating around in cyberspace that allows you to
run 2 browsers at the same time... but, of course, because it's not supported by
AWCI (and rightly so) it disables the automatic upgrade system when you use it.
Aside from the fact that running multiple Universes would put a nasty lag on
your computer (unless, you just happened to have something capable of taking
that load...).
My Two Cents,

[View Quote] > Wish the browser would allow for a place to put in a port number or address
> to go to a different universe in the same browser much like adding a regular
> URL to view a website. Sure would be nice:)))

My wish for AW I have said for the PAST 4 YEARS but no one listens.

Dec 2, 1999, 2:53am
Well, the obvious answer to this is that do you want Roland putting superficial
details such as weather in the browser, or continue to work on the RWX 3.0 port
to make AW run faster/better? I can see an easy answer to that question... And
anyway, if you really want the weather, at this point... convince the world
owner to make some objects that do that... I know there's a snow going around

Caretaker of "damascus"

[View Quote] > My wish for AW that I have said for the PAST 4 YEARS but no one listens. Put
> WEATHER in to the server software.... Rain, Snow, Hail, Sunny Days,
> Tornado's, Etc., Etc.

My wish for AW I have said for the PAST 4 YEARS but no one listens.

Dec 3, 1999, 11:12am
Who says I'm yelling? I'm just telling you the truth. And it doesn't matter HOW
long you've been asking for it, the same deal has been the problem. Do you want
Roland making AW bigger and better, or to put in something that we don't really
HAVE to have, like weather? And like I said, the same effect can be achieved
through objects in the world, which has been done numerous times throughout
AW... so stop complaining....

[View Quote] > Don't start yelling at me. Did you not catch this LINE: FOR THE PAST 4
> YEARS!!!!! This has been before the Circle of Fire days! This is from the
> Worlds Inc. DAYS!
> 97359
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A suggestion to add for AW 3.0...

Dec 17, 1999, 11:36pm
actually, you can do that, dude...

create sound blahblah.wav
is the looped,
create noise blahblah.wav
is the single play.

caretaker of "damascus"

[View Quote] > I think in AW 3.0 there should be a more powerful wav command. You could
> make a wave repeat over and over again or just make it play once. All you do
> is simply type:
> create sound blahblah.wav repeat=1 (If you want to loop it)
> Or
> create sound blahblah.wav repeat=0 (If you want to play it once)
> 1 means True and 0 means False. Pretty Simple.

World server option

Jan 2, 2000, 8:59pm
Well... if you are hosting the world on your own computer when you get the world
name changed... then you'd only need to modify the world.ini... if someone else
is hosting the world, you need to contact them to do it... but the propdump will
remain unchanged...

[View Quote] > All you have to do is change the world name in the world.ini, you do not
> need to do a propdump
> Rat
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"What if you are unable to speak. Mr. Andersen?"

Dec 29, 1999, 8:36pm
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[View Quote] > Haha thats a kewl part of a kewl moovy
> Anyway I was just comparing AW to that... we have
> mouths but not really. We must hold up "signs" to
> talk (referring to chat window posts ant the text
> some people choose 2 have above their head.
> Now, the thing I would really like in AW is a way
> to literally talk. Using speech. It would make
> bots interesting ... well maybe we would have to
> leave the chat window in.

but of course there will always be a good number of cits who are too
cheap to go out and get a decent microphone for such an ordeal. And you
still have to consider the fact of how much lag that real-time speech
would create, which is already excessive...

> It would be something like "create sound" where
> the farther u got from it the quieter it gets.

actually, with the 'sound' functions in AW, the sound fades up to a
certain point, then it cuts off entirely. What would be more fruitful to
the environment is directional sound. e.g, if you were facing the wall
with a jukebox (object) off to your left, the music (wav, midi
whatever...) coming from the jukebox would sound louder from the left
speaker than the right, and visa versa. It would also do well to allow
more than one wave file or midi to play at once to create a more
realistic space, while fading in and out of them as you approach the
object. One more detail that would be useful, if not entirely necessary:
Volume control- The intensity of the sound at the closest point to the
object. With multiple waves running at the same time, the louder/softer
tones would naturally need to be manipulated without having to modify
the actual wav file.

> "What if I don't want people bothering the peace
> of my world" you may ask? DUH! Just make another
> world option.

And don't you think the World Options box is cluttered up enough as it
is? Just one more checkbox, is that how it goes? ;)

caretaker of "Damascus"

> --
> John Viper (A.K.A.: Jeffrey W. Tickle)
> <- Ultra
> page of stuff (IE4+ req'd)
> "When I became a Starfleet Captain, I swore I
> would never involve myself in one of these
> paradoxes: the Future is the Past, the Past is the
> Future.. It all gives me a headache." -Kathryn
> Janeway

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Re: nobody is posting

Dec 29, 1999, 8:21pm
Perhaps this is why none of your appliances seem to work, eh? I think you need
to find something constructive to do with your spare time... how about a puzzle?
I suppose you could consider that fixing something...


[View Quote] > When I have nothing to do I make something to do. Have I ever mention that I
> love fixing things? When I get REALLY bored I will take something complex
> apart, then find a way to put it back together. Like a small radio for
> example.
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Top 10 wishes for aw3

Jan 19, 2000, 1:16am
there was an attempt about a year ago by a few citizens to create such a
voting list of the priorities... this list, however... didn't last too
long, I think... not really sure why...
maybe someone else can fill in the cracks... anyone up to it?

owner of "Damascus"

[View Quote] > Maybe AWLD will take more notice if we can agree a priority list of new
> features for aw 3.0
> Here's my simple list in approximate order:
> 1. Faster movement in world (from what i've seen aw3 will fix this)
> 2. Improved chat interface
> 3. An easy way to create the first build object anywhere
> 4. Better t-gram features (outgoing, folders, blocking ...)
> 5. All the others things i've always wanted but can't remember atm loL
> Resolving conflicting lists won't be easy, voting perhaps?

Global Object States ("It's invisible and I can walk through it!" ... "No it's not you moron!")

Mar 26, 2000, 12:00pm
Yes, I know, I know... this whole string has been gone over before, and here's
the gist of why it hasn't been implemented (aside from the fact of Roland being
busy with 3.0). It would take more transfer to and from the server for all the
clients to get the information of the object's changed state. This would,
inevitably, slow down the client... which is a big no no. So, until 3.0 comes
out, we have to worry about framerate quite a bit. (for the uninformed, aw 3.0
is supposed to give a performance boost, even to those with paperweights on
their desk.

[View Quote] > Well you make a door by having it go visible off solid off right? Problem?
> Well, when you open the door, it only opens client-side. This means that
> everyone else sees it as closed and you glide through a closed door on their
> screen. Minor annoyance? Yep. But think of the other option and the
> advantages.
> pp01.rwx action: activate solid off, visible off
> A simple "door" that goes away when clicked on. That's nice. Wouldn't it be
> better if the activate trigger could be set up to set some kind of perminant
> state for the object? So that it would stay open until closed somehow.
> pp01.rwx action: activate state.solid=0, state.visible=0 (note that I made
> up an example command structure just to show the idea.... as far as I know
> those are not real AW vars)
> In this example, clicking on the door actually changes the object itself,
> setting these two variables (solid and visible) to 0, or off. So the door is
> opened and will remain open for all eternity until someone does whatever is
> needed to return it to normal. Or until the builder edits the object which
> would probably reset it.
> A simple example, but it could be really useful. Especially for games and
> the like (Note that I realize bots can be used to do this by removing and
> replacing the object or actually putting create solid off commands on the
> object when it's clicked - but this is a real waste or resources and efforts
> and time and so on).
> More variables could exist, even things like pos.x, pos.y, pos.z which could
> be used to actually move the object by a click, bump, etc.
> Taking that a little farther, the commands like create visible off would be
> totally obsolete as the object's state.visible variable could be set while
> placing the object (through some modification to the build window)
> Adds more to bot interaction too... A bot can then tell if, for example, an
> object is solid and if it's okay to walk through it ... thus creating sort
> of a collision detection bot (though this would take more work than that)
> ...... I'm sure there's better examples, I just don't want to think of them
> right now.
> I know this has been around before... but I like to toss things up anyway.
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> You must die! I alone am best!

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