What happened to mar's textures? (Community)

What happened to mar's textures? // Community

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Apr 13, 2001, 2:14pm
To all avid AW Users that frequent to the world Mars,
What happened to the texture on the signs, the tec objects, & wallc3 & all
other dervivitives/relations of that object. That wood texture is the
texture that I use the most. Now all of my buildings have white on them
inplace of that awesome wood texture. Can anyon relieve me of my texture
history ignorance (Unconcious ignorance:o). I desperatly need to know what
happened to it. I have aw 3.1 , the .jpg texture worked fine in aw 3.0 .
Please help me out, all-knowing aw users,

Barbarossa 315942
(Please telegram me with information on the subject)

P. S. Can I download aw 3.0 still? I want a history of aw browsers. I have
2.2 & 3.1 saved to zip & cd-rw, & I use 3.1 on my comp. But I would like to
have the only retrobrowser between those two, which is 3.0 . Please tgram me
with info on a 3.0 browser download.


Apr 13, 2001, 3:45pm
You might find some really old AW browsers using FTP search engines
and I think Mauz has some hidden somewhere too

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