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Feb 27, 2001, 12:37am
YP shut your mouth before eep kills you, your obviously trying to start

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young phalpha

Feb 27, 2001, 1:27am
LOL... for some reason I'm not afraid of Eep killing me since he'll end up
killing the wrong person because he doesn't know what I look like or a clue
of where I live in Maryland :)

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Feb 27, 2001, 2:10am
Uh, not physically killing you.
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Feb 27, 2001, 2:56am
[View Quote] [View Quote] The kid's young and HAS little to no experience, so he just can't understand what it means to have it.

> I believe you're mistaken. Eep has full knowledge of how things run in AW,
> inside and out.

Well, considering I don't actually WORK for AWCI, I don't have FULL knowledge, but I have enough experience with most of them to know how AWCI works overall.

> And it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix some of
> the things that Eep points out.

Indeed; Roland calls it "prioritizing"--well, apparently he sucks at it because one of the BASIC tenets in software development is fixing EXISTING bugs before implementing new features.

> AW wasn't made for Roland, it was made BY Roland (well, partially made and
> maintained by Roland, I can't lose props to the reast of the AWCOMers) for
> the internet public. Eep can waste as much of his time "complaining", which
> I don't believe he does most of the time.

Obviously not or my website (minus the AW complaints), objects, and world design would not exist.

> No, but whatever we or AWCOM doesn't like doesn't get done. Eep understands
> that, I hope. It's quite simple. We kept Eep here because we like what Eep
> likes however, in a general sense of his perfection attitude.

Er, no one KEPT me here; I stayed. Yes I had most of your support in that pathetic "vote", but even Facter realizes it was not the correct thing to do.

> :)
> I believe you need to be put in your place also YP. :) I don't think Eep
> will be as civil towards you, and I don't think he has to be. You'll be
> sucking his filter in no time, unfortunately. :/ Just because you email
> Roland and Eep emails the public makes no difference. Roland barely reads
> bug reports through emails anyways. At least Eep is reaching a captivating
> audience. :)

I stopped emailing/telegramming Roland because he ignores me, so I figure if I let enough people know about things they'll start bugging him. He can't ignore EVERYBODY, and if he does eventually more and more AWCIers will get bugged and THEY will try to ignore everyone and, well, we'll be back to that whole "AWCI doesn't listen to its community" (not like they do much anyway) thing. So, the question is, how much deeper can AWCI continue to dig their grave until the sides cave in and bury them? Just look at their ever-dwindling stock (AWLD) for a clue...


Feb 27, 2001, 2:59am
Heh...I just wish the twit would learn how to increment quote properly. I'm not going to respond to him anymore since it's obvious he has no intelligent thought of his own. <shrug>

[View Quote] > YP shut your mouth before eep kills you, your obviously trying to start
> something.
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